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  1. I realized that after seeing the lazy load part of youtube, was going to write a mutation observer. You made my life easier. Awesome, thank you!
  2. I think it's because Youtube does some Lazy Load for some of the pages... Any ideas on how to figure it out? I attached a function to the <video> tag, but it doesnt work coming from the main page (which doesn't have a <video> tag)
  3. Like I said, it happens on any script even if you just use it like this: // ==UserScript== // @name Youtube // @namespace Violentmonkey Scripts // @include http://*.youtube.* // @include https://*.youtube.* // @grant none // @run-at document-end // ==/UserScript== console.log('start'); You won't see that in the console after clicking a link. It seems that when you click a link on YouTube the page doesn't actually reload.
  4. I have written a script to hide the video window on youtube, and it works when the page is opened directly, or from the address bar. But if I click any link on youtube, the script doesn't even start. even the first line of the scripts never runs, which is simply this: console.log('Starting script');
  5. This is the link Attached is the place it's displayed when you are not logged in (doesn't display for a logged user).