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  1. Local Image viewer

    I'll take your word on it.(for both points)
  2. Session management problem

    The problem is if only the 10 tab instance is closed, opening a new window only displays QA instead of those last closed 10 tabs. If each closed instance saved last tabs then the issue would be addressed. Furthermore, if a list of last closed instances was saved it would be ideal.
  3. Session management problem

    No it isn't, it is subject to the last remaining operation window. If it was subject to the last operation window 7twenty's example would open those last closed 10 tabs. Edit; Somehow, after rereading my response, it seems like it would be fairly easy to implement, have each closed instance save tabs to last-visit page when closed. At least we'd be able to recoup the last closed instance.
  4. M5 is using a new updated core. No idea how those changes affected your site. Maybe a change in User Agent or something else. All I know is that your page renders properly in retro mode. What you might have against using retro mode, I don't know. You switch to it once and M5 remembers the mode each time you visit after that. Too much trouble? I don't know. Anyway, M5.1.1.300 in retro mode looks like this
  5. When viewing an image in Image Viewer that you've resized or rotated, the image returns to its default state when going into fullscreen. re: Key Changes This update fixed the following issues: - Add full screen viewing mode into local image viewer Translations need to be updated for image viewer.
  6. Both pages loaded fine but I didn't use or create an account for either.
  7. Yahoo Mail Issue

    Yeah, don't know why but it is finally working fine for me now. This with no UA change or anything else that would/should make a difference. Just keep using it until it works, all I can say. Edit: Oh, just noticed I switched to retro mode. Win10, b16257, standard rendering mode. But I do wish it worked in ultra mode for me.
  8. Weird Text

    Looks like you've enabled tips and tricks on status bar in advanced settings and the text hasn't been translated in the language pack. You can disable it in advanced settings.
  9. Confirmed with M5.1.1.200 also. Perhaps a note to the author on addons page would be more helpful than posting here.
  10. Downgrade from v5.1.0.400

    Release notes, M5 at top of this page.
  11. I can't confirm with Mx5.1.1.200. I'm able to change to any resolution.