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  1. So far no problems: Everything works, even Youtube. Update page, very fast.A GREAT PRAISE to the team.
  2. I use MX5 to open this url: , right two lower blocks are two iframes, each contains an image only. But MX5 displays two black boxes, instead. I've tried MX3, IE, Chrome, they all display correct. The source codes to include iframes are: <div class="sideBar_ad1"> <iframe src="/KnoBase/AD1.html" width=240 height="400" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe> </div> <div class="sideBar_ad2"> <iframe src="/KnoBase/AD2.html" width=240 height="400" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe> </div> AD1.html codes: <a href="/promo/gvm_casestudy/" target="_blank"><img src="images/240x160.gif" width="240" height="160" border="0"></a> I can't see how MX5 manages to show black box but it seems the code in AD1.html is eaten by MX5.
  3. On this site:, type some keyword in the top-right coner oval-rectangle search box and search. It will always response nothing but if you press the word under the box (meaning 'advanced search') and enter the new page then type something in box (top one) then press "start search" (lower green-background oval rectangle button), it will be ok. Other browsers don't have this problem. Why?
  4. I am using the version of Maxthon in Windows 10 - 32bits and when I tried maxthon for several minutes, I realized that changing from one tab to another is blinking white, it is something that becomes uncomfortable Any solution? Note: Translated by google translator
  5. Hello! I hava a big issue, with my old maxthon version. I've pinned it on my taskbar, and used to start it from there, but it does not working properly now. When i click on the taskbar icon, it does not start to run the common old version i just had, instead that it starts to run a different version and creates also a new icon on my taskbar. It would be ok, but i can not achive my last sessions what i would realy need... I had a lots of pages there, so any solutions would be nice...
  6. MX Beta. Windows 10 x64. After updating to this release I'm suddenly getting some very odd page load stalls and crashes: no specific websites or pages, can be anything at any point. MX just suddenly hangs and won't respond. Think it's when loading a page, which could be an F-key shortcut opening a brand new tab, a form submission, a click from the speed dial new tab page thing, or a regular link. Sometimes it responds again after a wait, but usually I have to force close (if it doesn't crash) and restart the browser. I'll update/reply again if I can determine any kind of pattern, but it does seem completely at random from what I've noticed so far. I also keep getting a full crash on a page that has a toggle link to expand/contract panels and hide/show summary text in their place. It runs on the following old-school href: javascript:$('.details-block').hide();$('.compact-text').show();
  7. I do a lot of online surveys work and therefore I must NEVER EVER block any ads nor can I EVER disallow ant pop-ups! So I turned Adblock Plus to 'OFF'. Worked OK for a bit and now it just turns itself back 'ON' w/o telling me! I would rather be rid of the software since I rely heavily on my online surveys work to earn money I need to live on, to eat once in awhile! I went to the Programs/Features part of CP but no Adblock Plus. I tried Advanced Uninstaller PRO and it culd NOT find Adblock Plus either! I want to be rid of it and now! Can ANYONE here help me with this mess or not? Thanks I hope.- keimanzero
  8. youtube autoplay,

    hi, does anyone know how to stop youtube videos from autoplaying when you open a bunch of videos in a new tap. I can do it in chrome, there the videos don't start playing util I open up the tap manually,
  9. Default browser

    I'm using, and it won't keep it as the default browser. I need select it every time I launch this version of Maxthon. I also get this prompt every time I launch the latest Maxthon (and when I choose Maxthon as my default browser). I always get this when I'd update to a new release, but never just opening the browser to use. Thanks for any help!
  10. The Roboform program has not worked with Maxthon since it went to the dual core system. Many of us have requested them to make a version that is compatible with Maxthon in Ultra mode (it has always worked with Retro mode, but that is because Retro mode used the IE engine). They made an announcement today that they have now made a version that is compatible with the edge browser, so I asked again if or when we would see a version that is compatible with Maxthon 5 Ultra mode. The following is their reply: "Hello, we have not supported Ultra mode, but have been able to support Retro mode due to the backgrounds of extensions. We will retest and see if we can work in Ultra Mode. We would need a larger customer base using Maxthon to move this along quicker. Please ensure that you have created a support ticket so that we can keep track of who does and does not want this feature. Kindly submit a ticket via our online support system: " Is anybody else still interested in using Roboform with MX5 Ultra? Or am I the only one that still desires to use this password storage and generator program with Maxthon? If there is some interest, I will create a support ticket and see what they come up with. As one can see from their reply, they don't think that there is a large enough customer base for them to be bothered. I told them there is a huge customer base in China that they are not tapping into but I don't really know just how many folks in China are currently using MX5 and also wish to use Roboform with it. Just attempting to see if this is worth following up or if I should just give up. Thanks for any responses.
  11. Three questions: 1. Why does my PC eternally think Maxthon is Chrome? Whenever I happen upon some place that identifies my browser it always says it's Google Chrome, never Maxthon. Just curious. 2. Is there a big-league password manager than has a Maxthon extension? Yes, I know Maxthon has its own password manager, but I'd like another. 3. Why do I never get notified of replies here, even though I have the "notify me" button activated? Thanks.
  12. I've noticed the Status Bar Tools not showing up since Mx5.1.6.3000 update. I noticed that Upload/Download Speed only is shown so I fixed it and found out that none of the tools are checked but Upload/Download Speed is shown. Also, I never turned those off, it did on its own.
  13. Portable update

    Hi, guys... an easy question for you: for many reasons I still use the portable version. Everytime I update the version, I forget what do. I simply move some important folder in GUEST folder (I don't use anything with cloud). Probably should be better to move the entire UserData folder, but I'm scared of moving something too old and useful... What is the right way to update without problems?
  14. Something that I hate about it is the lack of personalization you get, you can insert any image you want but the browser wil insert it the way it wants, so If we have a large image of a full body character, and if I want to see the backgroung showing an specific part of the image, I CAN'T EDIT IT or positioned where I want, if you could please provide us with a tool to reposition the background image, I would be more than happy c:
  15. Normally passkeeper prompts user to enter Maxthon password before anything is revealed. However, if user has passkeeper open in a tab when Maxthon is shut down, the next time Maxthon is opened, and any user opens passkeeper again from the list on Last Session tab, then passkeeper opens and gives an unauthorized user full access to all website passwords. Version
  16. Hi, I want to use some chromium command line features on Maxthon. For example; I want to start Maxthon with the following parameters. > Maxthon.exe --disable-speech-api --disable-webgl I tried to use some of them and did not succeed. You can see a full list of commands here. Please tell me how to use them in Maxthon. Thanks.
  17. As you know, we use You Tube Center and we are very happy. But it took YouTubeCenter support. Is there an add-on that we can use to make full YouTube settings instead? A plugin that will adjust the video size, prevent automatic startup, and more.
  18. there are a lot of messages in the console candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: /gt-res-data debugger:///VM134:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: /gt-res-wrap debugger:///VM134:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: g-unit/gt-src-c debugger:///VM134:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: /gt-ft debugger:///VM134:1 debugger:///candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: /gt-promo-lr debugger:///VM134:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: g-unit/gt-res-c debugger:///VM134 how can they be turned off? version MX5
  19. I don't recall experiencing this problem with Maxthon 4. I have only encountered it with MX5. In thinking about it, I believe I really only encounter it when browsing USA Today News. Let's say for example on this article: When I scroll down, the video that is at the beginning of the article just breaks off and up and floats on down to the bottom right of the screen. I can close it with the X, but that is useless. Upon scrolling back up and back down, the video float down action just repeats itself. I do not care for that. Is there some setting that is supposed to prevent this from happening? I pondered the possibility that it is a USA Today News site issue. But, like I said ... it didn't used to happen with Maxthon 4. Is there a setting that is supposed to prevent that from happening?
  20. Is there any way to use Maxthon 'mining edition' without having to install?
  21. I just have a big problem, when i start muy computer i want all of my web tabs of my last session , but in the new version of maxthon, that option does not exist .... that option was very useful.. when I was investigating something... Plis put it back...
  22. I think it 1st happened on last friday, when i tried to access youtube it was just reloading few times until i got this message: this is from other page but the error was the same, reloading didn't do much, when i used "switch engine" youtube loaded finally but a) i can't use chats on streams, as it says i have old browser and need to update (at this point i installed b) i can't search anything on youtube as it'll produce this error after hitting enter (neither of those problems exist on other browsers i have) so any other page that crash while loading usually have embeded YT videos, and sometimes the "switch engine" button works, but usually the page is all screwed up (tables, pics, vids etc. are not in places they should be) for example page is working after "switch engine" and is looking like that: when it should look like this (edge) tried disabling adblock (which i think stopped working anyway after "switch engine") and it didn't change anything so i think the problem is either in youtube or google ads any ideas?
  23. I've noticed Maxthon has implemented the pointer lock support as seen on However it seems it's not been implemented fully as pressing esc when the cursor is locked doesn't 'unlock' the cursor. I've tested it on version and, but both versions don't seem to respond to pressing esc. You can test it here: Also it would be nice to implement a pointer lock message as chrome does:
  24. This was totally unexpected and completely inacceptable! OK, brief report: 1. Delete or rename MxUp.exe in Maxthon's folder\bin 2. In Windows Scheduler find a Maxthons autoupdate task and disable/remove it Remember to recheck this locations after you manually update your Maxthon's copy! EDIT: Typo's
  25. Hi I am now finding that when I am trying to connect to certain websites (including maxthon) I am getting the message cannot connect to websites??? can you say as to why this is happening please