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  1. I think the question was about sorting Fav's in the dropdown menu from the Favorties button. Why it is impossible? What for dev's removed this option?
  2. Translator window size cannot be resized. This is very inconvenient with a large amount of text. Fix it please.
  3. Hi, horisontal alighnent is OK. Vertical - it is necessary to move the icon up by 2 pixels. My screen resolution is FHD - 1920x1080
  4. In addition to download manger bugs there are another couple of bugs: Tabs are cutted on top in fullscreen view and scroll artefacts are shown in fullscreen video.
  5. In Settings it is possible to change the order of the search engines. It'll be fine to change proxy list too. Please add this option. It's not difficult...
  6. Pop-up Blocker not working

    No. You have to make filter in ABP, not Pop-up settings window.
  7. This is a confirmed bug in Win 7-8.1. Look in this thread -
  8. Go to Download Settings and select download folder first. Download any file you like. After that you can uncheck Quick download location (if you need this)
  9. bugs

    No, it was on Win 8.1
  10. Downloads not resumed after pausing. Video_2018-11-16_193647.wmv
  11. Before build tabs text-overflow style was set to ellipsis. In latest 2.6.500 and 2.6.600 style changed to clip. Clipping does not look very nice. Fade effect will be better (like Chrome) or return as it was before.
  12. Not confirmed on portable
  13. On QA page settings icon is not centered in the cirle.
  14. Hi, -ody-! In default download path is set to f:/maxthon/test/ and if have no F disk you will get the message about "wrong download location". <div class="download-path" mx-object="download-path"><div class="path_name">$DownloadPathName$:</div><div class="path"> f:/maxthon/test/</div></div> So, as @pantantrollo said, you need to configure this path first.
  15. You need to add this - CountNoteTip=Total <span class="note-count">[[]]</span> notes
  16. In and earlier builds in Maxnote translation string is missing in all languages exept chineese. It should be something like this: CountNoteTip=Total %NoteCount% notes
  17. Sometimes if you start the browser and do not click the mouse inside its window, then the URL aliases does not work. (the home page is set to new tab)
  18. I know! And I also blocked all unnecessary requests with firewall. But the main problem that users can't disable them! To many unnecessary connections and as a result - Slow browser with a very long startup time!
  19. I mean constant and non-disconnected requests to smarturl.sync.maxthon.com and smarturl-up.maxthon.com! On-line QA, connections to update.maxthon.com etc. We don't need these features.Stop this mockery!!!! We should be able to turn them off. I do not need browser that starts for 5 minutes!
  20. As i see Dev's didn't care about users. @Jeff is silent... And as a temporary solution for off-line QA - we can modify hosts file. Add this strings: pc-newtab.maxthon.com pc-newtab.maxthonimg.com But QA is not the only problem with constant requests to external servers. Max constantly connects to smarturl.sync.maxthon.com and smarturl-up.maxthon.com even if in the settings this option is disabled. Why? Chekbox do nothing. This must be fixed!
  21. google search failed

    Not confirmed. Try to use clean portable and compare results.
  22. Not confirmed. Try to disable ABP and extensions first.
  23. crash after search russian word "карусель" on google.com Video_2018-10-27_130858.wmv
  24. Fully agree with Tony. And besides, your ad is easily blocked by ABP.