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  1. Hello. Can i turn on auto night mode in MX5 ? If yes, where? Cheers
  2. I add a new quick access block, click custom and enter url. The capturing screenshot action runs forever with a moving arc arrows animation . However, If I exit MX5 and run again, the screenshot is shown ok. I bet this is a bug. I find a workaround by entering url in address bar, right click the page tab and choose "push" and select last item in popup menu (i.e. new tab - my quick acess). The screenshot is shown very quick. I am using MX
  3. MX5 I've just switched to MX5 from MX4 and something very awkward is happening. I have it set that when closing a tab it takes you to last active tab. In MX4 it worked great. If I'd opened several tabs, after closing one it would take me to another that was just opened. In MX5 when closing one tab, it takes me to a new tab with Quick Access (or however it is called in English) instead of the next opened tab. It's as if the Quick Access panel was tagged like a tab this time around. It's annoying, since you can't simply go from one news to another with having to backtrack between new tab and opened tabs.
  4. I copy QuickAcess folder from UserData of MX4 to MX5's guest/QuickAcess but it doesn't work. The file format of dat files seem to different. Is they anyway to do this?
  5. I just started using github, and i find that i can not "clone or download" on maxthon. It works on other browsers though. Am i doing something wrong?
  6. Either when zooming and then scrolling, or scrolling in a bit-large pdf file, it gets stuck on the previous image. Example is attached here, for this website, including how it works on third party app for showing the pdf : ice_video_20170415-092625.mp4 Tested on MX version (PC)
  7. Hi everyone. I do not know what I did wrong, I am waiting for the confirmation of dropbox subpcrition with shadow email but doesn´t work!! I sent many times, but absolutely nothing happens. I create the new one, and I have the same problem I do not receive my email from Dropbox Another issue, is it possible to delete some shadow email? Please ¿any solve by this browser?
  8. Hi I am on maxthon + win7 my browser was fine and I had shortcuts on fav bar like this(image 1): all was good, till I was prompted today for an upgrade. I did and regretted the scenario. My fav. bar was gone and I have to logon with a mail a/c and all new features that I do not want etc etc.. I dont need all this so I went for a system recovery on my machine from 13 april-17, knowing I will have all intact as I want them to be. after the system recovery, Maxthon is (visually) back to how it was, but my 'settings' page are coming up like this(image 2) and the most Important for me is this part(image 3): magic settings it does not respond to what I choose from the radio buttons anymore. so I can not seem to have the same functionality ( user name | pwd) automatically filled up when I browse all known forms that I frequently visit . How can I revert back to the magic settings and make the 'settings' page the way it was.(before the update) Thank You
  9. What does this mean? Auto completion of website fields still does not work in this version.
  10. Hi guys. I face this problem since (December 22) PC version, I keep updated Maxthon everytime when a new version (even beta) is out. Simply, when Maxthon window is minimized, very often (countless times during the day) it gets stuck to the taskbar. A click on it doesn't maximize it, the only way is a right click, choosing Close window and cancelling the confirmation message; then it finally maximizes. I am a patient user, I have been expecting that the bug would be vanished in some of the new version. Perhaps it is a problem with my configuration (Windows 10 64bit, regularly updated as well, Lenovo N580)... Thank you for your help in advance.
  11. Hi, I'm stuck at synchronizing MaxNote since November 2016. I checked my synced data in this site, but it is not the same as my local data.