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  1. Passwords export help

    Oh, and which "other browser" do you know of that goes back to using trident as a browser engine that can actually do that? The bad joke here is that you actually believe that it should.
  2. [] Reddit issues

    Don't know, I also can't switch to retro...
  3. [] Reddit issues

    Same thing on all twitter vids, this looks playable but isn't. @No1, your vid did play fine for me on M5.3.8.300. Within a quote the vids play fine Stand alone vids do not
  4. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite
  5. Could be a windows issue, but Youtube fullscreen vids do not display. Left with only a black screen. If I try to take a screen capture, the video becomes visible even when dismissing Mx snip. Windows 10, build 17650, Mx Happened with .5000 too.
  6. I'm now using retro mode with personal settings on win10, I like it!
  7. breaks extensions.

    You don't need that extension as M5 has it built in. I use gestures right/down and right /up to jump to top or bottom. Probably my most used gestures.
  8. Skynote extention

  9. v5.1.2.200 extensions gone?

    Are you using an account? Did you do a clean install? Otherwise, check that you have AB+ and your other addons selected in settings > Functions and addons.
  10. Try clicking the green button under the song title. Uhm, check the volume on your other devices. They are acting as controllers.
  11. Maybe because I have chrome installed? But not running. Or maybe you have the issue and I dont'. Edit: Just tried and it didn't play. Checked my proxy and it was set to no proxy. Re-enable IE proxy and it plays fine.
  12. My spotify continues to play with only one instance of M5 running and no other program running, i.e. the other player that used to open before the update. Whether having that other player(SpotifyAB windows app) installed on my pc is affecting my experience, I do not know. I guess I could uninstall it to see, but alas, old age and fatigue are getting the better of me.
  13. Without AB+, only a sandbox parsing error. With AB+ enabled, spclient get ads are added. Odd that I don't see the google analytics error you are seeing.
  14. This UA? Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/5.0 Chrome/55.0.2883.75 Safari/537.36 And what about your sync test version?
  15. Be sure to change your UA to Maxthon in settings, but ya, music plays from the webplayer.
  16. Spotify no longer supports Safari either. According to Mac Generation the reason is that Safari doesn't support the Widevine Content decryption module. Chrome, Edge, FF and opera are the only browsers supported, yet it works fine in IE too.. I sent them a note that they should support Maxthon.
  17. In my case it opens the player and plays fine until I close the player. It's not playing on the page itself despite looking like it does. Windows defender asks for permissions when trying ultra mode. in retro, nothing happens when I try to play a song.
  18. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Nothing to do with you resolution, more likely a skin issue
  19. The mute button is a global Mx5 mute button as opposed to the tab mute button located on the tab. And the cpu usage is the system cpu usage.
  20. I think its by design, not much need to know how to over ride the setting if it isn't being used. But I'm sure one could argue that ppl might not set it if they think it can't be over ridden.
  21. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

    You can find other scripts for FB here: But I use this one which works on all (mostly) sites夜间模式 Here's how FB looks with it.
  22. Amen to that, how the hell did this begin anyway? Who's bright idea was this? Asking passwords??? Really??? Very unprofessional in my opinion. Furthermore, and to let it go on...
  23. The size of MX5 toolbar icons

    @bugsir006, please understand that A.S. is being facetious, or perhaps better yet, sardonic. He does not mean it is great nor cool! He is stating the opposite.
  24. I've finally got to the new player, but it doesn't play and I also get the ooops notification at the top of the page. Switch to retro leads to a broken player with only text view-able, but the page does scroll in its entirety. Edit: I can get it to play if I first open Spotify windows app and then click on play in M5, so M5 is missing some kind of call???? It also stops playing as soon as I close the windows app( and no, it was not playing on the app). When trying to play on Edge the windows app pops up and plays. Don't think it played without the app being installed. First, you have to be using an updated UA, I'm using chrome57.x.x.x. Looks like it is playing the windows app after all (although it appears to be playin on M5) even if paused on the app.
  25. I still haven't seen the new player, only the old shown in my previous screen shot. Edit: doesn't seem to be related to UA or ABP.