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  1. These notifications also show up in Chrome and Edge.
  2. They appear only on a few sites. TIA.
  3. Closing Explorer closes Maxthon

    I understood that but don't get why Maxthon and Winamp (and possibly other programs) are in that Explorer "process tree" but Chrome is not.
  4. Trying to apply a fix to a drag and drop problem in Windows 10, one thing happened that I want your help to know why. Every time we close Explorer via Task Manager, Windows makes some sort of refreshing, so it closes all icons on the desktop and on the taskbar. To get all back, we have to restart Explorer using the Task Manager (as explained in the tutorial linked above). But AFAICR it doesn't close the programs that are running. Today, however, I was running Chrome, Maxthon and Winamp (v. 5.666). I started the procedure, Windows closed all the icons, kept Chrome opened but closed Maxthon and Winamp. Why that happened?
  5. Closing Explorer closes Maxthon

    I reproduced the scenario: Maxthon, Chrome, Winamp, plus EditPad Lite running. For testing purposes I selected Explorer in the Task Manager, chose End task —instead of End process tree (as suggested in the linked tutorial)—and after the Explorer restart all the programs were still running. Same with the Restart option. So the problem is related to End process tree. Now I wonder why Chrome is not affected by it.
  6. As soon as I get some time I'll make some tests and let you know.
  7. I don't know why, even after that fix that worked for a while, now those notifications are back. The site that show most of them is (also
  8. I found a solution for these few "stubborn" sites: I added them manually to the Manage exceptions list > Behavior > Blocked. Now their notifications don't show up anymore. Thanks again to all.
  9. Galileusz, I had the recommended setting marked and changed to that of your suggestion, but TNA. Then I tried to use the recommended setting and after that the one you suggested, adding a couple of those sites that show the notifications to the Manage exceptions list, all with the option Behavior > Blocked. But the notifications keep showing.
  10. Dunno if it's some UI thing or something else, but v5.2.5.1000 shows on a new tab a series of numbered copies of the Featured and Blank groups.