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  1. Android UI issue on website...

    Another issued I notice is that I cannot click on navbar. Only happens on my new Android 7.1.2 device. Autohide also enabled. The navbar is shown, but clicks go to the page behind it. Maybe this is somehow related to your problem.
  2. @BugSir006, that would be better than it is for now anyaway
  3. @BugSir006, why not in the middle of the left/right edge? I'm not sure that disabling this window for fullscreen mode is a right decision - it is still useful for downloading the video.
  4. Of course I know how to close it That's just too annoyuing to close it every time I want to change definition or close some ADs on video in the corners.
  5. The window offers good things, but appears in the wrong place. It should be somewhere in the middle of the left or right edge, not corners - they usually contain player controls. Additionally, when I got to any corner, the window appears at the bottom right one.
  6. You are right - the window doesn't come back even if I press Win+D again, or even Alt+Tab. The thing is that the window is on top when you click on the button in the taskbar or Alt+Tab to it. You can use F11, Esc, F2/F3 or any other MX hotkey to make window really appear. If you move mouse pointer to the top, you'll see "Click here to exit fullscreen mode" message appear. But the problem exists obviously.