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  1. Hi, I tried using Netflix on MX but all I get is a black screen. I entirely disabled the 2 extensions I was using, one of which is ABP but to no avail. I tried disabling Ultra mode and I got this message from the Netflix page: "Microsoft Silverlight is required to play this title." Netflix is working fine on other browsers like Chrome. Any ideas please? OS: Win7 SP1
  2. Hi everyone. In Mx note buton has been appeared. It's useless for me, but I can't find option to hide it. Could somebody help me?
  3. Sometimes facebook's news do not open automatically by scrolling down. I tried to clean cache, also happens just clean installed. Does anyone have this problem?
  4. History for the month of September is lost. And the last Session tabs. Right after update. Which you can't avoid. AMAZING.
  5. I upgraded to a new computer last week, Ryzen Threadripper with Windows 10, and Maxthon fails to install on this configuration. The previous version installer ( would count to 16 and then stop, the new version ( goes only to 5. Task manager shoes some activity for the install process (under 1% CPU usage, but some constant memory used changes), yet it never moves past 5. I have tried running the installer with various compatibility settings and with admin privileges, but nothing changes. The portable versions work fine, so this seems to be a purely installer issue. Anyone have any ideas?