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  1. After clean install charts finally work. But still I'm getting those annoying permission dialogs...
  2. Nothing changed. Maybe I have to uninstall, delete all and make a clean installation...
  3. Strange... I'm having blank graph. Maybe that is concerned with the first problem, maybe something wrong has happened during update process. I'll check on my home PC. there - everything works fine. And it shows that I'm using the latest OK. Well, Everything works fine on that PC in same version. I'll try to reinstall it here and report...
  4. Remove EU cookie warning

    I guess it's a website following the law. It must tell you about cookies they use to warn you, And I guess nothing to do with that.
  5. Hi. I've been experiencing some problems from last 2-4 builds. First is that I sometimes get permission dialog (user control). I've tried to enter admin password - nothing happens, and the dialog appears in some time again and again. No particular path to executable there - only some kind of GUID there {FCC74B77-EC3E-4dd8-A80B-008A702075A9}. When I click on certificate detail, it tell that this cert is for Windows device drivers check. CLSID is related to appwiz.cpl - Programs uninstall system dialog. It always appear when I click Menu-About (checking for update). I don't remember when this problem appeared. For sure the last 3 builds (including the latest). Second is the latest update problems - yahoo finance doesn't work fine, it doesn't show charts. Try here: What I have to do to fix that?
  6. QR code

    Earlier it worked just fine - you got the same URL as in the address bar. Now it adds some kind of wrapper "". No idea, why they made it. impossible to use now. Hm. I've tested now on MX5.1.1.1000 - it workes fine. Seems they've fixed it. What version do you have?