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  1. Hi, when I right click on folder in the favorites and select "open all records" nothing happens when I right click on folder in the favorites and select "open all records in a new window" or "open all records in incognito windows" new window is open but empty V
  2. Hello everyone! First, thanks to everyone who will read this and will consider helping me! So, I do have a huge issue with Youtube since yesterday, I do use Maxthon since several weeks now and everything was totally fine with Youtube and all the others website; But yesterday, I was watching a video when the internet page went blank. I tried to reload the page a lot of times. Then I closed Maxthon, and when I opened it again I had a message on Youtube telling me that my website cannot run Youtube. Now I don't get this message anymore but I'm still unable to get Youtube. A strange fact is that I can still perfectly watch Youtube videos on Facebook or Twitter. Again, this happened in two seconds, nothing changed, no upgrade, no extensions or anything, all it's the same now than yesterday. I tried to disable Violentmonkey and the others extensions, nothing change. I'm totally lost. Thanks a lot for your help, and have a nice day.
  3. Hello, I'm unable to open pdf within Maxthon 5 When I try to open a pdf, I get the 'plug-in disabled' page I've tried with and without associating MX5 to pdf: no change Has anybody a solution to bring back pdf viewing in MX5 ? Despite that problem, MX5 remains my favorite browser Solved by 7twenty
  4. Since I've started using version I haven't been able to synchronize the PC to my Android (using version I've input some notes in the Android and they don't show up in the PC version. I tried to do some in the PC version, but they won't show up in my Android. I've also selected the sync button to "force" a synchronizing. Could it be a server problem or something else? Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. I'm not 100% sure this is a Maxthon issue, but you lot are pretty helpful so... I have changed my search engine to When I search/type in the address bar 'searchx' it tries to go to rather than search for the term. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to install Maxthon on my new laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit I receive the following message Invalid Directory, Please choose again. I tried manually create the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\ Maxthon5 I received the following message sorry! The installation was failure, please try to change a installation directory Please help
  7. When I sign into new websites, Passkeeper usually offers to save it. Usually, not always. And on the Passkeeper page, there is no way to manually add a log-in that I see. There should be. Is there any way to add there manually? You can add to Notes and Accounts manually on Passkeeper, but not to your saved passwords. This is perplexing.
  8. On a couple of websites, I have two log-ons, say one for me and one for my wife. Many password managers save multiple log-ons for the same website, and you toggle between them to sign into one or the other account. Passkeeper here seems not to be able to do that. It seems to only allow the last one you registered. Am I mistaken in that? Thanks in advance.
  9. On closing Maxthon, is there a way to obliterate info like empty cache, clear file systems, clear index data, clear history, indexed data, storage data, plug-in data, etc., in one fell swoop? I have a cleaner called SingleClick Cleaner on my Opera that does all that and more, but I see nothing similar in Extensions or Settings on Maxthon. Am I missing it somewhere? Thanks.
  10. I have several desktop internet shortcuts which have the correct URL entered. Using MX4 as default browser these work by opening the browser or opening a new tab and then connecting to the URL address. However, on exactly the same machine, if I change default browsers to MX5 these same shortcuts do not work in M5.1.2.1000. The browser will open but a tab is not then created to go to the URL. If I right click the shortcut there is an option to use MX5 or Maxthon Cloud Browser and these will indeed open and go to the URL. This happens when using XP and both browsers are portable only. Ideas or workarounds anyone or is this a sign of vanishing XP support.
  11. How to remove the inscription(MX5 v5.1.2.3000/v5.1.3.100; Windows 7 x64)?
  12. Hey, I just updated to V5.1.2.3000 and found out that the Drag&Drop functionality does not work on Dropbox anymore (it worked at the last release before it). Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Upon searching this forum, I see that there is no provision for exporting Bookmarks or Favorites. If I had known, I would not have upgraded my browser. My bookmarks are a very important part of my work, and now that I am going on the road, I need to get my bookmarks over to my laptop computer. I also can't seem to find an online help file. Only this forum seems to be the place to search for answers, like how to export bookmarks. So, it is possible that I am not finding the right messages that show that this feature was eventually added back in. But, for now, I am very sorry that I even started using Maxthon. -Joe While all the messages I found indicated that it was not available, I did finally stumble upon the ability to export bookmarks. From the menu choose tools, and then Import/Export user data. And while that problem is solved, that leaves the issue of a searchable help file. If I could have searched for the word "export" in the help file, it would have saved me half an hour of reading notes on this forum, all of which said that it is not possible yet. And even those threads were closed, so no one can add a message saying "it is possible". -Joe
  14. Hello, I live in the EU and on nearly each website, a disclaimer is displayed about usage of cookies. How to get rid of this message ? Cookies is not a problem for me since I set Maxthon to delete them on closing the browser. thanks!
  15. Experience with MX 5

    Translation by google !!! Hi, so far I have always used Maxthon Cloud 4 and I found myself very good. For a few days I decided to try the new Maxthon 5 (version and I must say that really was a bun job. Congratulations to everyone !!! I have not yet learned to exploit all its potential, I am still familiar with version 5 One such thing that I can not find with respect to version 4 is the page translator key or text parts, highlighted words. Where is he hiding? Are not there other instruments out there anymore? Greetings
  16. I opened up Maxthon 5 today and there was no last session. I checked my settings and it is selected, I then opened a webpage and closed the browser. Upon opening it I had no 'last session'. Time to look for a browser that works again.
  17. I've run into a killer video problem with the Live Streaming video feed on It is a killer because this station is my most important site and I regularly watch some of its videos. However with version release I have been presented with the error message below. To get there: 1) Go to 2) Click the "Watch/Listen" button on the left side. 3) Scroll down till you see the large "LIVE" button. Click it. 4) Click the "UNITED STATES" (or "CANADA") button. 5) After a brief attempt to load the video stream, the following message appears. I have used a clean install of Maxthon Portable and still get the problem. EWTN uses the Brightcove streaming service and the videos are Flash. I hope you can figure out what is wrong. [EDIT] More info: I get the same result in Guest mode. <<SL>>
  18. 1. In new tab after scroll clicking on quick page the new page is being opened 2 times. 2. Maxthon identifies itself as v5.1.1.1000 in apps like "file hippo" or "software informer"
  19. Smart Address Bar (search terms) not working properly - searh input recommendations are offered, but when you click on it, browser searches for the text that was typed in the address bar, not for recommendations.
  20. Maxthon still seize .URL file extension during installation/updating. Dear Maxthon developers. This is a VERY BAD idea because you broke STEAM shortcuts on desktop. This file extension must be registered to BROWSER.
  21. I can't see a reply area here: on other web browsers, I can
  22. FB purity wrong display

    FB purity does no longer work fine with the latest version of maxthon : the display is wrong : left column is truncated.
  23. Please move this entry to the extensions section Bookmarklet: Tittle: Clear Cookies Script: javascript:void((function(){var cookie_list,sub_domain,location_pathname,cookie_index,cookie_count;cookie_count=0;cookie_list=document.cookie.split("; ");for(cookie_index=0;cookie_index<cookie_list.length&&cookie_list[cookie_index];cookie_index++){cookie_count++;for(sub_domain=".";sub_domain;sub_domain=sub_domain.replace(/^(?:\.|[^\.]+)/,"")){for(location_pathname=location.pathname;location_pathname;location_pathname=location_pathname.replace(/.$/,"")){document.cookie=(cookie_list[cookie_index]+"; domain="+sub_domain+"; path="+location_pathname+"; expires="+new Date((new Date()).getTime()-1e11).toGMTString());}}}alert("Expired "+cookie_count+" cookies");})())
  24. Why is the extension approval process so slow? updates to my extension have been waiting to be approved for a very long time