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  1. "There is a way to turn an entity into data. They have a life of their own, and it is difficult to distinguish them from normal computer files. In our actions of everyday, while we sit at the computer, this byte entity observes us, and studies our every move and fear. The game is simple: following the arrows is the key, if you get caught you lose. A sound will predict its arrival It is White Face" I found this in the program folder for the newest beta. On windows 7 x64. What the...?
  2. I have forgotten or never knew how to change what page opens when I create a new tab. Can someone please tell me?
  3. Is anyone else seeing this strange icon in IMDb? I’m running Mx on Windows 7. I’m also seeing it in Firefox but not Chrome. It’s always in the same place whatever page you are viewing in IMDb, if you click on the icon it takes you back to IMDb’s homepage.
  4. My question is simple, is there any way to turn off auto updates? Ever since Version, the browser will auto updates itself. At first from to it just suddenly restarted the browser automatically by itself without any confirmations while I'm working on multiple tabs and I lost all progress. After restarting, a light yellow notification bar at the top of notifying me the update is finished. It also automatically updates from to without any confirmations, but this time it didn't automatically restarts. Instead, a large "restart now" notification comes up from time to time in the bottom right corner even if you dismiss it. The next time I opened Maxthon, it is already, again with the light yellow notification bar.
  5. Hello all. I've been using Maxthon 5 for probably around ten years now. And for the most part, I have been very satisfied with my use of the browser and routinely would recommend it to others. However, within the past year, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with it. And honestly, if things keep going in the direction that they are going, I may have to find a new web browser. Why? Because the new updates have been intrusive. There have been frequent pop-ups telling me to check out Maxthon's new feature. Whenever I have to insert my email into a webpage, I get the annoying UUMail recommendation, every single time. I do not want to use UUMail. I have never wanted to use UUMail. Yet, I cannot disable the browser from advertising a feature to me that I don't want to use. Yet even more recently, Maxthon Downloader now forces downloaded PDFs to open in Maxthon itself, when previous iterations would automatically open the PDFs in your computer's default PDF reader. This is frustrating because to begin, when one normally opens a PDF in Maxthon, it opens up as a link within the web browser with the option to download it to your harddrive. Hence, there is no need to open the PDF in Maxthon from the downloader, because I usually am already looking at the PDF in Maxthon when I download it. The reason I download PDFs is to open them in a superior PDF viewer, such as Foxit. Now, I can't do this anymore and have to go search for the file amidst my clutter of PDFs. The most recent update that forces this is extremely frustrating and is trying to force the user to use the browser more. There are other minor issues that I will not detail. However, these two issues are emblematic of Maxthon 5's new direction: Force the user to use the browser and its features when they don't want to. However, I'm not going to stick around forever if you keep doing this. If you're going to force me to use your browsers features that I do not want to use, I am going to stop using your browser. I don't want to stop using your browser. I've been using it for ten years. But the intrusive pop-ups and forcing me to open PDFs in the browser are ridiculous. Please stop this nonsense. (Additionally, for some reason, I cannot post this in another forum that may be more appropriate for my complaints. Hence, I am posting it in my introduction. Please heed my complaints, regardless. If I have to fight to tell you all these problems, I will be more prone to leave your browser behind)
  6. Hi. I've been experiencing some problems from last 2-4 builds. First is that I sometimes get permission dialog (user control). I've tried to enter admin password - nothing happens, and the dialog appears in some time again and again. No particular path to executable there - only some kind of GUID there {FCC74B77-EC3E-4dd8-A80B-008A702075A9}. When I click on certificate detail, it tell that this cert is for Windows device drivers check. CLSID is related to appwiz.cpl - Programs uninstall system dialog. It always appear when I click Menu-About (checking for update). I don't remember when this problem appeared. For sure the last 3 builds (including the latest). Second is the latest update problems - yahoo finance doesn't work fine, it doesn't show charts. Try here: What I have to do to fix that?
  7. My original account is connected to my G-mail account. My second account was made by my phone number. I wish to delete my account with the phone number so I can associate it with my original account. Looked around for assistance, but did not find anything about removing an account or merging data with two accounts. Is there anyway this can be done?
  8. Stop GIFs

    I need to know how to stop GIFs from playing until I mouse over them. I was using an extension called Stop Gif but since I updated the browser today it no longer works. I am epileptic and it's not good for me to see random flashing GIFs so I need some control over this. I've been looking for a violent monkey script or something but haven't been able to find anything. Is there a setting? Can someone update the extension or make me a new one? Sorry to bug you's just kinda important. BTW I diabled all extensions and tested Stop Gif but it still did not work....
  9. Browser no longer crashes when typing in the address bar. Much better! Couldn't find my original thread so I'll just post this here. =]
  10. I have never used multi-search until now. Which was kinda dumb. that aside, I am having problems. Heres a screenshot. Whats supposed to be in the big empty space?
  11. So far I used maxthon V and I have not had any problems with facebook games. I decided to upgrade the browser but any version from V to V there are probabilities: continuous shots and various annoyances if you want I can add a small video, but I do not know how to post it Edit: in retro mode works perfectly.
  12. Hello to all -- I continue to be a faithful user of Maxthon, though in terms of speed that was lost many versions ago in MX4. But using MX5, am I the only one who has noticed that there is no auto-updating? I have to go directly to the release page in Community to get the latest version -- the build-in updating feature has not worked for me in some time. Also -- and this was answered by someone who said the latest MX5 version has fixed the issue -- I have been unable to use Gmail in other than HTML basic both in MX5 and MX4. Thanks....
  13. QR code

    I was really glad to see that in recent versions, the embedded QR code function from Maxthon 4 is back. Although several Maxthon extensions also offer the same function, they all have certain defects. The embedded QR generator is certainly more preferable. However, it seems when I scan the QR code generated by Maxthon with my phone, most of the time, I get a url link, and the link title usually says, "Maxthon browser download". Guys, this ain't cool!! When I share this url with friends, they wouldn't open it, because it looks like a link to a file, and they worry it might be an ad or even virus. Also, sometimes, the url redirects, and does not give me the original page I am sharing. Very occasionally though, I do get a direct link to the web page I want to share. But most of the time, Maxthon reroutes/repackages the original url to a link. I hope this will get fixed in later versions.
  14. Hi I recently found some weird issue when I was trying to upgrade to 5.1.2.X branch, basically installer was reaching 64% and then just close itself without actually doing anything. To try and fix it I completely uninstalled Maxthon and now it is very strange: 1. All versions, and When trying to install them, the installer show progress till 64% and then installer disappears. I checked in Program Files (x86) folder, Maxthon folder not even created there. 2. When trying to run installer as administrator, the installation runs fully and all folders created (even though for some odd reason maxthon got installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\, however getting error maxthon_install_error.PNG. 3. When trying to open Maxthon after installed as administrator I'm getting error maxthon_launch_error.png 4. I uninstalled it again and installed version (without being administrator). Install went fine and Maxthon works fine. However when I checked installation folder it was installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\ (even though on installation window I only provided path C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5) 5. When trying to upgrade this installation to 5.1.2.X branch again, it again runs to 64% and stops without doing any changes. I think it started when I tried to install one of the first versions from 5.1.2.X branch. I think it was Please help me fix this issue. Maybe something stuck in system registery ?
  15. Since today I face a problem with all Google products - YouTube, Gmail, Google search and Vimeo. while in ultra mode. I can't upload Video to Vimeo, can't download or view attached any files fro Gmail and when sending mail from Gmail while in Ultra mode, the receiver don't receive it or can't view or download the attached file. Also my Google-Drive is showing non-reasonable drive's used volume and all the above mentioned applications doesn't show my user picture - only when in Retro mode. Also I got on Gmail etc. SSL - certificate expired notices when logging into the site. It is surprising because since yesterday I didn't update the Maxthon browser. In the past I saw issues like this when you made a new version of the browser and I didn't update the new version. Did you have a newer version then the V5.1.0.4000? Please advice
  16. I updated to the latest version tonight. I can't get the tab mute to work. I went through settings but couldn't locate it (might have missed it though, extra long day at work). Is it available in this version or am I missing it? Thanks!
  17. Hi! On first starting MX5, the QA are loading very slow and after few seconds display blank page: After few refreshing with F5, QA are displayed but i need to wait 30-40 seconds. This is on every of my computers, which are with SSD, i7 and i5 processors and 100Mb Internet speed. I reinstalled, but the problem remains. Maybe it's because it loads everything for QA online. Could not it be done to cache locally? Thank you in advance!
  18. When I'm on some website, and I choose to open a file from there, sometimes it gets opened on MX itself, instead of the default app to handle it. So far I've found that SVG and MP4 files gets opened on MX, instead of the default apps I use for them (Inkscape for SVG, and MPC for MP4). As an example to show this issue, try to download&run directly (single step, without opening on Explorer) the video from this website: Tested on MX PC
  19. Please improve the autocomplete function, so that it would be possible to save different passwords for domain subdirectories. For example, now we have only 1 autofill record for: site2.domainname.сom I would like to have different autofill entries for these two sites.
  20. 2 things.

    I'm running the newest versions of mx5 on windows 7 x64 and android marshmallow. On my pc it crashes when I try to type into the address bar most of the time. Makes it really hard to search for things quickly. On android I can't get my bookmarks to sync. All permissions are turned on and I cleared the cache with no results... Whats going on with this? This browser is pretty important to me as I live online more than irl. Please help. klear6
  21. This has been brought up a few times before i think. MX needs to fix up it's session management. When you have more than one maxthon window open, if one window has 10 tabs open and the other has 2 tabs open, if the 10 tab window is closed before the 2 tab window, the 10 tabs are lost. On restart using the mx://last-visit/ page only the 2 tab window sites are shown.
  22. Видео на некоторых сайтах не видно (например). Нет даже фрейма, пустого пространства. Когда переключаешься на движок IE - появляется. Вернулся на версию mx5.0.4.3000 - на обоих движках видео появляется нормально... English google translation: Video on some sites is not visible (for example). There is not even a frame, empty space. When you switch to the IE engine, it appears. I returned to version mx5.0.4.3000 - on both video engines it appears normal ...
  23. Passport Error

    I recently had to restore my pc, when I click on Maxthon my Passport shows up with my pic. When I click on my Favorites it says Unknown Error: 300 (net::ERR_INVALID_URL) ; when I click on my SkyNote it says Unknown Error: 2 (net::ERR_FAILED) ; when I click on my Avatar it says ${account!MyDeviceMx4} and under that ${account!AlreadybindAccountMx4} then under that it reads with an exclamation mark in a caution triangle : ${account!verification} I logged into Maxthon Forum earlier today and read where I should log out and log back in. When I logged out I could NOT LOG BACK IN. My Passport would not accept my email or password. I restored my pc again and now I am back where I started. I can access my account info but my favorites nor my SkyNote works.. with the above referenced error messages. Please tell me how to get back my Maxthon :'( btw: I do not like Max5 and I started having problems right after I was prompted for a Maxthon Update about 3 or 4 days ago. I did not want the new format so I had to restore my pc to an earlier date and thus .. the above mentioned problems.
  24. I loved my old Max4 and tried the Max5 when it first came out. I really do not have the time to learn a new format and could not find the Skynote which is a feature I use more than any other .. about a month ago i did a Maxthon Update and it changed to Max5 instead of just updating my Max4 .. still no sky note and no time to fool with it .. When I downloaded Max 4 again I had too many bugs .. so restored my pc to an earlier date .. and my Max4 has never worked good again. I deleted it and reloaded it several times .. (the sky note worked very well but my browser gave me too many problems.. but if I have to put up with browser problems to get my skynote .. I will do that .. I am just hoping my skynotes and skynote is available in Max5 which I did download again today .. Sky note does not show up anywhere although the Maxnote icon does show up in my browser .. it has no skynote available.. I have looked for an extension and can not find one .. Please Help Aztex
  25. Updating MX5 to some days before, i realized a problem with feed reader. After every feeds update, the feeder frozes and cpu usage goes from 1-2% to 25-58% Also if i click the refresh button the feeder frozes again. The only way to stop it is to close the tab and open it again, but the froze will come again in 1 minute. Until v5.1.2.200 everything (in feeder) was working ok. I use the portable versions and i thought if the problem came from the update, Then i tried with another clean portable version of with no extensions, no updated flash, only import my feed list but the problem is here again. Sometimes i hear music, (something like radio streaming) and i cant find where it comes from but it happened only 3 times. I have 58 pages in my feeds list, I have cleaned browsing data (including cookies) many times, i have the latest pepflashplayer version 27.0.0130 and i use Win7 64bit.