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  1. No it does not. In M4 there is a progress bar below the icon.
  2. Not from the very top of the tab you can't, move cursor as far up as you can.
  3. problem z tłumaczeniem

    Bu daha önce geliştiricilerin dikkatine olmuştur. Düzeltebileceklerini sanmıyorum. Bunu bazen Lehçe diliyle ama çoğunlukla Rusça ile görüyorum. To wcześniej przyciąga uwagę deweloperów. Nie sądzę, żeby to naprawić. Czasami to widzę w języku polskim, ale głównie po rosyjsku.
  4. I can confirm the issue when M5 is "Snapped", it is no longer possible to switch tab by moving the cursor to the very top of the monitor. Other browsers can't even do it when maximized. Actually, it looks like Edge is the only browsers that can do it as described by the OP.
  5. Text to speech -TTS (Dutch)

    I do not believe there is such a plugin for any language.
  6. Maxthon 4.9.4 64 bit

    Maxthon 4.9'un veya 5.x'in hiçbir 64 bit versiyonu yok 32 bit sürüm, 64 bitlik bir Windows 10 sürümünde düzgün çalışıyor
  7. ikona pobierania

    ????Ctrl+J or
  8. WhatsApp in Maxthon 4

    You are aware that you can add as many pages in M5 QA as you want?
  9. Some upgades

    It's not a bug but how it is intended, new tab(QA) is always the last tab.
  10. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    No one has mentioned this but the Easter decor on iMaxthon and here in the forum are quite nice!
  11. Can't confirm, with regular account, either fav or maxnote.
  12. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    If the default user string has 55 it is because you changed it. M5.3.3000 is using 47.x.x.x core.This is the default Maxthon UA string: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/5.0 Chrome/47.0.2526.73 Safari/537.36
  13. Ctrl+f opens find in page just as in M4. Mouse wheel zooms in or out of Gmaps.