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  1. Download manager

    In previous versions of Mx, after clicking the download link you could edit the name of the file under which it will be saved. In the latest version, the download automatically starts without the option to select / change the name of the file. This can only be done if the download link is manually added. @BugSir006 Why?
  2. Passkeeper

    Having one of those days and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. A website has a window pop up that I need to fill in user name and password. I thought if I saved form (alt + 1) it would keep it in passkeeper, so I could use (alt + q) to fill it in. However, I can't get it to work. I'm missing a step - and it's been a long, tiring day. Could I please get some guidance whenever someone has time? Thanks so much.
  3. Hi Lately I notice that Maxthon( tells me at times:(Pl. see attached picture file now) and if I press 'continue' . I just land up at : but if I paste the same link in Firefox, all is fine. The links are not dirty, since FF opens them with no issues at all (on my machine). Question : How can I tell Maxthon not to show this behaviour least take me to the link after pressing 'continue' , rather than ::
  4. PDF files corrupted

    Every time I dowload a PDF document using Maxthon it won't open and I get an error that the file is corrupted. I download with any other browser and it opens perfectly. Please fix. And it's from my banks so don't ask for a link.
  5. MX5 PC Beta - cannot login (in ultra mode) to site with domain login domain\user - 401 UNAUTHORIZED Not problem connect (in ultra mode) to sites with domain login with early versions MX5
  6. noads

    noads stopped working for me in the latest branch - with help from the devs it now works there is [apparently] an error in the original noads extension - why it worked with earlier versions of Maxthon is not explained by Maxthons but no matter the error is in def.json def.json-'include': [ '*.', 'localhost' ]should be change to 'include': [ '*', 'localhost' ] i will not post a fixed version only point to the fix given by Maxthon and would acknowledge the work of the original author of the extension who i believe went by the name of Trincare and the Maxthon devs who found the error all i did was ask for help and am grateful for the help given
  7. FB purity wrong display

    FB purity does no longer work fine with the latest version of maxthon : the display is wrong : left column is truncated.
  8. Please move this entry to the extensions section Bookmarklet: Tittle: Clear Cookies Script: javascript:void((function(){var cookie_list,sub_domain,location_pathname,cookie_index,cookie_count;cookie_count=0;cookie_list=document.cookie.split("; ");for(cookie_index=0;cookie_index<cookie_list.length&&cookie_list[cookie_index];cookie_index++){cookie_count++;for(sub_domain=".";sub_domain;sub_domain=sub_domain.replace(/^(?:\.|[^\.]+)/,"")){for(location_pathname=location.pathname;location_pathname;location_pathname=location_pathname.replace(/.$/,"")){document.cookie=(cookie_list[cookie_index]+"; domain="+sub_domain+"; path="+location_pathname+"; expires="+new Date((new Date()).getTime()-1e11).toGMTString());}}}alert("Expired "+cookie_count+" cookies");})())
  9. Why is the extension approval process so slow? updates to my extension have been waiting to be approved for a very long time