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  1. The new beta with Ad-Block Plus is much slower than the latest stable release. I.m.o. Ad-Block Plus makes Maxthon slow.
  2. Shrinking Tabs

    Is there any way to shrink site tabs? Chrome and Firefox have this feature as a method of locking tabs which is nice as this makes room for additional tabs. I understand that I can lock tabs with this browser but the tab doesn't shrink.
  3. Maxthon Cloud Browser downloader problem: i cant download almost everything - download stops at 99% and repeat button not helping. I tested on Maxthon Cloud Browser V4.4.3.1000, V4.4.3.2000 and V4.4.3.3000 - the same problem.
  4. See this Chromium bug that was resolved this spring: Viewport units such as "vw" and "vh" can be used in CSS to set size of elements (width, height, border-width, etc), the same way px, em, and % do. calc() can be used with those values if you need to express a value that consists from the mix of those units. So if you need a width that is 30 pixels smaller than 50% of the container, you could just do "width: calc(50% - 30px);". Viewport values have their uses as well, for example "20vw" always evaluates to 20% of the width of the document (not container) and can be used even in height of an element. However, these values don't return anything when you try to use calc() on them in Maxthon. Other browsers indeed do support it and it's even shown in one of examples in the W3C specification You can test it here (check the red box in developer tools, it shows an error):