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  1. Unable to login to PlayStation servers with Maxthon Tablet Android release. I am using a Samsung Tab with latest versions of ago. I am able to Login with other browsers. On Maxthon the connection to the server time out each time.
  2. I have installed Maxthon 5 on several customer computers and the 5 Day weather does not ever load. For some reason that section of the page only displays "Loading" but it never loads any data, just "Loading". This has happened on about 6 laptops and PC's. I try to get my customers "switched over" to Maxthon but ended up installing Opera since start page does not load 5 day weather. I can take my http_i.maxthon.com_0.localstorage from my personal computer where 5 day weather does work and copy it to another PC and the weather will load, but I cannot use this since it has all of my stored Favorites Links. Can someone provide a fix for this so I can go back to using Maxthon on my customer computers?
  3. Maxthon fails this test (as does K-Meleon). Firefox, SeaMonkey, Opera, Pale Moon, Chrome and Vivaldi pass it. I'm guessing it's the uBlock Origin adblocker I'm using. ABP isn't cutting it on Maxthon.
  4. How do you clear data from maxthon, which is remembered after logging in to the account, despite clearing the history, etc. Are they hidden somewhere in the net, in the cloud?
  5. When I open youtube on latest version it takes more time to load fully then in previous version ( If on previous version it fully loads in 2 seconds in newer it takes from 5 to 7 seconds to load fhole page. And, no, its not my internet problem. I checked this.
  6. Apparently I'm not allowed to post in the correct forum, as only this one was available, with the support forum greyed out. Anyway, I keep getting a Maxthon pop up on my Windows machine saying my desktop icon is "abnormal." This is definitely being generated by Maxthon, NOT by Windows. Here is the warning: Again, this is an "MxUP" window, NOT from Windows (I repeat this because a prior user already complained about this popup and kept getting told it was a Windows warning when he tried to delete the icon, which is NOT what is going on here). Anyway, the problem is that I do not want a desktop icon for ANY browser, and I get this warning every single time I delete the Maxthon desktop icon. It's pretty annoying to keep getting told that my icon is abnormal when it's actually deleted, intentionally. How do I stop this warning from popping up over and over again?
  7. I just had an unexpected system crash, and also going down with is was Maxthon with about 50 open tabs. After the system reboot, I was relieved to see all my windows in the "Last Session" window. But... when I clicked on "Open All," only four windows were restored, and the rest just disappeared into thin air... When I tried to go back to the "Last Session" page, everything has been cleared. Now I have to dig into the past two week's history for those 50 tabs... Why... Why...
  8. And MX4 is the browser where the cloud works on PC and mobile. Please look Picture and Date.
  9. I'm sort of a new user. I've been looking for an alternative to Firefox Quantum. I have it on my computer, but something about it just doesn't feel right. This is my second try with Maxthon. I love the features. Not going back to Quantum. I have one question: What is the difference between Maxthon 5 and the Maxthon Cloud Browser? Just a little confused on that Thanks.
  10. "First run" every time?!

    So since I've installed v5.1.6.1000 (and same applies to 2000), there seems to be some issues with the browser: I keep getting the initial top part of the home page (see image) and even though I use the X to close it, the next time I open the browser (admin mode or normally) - it keeps re-appearing. Furthermore, the Iridium script (I'm using ViolentMonkey) keeps poping up the welcome screen, which should only occur for the first time, as well as resetting all of the plug-in settings to default. It feels as if the browser is set to "first startup" every time.
  11. It is desirable to clarify the name of the command for setting hotkeys for history. In the Russian version in general the same name of the commands.
  12. I'm using Maxthon v4.9.5.1 because it's the last version of this browser that does everything I need it to do and performs to my satisfaction. Or at least it did until a banner ad was somehow remotely installed on my New Tab screen. Since then, Maxthon crashes randomly when I open or close tabs. Please advise on how to get rid of this banner ad or otherwise restore my full browser functionality. Aside from that, I don't want any future changes to be made to my current Maxthon installation without my say-so. Please tell me how to configure version in a way that it asks for permission before it installs anything and/or how to opt out of ads. This browser wasn't adware when I installed it and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks in advance.
  13. In the "Recently Visited" section there are very old data about visited pages, these data are not updated and they can not be deleted (cleaned). In the "Last session" section, clicking on the "Journal" button opens a blank page (about: blank).
  14. What is this button for? For some reason, the main page of the site ?
  15. is blocking the IP addresses of visitors who use Maxthon. The excuse they give for this is "Maxthon *is* sending automated scans to our site with a fake referrer", although I suspect that their motive is more racial, given the dirty tricks that American browsers get up to (which they seem happy to allow). I'm directing them to this topic, so kindly address the matter here.
  16. I want to be a reader mode on my own personal site. How can I do it. Thank you.
  17. I've been streaming videos and been using the video float feature of Maxthon. Recently, I'm experiencing the video float to be set always on top without knowing. I've been setting it off but same bug occurs when streaming often. Current Maxthon version is I think the "Always on Top" icon is also getting mixed up the bug occurs. Showing the "unpinned" icon, when "Always on Top" is on and vice versa. These snapshot is taken without the bug, I'll be adding the photo with bug whenever it occurs again. Meanwhile, you guys try if same bug occurs on yours
  18. I am trying get into my existing maxthon account but forgot my pw. So i go to request my verification code to my email but i get an error that Network Connection (error code:6) , from this point there is nothing i can do... obviously i am connected to a network and can use maxthon fine, i just cant log into my account. Thanks
  19. Sorting favorites still does not work correctly. I click on Favorites, choose the item "organize favorites". Opens up a maxnote. I choose sorting by name. Well, in maxnote all sorted. But when I click on the favorite button again, some of my folders and bookmarks remain scattered. And at the end of the list there are always 4 folders. This is a clean installation of the new version
  20. Hello everyone. I do have an issue since the last two updates of Maxthon. As the title say it's about my download speed. First, allow me to say that I have a nice web connection, nothing changed, I'm still very fast with torrent and such. But when I use the Maxthon default download program, I'm stuck around 60ko. So I do really wonder if this situation has a connection with the last updates or if it's something else. Thank you a lot for your help.
  21. On the main Maxthon page I customized the "My Favorites" quick links and when I close the browser and reopen the links returns to the original selections. This didn't happen on previous versions of Maxthon. How can I set the "My Favorites" so it remembers the sites I customized it with?
  22. hey since yesterday Im unable to go into my passkeeper. After entering password I click send sms and I get this network error.. Everybody expierencing this or just me? Maxthon
  23. seen this morning - picture says it all - click it away and it comes back the next time reload browser and its gone - what the hell is going on get rid of it - i dont need it - do you do this to deliberately upset users
  24. Can someone tell me how Passkeeper organizes the data stored in Passkeeper? It would be nice to be able to sort Passkeeper data by the Column Headings. "Title, Account and URL". Also I have noticed that not all of my stored Account data is in PassKeeper. For example. I have one account that when I click the URL, my username is stored and appears on the Username field on the website, with no password due to website security that does not allow stored passwords, but that account does not appear in Passkeeper. I would still like to be able to see the Title, Account and URL data even if there is no stored password in case of forgotten username, then We at least have that Username even if no password is stored and the URL..
  25. I use the MX5 as the main browser on my home computer and on my work computer. I noticed an interesting feature: if in the browser when saving a picture(Save image as...), specify any folder on the working computer, then when saving the picture on the home computer it is suggested to save the picture in the folder with the same name and located on the same path on the hard disk! And initially on my home computer this folder was not, but it is automatically created completely copying the location as on my working computer! What could it be?