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  1. Better question, why was it removed from M5 in the first place. Could have sworn it was present in earlier versions.
  2. Nitro

    I'm surprised he's managed to install Win10 on an android 5.0 device, let alone have it run. A faster browser will not help him speed up his system. You can buy a new win10 pc for less than $250 with the proper specs to run it without all the hassles he's run into.
  3. Android - MX5

    I was talking about Edit: Same page... Edit 2; It is possible to press in the space between, for example in the image below, The and Daily to activate the copy share feature. Are you guys sure you are clicking the link?
  4. Android - MX5

    Odd for sure, I have it working fine on 3 devices.
  5. Android - MX5

    I was referring to google news, long press opened menu to open in background.
  6. Android - MX5

    Even worked on an android 4.1.1 phone
  7. I had no problems with any of the links on that page with M5.1.4.100, it's an internal version not available to everyone yet. You might try turning off adhunter, I don't use it.
  8. Unable to open pdf

    Have you enabled pdf in advanced options?
  9. A new internal version claims to address the issue, just be patient.
  10. How to add a bookmark?

    You're right, it is not public yet but should be released soon.
  11. How to add a bookmark?

    I'm using the latest update M5.1.4.100 Edit: ctrl+d does not bring up Add to Maxnote for me in the latest version.
  12. How to add a bookmark?

    I think the bee button is best as it offers many options such as saving content, snap shots or bookmark
  13. Android version and PC mode?

    Yes... This version updated as a new app for me forcing me to delete the older version, thus a clean install. Same with you?
  14. Android version and PC mode?

    Must be some other issue, I have no problem viewing the site in pc mode.
  15. I have no issue moving a tile into(or out of) a folder on QA.
  16. MX5 hijacks system sound?

    Doesn't happen on win10, Mx5.1.3.1000.
  17. Passport Error

    You're right, MaxNote is not the same. It is, however, better as you can do anything with it you could do with Skynote.
  18. MX bug

    Check your windows settings. Right click task bar M5 button, right click Mx5 and select properties. Use the security tab to allow access.
  19. I'm using M5.1.3.1000 and no issue with weather on i.maxthon.
  20. I'm now using retro mode with personal settings on win10, I like it!
  21. Android versions

    It's not a beta.
  22. breaks extensions.

    You don't need that extension as M5 has it built in. I use gestures right/down and right /up to jump to top or bottom. Probably my most used gestures.
  23. Beta releases

    The newest versions are always found here in the forum for everyone.
  24. I have also typed this with virtual kb without issue. Does the typed text display correctly on the KB?(do the letters light up when touched?) Which version of windows 10 are you using? Some windows versions have had issues with certain letters or languages. Try updating to the latest version. No idea why those issues don't appear with other programs.