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  1. Select a different folder from the chevron next to From Mx4
  2. MX5.1.0.1700 beta - crashing

    I don't think Rick is trying to silence you, only coax a little more info from you. Perhaps explain how you do a clean installation with details about how you uninstalled and whether or not you kept personal data, Windows version, etc. Why is it we have been using M5.1, mostly without issue for months where as you haven't been able to use even 1 version? Maybe we are doing something wrong while installing to get such good results. And yet, we have all had the same issue as you when we didn't do a clean install.
  3. With version M5.1.0.1700 we received a Maxthon Now mini switch in settings, could someone please tell me what it is and how to find it.
  4. multiple crashes

    What do you consider a good number? 50 tabs is a good number for me, I imagine I could open more. BTW, a reinstall is not a clean install which has been mentioned and recommended countless times in the forum.(even to you personally)
  5. If it's a note, why would you want to? It's a note, not a favorite. Not meant to be a favorite.
  6. Maxthon minimum width

    It is an issue I can't confirm. So yeah, an issue with her install. Gremlins working overtime. Having said this, the restore button does not show the maximize button properly when first restored from maximize view on boot. It is properly shown on subsequent restores.
  7. No there isn't an issue with beta versions. There is an issue when installing a new core(5.1) over an older one(5.0). I suggest you do a clean install and NOT just install over M5.0
  8. Maxthon minimum width

    M5 remembers what ever size(and position) it was last closed in, if closed maximized, it will reopen exactly in that size. (at least mine does)
  9. There are no issues D&Ding in side bar nor favorites list. What version are you using and on what OS?
  10. problem z

    Potrafię potwierdzić problem, ale tylko z linkami, takimi jak ten:,151003,22107238,najwiekszy-prom-hybrydowy-swiata-wlasnie-powstaje-w-gdyni-prawdziwy.html#Prze Nigdy nie kończy ładowania, więc przycisk powrotu nie działa. Musisz przewinąć w dół o 20 stron dla przycisku wstecz, aby reagować. ***Następnym razem, gdy odwiedziłem link, nie było już problemu.
  11. Yahoo Mail Issue

    After doing a clean install of Mx5, I am also having the issue. I created a Quick Access shortcut to YCalander and switch to YMail from there to show properly. Odd as the shortcut opens YMail in new format first before opening Ycalander. From YCalander I can open Ymail .
  12. Please try disabling Adblockplus and violent monkey to see if that might be where the problem is.
  13. The behavior is the same in 3 browsers that I have tried, the mini player does not stay in view. If I use video float bar, it seems to work as you intend. Is this what you are referring to? If so verify that you have pinned player to always show. @ Devs video is not frozen when using MxSnap and thus can't be written on with tools.
  14. Spell check not working

    HELLOW ORLD No idea ufo, seems fine for me. M5.1.0.2200 win10b16241 It even works in retro mode. Where were you testing it?
  15. super drag error on

    Yeah, I still can't confirm, in the image I D&D "dont" from the start to the end with out issue. M5.1.0.2200 on win10b16241 Which version are you using? And on what OS?
  16. Bug on forum

    Yes, I do. Devs must be messing with the forum. Link to android apk still works.
  17. super drag error on

    Can't confirm using M5.1, in the github search box. Otherwise please be a little more helpful, we aren't mind readers, well except maybe for ody.
  18. Google doc backspacing error

    Can't confirm, version number? If you're using M4.9 it won't be fixed. M5.1 works perfect with google documents.
  19. Yahoo Mail Issue

    Try opening calendar and then switching back to mail, just worked for me after I did as clean install.
  20. logowanie do google or Czy popup logowania wygląda tak jak na moim zdjęciu?
  21. logowanie do google

    To działa na
  22. The mute button is a global Mx5 mute button as opposed to the tab mute button located on the tab. And the cpu usage is the system cpu usage.
  23. About: Last?

    I would suggest doing a clean install. M5 is very stable and shouldn't be giving you those issues. You may want to check that you have Mx5 set to open Last Pages on start. Settings > General > Open on Startup.