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  1. Mx5.1.0.1400 has been released and can be d/loaded from the banner at the top of the page.
  2. Clicking the copy button should open Add to Maxnote at upper right. BTW, there is no save button when using the bee to ad to Maxnote, I used regular snap for the image....
  3. I've had this happen before but for adding a favorite, but with this version I didn't have an issue adding the snap.
  4. where has my QA gone ?

    There's a QA Qa config in your users appdata but I imagine that has been screwed up now.
  5. where has my QA gone ?

    I canèt even think of a way to fix yours....bloody shortcut to French keyboard, how do you disable thatÉ ... grrr ????
  6. where has my QA gone ?

    Just wanted to tell you my QA is fine. No idea what happened to yours.
  7. Yahoo Mail Issue

    That won't work, you aare using an old chrome core, 47.??? Try using 57 instead of 47.
  8. Yahoo Mail Issue

    Which UA are you using?
  9. How do you apply themes? With out any apparent theme it appears to align correctly. The entire site does. I'm using this UA { Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/55.0.2526.73 Safari/537.36 } Even no UA it displays well. If you're using Stylish I can confirm themes are having the same problem as violentmonkey was having(it's been updated and fixed), they aren't installing properly. Maybe the devs of the app can give it a look. I've even tried violentmonkey themes for yandex but can't make them work.
  10. What size is the file you are trying to d/load? I had no issues with the files I tried.
  11. problems with Violentmonkey and picViewer

    Try installing v2.7.0 from this page
  12. I installed version VIolentmonkey2.7.0 from that page which at least lets you add scripts. *** For some reason my previously installed scripts were still present even after uninstalling and then re-installing, that should not be. Scripts used to be removed when uninstalling!
  13. I use auto fullscreen, can't be seen at all until you scroll up again. Settings > web view
  14. Or everything is black and it does tabs and I think it opens crashed tabs too, but I haven't had it crash yet, so I'm not sure.
  15. FWIW, the new M5 that 7Twenty points you to in the previous post is great(but not the most recent). Problems I was having with M5 appear to have been related to my OS, an old android 4.1, which has also been fixed in the latest release, M5.0.5.3038 Check bottom of page for android releases @Devs or anyone who can improve the android notifications in the forum. Bugsir posts a link with release notes at the top of the forum main page. Cool. Now try to copy that link and post it here in the forum, not so cool. It opens a page with all pc and android releases which will soon be pushed back to the second page of that thread. Surely there is a better way to access his initial posts. Although I assume this method does facilitate Bugsirs workload, it is less then user friendly. Edit: Uhm, one thought might be to list the latest version of each OS at the top of the page. And the other, and probably simpler, is to separate the OSes completely.
  16. Are you referring to android M5 or M4? You can change search engine in both in settings. M5 can be set to open last page(s) in settings > web view. I don't remember if that was possible in M4.
  17. All I know is that it was there yesterday. I installed it and it seems fine. No idea. I've already asked about Tampermonkey in another unrelated thread, so thanks for creating a new thread. Approvemen @devs In the popup "The item does not exist or is waiting for approval." Approvement is not the appropriate word.
  18. I think its by design, not much need to know how to over ride the setting if it isn't being used. But I'm sure one could argue that ppl might not set it if they think it can't be over ridden.
  19. Please give us a link to try. I on the other hand have 6 videos running on M5.1 and relatively low cpu usage.
  20. A clean install would probably have fixed your errors. You are dealing with a completely new core and it has been being tested for weeks so not all bugs could have been found and fixed. But even as is, it is probably better and more stable than version M5.0. By the way, I wouldn't call the re-positioning of a popup a nasty bug, certainly not one that would force me to use an older and less stable version.
  21. Smart Address Bar

    I visited by clicking a QA tile, not by typing.
  22. Smart Address Bar

    I can't confirm. I don't think I visited recently until just now and you can see it shows as a history item in the drop down. I'm using M5.1.0.1400. I'm sure you have enabled "show history items" in advanced settings????? Edit: Ah, but you are right that it is not auto-completing....
  23. Yahoo Mail Issue

    Yes, I mostly get new version except if I clear cookies(or maybe a clean install, not sure), then the old version is used. Eventually new version begins to work.