Maxthon Browser         V

            Released 03/14/2017

Key Changes

Visual optimisation:

+ Support MX4 skin function

+ Unify the whole browser UI

+ Optimised high DPI UI on sidebar

+ Status bar tools_options for hide and display changed to menu-UI-status bar


Functions optimised:

+ Optimised sign in process the first-time login Maxthon5

+ Optimised page display when directed from an external link without login

+ Support choosing which user data to be imported

+ Support choosing folders when importing data to Maxnote

+ More management options for icons on toolbar and sidebar

+ Entry for Maxnote on sidebar

+ Smart address can detect favourited sites

+ Support general identity

+ Optimized settings-tools & addons

+ Optimized settings-privacy & content

+ Optimized “send to” options when right click tab

+ Optimised resource sniffer function for YouTube


Bug fixed:

-      Proxy setting problem on login page

-      Passkeeper_” sync” button unusable without enabling Magic Fill

-      Passkeeper_optimized data fault-tolerant processing, ensure user data integrity

-      Passkeeper_help centre English copy revised

-      Maxnote_support tab key to indent when editing the main body

-      Focus lost after switching window in win10 system

-      Have to right click multiple times to display options on video with mouse gesture disabled

-      Display issue for LinkedIn

-      Cannot open this site:

-      YouTube display issue under full screen, retro mode

-      Video buttons location issue under DPI 200%

-      Some crashes

Install Information

Install Version:
MD5: a21c39bebe3581e75c7fe608ddda9863

Portable Version:
MD5: 1a527224032286d83017a03359487332


To better and more efficiently solve the problems you meet during the usage, for any suggestions or bug reports, we do hope you may go to "MX5 Beta version Discussion' area and report/describe by a new separate thread for each problem/topic. We will read each thread and update the follow-up status then. Meanwhile, some problems are probably be left out if they are stated in other thread. Thanks very much for your cooperation!