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  1. I installed maxthon v5.1.2.1000 and I have problems with gmail and forge of empires (facebbok games). Gmail remains in full load and does not enter the mail. Forge of empires has continued shots and worsens more and more with the passing of time. Some online videos are not playable because they also lack the button to get them started I have these problems from V onwards. No problem with version V, which still is perfect and working today who helps me? and thanks for the work you do
  2. Sometimes browser creates new tab named "" (you can see image with problem in the link). You cant close it normally until browser restart with last session. Saw this problem on older versions of MX5 sometimes, but on it appears much more often.
  3. some problems

    Hello, i am newbie. i decided that using maxthon5 anymore. (i learned we call it mx5 okay ^^) i have some problems about mx5. i used chrome browser in 5 years. so i lacking of my requiments. 1 - i dont find clear cache only ONE PAGE. (like chrome) (upload images) (i dont want to press F12 and clear storage section.. it is so far) 2 - Lastpass extension doesnt work. it works but dont auto fill password or logins action to textbox. is it about mx5 extensions? 3 - there is a RSS feader in mx5. good but i see it only on sidebar. is there anyway carry to extension bar? 4 - i found some extensions. but i think they are working in old mx version. so mx5 didnt work it. maybe it will be developed? 5 - i install mx5 in android phone. but i see that there isnt browser's history. is there any way sync them (android + computer) ? 6 - i found some article about pack extensions. (thanks to AS) he give tips to wrote some extension with MXPacker. so i prepare an extension about translator. so what it doesnt work. i think it is about mx5. is there a tips setting up an extension on mx5? Thnx. have a nice days ^^
  4. I’m just wondering why Pepper Flash is still at version in Mx5 ( when it is now in virtually every other browser. Is this a security concern?
  5. Edit Search engines no longer works; By the way no longer on MX4. This morning it worked normally. It's always something else. After clean install it worked for 2 seconds, but now the same error.
  6. why can i only edit custom entries in multi search? please make able to edit all search engines. I will change your search engines from english (.com) to german (.de or .at).
  7. Version 5.1.04000, I have plash Player 26 installed however when I run a check for Flash Player several sites show Flash Player V 24. I have copied the win system 32 Macromed flashplayer dll into Maxthon 5 after renaming the old dll but flash player checks always say it is 24. Microsoft released a Security Update for Flash Player earlier this month. This update brings all my browsers to a slow crawl. Uninstall the update and all runs smooth again. I have seen this happen on multiple machines. So 1) why do the Flash Player checks always indicate 24 in MX 5 when v24 it isn't even installed" 2) is Flash Player really necessary? I am reading many articles saying Flash Player is slowly but surely going away and some browsers allow you to disable Flash Player
  8. Maxthon version: & over, up to WinXP Pro 64-bit up-to-date (as much as it can possibly be). Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 -------------- These issues - please view enclosed screenshots - have been occurring over the last few days, after months of trouble-free service: The Gmail issue was sorted after one update, but the other 2 remain. I don't know which site has an "Invalid Certificate" as the error doesn't say (at least 10 different websites opened). The site that's not loading properly in the 3rd pic is: I've tried the usual of clearing browser data & updating Flash Player to no avail. Another issue (that I've always had) is that it loads blank tabs at random - I've locked around 20 tabs so they re-open each time I launch Maxthon. By the way, none of these issues occur in Chrome, Firefox or Opera (don't use IE any more except to check for Windows updates). -------------- --------------
  9. v5.1.2.100 Zoom Issues

    1) More sensible step increments for zoom levels please (e.g. 100%>110%>120%>130% or 100%>105%>110%>115%). Or even better, let customised zoom levels be set by the user. 2) Changing of zoom levels in a tab should only apply to that particular tab and not applied across ALL open tabs, as is the case now.
  10. Hi, I recently updated from MX4.9 to MX5 ( after hesitating for a long time and I am still trying to get used to the new feel. Maxnote looks modern and clean from a design perspective, but it seems to be more focused on that and less on functionality and productivity, as far as my needs go . There are 2 features, in particular, that I really miss in the old Favorites Manager that are breaking Maxnote for me. PS: I did go though the Maxnote stickies, so I am sorry if I am missing something here. (1) Moving files from one folder to another is extremely tedious, cumbersome and counterintuitive. Sorry, but I cannot begin to describe how much I dislike it. I have to click "move to", then cycle through the whole Fav tree manually, and open folders -one by one- to get to the destination file, and then click "confirm". I have to do this for every single bookmark, even if I want to move it to the folder right next to it!! What ever happened to the "drag and drop" feature? Please tell me I can enable it from somewhere I missed. (2) Maxnote layout includes 2 columns on the left (about 30% of the space together) and a Note window on the right (which occupies most of the layout). Working with a lot of bookmarks, I really struggle to see the full folder/bookmark names in the tiny 2 columns. While I find the Note window size needlessly large, the biggest problem is that I cannot find a way to expand the size of those 2 column. They seem to be fixed. Being able to expand their size, or at least that of the 2nd column (the one with the subfolders and files) will help remedy this issue. Btw, I've been using Maxthon as my only browser since its release around 10-15 years ago, so change is hard, and more importantly, any missing functionality really hurts. So, apologies if I seem blunt, but I hope that my feedback is taken into consideration.
  11. Importing bookmarks takes so damn long. With other browsers is fast like a flash.
  12. Mac Sterling Boston Ma. Systems manager (former QA manager) - I break web applications for a living !!! Using Chrome (ugh) if I delete a comment that I made on a post, everything works fine Using Maxthon (yeah!) if I delete a comment I made on a post, I get a message pop up on the screen that says I deleted my comment, and then I am stuck. No way to get the msg off the screen and I have to "X" out of the tab with facebook to get lose.
  13. - sync does not work - download videos from youtube not working Could anyone confirm these errors? here is another video that clearly shows what happens when trying to download different videos ...
  14. Hi guys, Since updating to versions or a problem appeared. In ultra mode no video or gif can be played in youtbe,facebook or similar sites.When I try to start a video the sound is playing fine,but instead of video there is only black screen.I tried reinstalling Maxthon but no luck. In Retro mode everything is normal.On version it's working fine.The problem appeared only in later versions.
  15. Ultra mode error on Youtube video. I hear sound but videos won't play
  16. Hi, Unfortunately, all my passwords have disappeared after the last update. Can someone tell me where I can find these again. Or the update can undo. I need these passwords.
  17. Hi friends, Mx5 doesn't show captchat in UltraMode
  18. 1. For various Google websites (including Gmail and Android-issue-tracker), I get this dialog : 2. On some websites, I get a broken image placeholder, such as this: 3. The website StackOverflow cannot run properly at all, showing this error on the top: 4. On Gmail, and even here on the forum, using CTRL+V for image content that was copied doesn't work. Instead it either shows nothing or a broken image placeholder I tried disabling so many plugins and scripts, but none of those helped. They worked before anyway, on previous versions of MX, so they can't be the problem, but I wanted to do it anyway, to see if it helps. I also tried to disable the ad-blocker, but it didn't help.
  19. I have version v5.1.0.4000 but I do not find the global mute button that was on the Status bar. How do I enable it?
  20. I can log into Gmail without a problem - unlike the problem Chantao described here Once logged in, whatever action I click it will do it, and thenn immediately refresh once. So if I click Sent Items it will open my Sent Items and straight away refresh to open the Sent Items again. It does this only once, so after that I can do something with my sent items, but it is still frustrating, especially when I want to create a mail. Since Chantao suspected SaveTube to be causing it, I disabled (not even removed) that. Chantao is right, that is the cause. Gmail works fine now in I post this here just to inform people who may also experience this problem. And to say thanks to Chantao of courseJ
  21. Hello, I'm getting an insecure connection warning in Gmail. I take it this is a bug? Thanks. EDIT: I forgot to state that this behaviour is sporadic, and that I am running MX v5.1.1.1000 on Win 7.
  22. When I first opened my browser after installing newest version today, it showed the "last-visit" tab, but the page was blank. I then opened a new tab and tried to see my history, but it was also blank. Tried a regular website, and it was also blank. Not having trouble with other browsers (not using Maxthon for this discussion, as the page was blank...) Help. Thanks Version info... Version: OS: 6.3.9600. IE: 11.0.9600.18763 Maxthon.exe = MxBrowser.dll = mx_core.dll = Maxzlib.dll = MxService.dll = MxAddonsMgr.dll = MxCrashCatch.dll = MxDb.dll = MxDownloader.dll = MxEncode.dll = MxFilePackage.dll = MxHttpRq.dll = MxIPC.dll = MxMsg.dll = MxResMgr.dll = MxRsc.dll = MxTool.dll = MxUI.dll = MxXDR.dll = MxCmpUrl.dll = MxFav.dll = MxFavDb.dll = MxHistory.dll = MxQRGen.dll = MxSiteIcon.dll = MxSmartUrl.dll = MxStorage.dll = MxMolebox.dll = MxSync.dll = MxUrlSec.dll = MxAvatarExt.dll = MxExtTools.dll = MxAddonMisc.dll = MxMsgCenter.dll = MxMsgPush.dll = MxQrcLogin.dll = MxSvInfo.dll = MxUeip.dll =
  23. Welcome! I'm using a new version of the MX browser, and I have a problem: 1. At startup, the browser asks for elevated access rights each time. 2. At startup and every 10-20 minutes, the browser runs the package installation, which also requests elevation of access rights. What causes the use of the browser to the unwanted. I use a browser in a corporate environment. All users have only the level of user rights, not the administrator. In connection with this, I do not wish to see requests for elevated user rights.
  24. When you first open MX5, before all the quick access buttons have loaded, the address bar is in its correct place. Start typing some search terms like "why does maxthon address bar jump around?" You will find that halfway through typing that, the quick access buttons fully load and the address bar jumps away from the correct place, and to a non-traditional location in the middle of the window. Now that is bad enough, but to add insult, the words you've already typed into the address bar are wiped out, forcing you to restart. Clicking in the correct location to force the floating bar to move back there does NOT restore the lost words. Please get rid of the stupid floating address serves no purpose and now it has a very annoying bug. Please, please leave the address bar where it has been and worked fine in every browser for over 20 years. And do not wipe out my search terms without my permission. Please, and thank you.
  25. There's strange situation today: MX- doesn't show top user-line (with YouTybe main logo, search-bar Switching to retro mode returns normal. What's goin' on - YouTube changes or Maxthon's engine fail? ULTRA-MODE and user's menu). RETRO-MODE Also drag link shows empty page. It must be switched to retro too. And YouTube all the time says "You have obsolete version of browser".