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  1. I got an error in trying to download the installer version of So, I decided to try the version of I don't know about the rest of y'all that tried it, but here on my end on my computer ... there appears to be something off in the size rendering of the browser's page / GUI. As evidenced in Image #1, the top of the outline of the tab is chopped off. In Image #2, to the right of where you see my "Computer Apps" favorite on my Favorites Bar, you'll notice an "F" appearing. That is not supposed to be appearing on my Favorites Bar. That "F" for "Forums" is normally supposed to be completely over in the drop down menu extension of the Favorite Bar. In Image #3, you can see that that entire Bar where you see the ABP icon is pushed too far downward. Those icons are not vertically centered in that Bar like they normally are. I even tried twice resetting all the settings to default just in case I accidentally moved a setting that I wasn't supposed to. But, still got the same results.
  2. Maxthon 5 is not downloading videos on windows 7. Please to get this problem off.
  3. Everything working fine then all of a sudden YouTube videos are now displaying the 'An error occured. Please try again later' error. Everything working fine in Firefox and Opera. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. Maxthon is broken. Maxthon 4 is working fine.
  4. mx5 - default browser in my system (win7 32). but if set this checkbox in browser settings , after each launch i have pop-up window and also mx5 became the default to open *.pdf, *.jpg, *.png and other pictures formats. its not good
  5. Everything was working fine, but now the following message appears (again): Sometimes instead of "Trend Micro" it will say "Kaspray" (or however it is spelled). This is a false message attempting to get personal data. If I go into FaceBook with Vivaldi I don't get that message. In the past when this message has appeared I ran malwarebytes (adware and the regular), and with no problem got into facebook without that message. Other times I d/l the most recent stable version of Maxthon (Currently I am using:, and the message would go away. This is a rogue program that has found a way to hide in maxthon (as well as ie; edge, chrome; and other browsers. Apparently, these browsers are using the same basic platform. Does maxthon have it's own tool that can scan the browser and find the hidden virus? Probably when the next stable version comes out this problem will go away again, as it has in the past. Common sense knows that it is impossible for any site to "know" you are infected with "malicious software" unless they do a scan. And there is no software that can do an instantaneous scan as soon as you get to their site. Besides that they would be doing it without your permission. We know it takes minutes or even hours to do a complete scan of your system; and yet Facebook knows just as soon as you hit their site you have a virus???????????? This is not a Facebook message, it is a scammers message. Oh, Facebook is in my QA so it bypasses the sign in page........but now it suddenly goes there. Vivaldi, has a QA and still bypasses this log in page. So it appears somebody is attacking maxthon QA, and diverting it to Facebook sign in page; then diverts it to their fake page.
  6. MX 5.1 1) Tabs constantly refreshing 2) up to 8 MX5 background processes running at one time. 3) youtube and other videos crash and try to refresh itself but locks up and gets stuck on refreshing 4) when watching youtube videos CPU usage goes up to 40%. I am constantly having to close MX5 and restarting to clear any locked up pages and clear background processes and CPU usage.
  7. After a completely clean install portable still continuously reloads or crashes. Haven't tried exe. version yet. Is this a Win 10 Creators edition problem?
  8. Ive been using the last official version of Maxthon 5 since it first came out and Its worked pretty good except for it crashes a lot at least 3-4 times a day but today I decided to test the new Beta version and one thing I noticed was on all 3 of my sites where I have music playing through windows media players linked up with VLC the players still play with the new Beta but they show up invisible so if I want to turn off or adjust the volume or listen to a different one I cant do nothing to change it up, I hope this gets fixed in the newer official versions because I need a browser that can play those, the last official version they work fine, I also installed the latest VLC but it still did it, I also noticed when I went to uninstall the Beta in my programs folder there was no Maxthon even listed there, I had to remove all the files manually before I went back to the one I had before
  9. Hi, My maxthon 5 asked for an update and i said yes, it downloaded and asked to close maxthon and reopen it. When i'm re-opening, it's just stuck with a blue screen and number 21 on it with rotating symbol. I left it for a long time and it is still at the same state. So i killed the process and tried to open maxthon 5, and it's showing a crash report instead of opening the browser. How many times i try to open it's just crashing. I downloaded the latest version and tried to re-install and the installation window is stuck again at 21 and rotating blue screen. Last night i left it like that and in the morning i checked, it's still showing the 21 and rotating blue screen only. Can you please help me on this? How to get my maxthon back without loosing my data? i'm not sure if i'm the only one getting this error or if anyone else is seeing this? attached the screenshot of the stuck screen and the crash error as well. Below is the error log {"deviceid":"799FEFEEB48D67F5DDFBF983A71486CC27740000","cv":"","l":"en-us","maxthoninfo":"","addonslist":"","systeminfo":"Physical%20memory%20total:%2012768796672%0D%0APhysical%20memory%20free:%208667521024%0D%0APage%20file%20total:%2014714953728%0D%0APage%20file%20free:%2010374627328%0D%0AVirtual%20memory%20total:%204294836224%0D%0AVirtual%20memory%20free:%204175552512%0D%0AProcess%20Memory%20Usage:%0D%0APeakWorkingSetSize:%2017035264%0D%0AWorkingSetSize:%2014491648%0D%0APagefileUsage:%203809280%0D%0A","commandinfo":"%22C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)\/prefetch:A9C14CE7","sv":"10.0.14393.","crashtime":1498119797,"m":"Maxthon","n":"MxResMgr.dll","stack":"1=0001:000EA57E%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A2=0001:000D8F71%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A3=0001:000D825B%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A4=0001:000D8D98%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A5=0001:0010D34B%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMxResMgr.dll_5.2.8.184%0D%0A6=0001:00004CFD%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A7=0001:0000443E%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A8=0001:0000221B%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A9=0001:00008D20%20C:%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5CMaxthon5%5CBin%5CMaxthon.exe_5.0.4.3000%0D%0A10=0001:000062C4%20C:%5CWINDOWS%5CSystem32%5CKERNEL32.DLL_10.0.14393.1198%0D%0A11=0001:0005FFD9%20C:%5CWINDOWS%5CSYSTEM32%5Cntdll.dll_10.0.14393.479%0D%0A12=0001:0005FFA4%20C:%5CWINDOWS%5CSYSTEM32%5Cntdll.dll_10.0.14393.479%0D%0A"}
  10. It won't let me watch anything in both retro and ultra. See: Ultra( Retro(
  11. I want to use BackSpace button for "Back" function. Setup of this key is impossible due to BackSpace used to clear any function shortcut. Please allow to use BackSpace key as shortcut and use another way to clear alreadycreated shortcuts!
  12. I find myself repeating " Enable "Standard rendering in Retro mode" in Settings > Advanced > Browsing" way too much. Is it possible that this option can be set to default in new releases of Maxthon? Most users that try Retro do it because Ultra isn't working due to an outdated core, or weird MX incompatibility. In most cases using Retro with Standard rendering fixes it because they use the IE11 renderer which is much more compatible than the "compatibility mode" IE8 version. If possible a popup can then be added after the Retro switch over "If the site still doesn't work, try disabling "Standard rendering in Retro mode" in Settings". I'm confident that there'll be a lot less complaints from users when doing the Ultra > Retro switch if this was done.
  13. I am using MX5 on Windows 8.1 64 bit, signed in as guest mode with all of the data feedback unchecked. When I start the browser, there are 10+ connections that start as well. Is the normal? Is the browser sending something even though the options are not checked? thanks for any help.
  14. The speed of my download on maxthon 5 is very slow compared to For example suppose, I get 5 mb/s per seconds on 4.9, i get 1/5 of that on maxthon 5 (the latest official build. What can do to fix that or it' is a build issue.
  15. Is anyone else having troubles with whatsapp online notification popups that doesn't disappear by theirself?
  16. The Yandex Weather page ( ), when scrolling with the mouse scrolling, always returns to the beginning (up). The same is observed when you move down using the scroll bar. Please watch this video:
  17. When we use snap tool of maxthon and then use brush, no matter what colour we choose, it always is black.
  18. How can I disable password generator without disabling magic fill ?
  19. Maxthon With default 100% zoom text on all pages is too big. I was set 90% as default zoom to somehow correct this. Can anyone else confirm this? Maybe this is because of 125% scale set in windows because of high resolution. Look for difference in page zoom. 1 - today's 100% 2 - 90% looks like old 100%
  20. I have two accounts. One is connected to my phone and I have problem to connect my another account to my phone. Could you change this, that users can use the same number phone to several accounts?
  21. Starting with new version the Backspace button on keyboard is no longer mapped to "Back" function to return to previous web page. It works for retro mode, but doesn't work for Ultra. Same in both and
  22. Hello guys Since the old topic was closed and the issue is still present,I had to open a new topic. Smart Address Bar wont recognize history items and so, it wont autocomplete it. To reproduce: Click a link that was not visited before.Then try to open a new tab and start typing the address.Normally it should recognize and suggest and autocomplete the url, but it wont. Smart Address Bar recognizes addresses that was typed before not visited. Clicking addresses: No url in address bar, no autocompletion Typing an address: Url in address bar, no autocompletion The links from both ways are history items.
  23. Usually CTRL+click saves a picture to the folder of your choice. It no longer works in the google picture search with the latest M5 Beta. Don't know if M5 or google is at fault, maybe we need a new or selectable hot key. Many thanks,,,
  24. See in those screenshots: The installer also had similar issues. Words are in opposite order (example to demostrate : "World Hello" instead of "Hello World") in so many places. Oh, and about MX version, it's the official one from the main website: mx5.0.4.3000