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  1. Hello, is anyone working here?

    I think they fired the only programmer after the release of 5.3.8. * already a month there is no update of this branch and it would be nice to see the roadmap again. the old one was not very well executed but still I would like more feedback everybody, that you are still doing something, and have not abandoned this project, and it’s time to look for another browser
  2. win 7 32 bit monitor 1920x1200
  3. mx in russian language. in english all ok
  4. Extensions do not work after

    extensions: vkopt, F.B. Purity and scripts: betterttv and EasyVideoDownload dont work if i open sites (vk.com, facebook.com, twitch.tv, youtube.com) from QA. but if i open this sites from address bar, favorites or history all works. mystic