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  1. Google Sheets is unusable as of today for me. Every spreadsheet I try to open gets locked into a "reload" cycle, with the following errors appearing while trying to access any spreadsheet: A server error occured. Please press 'Reload' in your browser. Unable to load file. Try to load it again or send an error report. [Reload] Something went wrong. Please Reload. This seems to only happen in Maxthon, since I did not encounter this issue with a few other browsers. I was using MX I tried updating to MX v4.9.5.1000 but that did not help. I tried clearing browsing data, and reseting cache under advanced settings. I also tried a new UserAgent string to no avail. ----------- There is a related issue with Google Sheets home screen, where that page is also getting stuck into a "reload" cycle, with the following errors: Home screen is temporarily unavailable. Try to load it again or send an error report. [Reload] I started enountering this issue about a week ago but I never reported it since the page was still usable for a few seconds before the forced reload message appeared, which was long enough for me to choose a spreadsheet. I cannot use Maxthon for the time being due to this bug as I work on spreadsheets all the time
  2. This is the feeling of my whole families. They all think the night mode in MX3 or MX4 is more pleasant than MX5 much. I feel hurt to my eye when I switch to night mode in MX5. If many people feel the same, hope the night mode can be improved. Note: I sit at couch and use my digital TV (55") as my computer screen. The distance from TV to me is about 3M.
  3. does not work in mode "Test new features"( NEW mode:
  4. LastPass

    Lastpass doesn't seem to work after lastest update to V4, 3.30 worked fine. Have tried with all extensions disabled, and have tried portable version also.
  5. Maxthon Browser v5.0.4.3000 os: windows 10 My browser started acting up, fb was freezing and I kept reloading but it didn't help. I closed the browser and reopened, it helped. then suddenly, the screen got dark. the brightness is low and is really bothersome. I opened up other browsers and they are fine, my computer is fine too. it's ONLY the Maxthon browser. NOTHING else. I tried reinstalling the browser, except that I didn't uninstall it before, in fear that my bookmarks will vanish even though they are linked to my account. so, any suggestions or help will be appreciated. thank you. EDIT: I figured it out. Night mode was turned on. Now I know that's one mode I'm definitely not using
  6. This is the link Attached is the place it's displayed when you are not logged in (doesn't display for a logged user).
  7. When clicking a new tab, the QA options have dissapeared. Any ideas?
  8. I finally upgraded to the newest official version of MX5 and it works fine but I just noticed the Adblock Plus feature is no longer there a extension download for it that will show up for my Maxthon browser ?
  9. FaceBook game. I'm running Windows 10. Yesterday my game opened and ran fine, today it says I need Adobe Flash Player 25.0? It asks is I want to install it, I click Yes, it says it can't write the application to the hard disk???? FB runs perfectly in Microsoft Edge, so I suspect this is a Maxthon issue.
  10. Sorry if there is already a thread on this, but I couldn't find any. To avoid misunderstandings: this question has nothing to do with the "auto refresh" function in Maxthon (available with right clic context menu on tab), which I'm using in the default "Auto Refresh Disabled". The site refreshes its page every x seconds (I have not timed it), which is very annoying. They are not changing this auto refresh even when many users have asked them to stop doing it; someone commented there's an extension for Chrome that stops this type of refreshing. Is there a way to stop it in Maxthon? Thanks in advance.
  11. Привет! Есть старый баг. Если в Maxthon использовать поиск от, то в результате запроса на кириллице сайт показывает ошибку. Это повторяется от версии к версии, только в Maxthon. Это не зависит от режима, баг проявляется в режиме ретро и в режиме ультра. Очень хочется чтоб разработчики исправили эту ошибку. Строка поиска для всех браузеров выглядит так: Translation from Google: Hello! There is an old bug. If you use search in Maxthon from, then as a result of the query in Cyrillic the site shows an error. This is repeated from version to version, only in Maxthon. It does not depend on the mode, the bug is shown in retro mode and in ultra mode. I'd like it so that the developers have corrected this mistake. The search string for all browsers looks like this: MX5 (& MX3) Here is the search string in browsers:
  12. Issue description: A white 1px wide border/frame is displayed around the MX5 browser content when F11 full-screen is activated from smaller than fully maximised MX window. How to duplicate: Run the MX5 browser in a windowed mode (window size must be smaller than maximised), open any web content with dark background and press F11. The issue is very apparent and annoying while watching fullscreen youtube videos -> play any youtube video in a windowed MX5 and activate the fullscreen within the YT player. Test scenario: The issue seems to be independent of any particular OS/HW configuration. I have duplicated it on Windows 10 Home 64-bit multi-monitor setup with discrete nVidia video card with the latest drivers at 2560x1440, 1920x1080 and 1600x1200 resolutions as well as on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit laptop with embedded Intel graphic at 1920x1080 resolution. Please respond.
  13. Please, return function to change speed dial icons position like it was in earler QA version? I've made icons in specific order and then accidentially deleted two of them. Now, for returning them to original order I need to delete and recreate all speed dial icons in original order. I'm really miss that function that allos to change icons order...
  14. Lagging mouse pointer?

    So I've installed v5.0.4.2000 a couple of days ago. All seems nice except that I've noticed that in several occasions, such as opening and closing the browser, my mouse pointer suddenly lagged badly. I am trying to replicate the issue, but I cannot do it systematically. From what I see, it happens when I close the browser after a a use of several hours - but not limited to that. I'm afraid I find it hard to provide more accurate information as I cannot reproduce this systematically - however it definitely started after updating to the new version. I don't see any general slowdown in my PC.
  15. I can not add an attachment. After click "choose files" page scrolls up. This happens both in Mx4 and Mx5. The recording I posted here: Someone has some advice on it?
  16. Example: Version: on Windows 10 OS EDIT: after duplicating its tab, it works somehow..
  17. I add a Quickacess block with url, say, The screenshot is blank due to the website is temporarily dead at the time I add Quickacess. Later, when is back online again, I re-add it to QuickAcess block but screenshot is keeping blank. I clean cache of MX5 and redo it agian, still in vain. Then again, using same workaround of my another post, I enter in address bar, see the page contents, then right click on page tab and choose "push > my QuickAcess", the screenshot is ok.
  18. Using MX, I right click on QuickAcess folder name ("New Folder") but no such menu option. How can I rename it? ===== EDIT: Forum effect. I have to open it and click on the big folder name on top.
  19. Just upgrade to Sometimes "Right click the page tab and choose 'push' and select last item in popup menu (i.e. new tab - my quick acess). " doesn't works. No new quick access block appears. When this happens, I have to exit and run again to see it's back to normal.
  20. Streaming Problems

    The update released on 5/16/17 has made watching streams impossible. The part of the screen where the stream would be showing is black.
  21. All the versions of Maxthon 5 responds slowly in Google Inbox (, it can show the page, but be really slow when you click any mail, even no response. I hvae to open a new page, sometimes it becomes normal, sometimes still doesn't work.
  22. Hi! For the past week I was getting an ugly looking Hotmail interface, pretty much like an Exchange 2010 OWA. I tried IE and Chrome and both load the page ok. I tried deleting the cookie for the website also but I still get ugly OWA. Recently I had to check my second email at hotmail so I opened a private window in Maxthon to login and accidentally found out that, in Private, the current hotmail interface is loaded perfectly! My question is how can I clear cookies/localstorage/cache for this site without losing other browser data (I don't want to simply clear ALL cookies). I already tried using dev tools and clear cache without success. I attached a screenshot of the two different interfaces I get in normal and private mode (both are the same account, of course).
  23. the link: The video is totally black. In console it has many red error messages. But in Chrome, the video plays ok. What did web developer on these two sites did that make the video can only play in Chrome?
  24. I want to install Maxthon MX5 on a Kindle Fire HD tablet, made by Amazon. Google Play can't be accessed on Fire. Maxthon web site for downloading MX5 for Android says that the app is already installed, but it isn't. Of course I know that Android must be set to "allow installation of apps from unknown sources," which it is. How can I find a source for Maxthon MX5 that can be accessed by the Kindle? How can I install same, if downloaded, when somehow the app is deemed to be already installed? Note: No version of Maxthon appears as an installed program in the "Settings" for apps in the Kindle Android OS. Therefore I am confident that Maxtron is not currently installed on my Kindle although an earlier version was once installed before being uninstalled by a malware detection program: Lookout.