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  1. MX5 Mac beta release

    Sorry, missed the title of the thread.
  2. Problem with steam site

    Check your Encoding settings in the tools menu(Menu> Tools > encoding) You might also check that you are using IE Proxy.
  3. MX5 Mac beta release

    Middle click opens Favorites in background.
  4. Minimal Max5 Windows Size .

    Already been reported, but thanx for the new thread.
  5. I can't confirm, background is remembered regardless of account.

    Sorry, I don't have BTTV to try, but the update doesn't work for everyone, it is rolling out over the next few weeks. Does it still work on other browsers?
  7. Can not uninstall

    Try right click on taskbar popup icon, properties, advanced and select "Run as administrator".
  8. I wonder if this is not the same issue you have with all new QA builds, it usually fixes itself eventually. My hot icons display fine, even if I edit them. But I notice that I also have your issue with menu on folder tiles.
  9. Miss u...

    It should be soon, but I don't know for sure when.
  10. I think he means to suggest that reader mode popups should look more like that of the Maxnote popup.
  11. I think the cloud background was intentional to show off that QA can now display GIFs in the background. Personally, I only had 2 tiles lose the thumbnails but I was able to update both. Edit: Just noticed there are now several GIFs for the background available right from the menu, very nice.
  12. This is how Maxthon handles Gmail in an internal build, no issues. Именно так Maxthon обрабатывает Gmail во внутренней сборке, без проблем.
  13. Miss u...

    A new version with an updated core which greatly improves compatibility is in the works, stay tuned

    Twitch is undergoing changes that may affect your experience. "Starting Monday, we’ll be improving website navigation to make it faster and easier for you to find whatever you’re looking for on Twitch. The changes will roll out to a portion of users next week and will be available to all users in the coming weeks. If you’re one of the users in our initial rollout, please share your feedback on the Twitch product forums."
  15. Minimal Max5 Windows Size .

    Doesn't play well with windows snap