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  1. Good morning I've added extensions such as Youtube downloader, Jolidrive, and Last Pass in the Maxthon browser extensions that appear to be installed and active but I do not see icons in the top right bar and therefore I can not use these applications How can I make icons appear together To others Tank
  2. Actually Reinstalled and recent betas are crashing so much on multiple tabs, Please stabilize the version to handle good number of tabs to do our work, thanks
  3. This is what has prevented me from switching to Maxthon. I am constantly afraid that someone will go through my browsing history and then snoop through my business. My mom already made fun of me for watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix more than once.
  4. New Tab title

    Hello I can't recall how long it happens, but as for now - as soon as I open new tab, I notice strange window title, show on attached image. I think it's somehow wrong. May be, "Blank tab" or nothing at all should be suiteble. -- zpit
  5. This is a workflow breaker when I am attempting to open multiple websites by typing in their URLs. Basically if a website changes their URL throughout loading (even simple "" to "") it overwrites your written URL effectively "breaking" whatever you were trying to open. This is a issue most prevalent on Outlook/Hotmail/Live where the URL can change like 3 times. This issue can be reproduced on any website by opening a URL and immediately pressing F4 to attempt to access another, the focus will be shifted away from the whole selection requiring you to either press F4 again or to select the text manually, completely overwritten text, or the typing cursor being shifted to the left while typing. Above is an example of a page that changes URL multiple times (doing my best to type in "fbl" which I've assigned a URL alias to). Notice that during the loading the typing cursor also shifted to the left at the first attempt (100% this was not human error as it can be reproduced) despite the URL not actually changing. Above is an example of a simple page that just overwrites the URL once (same attempt of accessing "fbl"). I've noticed even in this situation the typing cursor can randomly be shifted to the left instead of the URL being overwritten. This of course is also an issue when attempting to type in actual URLs rather than aliases. I am using Maxthon v5.0.4.3000 on Windows 10.
  6. Spell check not working

    The spell-check feature doesn't work for me at all. Here's an example: Hellow orld . Tested on v of MX PC.
  7. Hi guys, sorry if this has already been discussed. For some reason in Maxthon i dont seem to be able to get the loop option in the context menu of YouTube videos. Below are snapshots from Chrome and Maxthon of the context menu, and as you can see, loop is not available in Maxthon. Is this intentional? Can we have it in Maxthon too?
  8. There is problem with twitch player. It freezes if you open a new tab and stay in it, leaving the tab with the twitch to work in the background. I came across this problem somewhere for three beta versions before the current. I've tried delete bettertwitch, but this didnt help.
  9. UPDATE: It's caused by Youtube Center extension. If you're experiencing this, disable it. It is some time since new Youtube design ( ) was released, and MX has still problems with it. The top bar doesn't load ( marked with the blue rectangle )
  10. Hi Why can't I watch most of the video streams listed on with Maxthon/beta v4.9.5.1000? One example link is There is no video nor audio. All I see is an animated sign with 5 small, white vertical bars. The problem started a few weeks ago. In the Network tab of the Element Inspection tool all *.ts segments seem to be coming in properly. I also disabled Maxthon's adblocker. Note that the only links that work are the links in the Tennis section. In the Opera browser all streaming links work fine. Thanks in advance for any help. Kind regards Martin EDIT : new link for today's stage :
  11. Hi all, tyvm for this beautiful Browser, i use this browser for work because in some website is better of all the others! ^_^ TY! (I use WinXP for work and work very good in this SO!! tyvm) I use also the VPN (sometimes) and i disable always the WebRTC or will show my real IP (also i change the fingerprint info, clear all and change the head info) this browser is advanced and have all this feature in standard version without plugins, very good! For disable the WebRTC on FF u can desable the option in setup in about:config, for Chrome u need of use the plugin "WebRTC Network Limiter", but for this browser i don't see how disable it.. I've founded a old thread in this forum of 2014, but no solution, so i ask here how i can disable the WebRTC in this beautiful browser? (In the future i want use this browser how my 1st browser, but without this possibility don't is easy to do this. ^_^) TYVM
  12. Every time I try to find the URL shortcuts, I search first in the "Shortcut" category, but it is not there... why not? They are shortcuts. And the same happens to me when I try to find the search engine shortcuts.. (EDIT2: since it might be correct where it is now) I am sure more people is having the same concern than me. See attachments. Thanks, EDIT: also the shortcut bar!
  13. Hi all

    Hi all, im new. Ty all for this beautifull browser! I have WinXP on work and for to see in perfect mode some website (for work.. or i don't work.. i was disperate) now i need of use this beautifull Maxthon Browser!! Because only with this i can too see all the website for work in perfect mode! Yeah! (in advanced options Maxthon have also the options for change the header info without extensions!) very good work for this beautiful, faster and advanced (if u want) browser! ^:^ (negative, for now, is that i don't see how disable webrtc :P)
  14. About: Last?

    I'm finding Maxthon 5 keeps crashing - usually when I'm in the middle of doing something fairly complex requiring a few tabs open. It just switches off instantly without warning and it seems to be ding it more frequently than Max 4 ever did. When Maxthon 4 crashed, upon restarting, it always offered the option of reloading the pages that were open when it crashed. No such nicety (unless there's something I don't know) with Max 5. I have to start from scratch attempting to remember what I was in the middle of doing and try and find those pages again. Is there an easier solution I don't know about?
  15. I use Adobe Acrobat as my default program for pdf's, but everytime I open Maxthon, it changes the default pdf reader to Maxthon. I change it back to Acrobat and it changes to Maxthon again. I am on Windows 8.1 with Maxthon set as my default browser if that helps
  16. Everything seems to work so far, only in the download folder is it not yet to find abwer on the download page, which I just accidentally noticed. So it is synonymous with the mobile: I have and not 3040.
  17. Hello! I noticed something with MX5.1 portable version that I did not have before. Let me explain. My operating system is Vista and I have two accounts, the "User" and "Administrator". When I use Mx5.1 with "User" account everything is working smoothly but when I try to use it with "Administrator" account is crashing all the time just when I launch the program. I made the images of the error windows. It seems there something to do with mx-core.dll. Any idea?
  18. I have told it time and time again to stop bugging about default browser, but keeps asking at every browser session start up on Windows 7. On my Windows 10 PC I don't get this. The only difference is that I have moved the cache to a different partition on the Windows 7 PC via Maxthon settings, if that matters any. Maybe on Windows 10 I might make default soon given all the recent bug fixes and Firefox gone to crap, but on Windows 7 PC my wife prefers Google, so she gets what she wants.
  19. Hi there, I used some old version of MX4 with no problem and then decided to update to v. After the update I face some small issues and looking for your help. On my work I frequently need to make screenshots and Ctrl+F1 helps me a lot. In the last version when I do snapshot and need to paste it in Outlook e-mail new message, it paste it as file, not as screenshot as it used to be with the old version. Is there any chance to change it? I use Office Professional Plus 2010 and Maxthon PFA snapshots from before and now. Another offtopic, but just wanted to share here as well. MX5 is not user friendly for PCs, which you're not administrator and access internet via proxy. I use MX5 at home, but it's nightmare in the office without Admin rights. Constant requests for internet authentication, log-in is difficult and often impossible. Always ask you for admin rights for keeping it as Default browser (this is not the case with MX4). I am just forced to use MX4 in the office. Appreciate your help, Best regards
  20. export as a text file works, but export as html does not share : copy button does not work if I manually copy the link to open the note,, I get a dialogbox for share but text of icons is in chinese
  21. When you share a note with Maxnote it loses it format I normally use color to organize my stuff, so the lack of color or bar, and other stylish format, it might improve the loading speed of the note, but it fails to communicate important stuff, I'm a maniac when it comes to organizing stuff. Being able to search for folders in Maxnote I have dozens of folders one inside another, so be able to reach a folder in no-time will be great, just typing the name of the folder and it just appear in front of your eyes will be dream like. AND IT WOULD BE 120000 TIMES BETTER IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DO THAT WHILE SAVING SOMETHING TO MAXNOTE!
  22. I cannot find my Magic Fill password and there is no Forgot Password button. I need to get in. Please help.
  23. Share button in MX5

    Apologize ahead of time for this post.... Probably not in a correct area or something... I'm having to jump in and ask my ? under time constraints of travelling with my new job so... Since the beginning of BETA testing with MX5 I have asked, questioned.... requested a feature that is missing now from the Windows version which is being able to share a web page by clicking a "share link" for like to social media pages, etc.... MX5 for Android has this to the right of the address bar... MX4 preferably has it in the address part of the left of address with multi-purpose when its opened (favorites as well as share). Any regards on this would be appreciated... where to post this or ..........??!!!! Thanks, zach