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    new tab search bug test.avi
  2. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    three weeks without updating the branch 5.3.8. I hope that the developers didn't run up in horror from the number of errors
  3. you install and after install if yes clear all cookies or use clear install
  4. twitter with new design looks like this on two different pc with old design all ok on vk.com messages come and go only when I refresh the page with no problems
  5. New Tab Problem?

    I also encounter such a problem. I have this happen sometimes when i start some games. The full-screen maxthon window becomes small and moves to the upper right corner. When turning to full screen, this picture is obtained
  6. win 7 32 bit monitor 1920x1200
  7. mx in russian language. in english all ok
  8. Extensions do not work after

    extensions: vkopt, F.B. Purity and scripts: betterttv and EasyVideoDownload dont work if i open sites (vk.com, facebook.com, twitch.tv, youtube.com) from QA. but if i open this sites from address bar, favorites or history all works. mystic