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  1. Hi, so I have problem with drag'n'drop. I can't just drag one of my fav to folder but i have to check it then click 'move to' then choose folder. I know I had that issue since Ive started using mx5 (more than 1 year ago, updating every second update). Sometimes (i dont know why) I can drag only one fav to folder but after this drag'n'drop become unavailable. That's what happened 10min ago. Now, I decided to download lastest version of mx portable but from the begining drag'n'drop was unavailable. Can anyone have an idea why it's happen? When was working was with blue rectangle like on 2nd pic, now it looks like this (1st pic):
  2. Tried new designed maxthon for a week and have my opinion (WITH ISSUES). I did not like the updated interface, I would like to be able to return the old one. 1.1. The "Notes" button near "Favorites" button does not work, no matter how many times you clicked on it. You need to open a new tab and go to "Maxnote". Not very convenient when you need to make a note very quickly. 1.2. Same thing for "Favorites" button. It doesnt work. Those buttons does not work in Sidebar too! 2. When you try open multiple links at once happens this! When you try open new links and than open new tab last opened link/site opens in as opened new tab! Fix, please! 3. Also there is issue with "Close current tab" and "Open new tab" buttons. Its rare issue that I cant reproduce for video, but when you try to close tab browser accidentially opens new tab. Thank you for attention.