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  1. print issue

    Since as far as I remember Mx I cannot print anything in Ultra mode. Print dialog just hangs. It is possible to go back in a very few seconds, after that the tab completely hangs.
  2. PDF files corrupted

    Every time I dowload a PDF document using Maxthon it won't open and I get an error that the file is corrupted. I download with any other browser and it opens perfectly. Please fix. And it's from my banks so don't ask for a link.
  3. Hello is there a way or tool to save my current session (all my open pages) and save them that way afterwards i may open them up all again?
  4. I cannot mute sound from one tab to listen to sound from another in beta portable. The tab mute buttons are missing from tabs in this version. And I have cchecked Settings for any option to display/hide the mute button on tabs and found nothing. RESTORE THE TAB MUTE button, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !IMPORTANT Making it a display option for tabs is OK; that meets the need. <<SL>> EDIT: Problem SOLVED
  5. Maxthon Snap Whole Page doesn't seem to be working the same way as the old one where it completely snaps the whole page. The current snaps only what is on view. I'd prefer the old one.
  6. MxDoctor

    I've seen a file called MxDoctor in the Maxthon folder. What does this file do? I tried to run it did not work. He's fixing Maxthon?
  7. Sidebar is not hidden in any case (test in portable clean installation)
  8. I've been using Maxthon for over 7 years, and I've never changed it with no new browsers this time because it's really the most complete ... and its features 2-3 years ahead of Firefox and chrome, but I recently faced with a problem in this browser, When I want to download from youtube, the save option or popup does not appear. I really need these videos for an online shopping website. Please help me if you can.
  9. Does anyone else purchase movie tickets through Fandango? When I do, Passkeeper causes a bit of a problem. It works great through the first couple of pages, but when I come to the checkout page, it autofills the field for my Regal Crown Club rewards card number (which is remembered by Fandango and autofilled for me, before Passkeeper overwrites that value) with my e-mail address. Fandango has some sort of validation applied to that field, because after it's automatically filled (by Fandango, with the correct value), it's grayed out so that I can't make any changes to the input. Unfortunately, Passkeeper seems to be able to change it, because Passkeeper replaces the valid card number with my (invalid) e-mail address. This leaves me with an invalid field that causes "Complete My Purchase" to fail every time.
  10. Hello, Maxthon presents after a few minutes of use a stability, one of the sub processes maxthon.exe (14928) as you can see in the attached image, presents some problem and makes it impossible to use the browser, the tabs are trying to update the content, when trying browse some other site, do not upload. I am able to use Maxthon after manually closing the subprocess maxthon.exe (14928) with problem. Another problem, when I exit Maxthon, the mouse and the entire Windows system is slow until the browser is fully closed. These problems occur about 90 days ago. I use Maxthon portable. Thank you.
  11. With latest maxthon versions, when I do a google search and right click on a link to select "Open in new tab" I get a new tab ..... but empty and named about:blank left click on the link works, but is annoying because it will replace my current search. Whhhhhyyyyyyy ?? :cryiing: no right click new tab ? it's so cruel ! Same behaviour on different machines installs and including latest beta
  12. As per the title. Was working fine, but i decided to close the browser... after that i now get a dark grey screen a after a quick flash of the page. After logging out/in the main page displays properly and you can play whatever is already in the playlist, BUT if you go to any album/playlist etc you just get the dark background displayed. You can't get to anything after that. F5/CTRL+F5 doesn't do anything, only logging out/in shows the main page, but goes back to black after that. Tested with MX5.2.5.1000 portable - my everyday browser and a fresh test portable. Works fine in Opera 53 (Chrome 66 in UA string) Logged in/out of spotify multiple times - still happens Tested with ABP on/off - still happens Changed UA to latest Chrome version - still happens Retro mode - still happens As usual it seems Spotify has made some changes/updates and older versions of blink seem to be a problem...
  13. Hi Maxthon Team, I am trying to Log In in Crowdin Translation webpage "" and I can't access to page. I have a account but when I try to 'Log In' in the web, page send me to 'Log Out' again and again. I access to the web page with Google+ account. If I try with Retro mode I can access, but with ULTRA mode I can't. I try with others browsers and them work fine too. I use mx5.2.4.3000 browser and I update browser to last version, mx5.2.5.1000 but nothing. I am using this browser in crowdin years ago, and I never had any problem. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I use mouse gestures feature a lot to close tabs / go back in history / etc. With Maxthon v2.5.2, on site, if you start a gesture on an image, it doesn't work When you right-click on an image, it gets 'grabbed' by the pointer, and then opened on a new tab as you release the mouse button I am positive it was working ok in previous versions Not a seriuos issue at all, it's the only site where I noticed it, but maybe there are more with this problem...
  15. MX5 PC Beta - cannot login (in ultra mode) to site with domain login domain\user - 401 UNAUTHORIZED Not problem connect (in ultra mode) to sites with domain login with early versions MX5
  16. noads

    noads stopped working for me in the latest branch - with help from the devs it now works there is [apparently] an error in the original noads extension - why it worked with earlier versions of Maxthon is not explained by Maxthons but no matter the error is in def.json def.json-'include': [ '*.', 'localhost' ]should be change to 'include': [ '*', 'localhost' ] i will not post a fixed version only point to the fix given by Maxthon and would acknowledge the work of the original author of the extension who i believe went by the name of Trincare and the Maxthon devs who found the error all i did was ask for help and am grateful for the help given
  17. Why is the extension approval process so slow? updates to my extension have been waiting to be approved for a very long time
  18. FB purity wrong display

    FB purity does no longer work fine with the latest version of maxthon : the display is wrong : left column is truncated.
  19. Please move this entry to the extensions section Bookmarklet: Tittle: Clear Cookies Script: javascript:void((function(){var cookie_list,sub_domain,location_pathname,cookie_index,cookie_count;cookie_count=0;cookie_list=document.cookie.split("; ");for(cookie_index=0;cookie_index<cookie_list.length&&cookie_list[cookie_index];cookie_index++){cookie_count++;for(sub_domain=".";sub_domain;sub_domain=sub_domain.replace(/^(?:\.|[^\.]+)/,"")){for(location_pathname=location.pathname;location_pathname;location_pathname=location_pathname.replace(/.$/,"")){document.cookie=(cookie_list[cookie_index]+"; domain="+sub_domain+"; path="+location_pathname+"; expires="+new Date((new Date()).getTime()-1e11).toGMTString());}}}alert("Expired "+cookie_count+" cookies");})())