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  1. I did a forum search and although I saw others that use Last Session how I use it, I was unable to find anyone with same problem. Basically I don’t use favorites much for a lot of links I don’t want to add/organize on a daily basis. I set my browser to open up with Last Session and at the end of the day, I have last session tab open and just keep whatever tabs left to add to the last session list for the next time I open Maxthon. I’ve done this for so long and have hundreds and hundreds of tabs in the Last Session. Now my problem is I accidently closed a session without having Last Session tab open so my Last Session list is just one tab I had open at the time……HOWEVER, the last session “Earlier Session” still has my precious list of tabs. I won’t close Maxthon because that will eliminate the “earlier session”, hopefully there will be a solution. I believe the lasttabs.dat file will only have that one tab now, the config.ini file only has that one tab. I’m just hoping that with the tabs still all there in “Earlier Session” someone will be able to tell me how to save these tabs either back to “Last Session” or favorites. Maybe with “inspect element” there is a way to do it by copying certain html but I would need instruction in what to do because I am not savvy with code. I have used Maxthon for almost 15 years now. The Maxthon I use is PLEASE HELP!
  2. Hello, since they did a little restile to the site i can't see the images anymore, on the homepage and inside the articles too. oh and the big image in the top of the homepage, the only one i see, should rotate and change. i see it stuck. it's only me? the page is :
  3. many issues

    the new official version of M5 that was just released recently I had to uninstall it and went back to V, I went to to do a simple upload of a picture and at first it didnt even display the options to unpload it till I refreshed it again, I went to ESPN to do my fantasy baseball line-up and it didnt display the move player options for the line-up until I refreshed it again, I went to picmonkey for a simple crop edit on a photo and it took forever for the edit options to even run, my music website doesnt display VLC media players no more in ultra mode and the chat box doesnt work right in retro mode so that became obsolete, I went to play a radio stream link for Coast to Coast AM and that normally links right up to VLC and it doesnt even show the VLC player no more, sometimes when I close a tab my Maxthon homepage where the main search browser bar is the homepage blinks once and the page goes blank for a second then reappears and in most cases using the new official version pages load very slow, I have none of these problems with V, the only problem I have with this older version is it crashes quite a bit but thats really not no big issue I've gotten used to it, the changes for me are very noticeable and I wont be able to use those newer ones if thats where the direction is heading, the comparison to the older version Im using again now compared to the latest official release is like night & day, Its not even close to the same thing anymore Lol
  4. Anyone notice or have an issue where when switching tabs you get a flash of white before the new tab shows? If you switch between two tabs that have recently been opened there's no problem. But switch to one that's been left open for a while then you see the problem. Another way to check is quickly ctrl-tab through the tabs, you'll get white screens on any tabs that will cause the problem, while others will display the page properly. The tab switching seems to be faster than previous releases where there seemed to be a delay after clicking a tab, but now the white flash is quite annoying. Video attached. There's only one evident white flash towards the start (at about 2secs into the video). Video has also been slowed down a little make it a little more evident. Although the other tab switches also showed it, i think the slow frame rate may have dropped those ones. Will try and get a better one at some stage. white flash.mkv
  5. Hi all... Since many release now, there is a problem with autocomplete on (and others microsoft login pages). If you have more than one account, all saven on passkeeper, when you entrer the site and choose the account to complete, maybe with double click on user text field and then select the account from the list, when you click and go to the password screen, the account that result as selected is the first that was prefilled on the previous screen, and not th one you choose... The trick to make it works is to first delete (backspace) the prefilled account, start writing the one you want to use, then if you want, select it from the list, and then goes to the password. Here the password is blank, but you can again choose the account by double clicking on the password field. A bit painful... Same problem is present on Mx5 for android, but there you cannot double tap the fileds to let the account list appears...
  6. I had to reinstall Maxthon 5 ( When I tried to use Sync to restore my passwords, nothing happened. My password collection is the result of years of using Maxthon. Losing the passwords has me considering changing browsers. I don't want to, but in addition to losing passwords, so many things--access to features, particularly--have changed, it's like learning a whole new browser from scratch. I'm not sure how Maxthon benefits me any longer. ron
  7. Hi, forgive my bad english please. I was changing some stuffs on the options and I have removed the search-bar from the new tab. How can I reactivate it? And another one question: how can I change the search engine on the same search-bar? Cose I changed it on the Options but always appears the Google cse, not the one I choosed. Thanks so much Melina
  8. Maxthon 5, I'm using the latest version. The favorites bar does not contain groups for "convert fast". This option, Maxthon 4 te was very useful for us. We were just opening all the links. But we choose a link, and we have to choose a long way like "open all in this folder". Can this be corrected? Or is there no other way? Thank you
  9. Passkeeper does not recognize port in URL. Example: I have URL http://host-ds:8080/ with one password and http://host-ds:8181/ with different password. In connection on http://host-ds:8080/ I save the password on Passkeeper. In connection on http://host-ds:8181/ I save the password on Passkeeper and it removes the password of first URL. I think Passkeeper see only http://host-ds/, for it the both URL are the same (but is strange it remove other password registration and not just update it).
  10. This seems to be another issue with switching tabs in the latest beta version. I have not experienced this problem with previous versions. When I switch between tabs, the cursor jumps around, occasionally causing the tab I select to jump to a different position--e.g. switch places with the tab on its left side. Sometimes this leads to the tab being dragged out as a new window. It does not occur every time, but frequently enough to be noticeable.
  11. This has been brought up a few times before i think. MX needs to fix up it's session management. When you have more than one maxthon window open, if one window has 10 tabs open and the other has 2 tabs open, if the 10 tab window is closed before the 2 tab window, the 10 tabs are lost. On restart using the mx://last-visit/ page only the 2 tab window sites are shown.
  12. When viewing an image in Image Viewer that you've resized or rotated, the image returns to its default state when going into fullscreen. re: Key Changes This update fixed the following issues: - Add full screen viewing mode into local image viewer Translations need to be updated for image viewer.
  13. Hi guys, Yahoo mail full version wont open with the Maxthon Beta version.Instead the classic version opens after asking to update browser warning.
  14. Hello! (I know i have to open this topic to support forum but i dont have permission) I wanted download a couple episodes of an anime from but everytime i try it show me 2-4 .mp4 file *** Byte. Last month, i could download any video from easily, but right now, i just taking Byte'd files. Not just on, on odnoklassniki, youtube(just saying, file size is unknown) etc. etc. But in the other hand, the websites like openload, cloudy etc. dont have this trouble but video quality in this sites is teribble
  15. Hi, need some help here. I have the habit of loading an youtube playlist or turn the autoplay on, pop up the window and resize it and move it to my secondary screen, so i can still see the content while performing other tasks. This worked like a charm, even if i clicked on random video links in the main window tab - the videos still loaded in the pop up and the pop-up itself stayed as positioned and sized by me. Lately though, when the player moves to next video in the playlist or to whichever video is next, the pop up window resets to original size and position as if just poped out - thus appearing in my main screen, no matter if the youtube tab is on focus or not. Extremely annoying as it interrupts whatever i do and defeating the purpose as i have to move and resize at every next video:)) Also, when floating a video - the closed captions, the new video loading icon etc remain in the main window, and are not displayed in the floating video, where the actual content is, and where it makes sense to see it. i think this started happening when i stopped the html5 disabling addon. Now i cannot get to a non-html5 version so i cant confirm its related. i am on a MX No plugins used, no retro mode, and the pop up is pinned to "always on top". thanks!
  16. MX5.1.0.1700 automatically logs in guest account when I log out my account then close the log in screen. Kindly fix. Still in the latest version
  17. Maxnote Issue

    Pleased in general with the current versions of 5 than the first release however I still see a couple interesting behaviors. I've noticed that when I add a new 'single page' entry to Maxnote it adds them in chronological order which is great. However when I add a multi-tab entry to Maxnote it does not add it in step with the single page entries. What has happened is that my last multi-page Maxnote entry (couple months back) was the starting point for any multi-page entry and I have a group of folders that are not kept in step with new Maxnote entries. So I have a bunch of single page entries, now a series of folders and now again a bunch of single page entries. The old Maxthon4 favorites for me was that no matter if it was a 'group' or a single bookmark they were all added together in chronological order and this of course I prefer. Supposed to be, strange? Any tips would be appreciated.
  18. Weird Text

    Opened my browser and there is some text at the bottom of my browser. Have no clue what it is or why its there.... Does anyone know what that is for?
  19. I can log into Gmail without a problem - unlike the problem Chantao described here Once logged in, whatever action I click it will do it, and thenn immediately refresh once. So if I click Sent Items it will open my Sent Items and straight away refresh to open the Sent Items again. It does this only once, so after that I can do something with my sent items, but it is still frustrating, especially when I want to create a mail. Since Chantao suspected SaveTube to be causing it, I disabled (not even removed) that. Chantao is right, that is the cause. Gmail works fine now in I post this here just to inform people who may also experience this problem. And to say thanks to Chantao of courseJ
  20. I updated my maxthon to v5.1.0.400, but would like to go back to what I had before. Is that possible, to undo what I've done?? Thank you.
  21. why can i only edit custom entries in multi search? please make able to edit all search engines. I will change your search engines from english (.com) to german (.de or .at).
  22. After updating to today, every time I click on a link it opens a whole new tab. It happens even though the settings only tell it to open a new tab from my favorites. What do I do?
  23. In version (and I think earlier), when pressing the play/pause button on a popped out video it continues playing straight afterwards. Happens when clicked using the mouse, or using spacebar. Using the play/pause button on the actual YT video tab works properly whether the video is popped out or not. Tested on a clean portable version. Win10/15063.540.
  24. How do I block 3rd party cookies in Maxthon v5.1.0.4000? Thanks.
  25. Nice new feature. However, the newly formed stand-alone tab can't be dragged back to the old window. I think this omission makes the drag and drop function still not quite Chrome-y.