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  1. You can install Iridium from here
  2. I've never understood people's problem with RAM usage. RAM is designed to speed up the recovery of data. M5 allocates a small amount of RAM for various tasks, such as addons, RSS reader, etc. So unless you are stuck with only one or two GBs of RAM on your machine, 1.5GBs of RAM usage by M5 should not be an issue unless you are running other programs simultaneously.
  3. Try settings > Advanced > default file type.
  4. MX5 - New Core

    Please remove your image, it has your IP. Are you using M4????? Don't use custome user agent or update it to something less dated. No wonder you have so many issues.
  5. Passkeeper security issue

    Confirmed. M5 also opens if you click no on windows user account control on start up.
  6. I like to read the fine print, because no vulnerability was found does not mean one does not exist. Hopefully the new core could address this or you can rely on M$ to provide a fix that does not affect cpu performance. This is not the case for me yet on my pc as I'm using an AMD processor.
  7. MX5 - New Core

    You can find the core M5 is using here It's the first 2 digits of the chrome UA. In your image it shows you are using Chrome 39 which can't be unless you are using a different user agent in advanced options, check your settings. You can change the 55, for example to 60 or 61, which might help you to stop seeing the messages.
  8. Can not load Google Photo

    What mode are you using? You'll notice I am using ultra mode in my screen grab, otherwise, I am using the same version as you are and have no issue accessing Photos. Edit: Just tried retro mode without issue too. Try turning off any addons to see if it helps.
  9. Mx version

    T-shirt is in the upper right corner.
  10. I had no issue without using any alternative UA, but then since I'm not seeing that same interface as shown in your image, perhaps I'm missing something else???
  11. What do you mean by "starting from the second column"? All the folders I try to open with "Open all records" does exactly that, it opens all records in that folder.
  12. New UI is pure sh*t

    Correction, your favorites take forever to load, mine do not. Although I only have about 250 of them in some 20 folders. How many do you have?
  13. I wouldn't have suggested it if it didn't work.
  14. You can find a copy in your C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\guest\Addons and copy it to your account folder in same location.
  15. PC Chip Flaws

    Oh, 16299, insider builds are at 17063. This does not explain why my install history is not showing up except from the recovery options, maybe something M$ is looking into.
  16. PC Chip Flaws

    Donna said no, not this week.
  17. MX5 is no good to me

    You can add a (.) or a blank space to fill your title. I don't remember how to add a "space", but it can be done.
  18. Download Manager Settings

    If you build it, they will come.
  19. MX5 is no good to me

    Create yes, but can you import them?????
  20. Start full screen mode

    You cannot start M5 in fullscreen mode. You can use a mouse gesture to go into fullscreen mode. You might be able to use a skin to show tabs and favorites but I don't know of any that allows this. Nor am I sure it is even possible.
  21. Import option in the installation

    Just don't sign into your account and use "Guest"
  22. Which version are you using? M5.1.5.1000 has no issues adding a 1.25 MB png image to Facebook and uses a momentary 2% increase in cpu usage. Perhaps more details might help us help you to discover the issue.
  23. Please try updating to the latest release and see if it is still a problem for you. M5.1.5.1000 is the latest.