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  1. Some time ago Maxthon has removed a feature to save screenshots of a website as a thumbnail of favorite link, visible on new tab page in grid layout. I thought that this feature was not implemented YET, so I've been waiting for updates adding the feature back so I could start updating my browser again. But half a year has passed, and the browser still doesn't support said thumbnail images. Currently I'm still using Maxthon and I want to know if there are any future plans of adding the feature, or if I should start looking for new browser. Thanks.
  2. Anybody has used hotspot shield elite in maxthon browser?? did you have problem with it ? Because to me doesn't working well in favorite bar !
  3. What is purpose of program? C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon3\FSProfile\File System\001\t\00\00000000 My scanner detect it as malware.
  4. Everytime I open a youtube video it keeps doing that..I have to zoom in and out to fix it.
  5. Just like in the title... Page is messed up and not working. Everything works fine in retro mode... Ultra: Retro:
  6. I have a single account with Maxthon on 2 computers. changes I make in Magic fill on 1 machine are invariably erased and overwritten by older data from the 2nd machine. I do not understand how the sync function works. Does sync upload recent changes to my account cloud? Or download older data from the cloud onto the computer? Or both? Also, how do I transfer magic fill changes from 1 machine to the next? Sync, then import user data on the 2nd machine in order to update the data there as well? or do I use a different method? Help! Thank you.
  7. Hello, this seems like a bug to me. When 1.) I open Maxthon ( and open up 3 different tabs, only one of which has a sound application, and 2.) I open the Volume Mixer provided by my Realtek Sound Card, I would expect to get only one Volume Slide Panel. Instead, for every tab in Maxthon I get a separate Volume adjust slide panel. Sometimes, when closing and reopening the Volume Mixer, the Maxthon tabs are displayed as "name not available", without the Maxthon icon. When having 30 tabs open, this makes it almost impossible to find the Volume adjust for the correct Maxthon tab! Is there a way to make Maxthon register only once with the sound device? Many thanks Eva
  8. Hi Guys , I am trying to enter to this page It's my first that login in
  9. I can't Print 7.5 x 5.5 inch size page with Maxthon I think modify Maxthon like Firefox. Another problem is Print out quality is Bad than Firfox and we need to change print Headers again by again
  10. When using spell check, if a word is considered wrong, when pressing the arrow key to move the cursor over it, or write over the word, it drags a little, the input slow down... making harder to write with good flow.
  11. Scroll bar lag

    Hi all, There seems to be scroll bar lag for the following sites: Example 1 Example2 Example3 After all page loaded,then the scroll bar works normally. Please somebody test and confirm Regards
  12. This image shows an area of the screen (between window bottom and top of the taskbar) that can't be filled. Maxthon v4.3.3.4000 on Windows 8.1 with a screen res of 1600x900 12652
  13. Viewing Gmail

    Having a hard time viewing gmail, i cant reply to mails unless i scroll all the way to the bottom or keep shrinking the screen size. The Reply button located on the right side of the screen keeps moving making it hard to reply to emails.
  14. Hi 1. In all browsers when you reopen closed tab you can navigate forward and backward through tab history. But it can't be done in current Maxthon for Mac 4.5.1 2. When are you planning to add gestures settings? I’d like to set a few (for new tab at least). 3. And yes, without plugins it’s hard to use it. I very miss for uBlock (adBlock), gmail checker, speed Dial 2 (current start page looks fine but useless). So, I’m still on 4. Existing start page, speed dial. a) I’d like to have ability setup size of dials grid (5x5, 5x6 etc.). b) I’d like to have ability setup images for dials (image, screenshot of current site). c) I’d like to have settings to switch off search bar in start page. I’m usually using address bar for this. d) Why Ctrl+Click on dial doesn’t open new tab in background? As for me it’s standard of behavior for all browsers! It’s so inconvenient!!! Thank you for your work! Still your fun!
  15. Yahoo mail

    Hello, I was able to hide Yahoo mail side bar (on the right) using adblock. Does anybody know how to hide that ad panel using ad block Plus?Regards..
  16. hello. I'm newbie use maxthon. If use normal then ok, but use private then i can't use keyboard to login user and password. You have understand me talk? //My english is bad
  17. fb problem

    any time i try to open an advertisement on facebook i get back (redirected) to
  18. Maxthon not checking certificates in Retro (IE) mode:
  19. Could anyone know about how to resolve this problem. while clicking on the magnet link in a torrent website i found this error: cannot open this URL! protocol magnet is not associated with any program.
  20. Few months ago i posted a thread about youtube freezing my laptop. no solution found then except to add YePpHa/YouTubeCenter which made youtube a way better place than it is and fixed the problem i had on youtube. i kept using the maxthon but only with web games which is why i installed it in the first place even tho i liked it a lot and wanted to use it all the time. (didnt want to come across the same error again) with the latest update i noticed on change log that there was a core crash fix and wanted to try it more and not just gaming. it was still doing it, but this time i figured out what was the cause and not just "youtube". whenever i visit certain sites that contains .webm auto playable files with audio, my laptop just stops working. (not crashing) i dont know why this is happening and it doesnt happen with all, it happens on every second one i view. (dunno why). All the times (3 actually all from different sites), the site was showing ok at first and was doing it either on page refresh or while moving forth and back in its threads. im using win7 64 with Maxthon Cloud Browser V4.4.4.2000 p.s.1 Do not ask me for crash report, there is no file since its not crashing but freezing... i have to manually shut down and boot up again and the only error report is the unexpected reboot. p.s.2 I will continue using it for the games and only, unless there is an update that fixes this, which im sure it wont happen because who can believe that a program is capable of doing so instead of simple crash and have report to see the error.
  21. Hi... I just wanted to know that while I was on DeviantArt on one tab and at weebly on the other tab,the back button on the first tab has vanished in thin air.Could you guys please just please make the browser as faster then before by letting the back button stay on the first tab and on each tab until it reaches the home page please. Thanks for reading. Warmly regards, Ayla
  22. I'm not 100% sure, but I think since ABP was integrated (4.4.4.x) it seems that hidden elements added to filter lists are no longer listed in the blocked items list. Is this due to a change in the way ABP is implemented compared to AdHunter, an oversight or by design due to some other issue?
  23. I am attempting to remote into my home router from work and anytime I try I get the below. Is there a continue anyways button I'm missing? 12154
  24. Hi Folks, I don't want to be hater ! ok I don't know why, but display me this message (looks at the picture) Why not check this youtube certificate by CEAIA ??? There is not solution for this ? IF doesn't working just delete CEAIA !!!! and try to get another ! Can We tolerate this message ? Don't understand ! :$ EDIT by 7twenty: merged with duplicate thread and updated title to help when searching