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  1. Drag and drop tab opens only on the monitor it is being dragged from, you can't drag a tab to another monitor. I would like the dragged tab to open on the monitor it is dropped on.
  2. Hi maxthon, I was busy two months, Now I got a opportunity to make a post. I got some issues with I realized that some servers doesnt work well for example If you want to connect with telegram (app) doesnt work If you want to connect with dropbox (cloud) doesnt work I got this problem 2 months ago, and I gave a report about this. I am disappointed with the developers !
  3. The main big silding show area is totally black. If you click one video and then click sample video, it's also blank, too. On Chrome, they works well! IE works well for sliding show are but not sample video. Do they use some special javascript tool that only Google's product can work? p.s. the link is site of natural high in Japan, in case some one wants to test.
  4. MX5.1.1.100 I'm trying to subscribe for news feed on PCMech but it loads non-stop. I tried using Chrome and I subscribed without any problems. I'd also like to follow-up my post Automatic Guest Login when logged out. It's still on the latest version but the issue was submitted 5 releases ago. Dissapointing . I've been also trying to follow-up but still no good. *Moderators, please improve your service. One dissatisfied user can lead to more.
  5. MX5 I DO NOT LIKE: The "MAXNOTE" is a nuisance; Every time I want to operate with "markers" I have to leave the tabs and also the system of markers view to 3 columns is very complicated. When I search for a bookmark, there is no option to open the folder where it is located. It is also not possible to save the same bookmark in two different folders. The "LIBRETA DE DEFECTO" I do not like, it is also more complicated to use. And from the "MAIN MENU" I think the same thing. Getting open a "NEW TAB" is torture because the MX5 consumes a lot of resources and my computer crashes. In summary: The MX5 looks like a pretty little girl but dumber than a 1. In my opinion all these changes do not compensate the difficulties that their use offers. I am very happy with the "MX". A greeting...¡
  6. I would like to convert to offline, but not lose all my settings for Speed Dial, passwords, cookies, and search engines. Can this be done without losing a solid month of work to set it all up? Also, I would like an exact copy of my configuration of M5 on my wife's laptop without it attacking mine on line and destroying it. Possible, or not? Thanks,,,
  7. The autofill (fill form) feature has never worked well. How about finally making it functional? Even though I have my name, address, city, state, ZIP saved in Maxthon settings, MX4 (and now MX5) never seems to correctly recognize the fields, and usually populates my street address into multiple fields. And instead of getting my first and last name, I usually get my username in both fields. I don't think I've ever (even one single time) gotten every field to correctly populate. Usually, I just end up typing in every field manually, like I used to do in 1998 before this became a common feature on browsers (except in Opera and Chrome it works great). This can't be that hard, Chrome works perfectly most of the time. If you can't do it, then how about implementing the old Opera method, whereby you tab through the fields, and start typing the first couple characters of the entry, and then it picks from the list of fields you've saved in the settings.
  8. For me only Maxthon/ version is working fine, all other beta versions came after are Crashing heavily from the beginning of installation, I tried all the latest beta versions and reported the crashes, but it seems in no latest version anywhere the crash-problem fixing is ever mentioned? Please do not make regular these beta versions as there is heavy instability associated with them. Thanks
  9. EVEN Beta V is still crashing from the download, too many crashes...., I had to revert back to v5.0.4.3000
  10. Edit Search engines no longer works; By the way no longer on MX4. This morning it worked normally. It's always something else. After clean install it worked for 2 seconds, but now the same error.
  11. Hello, my old system crashed an I need to know in which map I can find my Maxthon - passwords for copying to new system. System Win7 -Maxthon 5 thanks
  12. if install MX5.1.0.3000 all steam games icons turn into to globles.if unuistall maxthon all steam games icons go back to normal it happens early versions of maxthon to.
  13. How can I get back Adblock Plus after removing???
  14. Pages doesn't charge and buttonds does't work, I've tried disabling all the addons and the adblock, the issue persists
  15. Hi, I must complain about maxthon min-width on windows. I can't use it on half of my screen, while coding or doing something on another half. Is it possible to change? Right now, when I click windowsKey+arrow, maxthon takes about 3/4 of full hd screen. Imho that is way too much.
  16. After recent updates it works as slow as a snail. I remember times when this browser was as fast as rabbit and now it works like an old retard guy. My CPU is quite good, it always has been working very fast but maxthon is using all CPU capacity. Opening multiple tabs at once takes forever. Even opening empty tab with speed dial takes a sec or 2 to load. What has happened with this browser. It became totally slow and unoptimized. I remember when this browser was the best about smooth scrolling. Even doint multiple things at once, opening tabs etc the scrolling was always smooth, and now, It works as slow as blind guide dog with no paws and no head. Sorry, do something with that. I don't know why this browser need 100% of my processor to open 2 simple tabs. Edge is working must faster and is becoming more reliable than this. Please, bring back maxthon's glory back.
  17. Even if you change the order, the last favorite you create is always up and not as the last item.
  18. This has been happening for months and I've simply been using chrome whenever I want to watch a stream/twitter video but it's getting so annoying at this point I might completely change browsers if I can't find a solution. In short, twitter videos won't ever play (GIFs will,) and will display a message saying "The media could not be played." On top of that, every single twitch stream never starts playing, and the little circle keeps spinning forever. As I said as soon as I change browsers those problems disappear. I'd really appreciate some help.
  19. Sometimes videos on facebook are black, only audio plays This happens from V to V to , the previous stable (V is ok. Did any of you have this kind of bug? Thanks
  20. Maxthon( v and ) not working with Crowdin in ultra-mode!
  21. Hello. I have hundreds of autosaved password, and some of them are from corporate sites. Policy requires periodic password change. Every time it happens I go to the passkeeper, switch to the "Autosaved passwords" page, search for my corporate identificator and begin to edit an entry. I press "Save" after entry edited and Maxthon switches me to the "Accounts" page. So, I go to the "Autosaved passwords" page, search for my corporate identificator and begin to edit an entry. And so on. It whould be better to stay on "Autosaved passowrd" page with search string applied. Another case. I open an entry for editing and eventually cancel operation. Passkeeper may loose search string or resets me to the top of the list. It's a bit uncomfortable. -- zpit
  22. resource sniffer bug.

    hello when using resource-sniffer to leach video's from sites, i have noticed that the name always becomes: videoplayback.mp4 while at the site the name of the video is still correct, the version of maxthon i am running: V what is the best solution to fix this issue, i did not have this issue before updating to this version
  23. I used to be able to click on Manage Magic Fill, choose a web page, then click on EDIT or SHOW PASSWORD, and it would show the info for that web page. Now every time I go to MF, I have to enter my Maxthon PW before I can see anything. I recently changed computers and had to download Maxthon. Is this a feature of an updated version? If so, can I go back to an earlier version of Maxthon? Or is there any way I can override this? I find it to be a pain in the rear.
  24. I have version and i can not sync with maxnote and there is no pc version maxthon in account settings device management. My account is can someone help me?
  25. With version M5.1.0.1700 we received a Maxthon Now mini switch in settings, could someone please tell me what it is and how to find it.