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  1. Annoying Top

    Life's a bitch sometimes. It takes about 10 seconds to do.
  2. Annoying Top

    Open ABP. Go to ABP Settings, then "Add your own filters". Open Global rules and delete "@@||^$document". Do the same in and Maxthon.cnn.
  3. They all work fine here on MX Try changing your UA to one from here I use the New Minimalist version
  4. crash

    Ditto. Plus white tabs , having to reload tabs, browser locking up/freezing, being forced to shut down MX and reboot the browser. Processes continuing in task manager after browser shutdown. Extensions disabling at startup (Violent Monkey and Stylish); greyed out on sidebar and forced to renable them in settings. Builds are progressively improving but these early 5.2's are really alpha builds.
  5. The beta Mx is still available but only in .exe. No portable version at present.
  6. Website not opening

    Thanks 7Twenty. The doesn't seem to be available to download as an .exe or portable. Mines updated automatically yesterday but I like to uninstall first before installing a new version.
  7. Website not opening

    From Exe Version Portable The portable download Folder is corrupted at present (Mods please note). Only 14 Mb
  8. The author of Youtube Centre is now making Iridium. It is script only for Maxthon. Install ViolentMonkey then download Iridium from here.
  9. noads

    Thanks for the help.
  10. noads

    Thanks Tony. Where would I find def.json and how would I open it ? Sorry I'm being an idiot?
  11. breaks extensions.

    I don't use gestures. I've been using this extension since MX3.
  12. breaks extensions.

    The extension Jump to Top/Bottom 2 ( is broken in
  13. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Download Wilsers Macaw skin. Analyse that for changing colours of Active/inactive Tabs.