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  1. With MX5.1.5.3000, I'm unable to re-arrange bookmarks in the bookmark bar by dragging and dropping. When I restart the browser, then the rearranging takes effect. Is this a known bug? I made a small video of this below. Thanks so much. 20180119_1128_11.avi
  2. Opening new tab

    How to open a link without switching to it in MX5?
  3. In MX4, I could do this but not in MX5.
  4. I had to reinstall maxthon 5 today and looks like this new update has a completely different UI than previous updates - I have a favorites folder with a bunch of link in, this folder shows in the favorites bar "under the address bar" as a folder, How do i make all the links in the folder to go out in favorites bar at once? there was a setting before and i cant find it anymore -Where is the recent closed tabs button? we used to have this button on the left side of address bar and now its not there anymore
  5. Hi, I tried using Netflix on MX but all I get is a black screen. I entirely disabled the 2 extensions I was using, one of which is ABP but to no avail. I tried disabling Ultra mode and I got this message from the Netflix page: "Microsoft Silverlight is required to play this title." Netflix is working fine on other browsers like Chrome. Any ideas please? OS: Win7 SP1
  6. I have deleted Adblock Plus from addons, how i get it back? I can't find it in extension center?
  7. I just installed v5.1.4.3000 portable, and now neither the sidebar or toolbar favorites buttons do anything. The notes buttons both work, but the favorites buttons do not. The favorites bar is still populated, and my favorites are clearly still on Maxnote, but the favorites sidebar will not open and the bookmarks folder is not visible in the notes sidebar.
  8. Hi, I have imported a previously saved HTML file of my Bookmarks. But instead of them lining up in a row across the BookMakrs Tool Bar as they used to do they are all stuck in a single folder on that Toolbar. Does anyone know how to get them all out of that folder to line up across the Toolbar ? Many Thanks, David
  9. The new UI is a step backward. The favourites take ages to load and always end up with "interface error". Tabs don't work as they suppose to. Looks like I will stick to v5.1.3.2000 for a quite time. The only stable build since them. Every build after that is a beta or even damn alpha. Full of bugs, errors, glitches and other shit. Don't call versions full of errors and glitches an official ones. They are still ####ing beta.
  10. Hi I get "No network connection" when trying to login to my Browser account. When falling back to the Guest account, the network connection is OK. The problem started yesterday. After a few tries I could finally login. Today I've tried at least half an hour to login but to no avail. I've never experienced this with any other browser. I'm using Maxthon v5.1.3.2000. Thanks in advance for any help. EDIT: if the login servers are down, the browser should be able to use local PC login data
  11. Hi. Ive been using Maxthon as my browser for years now. All of a sudden when I open maxthon up,it loads with the same 3 tabs that I had previously closed out of. How do I prevent that from Happening? Thanks
  12. When you type a password into a website, Passkeeper (usually) offers to save it, never save it or ignore it for now. If you click never save it, is there a way to cancel that order later? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi. Ihave been a maxthon user for awhile and suddenly when i open maxthon up,3 tabs open up with it. Youtube,the homepage and google search. How do it stop that from happening? I close out all tabs when I exit, but they all come back. Thanks.
  14. When Maxthon started Q&A page doesn't have input focus on addressbar or searchbar. Create new tab and addressbar have focus. Close tab and active tab's addressbar doesn't have focus
  15. Hello there. I'm using latest version and I can't found any way to bring back Menu Bar. Can anybody help me?
  16. Every time I open a page from the bookmarks bar or the speed dial I get this downloader pop-up. It's driving me mad, how do I stop it?
  17. Hello everyone, and first thanks for reading this. So, I do have an issue with Discord on this browser. My issue is with the mic. While every other websites wich use the mic work well, I mean, I can use the mic, on Discord I do have an issue wich make me unable to use the mic. It's an issue with the mic launch. On discord, when you click on the mic symbol, a window appear on the left top corner of the page asking you if you want to use the mic. I do have Firefox too and it's work perfectly there, but with Maxthon this window never show up. I wonder if anyone had this and found a way to change it. If anyone can help me, that would be very great. Thanks a lot.
  18. When I have a selected Czech language, the Maxnote is frozen. In English everything is fine. The video was taken in version MX
  19. Hello there! When I open (legitimate news portal) my Maxthon (5.13.2000) freezes and I have to kill it in task manager. That is the only website so far that has caused this issue. I should also mention, it opened fine in previous versions. Cheers!
  20. back key issue!

    How do I restore this key?
  21. Hello, I would like to create manualy in MaxNote a new website bookmark by entering name and url by hand (for example wake up a server using Wakeup On Lan php Page). When à click on the "New note" button, I have the form to enter the note, but not the field for URL ! How can I do this ? Perhaps a new feature to add : "New bookmark" Thank you. :-)
  22. It is no longer on maxthon?
  23. noads

    noads stopped working for me in the latest branch - with help from the devs it now works there is [apparently] an error in the original noads extension - why it worked with earlier versions of Maxthon is not explained by Maxthons but no matter the error is in def.json def.json-'include': [ '*.', 'localhost' ]should be change to 'include': [ '*', 'localhost' ] i will not post a fixed version only point to the fix given by Maxthon and would acknowledge the work of the original author of the extension who i believe went by the name of Trincare and the Maxthon devs who found the error all i did was ask for help and am grateful for the help given
  24. Hello, I've opened Maxthon ( one day and my bookmarks bar was stretched like in attached image. "Click to import bookmarks..." and "Go manage shortcuts..." was not there before and I have no idea how to remove it so it can go back to normal. Thank you!
  25. Hey, I just updated to V5.1.2.3000 and found out that the Drag&Drop functionality does not work on Dropbox anymore (it worked at the last release before it). Anyone else experiencing this?