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  1. in last 2 beta's netflix wants to 'Install the Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in' there's always so many ####ups in the latest versions that i really need to rethink if im staying with maxthon..
  2. This is not new problem, I fight with them many last versions (included newest Beta) but nothing help. For example I try print site. Print window is working but cannot chose printer, and cursor work with no end. Computer is working on Windows 7 Professional Maxthon v5.2.7.2000 with no Adds, clear installation (I removed Maxthon5 folder from my user ...\appdata\roaming folder before installation) This situation I have now on many, many computers. Its not problem my machine or my system.
  3. In the new portable versions,, as in and .2300, the access for the signature with electronic certificates has been spoiled again. With the latest beta version, the, if you press simulate signature, the page disappears. In the other mentioned versions, and .2300 , you are thinking indefinitely. The versions, and 2.100, and the work well Nota: In particular, it seems that the problem is more in the signature with the certificate (since it seems that it calls an applet), than in the detection of the certificate in the warehouse. From this address, also, v5.3.8.600, the page is deleted. The versions of the series and .2300 seem to have a hard time making the applet jump
  4. I have tried to search the forum about this but found nothing, which is surprising since it's so obvious and ugly. Basically when I try to us the Snap tool to capture a region of the page, it causes the Maxthon to freeze and I have to kill it via Task Manager. The easiest way to reproduce is to click on the arrow next to the Snap tool icon and select "Snap region". Then select a region and click the red cross to cancel. Or click Copy. Or press ESC before you actually select a region. It should freeze the browser. Can anyone confirm ?
  5. Tried new designed maxthon for a week and have my opinion (WITH ISSUES). I did not like the updated interface, I would like to be able to return the old one. 1.1. The "Notes" button near "Favorites" button does not work, no matter how many times you clicked on it. You need to open a new tab and go to "Maxnote". Not very convenient when you need to make a note very quickly. 1.2. Same thing for "Favorites" button. It doesnt work. Those buttons does not work in Sidebar too! 2. When you try open multiple links at once happens this! When you try open new links and than open new tab last opened link/site opens in as opened new tab! Fix, please! 3. Also there is issue with "Close current tab" and "Open new tab" buttons. Its rare issue that I cant reproduce for video, but when you try to close tab browser accidentially opens new tab. Thank you for attention.