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  1. How do i stop an extension that runs at "doc_start" from running on it's own options page? Have tried the "exclude" setting in the def.json file, but no matter how it's written it won't stop it from running. Have even tried adding code to check the URL and if it's the GUID for the extension to stop running the script... but somehow it still continues? Makes no sense to me. PS if I get a reply to this i'll be completely surprised!
  2. I have two scripts. One that I want running at doc_start (script#1) and another on pressing the toolbar/sidebar button (script #2). Script #1 calls for a function in Script #2, but seeing as they're separate scripts it fails at that point. Doing some reading it seems it can be done, and using the standard HTML code adding all scripts required for a page should allow that to work. But it seems when starting a script via an extension that has no effect, even if the HTML file that calls all the scripts is set to run as a background service. Any tips on what I should be doing?
  3. Probably not going to get a reply... but will give it a go and see what happens. I'm having trouble getting the "activate" parameter of the newtab function to work when the string is called from a variable. In: mxTabs.newTab({url:"url", activate:true, position:"afterCurrrent"}); when activate is set to true or false directly in that line it works fine. If I have a variable "openTab" set to true or false and called in that same line "activate:openTab" it also works. But if I have a variable "openTab" with a value set to true or false which is determined from some javascript, and then saved and called via the api, it never seems to work and always defaults to "true". Doing an alert (openTab) or"openTab") shows that the string is correct. Getting quite annoying, as I know what I want to do and i'm pretty sure i've got it all right, but this just won't work.
  4. Hi guys, I dont know you but its been annoying for me not to have a blank page.So I've found a solution. I've edited a file and now İt shows no quick access.Just copy MxBrowser.dll in the attached file and paste it to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin Maxthon MxBrowser-v5101400.rar Maxthon MxBrowser-v5043000.rar Maxthon MxBrowser-5032000.rar Maxthon MxBrowser.rar
  5. Can't download tutorials

    When I click on the link for tutorials, it brings up the thread that contains a link for downloading the SDK. (Why is that link in a thread, anyway?)
  6. We already told why "stopOnClose": false by default is absolutely illogical decision. I have no ideas why you did it. User can not close sidebar widow by "x" pressing. Great! We already told that you wrote you updated it to "stopOnClose": true, but it was words only. Nothing has changed that time. OK. OK, because I can just use "stopOnClose": true in my add-ons. And I did it. But today I noticed that "stopOnClose" does not work for toolbar panels. Great again! When I press "x" I want to close window, because when I want to minimize it I can click outside. I have no ideas why you did it. Logics! UPD: I tested on MX4 and MX4.9, ny friends do it on MX5. From time to time "stopOnClose" works as true, from time to time as false. I have no idea why. I used VK and Facebook for tests. So if you see mistakes in def.json, show me.
  7. The file sizes of Maxthon extensions are way too high. All other browsers use compression for their extensions, I cannot see any reason why Maxthon does not do this.
  8. Runtime error

    the msg sais Microsoft visual C+++Runtime Library Runtime error program C:\program files(x86)Maxthon\Bin\Maxthon.exe this application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in unusal way . Please contact the aplications support team for more informatiom. the old forum told me to check Windows Updates and uptade you PC or download manual first Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 install and check updates, restart your PC, if problem isn't resolved reinstall Maxthon browser..... but nothing from those choice help me ...the problem stil existing.... any idea?
  9. Sorry about that, I accidentally deleted this thread while removing a spam ! So here's a summary : there's a cookie issue with the forum each time we close the browser, we have to resign If you leave the forum open after several hours, if you do a refresh : you have to resign issue occurs wathever browser you use (ie, chrome, etc..) if you use different accounts on PCs that share the same IP, signing with one account disconnects the other at the moment devs are working on it ! so please be patient
  10. Hi, This is an old issue that I have had with Maxthon for a long time. I have reported it on the old forums a couple of time without a fix so far. by the way, I tried creating this thread in the Bug Report subforum but I had no access. BUG: Basically, when I am in Favorites Manager, I have a hard time dragging favorites around, mainly because the "black repositioning line" is either very finicky or does not show at all. Normally, when I want to drag a fav to another spot, I left-click the link, move it up or down the list till I get to the new spot, move the mouse a bit till I get the "black repositioning line", then release the mouse and the link gets repositioned. This works but only sometimes. I often have difficulty getting the "black line" to show properly. It either does not show at all or it gets "tricky", i.e. it shows for a fraction of a second and I have to keep moving the mouse back and forth -in the little space of the new spot- until the "black line" appears. It seems that the "black line" becomes very precise, and I have to hit certain pixel for it to show. I have tried a couple of work-arounds, none of which are practical or reliable or even help much. The best work-around is to zoom-in very much, like 200%, which sometimes helps make the "black line" appear, but not always. I hope the explanation is clear. I am attaching a small image about the "black line" that I am referring to. Additional Info: OS: Win 7 64-bit Browser: Mx (default) IE: IE 11 (but I never use it) Passport: I do not use passport Extensions or skins: None (using default) The bug occurs only with Maxthon The bug occurs in Maxthon's Favorites Manager all the time. Thanks!
  11. I haven't been able to delete my previous downloads listed under 'local'. I have clicked on 'Clear Completed' several times but nothing clears. I also have the browser set to clear the cache each time I close the browser. Without having to manually delete each file that was downloaded at a time, is there a way for me to delete them all at once? Thanks.