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  1. New Install Can't Sync Passwords

    Hi, 7Twenty.... I haven't tried your suggestions because I just have not been using Maxthon for several months. I'll m ention a few t hings in hope that it will help Jeff get the program we all always wanted. I could have been more helpful in the original post, but the syncing problem swas just the last straw in a long line of glitches and obscure changes over the years. And yes, Maxthon, under an different name was aobut in 1990 or there abouts. If you'd used Maxthon as long as I have, you'd never say " The settings page and main menu have changed their design slightly..." Changes have been a least a dozen a year and many of those changes are then changed again later. Despite you advice, Snap is still not there. Below is what my upper-right corner looks like. No snap. I did find it once I used the search function in settings that you told me about. But I shouldn't have had to. If the developers are going to change and relocate features--and I'm sure they are--they should make them easy to find. Search belongs on the top every page, or else it's usefulness is reduced to a third. I hope I didnt' offend. I think this is really sad. Many parts of Maxthon have been brilliant, ground-breaking. But its lack of simplicity and consistency grind the brilliant underfoot,. Ron White
  2. Hello ! (Add-on Dev)

    I think this message was meant for someone else.
  3. New Install Can't Sync Passwords

    "This one is not Maxthon's fault" says it. If this is not Maxthon's fault, it's an exception. Yes, I am synced, No I did not delete personal data--my drive crashed. When I click the avatar, I have 16.83 KB in the cloud. Why can't I get that back easily. The avatar, BTW, is not the one I had before the crash. Also, Maxthon lost track of my birthdate--not that I care. I did a simple reinstall, counting on Maxthon to restore bookmarks, history, and other helpful information. It did not. In my opinion, that makes it Maxthon's fault, some way or another. It seems as if I'm always asking, "What happened to so and so feature," only to be told, "It's still there. Look under the hidden pixels in Settings during a full moon." The features are sure enough there, but not where long-time users of Maxthon, like me, are used to finding them. There is often no good reason for placing features somewhere new or for changing how you use them. Why should I have to click at least four menu items to print? And where's Snap, a truly helpful feature? Yes, I know I can press the PRT SCR key, but that doesn't give me the opportunity to crop a screen image first. I used to love Maxthon, and I wrote about it's superiority to all other browsers and how using it gave me feels of power and joy. Lately when I load up Maxthon, I feel only dread. Oh, and -- just to get it all out -- I resent being called a freshman when I have been using Maxthon for more than 27 years.
  4. I had to reinstall Maxthon 5 ( When I tried to use Sync to restore my passwords, nothing happened. My password collection is the result of years of using Maxthon. Losing the passwords has me considering changing browsers. I don't want to, but in addition to losing passwords, so many things--access to features, particularly--have changed, it's like learning a whole new browser from scratch. I'm not sure how Maxthon benefits me any longer. ron
  5. If someone were to go through all the English and correct the mistakes, what are the chances of them reaching the actual product?

    1. 7twenty


      Pretty good. Here's 2 threads i started related to such things. While it has taken some time to finally get to it, they have recently been updated.

      If there's more just post in the relevant thread and it'll be done at some stage.

  6. Can't download tutorials

    Good for you, brother! If they don't want us to have access to the information, don't put links on the pages and waste our time.
  7. Can't download tutorials

    I love Maxthon, but it's always bothered me that the fringe features, user interface, and language issues take a far back seat in development when many are issues that could be updated fairly easily.
  8. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Why do I need, and why don't I have permission to see some posts?
  9. Can't download tutorials

    When I click on the link for tutorials, it brings up the thread that contains a link for downloading the SDK. (Why is that link in a thread, anyway?)
  10. I saw another message asking that an automatic save feature be added to Magic Fill. But I don't have Magic Fill at all. I'm using a Galaxy Note 4. Is there something I must do to activate Magic Fill in the Android version? It's really a pain typing in passwords all the time on those virtual keyboards.
  11. I've never used Adhunter rules, and I don't know where to start. I looked at Adhunter's Manage Rules page, but I could see any obvious way to use these rules. Could someone please give me a short tutorial? Thanks