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  1. MX5 PC Official Release

    Pop-up translater is killed again. Video_2019-10-31_030254.wmv
  2. MX5 PC Official Release

    2 ALL Does anyone have news about M6 ? Telegram channel is epty. Everyone is silent...
  3. New version of maxthon ??

    A few words from me. I still use Max for one reason only - I can fully customize the interface as I like. Everything. No browser allows this, as only Max is based on HTMLayout / Sciter. Vivaldi can also be modified, but not so. In addition, it has no less bugs than Max. And it is also being developed by 2.5 people. I do not see an alternative yet. Unless you get used to the Cent interface...
  4. Hi, horisontal alighnent is OK. Vertical - it is necessary to move the icon up by 2 pixels. My screen resolution is FHD - 1920x1080
  5. In Settings it is possible to change the order of the search engines. It'll be fine to change proxy list too. Please add this option. It's not difficult...
  6. This is a confirmed bug in Win 7-8.1. Look in this thread -
  7. On QA page settings icon is not centered in the cirle.
  8. You need to add this - CountNoteTip=Total <span class="note-count">[[]]</span> notes
  9. In and earlier builds in Maxnote translation string is missing in all languages exept chineese. It should be something like this: CountNoteTip=Total %NoteCount% notes
  10. Arowana skin update.
  11. Arowana skin

    Translator module has changed in 5.2.5. The updated skin in beta stage. I will upload it ASAP.
  12. Tab manager extension language strings

    Tab Manager is extension and takes translation from corresponding strings in extension locale folder. You can make it by yourself. It will be faster. For example, for the Russian language: [lang] app.title=Менеджер вкладок app.description=Удобное средство просмотра и управления вкладками paneltitle=Менеджер вкладок app.tabManager=Менеджер вкладок app.closeAllTabs=Закрыть все app.refreshTabList=Обновить все Or you can replace original addon with new one from the attach. ru-ru.ini tabmanager.mxaddon
  13. You can use my translation for M5 - https://workupload.com/file/VVSTSFn Our thread on the ru-board forum - http://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=5&bm=1&topic=48709&start=2980#lt
  14. Arowana skin update. Tabbar fix for Win10.
  15. Arowana skin update. Skin minor changes. New sound, lock and sidebar icons. Some bugs fixed.