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  1. New Tab Problem?

    I have this problem as well in MX on Windows 10 Home (1803).
  2. Try changing your user agent
  3. Try clearing the browser cache. "Menu/Clear Data"
  4. Change your User Agent
  5. AD Block extension missing

    Use the Adblock Lists from here. Right click on the Subscription required and "Copy Link". Paste link into Adblock.
  6. Background color while browsing

    You can use either of these 2 extensions
  7. Heres a link for

    Sorry can't post on that thread 

  8. You Tube Center development has ceased, both extension and script.
  9. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Use his Extension Noads extension still works
  10. They all work fine here on MX Try changing your UA to one from here I use the New Minimalist version
  11. noads

    Thanks for the help.
  12. noads

    Thanks Tony. Where would I find def.json and how would I open it ? Sorry I'm being an idiot?
  13. breaks extensions.

    I don't use gestures. I've been using this extension since MX3.