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  1. После закрытия русского форума не знаю, где спросить... Извините, если тема неподходящая, я не знаю английского языка. Последние версии Maxthon у меня глючат, сайты бесконечно обновляются. Т. е. как только страница загружена, она немедленно сбрасывается и загружается заново, и так до бесконечности... Даже страница настроек! Откатился на версию, она работает нормально... только устаревшая. Почему страницы перезагружаются? Можно как-то исправить? GOOGLE TRANSLATE: After the closure of the Russian forum I do not know where to ask ... I'm sorry if the topic is inappropriate, I do not know English. The latest versions of Maxthon are buggy, the sites are infinitely updated. That is, as soon as the page is loaded, it is immediately reset and loaded again, and so on forever ... Even the settings page! I rolled back to version, it works fine ... just out of date. Why do the pages reboot? Can I somehow fix it?
  2. maxthon & VPN

    Today I installed VPN on my router and Maxthon (V start page is not working anymore. PC is Windows 8.1 and VPN is NordVPN. Router is Asus RT-AC68U. This is picture of the actual start page. According to Google translate those 2 Chinese notes are "Download Maxthon 5 mobile version" at the top and "Shut Down" at the bottom which deosn't make much sense on a PC. Maxthon V4 is working OK.
  3. I have sync error for a while. I uninstall Maxthon and reinstall but it doesnt fix. Please help me. Sync is successful on my notebook. My UID: 428368
  4. I am new here. I am looking for a browser for my Windows XP professional 64bits system. Please let me know which version of Maxthon is for this OS. And where can I download it. Thank you !
  5. error 6000

    I could not post anywhere else1.The international forum died?2. I wanted to report an error when watching transmissionserror 6000 not renderer errorin maxthon LONG LIFE AND HOPEFULLY ANSWER ME
  6. Hello! Maxthon does not display certain pages correctly. Firefox any page ALWAYS shows normally. How to fix it? Examples 2017-11-04_at_12-43-39.mp4 2017-11-04_at_12-31-21.mp4
  7. Hi, how can I disable SPDY in Maxthon browser? something like this in Firefox (attachment). Unfortunately I have some transport errors with some websites like this one: It crashes before the login. The issue is solved if I disable SPDY in other browsers. I also attach the error message. Thanks!
  8. Although he has not crashed at the Maxnote screenshot, but the pop-up does not show right. He does not import all my bookmarks. As good as almost none. He still does not sort bookmarks as he should. So far from the release. I'm just stating this and will not participate in discussions because I've decided not to annoy me with MX5 anymore. I also uninstalled the browser because it is hopeless with you.
  9. new tab

    Somehow these two last Beta releases made me see again lots of instability and crashes. I dont know where the NEW TAB Opening in the far right is fixed? It still remains the problem. Once you open a New TAB, You cannot Open any more new tabs, Speed is so much compromised, the Beta versions are so Slow and crashing when multiple tabs open... Please Upgrade and Update for the newer upcoming Official Version with NEW TAB/s Opening Improved features
  10. I can not find all my favorites to display in sidebar since Alsom, I can't put one image in this topic! At least anyone can show mw the way I access all my favorites from the sidebar?
  11. Recently got a 4K (AKA UHD) computer monitor. It's not a TV, it's a true 27" monitor. There are a few issues that I've never had before that popped up since I have been using it. *The visible mouse trails for Mouse Gestures is very thin, and very hard to see. * The red underline in spell checker for mis-spelled words is so thin I can hardly see it. * The hot areas in clickable icons have apparently shrunken. Sometimes I must click 2-3 times to find the right place. * Mouse gestures do not work reliably or not at all on some pages. Many thanks,,,
  12. All other browsers work. Error is: Error code 360 (net::ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY)
  13. Two last updates, i look not working Ctrl+click to "save image" function. It's just create file with name "i". Update and now on Can someone test it? i - file contain: RIFFTd WEBPVP8 Hd Pќ*Рђ>a0•G$#"!%УIЂ....
  14. Whenever I save a bookmark, it becomes a Maxnote item. I cannot open the links it saves there. Is there any way to get rid of Maxnote, or at least stop it from taking my new bookmarks and making them unusable?
  15. Have had to uninstall and reinstall MX5 repeatedly, and getting a Load mx core.dll failed. Any advice from out there?
  16. My first : Passkeeper is empty. Then: Sorting does not work. And then this, please look picture 1 . After reinstalling release version: Passkeeper is also empty. Sync Error This is by far the worst version I have met from Maxthon. Passkeeper Recover Picture 2 The sync error comes from the fact that Favorites Manager now has these funny pictures, like Google Chrome Bookmark Manager. However, if you move files in Bookmark Manager, it does not synchronize anymore with the Bookmark Bar. Really a great try, dear Maxthon team, now you have totally crashed the synchonization. And I already hear the question: Which CPU, which operating system?
  17. I don't know what the developers are doing to MAxthon 5 but it's simply getting worse on every update... To the point of being unusable! To begin with this was always a nightmare to have Facebook video calls to work. Now whenever I'm typing a reply on a Private Message on Facebook, the Messenger window simply disappears and I have to refresh the browser window for it to reappear. Another new problem is youtube login. Now I am unable to login using Maxthon. Youtube site is not recognizing my login when I do it through Maxthon. This started since the last update although I never had problems before. I logged out and when I tried to login it simply loops back to the page I was in and won't bring me to the youtube login page. Either that or youtube opens a page that says "Ooops, there was a problem with your login" and I never get to be able to log back in. However if I try in Chrome it works seamlessly so, it's not a problem with my youtube account... It's some cookies issue with Maxthon, I suppose. I also have loop back problems at my checkout page at, which seems to indicate cookies issues. It's my impression Maxthon keeps trying to fix what it's not broken... Ending up breaking it for real.
  18. I want to have an alphabetical ranking of favorites in new versions. Please. Thank you
  19. The folder icon in the sidebar treeview it's not displayed in my pc See attached image Already updated Intel HD4000 graphics driver for Win10 64bit to latest version
  20. Uhhhh...

    Well, first of all, I guess im posting in here? I could only select newcomer xD But actully, my problem is that anytime i go to a non-maxthon support/homepage and netflix for some reason, url. My screen will go into a dark tint, not the tabs, hotbars or the bottom bar. It isn't night mode, i'm not sure what is happening, it just randomly happened. This is very annoying, if anyone has any idea what is happeneing I would be amazed and happy to see a solution! It used to look like this: But now looks like this???: Help would be amaziinggg!!!!
  21. Nitro

    I set up a computer for my son. Its actually a Kurio tablet PC running Windows 10. Not my OS of choice but it needs to stay as is. Anyways, it is slow as hell. The system is slow, and the internet is slow. I need a fast browser. I am willing to spend quite a bit of time testing Nitro as I teach him to use the computer but you have to make it able to sync his bookmarks first. Not the rest of his web clippings or anything, just the links to the pages for his favorites. Can someone add that please? It's too much of a hassle to have to keep importing them back and forth. It really doesn't have the power to handle MX5 (which I have it running now). So...I need some help. 1. How do I set up the settings of MX5 to make it run as fast as possible? 2. Are there any plugins to make it run faster? 3. Anyone familiar with Windows 10 (which I hate): Are there any unneeded services I can disable to put less strain on it? 4. Can a dev please ad a manual bookmark sync to Nitro and release it as an alpha or something? Thanks guys =]
  22. Hi Guys! I have a problem with my maxthon. I upgraded it to and now I have this strange problem with night mode. It's strange because it's embedded in the websites source code - look at the image. Every webpage I open I have this by default turned on. Is there a way to fix it? Lookt at the code at the developers tools'. Here's link to the image The normal Night mode seems to be not connected to this one. It's really a burden to browse when everything is so dimmed! I would really appreciate if somebody could help me out to turn this off and so it will no longer pop out anywhere. Thanks!
  23. I'm using Maxthon version 5.1.3. I can not delete facebook bulk message. Is there such a plugin? There's Chrom. Thank you
  24. In the past week or so, I've been getting emails from websites saying that I need to change my password due to unusual activity. Some sites, like Cineplex, I haven't logged into my account in awhile, so it's not me that is trying to access my account. I have gotten emails from Outlook saying there's been unusual activity and when I check m activity logs, there's unsuccessful login attempts from other countries. Yesterday Amazon had my account locked until I changed my password. I have a paid Bitdefender service so I'm pretty sure I don't have virus. And I checked the sender of these emails in case they were phishing scams and I a;lways reset my password from the actual websites, not through the button by email, but they were all legitimate. I'm not accusing Maxthon, but it seems odd
  25. Am I overlooking something (it's certainly possible), but is there no ad-blocking gizmo available for Maxthon aside from AdBlocker Plus, which is lame, lame, lame? Could this be so? If so, it is a dreadful defect for Maxthon. Tell me I'm mistaken. Please. Thanks.