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  1. Running Win10 and latest stable versions of MX5. Lately I had to fish my last opened tabs out of history several times (and I like to keep a 20-30 of them opened at any given time) First few times it was because of a power interruption or computer hanging up, the last time MX5 crashed (apparently) when I wasn't looking and gave me some error mentioning mx_core.dll error when I attempted to launch it again. Dowloaded the latest version from the site, ran it - voila, no last session again. Can you guys PLEASE save those tabs better? Maybe keep a few copies so at least one is not corrupted should the browser stop unexpectedly (crash, power outage, etc.)? Because sifting through history to find those tabs is seriously irritating And somehow they're not even next to each other in the history list despite having been opened in succession