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  1. I use the portable version on my laptop. But that's not the point. I think we users should have clear and simple options to stop anyhing annoying to us, don't you agree?
  2. Both options are now unchecked, but it's still showing up.
  3. Dunno if it's some UI thing or something else, but v5.2.5.1000 shows on a new tab a series of numbered copies of the Featured and Blank groups.
  4. rick.lane, I uninstalled and reinstalled Maxthon to check and you're absolutely right! My bad! I guess I installed previously without my eyeglasses, so I didn't see the Advanced button...
  5. After I install Maxthon, I go to Settings > General, uncheck At startup, check if its icon is abnormal, then I delete its desktop shortcut, go to C:\Program Files\Maxthon#\Bin\ and select Maxthon via mouse/context menu to pin it to the taskbar. A lot of work that could be avoided! ► I think Maxthon should give users the option to choose, during the installation, if they want a desktop shortcut or not, like many other apps do. And at this point it should have the option to pin it to the taskbar. ■ I don't like to have a lot of shortcuts on the Windows desktop, so I organize my stuff this way: Windows Desktop - shortcuts for apps I use frequently but not every day (office package, CorelDRAW, etc.) Windows Taskbar - shortcuts for apps I use or need to access quickly every day (browsers, music player, etc.)
  6. I found this 2014 email that reads: Sign up for the NEW and IMPROVED Maxthon Affiliates Program to WIN fun Maxthon swag! Since I couldn't find anything about it here in the forum search, I ask: whatever happened to this program? TIA.
  7. Problem with Flash plug-in

    Done! Now what happens?
  8. A notification bar below the address bar says I need to update Flash and when I click it to start the update, after a while it says: Flash plug-in installation falied. Please try again. So I hit the Retry now button, but this message keeps showing up. What to do to solve this? TIA.
  9. Dear rick.lane, I said that FYI only, so you all could get the whole scenario, since I didn't before and you mentioned these other browsers in your first answer. BTW whenever I install(ed) Maxthon I never set it as the default browser and I always keep it that way in its settings. As I couldn't find anything about it on Maxthon's interface, I thought the alert we're talking about here might be somehow hard coded within Maxthon. So when it showed up today I found in the Windows 10 Task Manager there was this MxUp app running and its properties informed it's located in C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Public\MxUp (where XXXXXXXX is my user name in the system). The folder has a config file that reads: [Maxthon] LastStart=20180810083950 tips=0 RepairShortcutTime=1 SetDefaultTime=1534164871 RepairTime=1532949660 [MxHotnews] interval=-1 Here's the guy! Now I wonder how I can stop it.
  10. I said: "Every now and then this alert appears in the Windows 10 notification area", so it's clear that my system is Windows 10. My default browser is Chrome, I rarely open Edge and I use Maxthon with sites Google's browser is not good at, and for some Maxthon native resources, like closing tabs by double-clicking, Boss Key and others. AFAIK Windows never tries to change my default browser, it only shows some pop-up suggestion for me to do so, but, apart from this little intrusiveness, it's not a system-wide pop-up like Maxthon's, since it only shows up on some Microsoft websites. But the most important thing here for me is that I know my default browser is not at risk, so I don't want Maxthon to now and then interrupt me with such a creepy warning.
  11. Every now and then this alert appears in the Windows 10 notification area. I want to stop it for good. How can I? TIA.