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  1. i can also confirm the has fixed the problem.. Many thanks.
  2. its a MX problem.. i downloaded all the previous version of MX5 and found a version where worked fine and all version before that one also worked ok.. see my previous post for precise version numbers. Attached is the Certificate it doesnt like. My timezone etc is correct. Also all was working perfectly fine on my Work PC for days whilst my Hope PC was having problems.. and then for no reason the Work PC also has the Cert. problem.
  3. my work PC was running same version as at home, but was working fine.. but today it too as now moaning about the certificate.. so i know it nothing to do with my home PC and something that MX is not picking up when reading the certificate date.. even though it defo not expired.
  4. so did some testing and tested all previous versions and the last good version that did not give me a error was, it then broke in each version after this one, so onwards.
  5. @Chim yes other browsers do NOT show any certificate errors.. (Edge, IE, Chrome and MX4) In MX5 if i switch back to IE mode then it works, so it only in MX browser enginee.. so far it only on google pages... i dont get this error on the Vivaldi page, and Facebook is fine etc.
  6. This is not just a XP problem... I having the same exact popup when using or even I am running Windows 10 (1703) + all updates. and MX tested with V4.9.5.1000 and i dont get the error below.
  7. Hello

    Hi... long time MX users.. think i been using it since MX2 days... now on MX5... didnt really like it at first.. think MX4 is much better, but i said the same thing when using MX3 and 4 came out lol