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  1. my MX is Today Facebook request me to update the browser to new version. Could you help to check this problem? Thanks
  2. Hello, found a new bug, on facebook when you hit open in messenger and it's supposed to show you the "shared photos in conversation" it's just blank
  3. please Go this site or under Mx5.0 for Android then try to upload by pressing upload button u will see file upload panel(Documents, camera, camscirder) never appeared but now if u try open these sites under chrome or firefox u will see file upload panel appeared so quick like a thunder so how can prefer Maxthon mobile instead of other browsers?
  4. Twitch on MX5?

    Hello again, one of the main reasons to upgrade to MX5 was because i wanted to be able to watch twitch videos again. Welp, now i get this. Also, someone please look at my other thread, the one with "facebook shared photos". Thank you // i should mention that i am on v5.0.3.1200, the latest beta release
  5. MX5

    Hi i just formatted pc, and fresh MX5, but i got this problem with my web site, as you can see no problem with EDGE, my friend in iotaly they see in properly , and me too with Maxthon 4 on my Cell, how can be? Thanks mx5.mp4
  6. Maxthon goes to background immediately

    So this might actually be an issue from earlier versions, but I've just noticed it now: Usually I open Maxthon first and check email and such. Recently I've had some other things open (word, some folders, picture etc') and as I opened Maxthon it immediately went to the background and one of the other apps was on the front. I've closed Maxthon and tried again - and it happened again. In fact, if I open Maxthon and then another instance of Maxthon, the new instance starts and goes to the background and the previous instance is on the front. I've tried over and over and it is consistent. It's no deal breaker, but would be nice if corrected. Im, using Win7 x64.
  7. What does this mean? Auto completion of website fields still does not work in this version.
  8. Hi there, I think for Users that use Skype in Browsers, i really like to have an "Skype webplugin.." for Maxthon 5 and laters versions (3) and To "add" Button in the Original site of Adblockplus for Adding new Abbonements and straight add these filters in Adblock plus, without to install it manually (Please "Add" button so that we not to type filters manually in Adblock Plus). (4) Google chrome already Have these setting when you click on "Abonnement now" that the Adblock plus window appear with the Filter to succesfully add. and Found issue's in: "Nightmode" there's No Button: "Settings Night-mode" Just blank bar.. Fix this please. (1) and there's also no Button in "Capture" just Blank bar.. fix this also Please. (2) 'Brent. [BUGS and ISSUE'S]
  9. In case anyone is curious about what this check box will do: It will break the printing function, as well as many other functions, including uploading a file on Maxthon's own bug report page. And when I say "break", I mean that you cannot get a print preview, and when you try to print with the system dialog, the tab will hang, and you must close the tab. So don't uncheck that box if you want Maxthon to be useable. The way it is worded, you would think Maxthon would ask you on a per-site basis if you want to allow a plug-in. But no, it just stops all plugins from running on all sites. It should be renamed "Block all plugins on all websites."
  10. In Settings -> Privacy -> Autosync -> Advanced, there is an option to sync "settings" across different MX5 desktop installations. The functions & add-ons sections do not sync. All other settings do sync. Every time I install MX5 on another machine, I have to manually enable global mute, translate, and CPU usage, and manually disable external tools, and developer tools. Is this a bug or a feature?
  11. A big problem

    guys when i search a specificate site on maxthon it happens that the site is blocked and i see this, can someone help me, im using MX5 (Anon access) Impossibile connettersi al sito Verifica: - La correttezza dell'URL inserito. - Di essere connesso a Internet. - La configurazione del firewall. - La presenza di momentanei problemi tecnici riguardanti il sito. Codice errore 360 (net::ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY)
  12. Hello everyone I went to maxthon5 and make sync everything is going fine but favorites in arabic title show like ???? what should i do
  13. Last Session Usage Help

    Hello, so far I am loving MX5! It works well for me watching youtube videos again and streaming. It took a minute to get used to the new layout, but I dig it. The only thing Im having a hard time using.. is the Last Session feature. does not seem to work for me. Or maybe I'm not seeing how to use it right MX5. In MX4 It always saved my last session and I had my settings to always "Open From Last Session". If I closed out the browser with tabs open it would open with them again. And if a browser window was closed due to crash or error on my part.. the Last Session would open upon a new launch of the browser. However with MX5, Last Session does not seem to open for me. I've had a crash already with MX5 and when I reopened it, when i click on the "Last Session" tab, nothing happens. There aren't any of my previous tabs opened in the last session. In fact it says clearly, "Pages Were All Closed". So is there some other kind of setting I have to do to make my Last Session saved and not this Pages Were All Closed? Its a little frustrating. I have to go back into my History to try and find the pages I was on before the crash or accidental close outs. I really liked the Last Session feature on MX4 and would love to use it for MX5 as I love how great its working for me now compare to MX4.
  14. when using maxthon i experience a high CPU usage (about 50% peak usage) this mostly happens when i have some pages open wich run a video on 720P, or scrolling trough a lot of page length, on longer site pages. this issue can be generated by going to "facebook" and quickly scrolling really fast up and down, the CPU usage wil rise fast to 50-60% and starts to cap at 50% the problem is not so severe but it does generate a lot of cpu usage resulting in hotter CPU ------------- the cpu usage when having 40 tabs open is about 40%, on maxthon 3 this was much and much lower. got about 50% cpu usage when having over 350 tabs open, on maxthon 3. (you need to calculate in about 10% for the system/other apps) ------------ device specifications: (device is upgraded) asus n76vz intel 3630QM 16GB ddr3l 1600mhz ram gt650m 2gb main system runs on a SSD (kinston hyperX) maxthon version: -----------
  15. Hi my session tabs are alway not completed, please help. thx
  16. Hello I used to use maxthon 4 but I have tried maxthon 5 When I made sync to maxthon 5 that is what happen 1- my favorites in Arabic doesn't support it looks like ???????? 2- i see the Saved passwords but the General identities i couldn't see it 3- In maxthon 5 when I set it up it says (try it) that means its free browser or what Thank you and my best regards
  17. Favorites Gone

    I'm using a Chuwi Hi10 in Android mode. For no reason, all my Favorites just disappeared. I can't find them in the file system. Are they backed up? Is it possible to recover them? Help would be appreciated. Version Build 2900. Pawncob.
  18. Not sure if it is only me or other people experience this as well. I have been having some issues with V 5.02.2000. This version has come out for a while, but since no one seems to have asked about or discussed this issue, I thought I'd go out on a limb and ask. So on my computer, Maxthon crashes when I try to search on Wikipedia. Namely, when I do Ctrl + F on a Wikipedia page, the little search bar pops up on the upper right corner, but then everything freezes. Other websites seem to work okay so far. Anybody have this issue as well?
  19. Best Ad-Blocker setup?

    Recently ads have surfaced again and I'm trying to find out how to tackle the issue. I can't seem to manage getting it done by manually set rules as the ads get smarter and in new situation (i.e. new facebook mid-video ads). As such, I'm trying to find out what is the best "generic" ad-blocker setup (in terms of filter-lists/subscriptions, generic suggested rules and so on). Also, additional extensions are welcomed. Of course I'm referring to a global setup, not specifically for my locale or anything. Suggestions are most welcomed!
  20. Maxthon 4 crashes constantly

    I am furious! Every single time I log in and use my Maxthon 4 browser and start to do my emailed surveys, Maxthon 4 always crashes my desktop PC. Please don't tell me to upgrade because every time I do that, I can't get into most of my survey groups and anime groups most of which are foreign based in the Orient and Europe. I have clear vents and plenty of emmory so what causes the bloody crashes? Nobody at Maxthon ever even replies to my emails and every time the crash box comes up and I write a message and include my email address, I still don't get a reply from Maxthon! What 8is going on? Thanks I hope and have a nice holiday season.- Jack McElwee/keimanzero Campbelltown/Palmyra PA USA
  21. Hi, Yesterday I rebooted my pc and when I opened Maxton my last session list was gone. The only thing that was on the list where the last 3 tabs I had open before I closed the browser . I had about 100 things on that list that I go back to when I have the time . How can I restore this list ? It's not in the "Earler Session " tab either . I'm using v4.9.3.1000
  22. QA V1.6 no longer displaying

    Started up MX 5 late tonight and found that Quick Access V1.6 is no longer working. QA has reverted to the previous version and some important links that were saved in V 1.6 no longer display. Has support for QA V1.6 been discontinued?
  23. Hi guys , I have this issue with Maxthon. When i want to hear music through Maxthon , example from Youtube , it is only in stereo mode although i have selected the option for speaker fill in sound card (realtek) along with 5.1 option. Same thing on Nitro and no problem at all , all speakers and woofer are in order. Is there a solution , configuration or extension that i shall install in order to have Fill speaker affect? Thanks a lot George
  24. restore session

    There is any possibility to load only the last active tab on session restore?
  25. The issue is happening on Win10, I am not confirm the issues is happen on Win7 but this problem is not only on facebook, also many webs sites, included Maxthon forum. The problem is many facebook icon is not on the right location, and the like button is gone.