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  1. Your usaul fix is updating UA isn't it? Although I had no problem viewing it with no UA selected.
  2. Can't confirm. Middle click on any dial opens only one new tab. Clean install of M5.1.2.1000.
  3. Not for me it doesn't, whatever search engine I select from the address bar remains until changed even after reboot.
  4. I can't confirm. Any term I use and select from suggestions, my selection is searched, not what I typed.(even after reboot) Edit; The forum however is giving me problems(namely double quote box and inability to post on first try.)
  5. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    It doesn't work in retro but shows up in ultra with M5.1.2.200
  6. Try clicking the green button under the song title. Uhm, check the volume on your other devices. They are acting as controllers.
  7. Check that you are using IE proxy. I'm using win10, I doubt it is a windows issue. No longer have an XP machine to check. I also don't have an issue with certificate. Edit: I'd also delete your browsing history especially temporary internet files and website files. . Internet Options > General tab > Browsing history > Delete. Also check that browsing history settings "Temp Internet Files" are not set to <Never>
  8. Maybe because I have chrome installed? But not running. Or maybe you have the issue and I dont'. Edit: Just tried and it didn't play. Checked my proxy and it was set to no proxy. Re-enable IE proxy and it plays fine.
  9. My spotify continues to play with only one instance of M5 running and no other program running, i.e. the other player that used to open before the update. Whether having that other player(SpotifyAB windows app) installed on my pc is affecting my experience, I do not know. I guess I could uninstall it to see, but alas, old age and fatigue are getting the better of me.
  10. Without AB+, only a sandbox parsing error. With AB+ enabled, spclient get ads are added. Odd that I don't see the google analytics error you are seeing.
  11. This UA? Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/5.0 Chrome/55.0.2883.75 Safari/537.36 And what about your sync test version?
  12. Be sure to change your UA to Maxthon in settings, but ya, music plays from the webplayer.
  13. Can't confirm, it syncs immediately when first opened, maybe a second or 2. Subsequent syncs are just as quick.
  14. I watched your video and now understand what your issue was and can confirm that despite renaming a second video it only saves the first video. Instead of having 2 vids, I actually only have a duplicate. Sorry my bad about stating there was no issue. Mea culpa! Edit: Sync does seem to work however.
  15. I also had no issue with sync or downloading a YT vid. Nor did I have an issue with renaming the vid or not renaming it.