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  1. I recently upgraded to the latest version ( Since then I have noticed that Maxthon has been freezing randomly on certain websites. I've noticed it a few times on Facebook, but it happens constantly on Amazon when browsing the website. At the moment I only have 2 tabs open in Maxthon --- this and When I have this tab open, CPU usage is normal (around 8%). If I switch to the Amazon tab, however, Maxthon freezes and CPU usage jumps to between 35-40% (screenshot attached). This has happened several times now, across the period of several days, having turned off my computer between each time. It generally happens after being on Amazon after about 10 minutes or so when I'm searching for a product and browsing items.
  2. When I want to watch a video in Facebook using Maxthon it takes two or three clicks to open the video in full screen and I sometimes have to resize my page before the video appears in full screen mode. By the time I have clicked all the buttons short videos are nearly over. If I open a Facebook video in full screen in other browsers it takes one go full screen. I currently use Maxthon Any help would be appreciated
  3. Since I upgraded to Maxthon, I can't open a local HTML file from a shortcut which I have created on my Window 7 desktop. Double-clicking on it while I was using the previous version (I believe it was worked fine (html file opened in Maxthon) but when I double-click on it now, after the upgrade, Maxthon comes to the foreground but the file is not loaded. If I right-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop and select "Open With -> MX5" then the file will open normally. If I double-click on it from a file browser like Windows Explorer or Total Commander it will open normally also. Just double-clicking on the shortcut icon does not work anymore. it has to be a shortcut to a HTML file somewhere on the hard drive, not the actual HTML file itself that is saved on desktop. I temporarily set Chrome to default browser and double-clicked on the shortcut just to make sure there's nothing wrong with the shortcut or the filetype association. Chrome opened the file immediately with no problems. I then changed the default browser back to Maxthon and the shortcut again doesn't work. So it must be some bug with Maxthon. Can someone test & confirm ?
  4. Is there any way that when installing / decompressing a version of maxthon v.5.x, DO NOT import anything at all? For those who try several versions at the same time or different betas, it is a hassle that every time a new clean version is started, maxthon does an import without asking about it. It would help a lot to get a truly clean installation if that option existed
  5. The currently newest version of Maxthon still has a bug that appeared in the previous official version where random TABs at random times don't stop showing the spinning circle indicating page loading, even though the page has loaded completely. As mentioned, this is random and if I click on the TAB and reload the page manually, the circle then disappears. It happens on random websites, even those simple ones without any scripts in the background or things like that. Did anyone notice this as well ?
  6. When trying to log into maxthon passport we are getting No network connection meaning we can now no longer access our passwords, websites ect except in guest mode. (which has no favorites saves) Have pinged the login servers and got a ping from them both .com and .cn are pinging correctly. Maxthon support please help as we use maxthon as our browser for our business. and we cannot log into our various sites.
  7. Hello! I am XP (2003) user. First of all thanks for adding support for sites with expired certificate. I had to use Firefox for those sites. Some sites have this dialog about invalid certificate. Every time I open these pages I must click "Continue" or Enter to open it. Can you add in next versions option "Do not show this dialog"? Thanks.
  8. Maxthon PC win10 1709 64bit When click Google Photo from Gmail (Google Apps), the new page can not load correctly and the whole application will have no response. I have to close it from task manager. This link.
  9. Hello I am using Mx Today, YouTube Center Developer Build suddenly disappeared. The plugin is open and working, but there are no icons and I can not enter the YouTube Center Developer Build. Also YouTube does not work in ultra mode. When you open the movie you have only the sound of the image disappearing in the hebe. There is sound in retro mode, but there is no YouTube Center Developer Build. I made the Disable Youtub HTML5 Player. But not yet Thank you.
  10. Normally passkeeper prompts user to enter Maxthon password before anything is revealed. However, if user has passkeeper open in a tab when Maxthon is shut down, the next time Maxthon is opened, and any user opens passkeeper again from the list on Last Session tab, then passkeeper opens and gives an unauthorized user full access to all website passwords. Version
  11. Hey, I have contacted Maxthon crew multiple times but nobody is listening to me: Facebook on Maxthon is not working properly for already 6 moths. it has multiple loading issues with new posts. Sometimes scrolling down works but as soon as new content is loading it just jumps down, and then when I am trying to reach it it goes down again, and again... Please fix it! The other thing is: Where is the network / CPU / RAM usage bar? This is one of the most useful things in Maxthon. I have been using Maxthon for more than 10 years but now I am really unhappy what is going on. Please fix it!
  12. My shortcut bar at the top of Maxthon browwer disapeared, how do I get it back?!?!!? Thanks,
  13. Hi. Is there a way to fix my issue or i need to wait for core update? There is few sites that dont want to work on MX5 cuz of "old version of chrome". I tried to switch cores but it still dont want to work.
  14. I have sync error for a while. I uninstall Maxthon and reinstall but it doesnt fix. Please help me. Sync is successful on my notebook. My UID: 428368
  15. Hi all, is our browser vulnerable? Will we get any patch like Chrome users? Dariusz
  16. Hello, I noticed a nasty bug linked to the recent MX release - my LCD screens won't go off after time specified in OS power management settings. I rolled back to several previous MX5 releases to see if I can reproduce the problem and the result is the problem clearly follows only the recent release. How to duplicate: 1. Launch MX5 with QuickAccess background set to animated picture. 2. Start elevated command prompt with admin privileges. 3. Type in "powercfg -requests". 4. Verify content of DISPLAY and SYSTEM sections. => With MX or any older MX 5.1.4.x release there are no display or system resources occupied (see the first screnshot MX, on the other hand MX seems to utilize video and audio playback resources all the time even when no multimedia content is active (see the second screenshot MX Thanks to prioritize resolution of this problem. Until this is fixed, the obvious workaround for me is to roll back to OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit, version 1709, build 16299.125 Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (discrete) Sound card: Soundblaster ZxR (discrete) Other: dual-monitor setup, 16 GB RAM, i5 CPU
  17. I this version status bar and toolbar is too small. Looks like font size in status bar was decreased. Something like from 12 to 10. Icons on toolbar is smaller than in previous MX version. This is no good because user can't regulate this I'm with myopia and this version is hard to use for me
  18. I'm attempting to enable a proxy for Maxthon but I can't seem to find the advanced tab within settings. Mine looks like this ^
  19. Hi all, I need help - Is there MX5 extension for launching .NET applications? I have not been able to find such in Extensions Center. 10x in advance.
  20. Installed Mx Now I'm confused. In the prior version ( my Avatar/icon was on the 1st tab. Now it's gone!!!!!!!! It is in the menu section, but it helped having it seen on the 1st tab (or above the sidebar as in a prior version), so I knew which browser I was using. The question is: How do we get the Avatar/icon to show on the 1st tab (or above the sidebar icon)? The reason they had it visible was because you could click on it and get to a different part of the program. And on the subject of "TABS" on version the tabs were light colored background and BOLD DARK print for the name, which makes it easy to see and read. (BOLD print does not mean shouting it is for emphasis as well as make things easy to read. I have seen articles with light background and light print. Makes it really difficult to read. Guess they never learned Contrast. So now how do I reset the tabs to be the colors I want them to be. One of the community members said (talking about skins {it seemed like he was talking about the tabs}) to click on the "t-shirt". I don't see any t-shirt on the tabs, so don't know what he is doing. Does anybody have any step-by-step instructions on how to change the color of the tabs(background and lettering) or a video that gives step by step instructions (with voice). I have seen on you tube some "instructional" videos that while showing the video are typing what is going on. I don't finish it. I'll find one who knows how to vocally tell you what they are doing while you see what to do. The menu in version was better arranged than it is now, and was easier to use and see. Can we go back to the old way? Not sure where this is supposed to be posted, as it covers 3 questions.
  21. I mentioned this in another topic, but let me create a new for this I think it will be easy to correct this. I use Maxthon 10++ years , I think it's best , but I dont like, that a couple of years already, I'm not able to save one URL in two different places in Favorites. Could you change that? I want to be able to save one URL in two (three, four...) different places in favorites. Like if I want to save to my "Auto" folder in bookmarks, and also I want to save the same URL in another folder (lets say "Do next week" folder ). I was to able to do this in older version of Maxthon, but since Maxnote (couple of years already) I cant save one URL in more then one Favorites Folder. It says I need to remove (edit) first from one place to save it to another.
  22. i didnt use mahthon long time. mahthon5 was very ugly, annoying for me. today i install, Loved it, all annoying things are gone and i feel it faster than before. it can be my main browser with some improvements. 1. i couldnt find how to set when i right click on a link and choose "open in new tab" to not jump on new tab. i dont want to jump to new tab. 2. the main reason why i continue to use firefox is flashgot addon. i love firefox download flexibility. 3. other browser i keep always open is opera, due always working messenger and whatsapp in its sidebar. i love that option.
  23. I remember we could capture whole webpage into image (and maybe even pdf). Why can't I see it anymore? MX on PC.
  24. Passkeeper

    Is there a way to export Passkeeper Data to an external file format such as TXT, PDF or Word doc?
  25. Here is an age old issue, that I have not found and answer for yet. Brand new computer, new V5.1.4.3000 install, weather never loads. Weather section continuously displays "loading". I had brought this up a long time ago and never got a resolution. Another reason I am considering moving on to another browser. Maxthon just isn't consistent in their work when it comes to features and stability. Any ideas on the Weather "Loading" issue? Thanks, Bob