Maxthon Browser         V

            Released 10/17/2017

Key Changes

This update fixed the following issues:

-Optimized the experience on ctrl + scroll to zoom in and out
-Fixed the issue of the location of items on favorite bar is in disorder under special cases
-Fixed the issue of text on reading mode can not wrap under special cases
-Fixed the issue of can not re-open the browser after pressing Win + D to go back to the desktop under browser's full screen mode
-Fixed the issue of help list of Passkeeper's international version jumps to the Chinese page
-Fixed the issue when Pop-up window playing H5 video, the pop-up window is not closed when entering the next series
-Fixed the issue of can not right click on moving picture that was categorized as jpeg to save it as GIF
-Fixed the issue of incorrect unsafe warning when accessing Gmail under special cases

Install Information

Install version:
MD5: 18c784b6b2f365c0f4b8a2185db71e9c

Portable version:
MD5: fc057c57fa82763bb3b489f73347103d


To better and more efficiently solve the problems you meet during the usage, for any suggestions or bug reports, we do hope you may go to "MX5 Beta version Discussion' area and report/describe by a new separate thread for each problem/topic. We will read each thread and update the follow-up status then. Meanwhile, some problems are probably be left out if they are stated in other thread. Thanks very much for your cooperation!