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  1. Extnesions icons in tool bar

    Hello, Taking MX4 as model, I want to suggest the developpers to give the choice to the user to decide which icons will be visible or hidden in the tool bar without deleting them.In my opinion same icons extensions are necessary to be visible. Some of them the are both in side bar and tool bar. Thank you for your support Jus
  2. Problem in v4.9.3.1000 - .ppt files from google disk do not open in browser (1.png), but its open if I enter in my Maxthon account (2.png).
  3. Invalid Certificate

    Whenever I go to sign in to my cPanel accounts, I am delayed by an "Invalid Certificate" message from the browser that warns me about the IP and not to go there. Of course the site is perfectly safe and I should have though that Maxthon would learn that I go there often, or at least give me an option to permanently override the message for that particular IP. This warning message has been part of Maxthon for a long time now, and with each new version I have been hoping it would stop bothering me about domains I approve, but it remains... Maxthon has been my main browser since MyIE2 years and nothing compares IMO, but this little thing gets to me. Is there any way to get rid of this annoyance. If so, I would be delighted.
  4. Hi, This is an old issue that I have had with Maxthon for a long time. I have reported it on the old forums a couple of time without a fix so far. by the way, I tried creating this thread in the Bug Report subforum but I had no access. BUG: Basically, when I am in Favorites Manager, I have a hard time dragging favorites around, mainly because the "black repositioning line" is either very finicky or does not show at all. Normally, when I want to drag a fav to another spot, I left-click the link, move it up or down the list till I get to the new spot, move the mouse a bit till I get the "black repositioning line", then release the mouse and the link gets repositioned. This works but only sometimes. I often have difficulty getting the "black line" to show properly. It either does not show at all or it gets "tricky", i.e. it shows for a fraction of a second and I have to keep moving the mouse back and forth -in the little space of the new spot- until the "black line" appears. It seems that the "black line" becomes very precise, and I have to hit certain pixel for it to show. I have tried a couple of work-arounds, none of which are practical or reliable or even help much. The best work-around is to zoom-in very much, like 200%, which sometimes helps make the "black line" appear, but not always. I hope the explanation is clear. I am attaching a small image about the "black line" that I am referring to. Additional Info: OS: Win 7 64-bit Browser: Mx (default) IE: IE 11 (but I never use it) Passport: I do not use passport Extensions or skins: None (using default) The bug occurs only with Maxthon The bug occurs in Maxthon's Favorites Manager all the time. Thanks!
  5. I haven't been able to delete my previous downloads listed under 'local'. I have clicked on 'Clear Completed' several times but nothing clears. I also have the browser set to clear the cache each time I close the browser. Without having to manually delete each file that was downloaded at a time, is there a way for me to delete them all at once? Thanks.
  6. Alright to start off i love this browser but this is a big turnoff and reason why i am forced to use other browsers at times. 1. buzzing noise stops all audio playing in maxthon browser and buzzing only stops if i mute the whole browser or re-log the browser(restart). 2. While i am listening to music or watching a video and changeing volume it gets choppy for a while and then returns to normal. 3. Full screen viewing in YouTube and possibly other video streaming/playing sites. Whilst i know i might not find any answers or fixes i appreciate all help.
  7. Hello every one... Plz tell me how can i resolve this issue that i facing since 1 month. The issue that sometimes any one page Like Facebook etc, is 3 to 4 times redirect and then showing the Page Crashed error. I like this browser then all but i am very disappointing now a days.
  8. problem every day!!!

    someone working to fix this browser or how every day same huge problem... 1browser not save last sesion 2.load page to 70-80% and think what is this a pit stop???! i try same page in another browser is ok reaction when i touch link!? i need to try 20 - 30 time in some case to open link??! 3.frezze when work with write field like this many time, the cursor change location.. aaaaaaaa fix this issue
  9. most of the time I have like 50-70 tabs opened but yesterday I had 250 tabs opened (no, its not too many - 16 gb of ram I have) and when I launched maxthon today It only restored 27 of them o_O even through I can see all 250 in history and in config.ini under . WTH?
  10. If I have been watching Netflix for a while, and have two or three other tabs open, closing the tab that contained will cause the entire browser to crash. Version Windows 7
  11. When I opened Gmail today there is this message across the top: This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser. Will you upgrade your Chrome version soon?
  12. Hello guys, I'm new to this forum and Maxthon Browser. Maxthon is really awesome in terms of functionality and all, I very much like it. I am using the latest version and there is a very annoying bug in it. When I try to play a youtube video, it skips frames and lags. I am not sure if it's a memory leak. But when I plays a video or navigate through the player controls video gets stuck or lags very much. Audio is working fine. Chrome and Firefox and they don't seem to have any problems. I tried the portable and installer versions, both have the same problem. I finally gave a try and it's working fine! So it should be a problem with 4.4.4x. Is this a known bug? I read the changelog and found there's fix for memory leak in the latest beta version, hope it fixes this too. I also tried this in my friend's computer and found the same bug/ memory issue. If you need more info, please let me know. Best Regards, Abey
  13. When I use Maxthon browser, there is static sound come out randomly from my speaker. I tred use headset, same thing happening. It's fine when i use Chrome.
  14. Javascript error

    For ex: "Sorry, JavaScript is required to view Global Stats charts."
  15. Hey there, After using maxthon for a while I have noticed that it will 'disappear' from the task bar , giving the idea that the maxthon browser has been closed, but when cycling through the windows via the 'Alt+Tab' shortcut, There Maxthon Is! This happens most often when I wake up my PC Any fixes?? Any Advice Current Maxthon Version: Maxthon Cloud Browser Operating System : Windows 8.1 Thanks in advance
  16. Drag and drp

    Hi, anybody knows when can I drag and drop a picture directly from Maxthon to Photoshop like Firefox?
  17. HTTP/2 support

    Hello folks! Is there any chance for Maxthon to add HTTP/2 support? I've been testing with this demo site below and unfortunately Maxthon (latest beta) is not yet support HTTP/2 protocol. I've been testing with other browser too (Chrome 41 & Firefox 37) and with this comparison result, HTTP/2 provide a significant performance advantages compared to raw HTTP/1.1. 13167
  18. ya can not read Arabic font tried all solution 4 4 years
  19. Hello, I can't found a software which secure delete cache, history, cookies etc.............. on Maxthon 4, Ccleaner (without the winapp.ini files), Wise Disk Cleaner, Privazer and others doesn't support Maxthon 4 Could you help me please and tell me if the built-in option in Maxthon sent all that it delete to the Recycle bin, in that case i could secure empty the Recycle bin. Sorry for my poor english. SaTiVa.
  20. After opening the external URL link .... (from any software + Maxthon closed) AdBlock is not working. EDIT: I can not add comments (must be moderate) Add video: opening the external address with advertising + duplicate tab without advertising VIDEO
  21. Browser Issue

    It open so many internet connections when I have no tabs open.I have slower download speed than in firefox.
  22. Text size

    Hello, I was notified by one visually impaired user of our local forum about his problems using Maxthon browser. However, this problem affects also e.g. users of large screens. It seems Maxthon still doesn't support changing font size. Option in Settings > Advanced > Webpage display > Web page font is useless and confusing, because it doesn't work. It's been already discussed here (#1, #2), but nothing has changed. It's sad that even much worse browsers have a better support for this basic feature. So I would like to remind this problem and ask, if we can reckon some solution in the future? By the way, I've found this workaround: 1. Install Violentmonkey extension. 2. Go to this page and click on „install this style as a user script“. This will send an userscript installation request to Violentmonkey. Confirm that installation. 3. Done! Text size should be large now. Just to be sure, I attach that script here, if it eventually disappeared from the userstyles database:// ==UserScript== // @name Global Font Size // @namespace // @description Relax your eyes, as you can choose to have one Font Size for everything. // @author valmynd // @homepage // @run-at document-start // @version 0.20130426094209 // ==/UserScript== (function() {var css = .join("\n"); if (typeof GM_addStyle != "undefined") { GM_addStyle(css); } else if (typeof PRO_addStyle != "undefined") { PRO_addStyle(css); } else if (typeof addStyle != "undefined") { addStyle(css); } else { var node = document.createElement("style"); node.type = "text/css"; node.appendChild(document.createTextNode(css)); var heads = document.getElementsByTagName("head"); if (heads.length > 0) { heads.appendChild(node); } else { // no head yet, stick it whereever document.documentElement.appendChild(node); } } })();
  23. Shows a black frame and does not perform. Already cleared history, cookies. I've done no avail clean reinstall. Usually works in IE.
  24. ***this browser, it used to be awesome, now it's bullcrap. Thanks for ruining it. Oh yes, explanation of the problem yes yes - when I open maxthon it just crashes while trying to restore previous session tabs, so thanks to your incompetence I have to manually research the tabs I had opened on Firefox since Maxthon doesn't work at ALL. edited by Odyssee: don't use such impolite words on a public forum please