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  1. I guess there is a problem with synchronization in MX v5.0.3.2000. The search engine list is resetting everytime I restart MX. Also there is problem with password sync. Every browser restart the list is not properly loaded and the "Sync" button needs to be pressed to load the list to work properly. Reinstall doesn't help. Problem reproduced on two separate computers. OS: Windows 10 MX Version: v5.0.3.2000
  2. Hi all! please who can help me? I have tested all ver from 5,0,2,2000 till - its crashes when typing something in adress bar. not in every case but frequently. i wrote in russian forum but those advices didnt help me. I have tried both portable and install versions, made clean install and deleted cookies, bug exist. only 5,0,2,1600 beta working properly(( win7 x64 12gb ram
  3. Hi, Ive been having problems with netflix from the very first day I started using this site on maxthon. First I had to change agent to firefox. Later I used netflix on retro mode. Today I updated maxthon and had some smaller issues with pc and now netflix its not working on retro mode (it says I dont have enabled cookies) and on ultra mode when I play something I get black screen and nothing is happening. What is the problem?
  4. Hi, Can you check the content of the following post about unicode domain names? It will be fine if you can fixing it as Google (Chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox) did. Thanks in advance!
  5. It's been a long time coming and for a while it seemed like it might never happen but today I made MX5 my default browser. I have stayed with MX4 as I watched MX5 develop and grow, waiting for the time when I felt comfortable to designate MX5 as my default. Finally!! I really like the metamorphosis QA has gone through and found pinning Maxnote helped with access that was previously addressed through group actions (auto-open urls inside folder by single click). Nice job.
  6. I have faced this issue with all Maxthon versions including latest MX5 v5.0.3.2000. The issue is with the fact that when opening any corporate website on intranet which have domain authentication, Maxthon always require to login (pops up login window) when using Ultra mode. In Retro mode it automatically logs in. Usually I don't have an issue with it, always can switch to Retro mode, however one particular website only supports Chrome and it works perfectly in Maxthon in Ultra mode with the small nuisance that every time it requires to login. When using IE11 and Chrome 57.0.2987.133 I don't have same issue, from these browsers login is automatic. Frankly I never been asked to login from any IE or Chrome version. Can this be looked into for MX5 ?
  7. On many websites that have a video inside them (as I've reported here too) trying to move the playback position makes it stuck on movement state, not being able to continue playing. Same goes for volume control. Not only that, but pause/resume playback using the spacebar usually scrolls too for some reason. Example websites: mx pc version:
  8. 100% Disk Usuage

    When I boot my notebook, MX5 has a process in task manager showing 100% disk usuage (over 650 MB/s just for MX5 while I didn't start it). MX5 is not configured to start when booting up. I clean installed a number of times, but still the same issue. If I unstall MX5, I don't have the same high disk usuage issue, but I think we know that MX5 is just about the only browser we want in our PC, right?
  9. Found some issues on of MX PC : 1.In Gmail, when typing of the first letters of the email address of someone you already have, and then press with the mouse on what's suggested - doesn't select it. 2.On Gmail, when pressing the "reply" link (not the button) at the bottom of the message doesn't do anything. 3.On StackOverflow, when writing the reply to someone with the "@" sign , and then choosing using the mouse or pressing the TAB key, it works (auto-completes email address), but loses focus.
  10. Magic Fill issue

    Hy everyone, in MX5 i think the Magic Fill option is broken, MX5 try to fill passwords on Sites there are not saved. I saved some Password for Internal Site FQDN. Servername.domain.local and on other Sites such as servername2.domain.local other formular fields are autofill with my password. The other site never been saved on passkeeper. Is there an option to set magic fill to only autofill the Password i have saved on passkeeper? Im using the Thanks a lot dvbtjunkie
  11. hello, i get this strange error every few days, on maxthon 5 (latest version and before) the laptop on which this error happens is usually in sleep modus at night.
  12. I only noticed this today with the new The icon for the external tools is not appearing in the toll bar even though it is checked in Settings>Functions and Addons>Maxthon Tools. Sorry if this has been a known issue that I missed earlier, though I don't recall seeing any discussion about it before. I have added several apps to that function, so it was working not that long ago and just thought I should bring it to your attention. Thanks.
  13. On this website, the giveaway doesn't work when I fill the information: And, on this website, changing the volume makes the volume-slider always stuck on movement state, not allowing to stay still when moving mouse. Also, pressing the space-bar key doesn't just pause/resume the video (which it should), but also scrolls down. And, pressing on the video itself doesn't play&pause the video: On Chrome, both those websites work well. Tested on Maxthon PC : Version: OS: 10.0.14393.
  14. I have a Google search bar in the empty tab UI. The one with the speed dial tiles. Today I somehow got this bar being shown (and interactive too) on all tabs that I open. Attached video to show the issue. PC Version: OS: 10.0.14393. ice_video_20170403-192851.webm Restarting MX fixed it
  15. Since Mx5 is compatible with IDM (Internet Download Manager), the video download bar with IDM does not appear.