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  1. Changing to MX5

    You only see this dialog after your browser has been replaced, by the way or maybe it hasn't and I can still launch mx4 somehow?
  2. Changing to MX5

    Like I said, used with guest account, so none of this information is in the cloud. When my browser updates itself (it's not uninstall/install a product from a different vendor situation, right?) I expect to keep the information relevant to my browsing experience, not lose it instantly. If history and last session can't be imported (why, by the way? MX5 knows where MX4 profile is and can be taught to read the .dat files), don't you think it's worth mentioning to the user before applying the upgrade? same about extension settings (it is weird that you can't transfer Stylish settings automatically as the extension itself is there in MX5 without me having to install it again)
  3. Was putting off the move to mx5 for quite some time because I tried it first on the work computer and didn't like losing some settings in the process. Despite the memory leaks in mx4, it was still good enough for me. Used it one a single computer with a guest account (no MX sync) if that's important. This morning, however, I missed the version number in an update prompt and accidentally upgraded. It offered to import all mx4 settings, but it only worked for bookmarks and passwords. Search engines, history, last session weren't even in the dialog where you can check and uncheck what you want to import. So I lost all those + Stylish settings (quite extensive). Was able to find last session urls in a text file in the profile folder, fortunately, but all browsing history is in .dat files, apparently, so it's as good as gone for the time being. Quick links from the new tab page are also nowhere to be seen. And my question is: is this an improved user experience I was missing out on? How do I unimprove it and recover my data? OS: windows 10