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  1. Hello developers, When I open several tabs,say 10 tabs and see the total memory of computer (not maxthon) and compare the same in chrome: - Maxthon uses lower memory but total memory consumption of computer is about 1gb more.Somehow maxthon uses a process which could be hidden and this raises the total memory usage.Or maxthon causes another thing in computer which uses that much of memory.For xample GPU? Can anybody test this and confirm? Can you optimize this memory usage? Thank you!
  2. High memory usage in some cases

    Thanks for the warning but how can I edit it ? Unfortunately Maxthon is getting worse and worse Yes, there is a huge,very huge RAM issue.Sometime it happens sometimes its not. A clean uninstall and then clean install always ens up in high memory leak. But When I install old version then uninstall keeping users settings etc then instal the new version,everything is fine.Otherwise RAM is being increasing in seconds then crashes or causes a blank screen.
  3. I'm facing constant memory rise within seconds and then crashes. For example try:search something on google.In results page drag and drop a link.It freezes and memory rises.After a while blank screen observed
  4. - focus

    not working here
  5. where is you adblock rules?thx

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      thank you!it is not being updated right?

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      I'll probably stop it too :(

  6. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    Hi all,new file for the Maxthon beta version has been added.
  7. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    will see what I can do.can you give more details? how can I reproduce it?
  8. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    File for the version Maxthon has been added.
  9. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    File for the current version has been added. @BugSir006 Yes, I did as @Galileusz mentioned in his post
  10. Hi guys, I dont know you but its been annoying for me not to have a blank page.So I've found a solution. I've edited a file and now İt shows no quick access.Just copy MxBrowser.dll in the attached file and paste it to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin Maxthon MxBrowser-v5101400.rar Maxthon MxBrowser-v5043000.rar Maxthon MxBrowser-5032000.rar Maxthon MxBrowser.rar
  11. [ New skin is ready for you ] A skin request

    Hi Tony.I unpacked 0.dat and my old skin.Then copied/replaced everything in old skin folder into unpacked 0.dat.Then I packed the folder to 0.dat. When I move 0.dat and open Maxthon,new skin is working.But how do I pack 0.dat as .skin so that by double clicking,it will automatically apply the skin?
  12. [ New skin is ready for you ] A skin request

    Thank you Tony! I'll try to do it.appreciated!
  13. [ New skin is ready for you ] A skin request

    Thanks for the update.So I have to make the skin by myself :(
  14. [ New skin is ready for you ] A skin request

    Hello guys and off course looping8 Is it possible to make the same skin for the current Maxthon 4.9 version?
  15. Quick access

    Hello everyone.Unfortunately the IDM issue exists again: IDM tries to capture a file related to quick access: "" v.