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  1. I can not add an attachment. After click "choose files" page scrolls up. This happens both in Mx4 and Mx5. The recording I posted here: Someone has some advice on it?
  2. Example: Version: on Windows 10 OS EDIT: after duplicating its tab, it works somehow..
  3. I add a Quickacess block with url, say, The screenshot is blank due to the website is temporarily dead at the time I add Quickacess. Later, when is back online again, I re-add it to QuickAcess block but screenshot is keeping blank. I clean cache of MX5 and redo it agian, still in vain. Then again, using same workaround of my another post, I enter in address bar, see the page contents, then right click on page tab and choose "push > my QuickAcess", the screenshot is ok.
  4. Using MX, I right click on QuickAcess folder name ("New Folder") but no such menu option. How can I rename it? ===== EDIT: Forum effect. I have to open it and click on the big folder name on top.
  5. Streaming Problems

    The update released on 5/16/17 has made watching streams impossible. The part of the screen where the stream would be showing is black.
  6. Just upgrade to Sometimes "Right click the page tab and choose 'push' and select last item in popup menu (i.e. new tab - my quick acess). " doesn't works. No new quick access block appears. When this happens, I have to exit and run again to see it's back to normal.
  7. All the versions of Maxthon 5 responds slowly in Google Inbox (, it can show the page, but be really slow when you click any mail, even no response. I hvae to open a new page, sometimes it becomes normal, sometimes still doesn't work.
  8. the link: The video is totally black. In console it has many red error messages. But in Chrome, the video plays ok. What did web developer on these two sites did that make the video can only play in Chrome?
  9. I want to install Maxthon MX5 on a Kindle Fire HD tablet, made by Amazon. Google Play can't be accessed on Fire. Maxthon web site for downloading MX5 for Android says that the app is already installed, but it isn't. Of course I know that Android must be set to "allow installation of apps from unknown sources," which it is. How can I find a source for Maxthon MX5 that can be accessed by the Kindle? How can I install same, if downloaded, when somehow the app is deemed to be already installed? Note: No version of Maxthon appears as an installed program in the "Settings" for apps in the Kindle Android OS. Therefore I am confident that Maxtron is not currently installed on my Kindle although an earlier version was once installed before being uninstalled by a malware detection program: Lookout.
  10. Hi! For the past week I was getting an ugly looking Hotmail interface, pretty much like an Exchange 2010 OWA. I tried IE and Chrome and both load the page ok. I tried deleting the cookie for the website also but I still get ugly OWA. Recently I had to check my second email at hotmail so I opened a private window in Maxthon to login and accidentally found out that, in Private, the current hotmail interface is loaded perfectly! My question is how can I clear cookies/localstorage/cache for this site without losing other browser data (I don't want to simply clear ALL cookies). I already tried using dev tools and clear cache without success. I attached a screenshot of the two different interfaces I get in normal and private mode (both are the same account, of course).
  11. My default search engine is Google. Normally, I can type anything in the address bar, and it will search with Google. Been working perfectly for years. In the past week or so, it stopped working. I didn't change a thing, maybe Google did. Now, when I type text into the address bar, it comes up blank and pretty much frozen. Funny thing, normally, when I type random words into the address bar, it comes up with a long Google search string in the address bar and returns search results. Now it only shows "" and a blank page. Did Google spoil the search string, or could this be a M5 bug? My current search string for Google is: "" (without the quotes) Thanks as always! That search string goes vertical, I guess I just found another bug!
  12. I just installed Maxthon on this PC for the first time and after signing in and having it fire up I immediately get this error it says "Favorites" Database broken, Repair it?. And when I hit the yes button the browser shuts down and absolutely nothing happens. any help with this would be greatly appreciated since I want to use this browser really bad lol. Attached is a pic of the error message.
  13. Hope someone can help! I just switched from the Maxthon Cloud browser version 4 over to Maxthon5 because my version 4 began hanging and crashing. Is there anyway to get my browser to look like it used to? This new 5 thing looks so foreign and I caan't find anything! AAAAGGGHHH! Or-how can I go back to maxthon 4? I just want my stuff to look and work the same as it used to. I tried system restore, but since I had uninstalled Max 4, I couldn't get it back. I'm not tech savy so please be explicit. Thank you
  14. the update extension link is not showing up on the extension management page for developers, so i cant update my extension on the site
  15. I have a problem which causes M5 to crash everytime. I open one instance to watch a youtube video. Open a second instance and do a search from google. As soon as I start to type in the address bar M5 crashes. Edit: This happens even in the first window with only one window too.Simply type directly into the address bar and M5 crashes. M5.0.4.700 Maybe happening with one instance because a process remains from the previous session crash. So I can search from the address bar if there are no residue processes running. So again, if I try a search with 2 instances running, Maxthon will crash leaving a process running in background. Now opening only one window will not allow me to search from the address bar without crashing.
  16. LastPass

    Lastpass doesn't seem to work after lastest update to V4, 3.30 worked fine. Have tried with all extensions disabled, and have tried portable version also.
  17. Hi, I recently took the plunge and officially switched to MX5. It's been great. I've used MX as Guest almost exclusively since 2014 but I thought I'd try out using the account and I've got some questions that I havent' been able to find in the forum. First, having to enter the password every time I open the browser is a hassle. Is there a way to bypass/autofill typing it each time? This alone could drive me to stay with Guest account. I've also noticed differences in behavior between Guest and an account. With Guest, I see the side bar with Help Desk and Maxnote icons on it and I also see the status bar at the bottom. I don't see either of these when logged into my account. Is there a setting (can't find one) or something turned off? With Passkeeper, the number of Autosaved Passwords items differs between Guest and my login account even though things were supposedly imported when I first logged into my account earlier today. Does this sync in any way? Thanks in advance.
  18. Dear all, I have problem with latest maxthon build It displays wrongly page with attachments on our internal collaboration system. Attached two screenshots from google chrome and maxthon. Spacing between attachments are too big. Unfortunately I can't attach files. But you can access them here: Chrome Maxthon Mentioned program is Confluence from Atlassian Dariusz
  19. Did you know your browser is out of date? My MX5 "about" reads "v5.0.2.1000 your browser is up to date" but, above at the top of this forum it reads release How to get updated? The same URL works fine with Google Chrome and Firefox. Got tip? Thanks, Kerry Windows 10 Pro MX5 default browser
  20. From a lot of the posts I've made on Android new issue tracker, I can't download their attachments. Instead, it downloads a json.txt file. I've tried on Chrome, Chromium, Edge and FF, and on all of them it worked fine. Please fix it. Example: Sometimes it downloads fine. Attached video to show issue. ice_video_20170421-023849.webm
  21. Was present in and it gone in v5.0.3.3000, anyway to get it back in the next version? the mute on the tab is nice,But I really like the global mute in the status bar Thank you
  22. When I search for "pages,someone,anything.." in Facebook search bar I don't get the results directly, I must click "See all results for ..." as u see in this pic: I tried different browsers and it works fine there, Does anyone have the same problem?? "using V"
  23. It is just probable I have just made a catastrophic mistake by upgrading to MX5. I use a number of web browsers for various reasons. The main one being, I run a charity and have to keep much of that separated to ensure confidentiality and so different browsers remember different passwords. Having the MX Dock available to the different browsers was a godsend. Is it possible to pin the sidebar ("MX dock") to the desktop as I did with MX4? I love(d) Maxthon for many of its features: the ability to work on two webpages side by side, the easy searching for content on the page - which seems to be missing now? When checking latest research and adding links to the charity website, it has been helpful to not only have the research page open at the same time as the charity webpage but also to be able to search it for relevant information. When lured into upgrading, the website said all my favourites and settings would be preserved but they're not. I'm having to re-teach it the IDs and passwords for all the sites I use. Sky note has been lost, supposedly replaced by Maxnotes. One category of my Sky Notes of importnat links etc for my charity had 16 topics. It now only has 11 ! Five of the most important pages of links and notes are missing! And I want to be able to access the notes from the different browsers I use. Is it possible to get those back? And I hate the changes to the new page button. It's not so easy to browse the 80 sites I keep an eye on. I knew where I was with the old system and could scroll from one page of thumbnails to the next easily instead of having to go back to the index page each time. And It's not been easy trying to get them ordered in the right way for me to find them easily. If it is not possible to detach the side bar nor regain my SkyNotes for use on other browsers, is it possible to revert back to MX4? (And if I do, will I be able to regain what I've lost?)
  24. V5.0.3.2000 Use gesture: Right mouse button - gesture does not react until the second time. --------------------- I know it's just a small problem, not worth mentioning
  25. 1) Facebook Live Stream, chat section does not update properly when in a FB Live Stream. Specifically Joe Pags Live Stream at 6 PM Central Standard Time. All my Live Streams open in a new window when I watch this Stream. 2) Group Pages only displays the first few posts then the rest of the page is blank below the first few posts. Running Win 10 and MX5 I tried using the updates User Agent however no change I updated Flashplayer and no change.