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  1. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    I've ported the MX4 night mode extension into a standalone extension after looking into it after requests by users to bring it back. All credit to the original creators from the MX team. Known issues: No settings page. Uses the default settings. Needs to be enabled for each page. Changelog: 0.9.0 beta2 release + Icon now updates to show if enabled/disabled 0.5.0 beta release + Updated to work as a switch. Click to enable/disable 0.0.5 alpha release
  2. tabs on bottom

    this ones for joe with 2 hats - he said he wanted a skin heres one someone asked for - no idea how to do it like 4 - i can still only see overwriting UIMain and UIHuge.dat as a way to do it so - tabs at the bottom - as ever use at your own risk i have extensively tested it for at least 2 minutes UIHuge.dat UIMain.dat
  3. Tabs under address bar

    another one for Joe tabs under address bar - could do with some work on the tabs as they are not really defined but it is as it is - fully tested for 90sec so use at your own risk - always back up the file you are over writing for an easy way back UIMain.dat
  4. Hi dear Maxers, Thank you all for walking along with us through Alpha and Beta version. Lots of meaningful feedback and suggestions are collected. Our PC version has improved a lot and become better with the help from each single of you. Now, a brand new MOBILE version is also on its way. So today we sincerely invite you to participate in a short online survey on mobile browsers. This survey will be applied to our research on and development of Maxthon’s next mobile browser only. It contains 9 questions in total, will cost you less than 3 minutes. Your 3-minutes contribution and share to friends will greatly help to redefine the next generation mobile browser. We are engaged in making your dream mobile browser come true. Thank you all in advance for your time and efforts! Here is the survey link: Any suggestions and feedback are welcome to post here as well. Best Regards, Maxthon Community
  5. Sidebar Favorites

    Hi ! Let me introduce my last extension for Maxthon browser. It's a shortcut for yours favorites online ... so (unfortunately for someone of you) this extension is only for users signed to Maxthon Passport. It's just a workaround at the moment - let's hope we'll get a true fav's on the sidebar someday ... To manage your fav's (add/ remove/ rename) you still need a Infobox ! OR Just use another version of this extension ( named favs2) from my attachment... So this time it uses fav's from Infobox. favs.mxaddon favs2.mxaddon
  6. Infobox is now Maxnote

    as the title - users dont like infobox - its unfathomable to many - its overly complicated - so whats the solution rename it - thats sorted that
  7. The translate button is difficult to use at times as it is using Google Chinese to translate with no option to switch to English.
  8. Hi there! Let me introduce you another new extension for our Maxthon browser . Inoreader can be an alternative to Maxthons RSS Reader. Description: Home page & more infos: Download: Extension is now available in Maxthon Extension Center - I hope you'll enjoy it!
  9. Feedly - Sidebar extension

    Hi there! Let me introduce you a new extension for our Maxthon browser . Feedly can be an alternative to Maxthons RSS Reader. Description: Home page & more infos: Download: Extension is now available in Maxthon Extension Center - I hope you'll enjoy it!
  10. Translated weekend №1. Pocket: Read it Later Maybe you know me, maybe not, but this summer I made a few new extensions for Maxthon. Today I want to talk about Pocket, formerly Read It Later. It's a Save4Later service, help to save interesting articles, videos and more from the web. If you use mobile app, you can read saved articles without internet connections (more information). Pocket for Maxthon did not exist for a long time, so I made simple extension. Includes: your saved pages in sidebar (press "x" to close)website menu in toolbar (work as links)script for save opened page (add tags if you need) About translaions: Usually I translate extensions only in English and Russian, but Pocket is something more. So I already translated Pocket for Maxthon in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. I don't speak these languages, I used Google Translator, so I could make a lot of mistakes. Let me know if you find it. And if you want to help me with translations in other languages too (all languages which are used in Pocket you can see here). If I get a translation, I can add new language immediately. But approval will take several days. If you ready to help my in this you have to translate in your language this terms: ENGLISH - RUSSIAN Pocket for Web - Pocket для Web Save to Pocket - Сохранить в Pocket My list - Мой список Favorites - Избранное Archive - Архив Recommended - Рекомендации Account - Учетная запись Options - Настройки Help - Помощь Email us - Написать нам Request a feature - Предложить функцию About Pocket - Что за Pocket? Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания How to use Pocket in Nitro read here: EnglishRussian
  11. Hi guys, Today we would like to present you the progress of the fix of bugs reported by you. In this list, we have added new fixed bugs and bugs that have been assigned to relevant engineers for the fix. Our developers are working hard to fix as big number of bugs as possible. Stay tuned for future versions. Thanks for your continuous support. 1319813199
  12. Hello guys, Today , in the table below,we would like to let you know how is the bug fix progress. Some bugs have been fixed,not in the current core based versions, but it the new core based version that will be released in the future. Just wait patiently, our developers are working hard to fix the most possible number of bugs in order to bring you with a better browsing experience. Thanks for your continuous support. Have a nice time. 1311613117
  13. Hello again, Today we are very excited to let you all know about how is the progress of reported bugs. This last week our developers have managed to fix two new bugs, the bug with Canvas effects that were not supported in maxthon and the bug that Blocked contents in ABP were not displayed correctly. The Apostrophe sign and line break issue has not been solved yet, but we hope to get it fixed in the new browser core. That's all for bug fix progress status at the moment. Hope your browsing experience gets better and better. Thanks for your continuous support. Have a nice time. 1284612847
  14. Hi guys, Hope you are doing fine. Here we go again with the bugs fix progress. Not many bugs have been fixed this last week but it's not because we didn't care. Our developers did their best but still some bugs were hard to identify their cause and others are not easy to fix. Anyway, in this new form you'll find new comments made on some reported bugs. If there are any changes in bugs status, we will let you know. Thanks for your support! Have a nice time. 1271512671
  15. Hi guys, It's been a while. I'm around now. Today, we are very happy to provide you with the progress of Bugs and Suggestions claimed since a long time ago. As you can see in the below compilation, all problem with Gmail and Google Plus have been addressed:victory: I hope they won't occur again. Web notification, the problem that was raised in June last year, has also been fixed. Our development team deserve a Thumbs-up, right? Ofcourse we thank you guys for your support and patient during this whole process. The best is yet to come! 1246812463