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  1. Every now and then this alert appears in the Windows 10 notification area. I want to stop it for good. How can I? TIA.
  2. Dunno if it's some UI thing or something else, but v5.2.5.1000 shows on a new tab a series of numbered copies of the Featured and Blank groups.
  3. rick.lane, I uninstalled and reinstalled Maxthon to check and you're absolutely right! My bad! I guess I installed previously without my eyeglasses, so I didn't see the Advanced button...
  4. After I install Maxthon, I go to Settings > General, uncheck At startup, check if its icon is abnormal, then I delete its desktop shortcut, go to C:\Program Files\Maxthon#\Bin\ and select Maxthon via mouse/context menu to pin it to the taskbar. A lot of work that could be avoided! ► I think Maxthon should give users the option to choose, during the installation, if they want a desktop shortcut or not, like many other apps do. And at this point it should have the option to pin it to the taskbar. ■ I don't like to have a lot of shortcuts on the Windows desktop, so I organize my stuff this way: Windows Desktop - shortcuts for apps I use frequently but not every day (office package, CorelDRAW, etc.) Windows Taskbar - shortcuts for apps I use or need to access quickly every day (browsers, music player, etc.)
  5. I found this 2014 email that reads: Sign up for the NEW and IMPROVED Maxthon Affiliates Program to WIN fun Maxthon swag! Since I couldn't find anything about it here in the forum search, I ask: whatever happened to this program? TIA.
  6. A notification bar below the address bar says I need to update Flash and when I click it to start the update, after a while it says: Flash plug-in installation falied. Please try again. So I hit the Retry now button, but this message keeps showing up. What to do to solve this? TIA.
  7. Problem with Flash plug-in

    Done! Now what happens?
  8. Dear rick.lane, I said that FYI only, so you all could get the whole scenario, since I didn't before and you mentioned these other browsers in your first answer. BTW whenever I install(ed) Maxthon I never set it as the default browser and I always keep it that way in its settings. As I couldn't find anything about it on Maxthon's interface, I thought the alert we're talking about here might be somehow hard coded within Maxthon. So when it showed up today I found in the Windows 10 Task Manager there was this MxUp app running and its properties informed it's located in C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Public\MxUp (where XXXXXXXX is my user name in the system). The folder has a config file that reads: [Maxthon] LastStart=20180810083950 tips=0 RepairShortcutTime=1 SetDefaultTime=1534164871 RepairTime=1532949660 [MxHotnews] interval=-1 Here's the guy! Now I wonder how I can stop it.
  9. I said: "Every now and then this alert appears in the Windows 10 notification area", so it's clear that my system is Windows 10. My default browser is Chrome, I rarely open Edge and I use Maxthon with sites Google's browser is not good at, and for some Maxthon native resources, like closing tabs by double-clicking, Boss Key and others. AFAIK Windows never tries to change my default browser, it only shows some pop-up suggestion for me to do so, but, apart from this little intrusiveness, it's not a system-wide pop-up like Maxthon's, since it only shows up on some Microsoft websites. But the most important thing here for me is that I know my default browser is not at risk, so I don't want Maxthon to now and then interrupt me with such a creepy warning.