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  1. Skynote extention

    when I click on my avatar there is no Maxnote or Infobox available .. there is a Maxnote icon in my browser but when I click on it there is no sky note or infobox ..
  2. Thanks .. it is working now .. next time it happens I will try the described fix .. and I am on a rural dsl internet and it sucks .. maybe it is network related but I would not know anything about that. I only have 2 home pc and that is my network .. and the other pc has had no problems .. THANKS
  3. My SkyNotes disappeared a while back then they came back .. not they are gone again..and now the SkyNote does not work at all. I do have passport and I am logged in but it makes no difference. Please Help :funk:
  4. Now my SkyNote i"Note List" is gone again and the blank window that comes up when I click on it will not allow me to print or paste anything in it :dizzy: I think I have the latest Maxthon do not know where to find the version.. I did recently downloaded it again and think I have the latest one offered .. and now I have two icons on my task bar .. I did sign out and sign back up ... did not work....then I signed out again and quit Maxthon and reloaded it.. I signed back in and my favorites and everything else works but the SkyNote "Note List" is still gone and it still will not allow me to type or paste a note. Please Help
  5. I just went back to TCB and clicked on my SkyNote and it is back!! So what do you think I am doing or not doing .. frustrated
  6. My SkyNotes "Note List" came back and now they randomly disappear . and reappear. this has happened many times .. In the past .. at some point .. after I have turned my pc off and back on again .. the "Note List" comes back. Seems like there should be some kind of fix for this problem. I do have passport and I am logged in .. My favorites are not affected .. just my SkyNotes and I am sync'd /.. and when I log into my SkyNote when the "Note List" is gone .. usually It will not work at all .. the window comes up but when I try to type anything in the new blank window .. it does not work at all :Q Please Help :dizzy: