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  1. Update your version of Maxthon Beta.
  2. Heres a link for

    Sorry can't post on that thread 

  3. V, bad loading

    Works for exe. but doesn't download complete portable file (only 640K).
  4. V, bad loading

    Download links don't work.
  5. Maxthon 5 favourities

    Open Maxnote and use this setting
  6. Twitter Issues

    Change your User Agent.
  7. Built-in Maxthon translator.

    Sergey try this one. It has Bing and Yandex.
  8. Ad Blocker

    AdBlock is now an external extension When installed it appears on the toolbar or it's dropdown hidden menu.
  9. Same here. Sound only in Retro Mode.
  10. Unwanted ads

    I've never had that Live Tile ad so I don't know. It leaves my new tab page like this
  11. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    Sorry Tony your link is to Links for are Portable Exe.
  12. Unwanted ads

    @Maxshark. Open Adblock Plus Settings. Go to Add your own Filters. Delete everything in the left hand column except Global Rules and Click on Global rules and delete eveything in the right hand column and copy and paste this Apply Click on and delete eveything in right hand column. Apply. Reload new Tab.
  13. You Tube Center development has ceased, both extension and script.
  14. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Use his Extension Noads extension still works
  15. They all work fine here on MX Try changing your UA to one from here I use the New Minimalist version