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  1. You so praise the new version that we can not wait for it to come out
  2. последний - это или внутренний?
  3. нет, не только у вас. данную проблему уже поднимали. например тут: надеемся, что в следующем релизе поправят
  4. Thanks for the quick answer
  5. some back, some i change early to screenshot/color and cant change now because "hot" is not active. eg why twitch, popular servese, dont have hot icon? do you plan to expand the sites with icons in the future? and the ability to add their own icons?
  6. Miss u...

    Do not know when ordinary users will get it?
  7. i add site to QA in the first version on QA, when interface QA was different. for some sites was able to add site different icon from proposed (mail.ru, twitch.tv, autostort.com and ect). yesterday all site with icon, which arent in standard, lost. this is not a big problem, I can change the screenshot. but screenshots or color block on the top line are not very beautiful please add more site in hot or possibility add site icons yourself
  8. Twitch.tv

    nice. now for me work too. strangely
  9. i lost half my icon in QA too
  10. Twitch.tv

    try change html5 player to flash player. helped me. i confirm, few days ago all worked