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  1. Uhm, OK, I believe you, I leave it to someone else to try Edit : Just out of curiosity, do you sign in using "Last Session"?
  2. The guest account folder is created in the ~users folder once you've signed into the browser using guest account sign-in.
  3. Skynote?

    Click your avatar at the top left of your browser. It's now Maxnote, please give it a try.
  4. With version M5.1.0.1700 we received a Maxthon Now mini switch in settings, could someone please tell me what it is and how to find it.
  5. Not only did it cause a crash, I am no longer able to recover M5, it crashes immediately when I try to run it. I had to reinstall completely.
  6. No, the new one appears to be for everyone.
  7. No, all betas have been available on the play store with a special disclaimer for testers. Quite sure it's the only way you could d/load M5 other than here in the forum.
  8. Up until yesterday all M5 betas were accessible on the play store as M5.0.5.3900 is now.
  9. Mx5.1.0.1400 has been released and can be d/loaded from the banner at the top of the page.
  10. Clicking the copy button should open Add to Maxnote at upper right. BTW, there is no save button when using the bee to ad to Maxnote, I used regular snap for the image....
  11. I've had this happen before but for adding a favorite, but with this version I didn't have an issue adding the snap.
  12. where has my QA gone ?

    There's a QA Qa config in your users appdata but I imagine that has been screwed up now.
  13. where has my QA gone ?

    I canèt even think of a way to fix yours....bloody shortcut to French keyboard, how do you disable thatÉ ... grrr ????
  14. where has my QA gone ?

    Just wanted to tell you my QA is fine. No idea what happened to yours.