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  1. Hello everyone. Since the last update, I do have an issue with the default RSS reader included with Maxthon. I do use it since the first day I use this browser and never had problems before. So now my RSS are not saved, every time I shutdown the computer and return, all my RSS feed are gone. I can put them back of course, and it work, but only until I open the browser again. Weird thing, at least I think it's weird, some articles are saved, like in the picture, but not all, I don't know why. New ones don't show up. I wonder if others have this issue, or if you know a way to fix that. Thanks.
  2. Recently I started having message that Maxthon desktop icon is abnormal??? Point is that there is no icon on the deskop at all - Win10, Win8.1 and MX5 After repair it is OK for a day or two and message comes back.
  3. after I update to and 1300 and yesterday update to 1400. the Quick Access Sync function is not workable again and again. the maxnote sync feature is work well, but QA is not ok again. I have send issue at before in 4.x MX. I don't understand why the MX update he browser version, and it's always bring the basic function not workable problem. i.e.: open page very slower issue, QA sync issue..... and I have other one question, I think it's a bug for me, maybe other friend have same concern. when I stay on the QA page, and click any one quick icon link A, then I click another one (icon link B), the tab should open 2 tab page (A and B. and the sequence should be A then B on the tab page now, I got many times that the tab open sequence be: a. QA => A => B b. A=>QA=>B c. B=>QA=>A d. only QA and B (A link is not open)
  4. Since I find it impossible to get files to render in MX5 . Not in ULTRA or RETRO . I will never be able to use it . When I reinstalled my . My current favorites were gone . Replaced with my 3 year old favorites . WTF ? I have been a 100% loyal user since 2012 . It is now almost impossible to use Maxthon . I need to recover my current files . Please . Here are some examples of how bad MX5 is .
  5. just got a crash here on the forum while sending a post : maxthon became unreactive, I had to close it.
  6. Since upgrading to I've had only problems. Beside the previously reported certificate issue I have noticed that Maxthon acts really strangely with focus. When I have one instance of Maxthon running and click on the Maxthon desktop icon again, another instance will open. This was never the case before. If I clicked on the Macthon icon, the currently running instance would come into focus and no additional Maxthon instance would pop up. The second issue is Maxthon stealing focus when working with other programs, in my current case that would be Total Commander (a file manager). If I open a search window in Total Commander and search for a file, and then double-click on that file in the search results to get taken to the folder where that file is located, Total Commander loses focus and Maxthon comes to front instead. It's like Maxthon somehow interferes with TC. This only happens if Maxthon had focus immediately before I switched to TC. If I am in Maxthon first and then bring another program in focus and then TC, then this won't happen. I think this is happening because Maxthon has some sort of a focus bug. If you have Maxthon open and you click on the Maxthon launch icon (provided it is visible -- either in the Quick Launch or on the desktop, when your Maxthon window is not maximized), you will see that another instance of Maxthon opens. But if you minimize Maxthon first and then click on the icon, the already running instance will pop up into focus instead and no new instance will be opened. All these problems are reason enogh for me to now uninstall this version and go back a few versions to one that I had before that worked fine.
  7. I've been updated to Maxthon 5. Mostly it has been good for me, but here is a problem I am having. Often my favorites bar will, as shown in the screenshot, display three folders ("Default folder", "Bookmarks", and "Favorites--2018-03-10...") instead of showing the bookmarks and bookmarklets I have chosen to put on my favorites bar. Sometimes for reasons unknown to me it will switch back to the display I configured for the favorites bar, but later it will switch back again. Can you tell me how I can switch away from the unwanted three folder-display to my chosen configuration for the favorites bar? Want to return favorites bar to my chosen configuration.txt Want to return favorites bar to my chosen configuration.rtf
  8. Hi

    Hi, I use Maxthon browser ~15 years. However mx5 has problem (last session in reverse order) which critical for me and so I use mx 4.8 so far:(
  9. I found a funny bug with pop-up hints. First you need to move the cursor to the profile of any user on this forum and wait for the pop-up window with the information. Then click "Add to Maxnote" on the command line. Here, when you hover over the various buttons, the "Add to Maxnote" window disappears.
  10. Mouse Gesture "Page Top" and "Page Bottom" on YouTube start and finish play video. Is there a solution?
  11. In the "Recently Visited" section there are very old data about visited pages, these data are not updated and they can not be deleted (cleaned). In the "Last session" section, clicking on the "Journal" button opens a blank page (about: blank).
  12. For example, when you go to the site http://фабрика-подарков.рф/ or http://мы7я.рф/ in the address bar there is a transformation of the names of sites from the Russian character set into the symbols of Punycode: http://xn----7sbabcjm3ase5bdiji6c.xn--p1ai/ OR http://xn--7-wtb9br.xn--p1ai/ In other browsers (Opera, Chrome, IE11), the names of sites in the address bar look correct.
  13. says its news - takes me to here wtf is that all about
  14. As usual, the new version is everywhere except our forum. Changelog: - Optimize the open order of the last non-closed pages - Resolve back problem in compatibility mode - Improve browser stability - Fix the problem when the browser language is bg-bg, some contents of the menu is not displayed - Fix the occasional problem when click Ctrl+F1 for screenshot
  15. hi, several isues : first time I open Maxthon after a windows reboot, opening is very slow and qa is blank, I need to refresh to make it show most sites don't show as intended, it takes a refresh before they look fine
  16. Facebook videos do not work in background. If you scroll the page or open another tab they stop giving the audio and stop.
  17. Mouse Gesture "Page Top" and "Page Bottom" on YouTube start and finish play video.
  18. We have changed to the version of core 61, and continue to let us know about the old version
  19. passkeeper not work on IE kernel mode my MX is please help to check this bug
  20. mx5.2.0.2000

    On the official website you have the new mx5.2.0.2000, both installable and portable
  21. Hi, I want to use some chromium command line features on Maxthon. For example; I want to start Maxthon with the following parameters. > Maxthon.exe --disable-speech-api --disable-webgl I tried to use some of them and did not succeed. You can see a full list of commands here. Please tell me how to use them in Maxthon. Thanks.
  22. Hello MX, could you let us to disable PDF open on MX and that we can download it by MX downloder or IDM? sometime, the MX open the PDF but is very simple function. we cannot remark, or others..... also when we want to save the PDF file into PC, the file date cannot keep file original date. this file date is long long long time issue on MX downloder and nobody to fix it or have user have option to keep file original date. it's not good for us.
  23. and enable HW: Compositing, Canvas, WebGL, Stage3D, play HTML5/Flash videos without screen tearing. It's possible if launch Maxthon in OpenGL mode. On AMD Radeon HD 2000-7000 and R series with Catalyst 14.4 command line for batch file should look like this: Start Maxthon.exe --ignore-gpu-blacklist --gpu-no-complete-info-collection --use-gl=desktop --use_client_side_arrays_for_stream_buffers --use_virtualized_gl_contexts --disable-gl-extensions=GL_ARB_sync --disable-gpu-rasterization --disable-flash-3d --disable_es3_gl_context --disable-es3-apis --in-process-gpu On Radeon R series with Catalyst 14.4 pack3 add --disable-webgl, because driver is buggy. I don't have Windows XP system with NVidia GPU, but their driver newer and better that AMD's, maybe for them enough only: --ignore-gpu-blacklist --use-gl=desktop, I don’t know. HW status available on internal page mx://gpu/ With PPAPI Flash 22 or older, you don't needed in --disable-flash-3d key. There're some bug with HW Compositing: if opened page has no any video or animation (just a little smiley for example), page not re-rendered if use another program/window above the Maxthon's window.
  24. I am still having issues with issues with passwords again. I got my password fix in Passkeeper, but I change my email address where you sign into Mathon but i forgot to change it in my passkeeper and now i cant log in at all into my web browers that all my data .. how do i fix changing my old email address to my new one if i cant get into my account?
  25. passkeeper is sync every time, every change and it's not have sorting function. In the office condition, I think many user have same problem: every each 1~3~6 months need change password again. we need modify by our-self one by one to edit the password. passkeeper is not support select or choose some special account to edit password at same-time in once.. otherwise, in our company, MIS change the IP address but keep URL => passkeeper record many same URL in my passkeeper I need modify the password one by one, but it's same URL. please fix this problem.