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  1. Old but still not considered :(

    Here I found a temporary solution:
  2. Hi guys, I dont know you but its been annoying for me not to have a blank page.So I've found a solution. I've edited a file and now İt shows no quick access.Just copy MxBrowser.dll in the attached file and paste it to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin It is for the Maxthon MxBrowser.rar
  3. Old but still not considered :(

    Thank you for quick reply. Q1 means in March at the latest right?Thrilled to hear that Because it makes startup rate faster.It takes some time to load quick access. I remember we had an option "hide quick access" in older versions of Maxthon What do you mean by "general identities"?When I click a form to fill out my username,it automatically remembers it and gives it as suggestion.Search form,sign in forms every forms. Sorry my bad.I meant url auto-completion
  4. Hi developers,its been months or years that I have been asking for some of those things below.It is not just only me,but many users have also been agreed with me. 1- Address bar suggestions: - Favorites are not being suggested. - History items are not being suggested too unless you type the url.(When you click on a link,even it is now a history item,it wont be suggested by address bar).I mean URL auto completion. 2- When you open search window and search in a webpage (ctrl+F),the search keyword disappears after you close the search window.You have to type keyword phrase again 3- Please make an option to open a complete blank page (no background or quickaccess or whatsoever) in start up/new tab. I've found a temporary solution here: 4- We don't what our usernames to be remembered even auto complete is off.All data are being stored in Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\guest (probably in Web Data and Web Data-journal) Please consider at least one of them for the next release I dont have any more patience left
  5. Yahoo mail browser outdated issue

    no it didnt help
  6. Maxthon remembers username

    I have found a solution: First close maxthon.. deleting folders in C:\Users\........\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\......\Session solved it.but you have to login to maxthon when opening maxthon.
  7. Sorry but I had to open a new topic for this. No matter what I do,Yahoo mail opens basic version of mail saying I am using an outdated browser. I change to retro mode,change browser agent or edit browser gent,still same :(I has been a couple of days that I see this error. Thank you for your help
  8. Hello, When I have a history of some pages,lets say for a day,I click on everything on clear history menu and close maxthon.I is closed but if you look at task manager,it is still working and running at high memory and cpu.After a couple of minutes it is closed.Maxthon 4.2 versions had no issuses but after 4.9 and 5 I observe this issue.
  9. Maxthon remembers username

    hello , I'm using Maxthon beta.Even auto complete is not on,when I type my username in mail Facebook etc,Maxthon automatically remembers my username and suggests it in drop down menu.I try to delete all history,cache etc. still same.Why and how can I delete usernames?
  10. Missing Show Favorites in Suggestions

    Hi @BugSir006 Any progress on the topic?
  11. Missing Show Favorites in Suggestions

    Thanks @BugSir006 I'm looking forward to hearing good news from you soon
  12. Missing Show Favorites in Suggestions

    Just was happy when saw the change log below: But was disappointed when saw it was not fixed I hope it was by mistake and they will release a minor version tomorrow.. Still,many things left to do.I really don't know what has happened to Maxthon team for the last 2-3 years.Compared to then,so slow progress
  13. Missing Show Favorites in Suggestions

    Sorry for the long delay Still doesn't fixed Thanks for the quick support @BugSir006 and thanks for making this clear @Galileusz @magg
  14. MX5 PC Beta6 version release

    Hello everyone, Still I cannot see favorite items in address bar?I have to type it
  15. Missing Show Favorites in Suggestions

    Yes I was not asking about setting a folder to display on favorite bar. When you start typing,suggestions appear.In old versions,favorites appeared too if you click on the related setting in the settings.But now,there is no such options and favorites wont appear in address bar. One more thing,even if you visit a link using favorite bar,it wont be auto-completed.You have to type all address or it wont autocomplete