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  1. Saving bookmarks bug!!

    If you do a completely clean install save your favourites as a HTML file first and import that into your new version of Maxthon. When you do a clean install as Chantao suggests you are deleting everything - Favorites, settings and extensions and will need to redo everything.
  2. This problem occurs regularly. Just close down Maxthon and then reopen it.
  3. Is this a new feature or virus?

    Now clear your MX Cache.
  4. Save all current tabs

    Right click on a tab and select "Save all pages to Favourites". It will save them as favourites folder with a date and time as a title. Right click on this folder and select "Open all Records".
  5. help tear off feature not working

    Settings/Advanced/ Video floatbar. Tick show video floatbar.
  6. works fine here.
  7. Go to Settings/ advanced and tick "Video float bar"
  8. Beta - floating video bar

    Got it here on
  9. Flash no longer works on Youtube. It's HTML5 only. Remove Youtube Centre extension or script; that no longer works either. Keep your User Agent updated and use Unicode (UTF8) encoding. If your using MX4 delete the flashplayer32xxxxxxxx.dll file in maxthon/core/webkit/npplugins.
  10. Can't post in this thread Tony and QIK5L posted they can't see + Added Quick Access sync button+ Added “save page as” button in the main menu I can't see them either. I do have a new button/icon in the menu called "cmd.quick.PopularExtension". when clicked on it links to Maxthon extension centre. Is this a replacement or duplicate of the "Get More Extensions" command found on the gear widget in the bottom left hand corner or is it a mistake?
  11. Maxthon stuck in a blank screen

    In Maxthon 4 (any version) go to Core/Webkit/Npplugins and delete the flashplayer32.xxxxxxxx.dll file. This will allow Maxthon to use the Flash installed on your computer.
  12. The cookie blocking option is still in MX5 at "Settings/ Privacy and Content/ Privacy"
  13. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    Thats the Cumlative update released on Tuesday. Thanks it's difficult to keep up with the 1809 release at the moment. That's why I'm staying on 1803 .