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  1. hi again as usual first i want to thank you for maxthon i loved it since the time it used internet explorer as a base. nonetheless i would like to make some points have you see torch broser ( ???? unintentionally i stepped with it, and i like some of its features: 1- it can manage torrents 2- i can customize facebook with it beyond stylish 3- i can install in it chrome extensions!!! (!!!) 4- i like its look and feel please check it out there are some aspect you could add in our beloved maxthon!! thanks a lot for your attention gmocamilo
  2. Maxthon & VPN

    I finally managed to setup pfsense router and NordVPN service. Now, Maxthon (v start page is not working anymore on my Windows laptop. Everything else is working OK. Any suggestions how to get it back..
  3. I have two questions, the first one, why is it that Password Keeper has modified the stored passwords and now they do not correspond to the ones I use? And the second question if you can delete the UUmail emails that I no longer use?
  4. As to the part about Maxthon not updating itself and one having to manually update it? Heck, I have always preferred manually updating my browser and any software myself when I choose to do so ... not when the software decides to up and surprise me with suddenly deciding to update itself. I have Dial Up Internet. I cannot afford to have software decide to update itself when it wants to. I want to choose the appropriate time when I'm not going to be using my computer. It used to chap my hide when Opera switched to updating itself automatically without any way to disable that. So yeah, I sure hope MX5 never switches to updating itself automatically without any option / setting whatsoever to disable that and set it to manual.
  5. Maxthon causes BetterTTV menu emote looks like this while in other browsers its shows all emotes Developers of BetterTTV responded that Maxthon hasn't implemented IntersectionObserver API. any chances that this is issue will be fixed in future?
  6. I ask concerning Silverlight because I want to know if I should refrain from uninstalling it. I'm mindful that Chrome, Firefox, and SeaMonkey have dropped it. I am able to enter a title here but there is no box for me to enter the body of this post. Why? I am also unable to get this forum to load for me on the Maxthon browser. I had to go to SeaMonkey to post it. attachment for Maxthon forum.rtf
  7. Hello developers, When I open several tabs,say 10 tabs and see the total memory of computer (not maxthon) and compare the same in chrome: - Maxthon uses lower memory but total memory consumption of computer is about 1gb more.Somehow maxthon uses a process which could be hidden and this raises the total memory usage.Or maxthon causes another thing in computer which uses that much of memory.For xample GPU? Can anybody test this and confirm? Can you optimize this memory usage? Thank you!
  8. I don't know if it's just a setting that has to be changed or if it's a bug, but I have noticed that when I use a custom background image on my MX5 Speeddial, the links for Maxnote, Passkeeper, Log In and My Favorites lack appropriate contrast vs. the background images that come with MX5. I have attached an image. So, what's the scoop? Can I manually change the contrast on those links?
  9. Just as the title states. I'm using V5.1.6.10000. The LTV mining version. Screenshot:
  10. I have been having this issue for a while now with several different Maxthon versions, so I decided to post. Currently I am on Whenever I download some large files (like 400 MB or larger), the downloaded file will always be corrupt. I am then forced to download it through another browser (Google Chrome). In both cases the downloaded file is of the same size (down to a byte), but when compared bit-by-bit with file comparing tools, I can see there are "blank" segments (like "zeros") in the middle of the file that was downloaded with Maxthon. So obviously something happens that makes Maxthon "choke" and corrupt the file while it is downloading it. Has anyone else noticed this ?
  11. The last few months, I've noticed I often get the "old-style" Maxthon Multi-Search when entering a search term: ... rather than the more modern style, with my customized engines: This happens whether I'm searching from the address bar, the search bar, or QuickAccess. Anyone else noticed this? Anyone noticed it happening more frequently in recent months?
  12. Quick Access loads slowly and trigger "503 Backend fetch failed" or "504 Gateway Time-out" errors
  13. Hi, all — I've found myself using Maxthon in a limited capacity at the office, where we're pretty security-conscious about what packets come in and out through the network and from where. If I were to investigate allowing Maxthon traffic, what domains and servers should I go about whitelisting? For the Maxthon Cloud? For QuickAccess? For update checks? What else reaches out to Maxthon servers and might need to be whitelisted?
  14. Has anyone used Maxthon on a Chromebook? Can you install the Android mobile version from the Google Play store? Or sideload the .APK file? (Does Maxthon even make the .APK available anymore?)
  15. Okay, I have mastered the art of exporting Favorites to an HTML file and importing Favorites from said HTML file. The fly in the ointment is that the imported Favorites have the nasty habit of being installed backwards across the board. On yesterday's MX5 install onto my desktop I wound up manually reorganizing all my Favorites. Now I have my MX Portable installed annnd of course my Favorites are all nice and in backwards order. I definitely do not want to engage in yet another manual reorganizing of my Favorites. The $64,000 question is: Is there a simple, quick way to unbackwardize the order of imported Favorites? Is there some hidden Right Click function somewhere that I can click on to reorganize my Favorites to the correct order in like 1 to 3 seconds? I would hate to go through this manual reorganizing stunt TWICE with every new MX5 upgrade.
  16. I just finished upgrading to MX (1) I cannot find AdBlock Plus. Where is it? I did click on the box to install AdBlock Plus upon the install prompt, but just cannot find it anywhere. I need to conduct my usual messing around with it to eventually get it to actually block Ads. I always encounter this after from scratch Maxthon installs. (2) What is DirectWrite? (3) What version of Flash Player does this version of MX5 have? It probably won't work with Windows XP, but I'm curious, just in case I use it with another computer. (4) A little bit later, I'm going to install MX5 Portable in my platform on my Flash Drive. Now that I have my Favorites reorganized and back in order after the mess that was imported upon the MX5 install ... will my install of MX5 Portable import THOSE organized Favorites from my Desktop installed version of MX5? Or will it import the Favorites from my Desktop installed version of Maxthon and messed up at that? Or will it not even import anything automatically because it's a Portable app?
  17. I don't want to see this thing when I open browser every single time. There must be a block option for this.
  18. maxthon has conflict with game Hyper Universe. i sent a long feedback ticket to support, they sent me back faq about maxthon crash why all companies support departments never read the total mail? deleted maxthon for good
  19. By now I was used to the fact that the favorites bar does not sort itself alphabetically with Maxnote. I then manually put the bookmark in its place. With the new Release Verion, everything is sorted alphabetically at the beginning of the Fav Bar. That does not make me any more enjoyable and really reminds me of Opera 11, only that one could automatically sort on each bookmark folder. Every new version I test, but that's another release, which takes me even further from Maxthon. By now Vaivaldi is really better and more beautiful.
  20. How do I disable the sidebar on launch of the browser? I know how to remove it once it launches, but I want to keep it from popping up on the left sdie of my screen when lauching the browser. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. When I go to save a favorite by clicking the maxnote icon in the address bar and then saving it to a specific folder, it always gets reset to "My File" after the browser is restarted. I must keep choosing the specific folder of my choice when I save a favorite after the browser is started. Just wondering if others have experienced this. Thanks. Also, the favicons on tabs of certain websites show the refreshing logo and does not stop even though the page has completely loaded.
  22. It's really hurt of my eyes to see MX5 new night mode effect. Doesn't the developer feel it hurt, either? Is it possible to get back MX4 night mode effect as default in future MX5 version?
  23. Why Maxthon 5 does not support video chat on Facebook.
  24. QA missing

    So how i can find my quick access, i'm lost it after install new version of Maxthon 5. And they gone
  25. Is there any hope of getting the auto-update function to work. I have noticed that only occasionally it works when going to About in the menu. Thanks