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  1. Two last updates, i look not working Ctrl+click to "save image" function. It's just create file with name "i". Update and now on Can someone test it? i - file contain: RIFFTd WEBPVP8 Hd Pќ*Рђ>a0•G$#"!%УIЂ....
  2. Nitro

    It's easy!!! Lets do this! We can copy of your QA page to NITRO by this way: 1. Go to QA page on your MX5, then click: menu - save as - file, then save page in filename.mhtml 2. Copy this file on your tablet. Place it anywere you want. 3. Open this file through NITRO. (Can use drag and drop to open it). 4. Click NITRO menu, then chose "Use current page as Homepage". 5. PROFIT!!! cannot be used in mx Nitro, he have favorite.db and it not compatible with other browsers.
  3. goggle search?

    This function help you find correct domain name.
  4. MX5 Memory and Win 10 Services

    Hello! It's ok, it is internal mechanism and extensions. Second question: Yes it possible:
  5. Maxthon error problem

    Hello! I on 1. Go to site - ok. 2. He says: Disable ABP 3. I disable ABP. 4. select free download. 5. write capcha. 6. prepairing link... 7. start download. Work's fine. But without ABP.
  6. V "my" first error

    I checked that QA is working fine. I have installed: Java 8 update 144 Adobe Flash Player 24 NPAPI and PPAPI. Maybe they affect the correctness of the work?
  7. MX bug

    No, I do not need a portable version. I understand what you mean by the browser installation directory the user has read access, but there is no right to change. But the request for elevation of rights occurs on the Windows Installer, not on disk access. And yes, the browser does not know how to set itself up by default in Windows 10. And its requirements to set itself as the default browser are absurd because it is already installed by default. And when you try to set the default browser (from browser menu), there is a request for elevation, but the elevation is not necessary for this function. And good news!!! today i have an update request up to At now, i don't get request for elevation of rights! - on all moments (launch, about menu, every 10-20min) THANKS TO DEVELOPERS!!!
  8. MX bug

    Not helps At startup and every 10-20 minutes, and when i click "About" in main menu.
  9. Improving AutoFill

    You try double click on login field?
  10. MX bug also have this bug( When i click "About" in main menu, it also rise this request, every time. For example mx5.0.3.3000 - not have this bug Sombody help
  11. Improving AutoFill

    Because these pages have different fields to enter. To save the form, use Alt+1.
  12. Improving AutoFill

    Yes! It is helpful!
  13. Please improve the autocomplete function, so that it would be possible to save different passwords for domain subdirectories. For example, now we have only 1 autofill record for: site2.domainname.сom I would like to have different autofill entries for these two sites.
  14. Welcome! I'm using a new version of the MX browser, and I have a problem: 1. At startup, the browser asks for elevated access rights each time. 2. At startup and every 10-20 minutes, the browser runs the package installation, which also requests elevation of access rights. What causes the use of the browser to the unwanted. I use a browser in a corporate environment. All users have only the level of user rights, not the administrator. In connection with this, I do not wish to see requests for elevated user rights.
  15. Welcome! I ask to re-open the section of Russian-language support. Since this way the forum will be more friendly oriented to the possibility of receiving help requests or error messages. In my opinion, a better solution would be to hire a moderator who collected information about the problem and correctly reported it in the section in the English language section. I really hope that you will follow my wish!