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  1. And you have "Open a new tab from Favorites" DISABLED under "New tab action" in Settings -> General ? If it's enabled then clicking on a bookmark will always open it's own new tab and then it will work correctly. If you do have it disabled then that is indeed a mystery. Any you are using the left mouse button when clicking on the bookmark, right? You're not using some kind of middle mutton which itself then opens the bookmark in a new tab or some other trick like that?
  2. I installed version and observed a slight difference. If the bookmark to a website containing a search textfield is created directly on the favorites bar (and is not hidden!) then a click on that bookmark will open the page and typing into the textfield will work immediately, without having to click in it. However, if the bookmark is created inside of some folder on the favorites bar OR if the bookmark is accessed via the arrow that appears if the favorites bar is full (or if Maxthon window is resized) then typing in the search file on the page opened by that bookmark will not work immediately (you will have to manually click into the textfield).
  3. New window - Private - not private

    Never mind. Fixed in later beta.
  4. I noticed that when I want to go "incognito mode", I click Menu -> New window -> Private I believe when I did this in the past, it opened a new Maxthon window which was "clean", meaning no cookies, no saved logins. But now when I visit a page in this Private window, I find myself logged-in to the sites I normally use. Isn't this wrong? How do I go into "private / incognito" mode in Maxthon ? Using
  5. Technically you are right but this is an issue ... a bad design! Every other browser does NOT suffer from this problem. When you click on the bookmark link, the current tab should get focus and load the page. That's how other browsers do it. Only Maxthon has a problem here. Or at least it does for me and apparently pantantrollo. No.1MaxthonFan claims that it's working OK for him, so perhaps there is another variable at play here that I don't know about. But that doesn't help me at this point in time. For me it doesn't work and I have to manually move my mouse and CLICK into the textfield or onto the tab name (to "activate" it) before I can start typing.
  6. Since you apparently missed the mention of "Open a new tab from Favorites" needing to be disabled from my original post, there is a good chance you missed something else as well. Read my original post again very carefully and follow the steps in it very carefully, and you should be able to reproduce the bug. Do not just click on the link from this forum. You have to click on it from your favorites/bookmarks. So bookmark it first and then open the site from there.
  7. Maxthon beta. I'm using a cloud file storage website at and there is an option for "File Upload" and "Folder Upload". If I click on the "Folder Upload" button, a "Browse For Folder" window pops up where I can select the folder that I wish to upload. However, the "Confirm/OK" button does not have a label on it. Only the "Cancel" button does.
  8. New Tab Problem?

    One is a monitor, the other is a TV. They do NOT have the same resolution. Monitor is 2560x1440 and TV is 1920x1080. I think this is happening when TV is shut off and the PC detects that and changes resolution on the monitor. Before when I had an older monitor with the same resolution as TV, this was not happening.
  9. 1. Bug report. Can anyone reproduce? I noticed that when I open some website which has a search / text field on the first page (for example, I can't start typing into that textfield even if the cursor is already blinking in it. This happens if I open the website via favorites and when the option "Open a new tab from Favorites" is DISABLED under "New tab action" in Settings -> General. So basically I open a New tab, click on the bookmark for in favorites and the website will open with the cursor already blinking in the search textfield. If I immediately start typing, nothing will happen. I have to manually click inside the textfield or I have to click on the tab itself (as to "activate" it). This issue does not appear if I open the website by manually typing its address into the address bar or if the "Open a new tab from Favorites" option in Settings/General is ENABLED. It also doesn't appear if I open it by clicking on a link that takes me to that website (like a link in this post). The bug only appears if I open the website from favorites. I am using installed versions and beta. 2. "Always open links in a new tab" question There is an option called "Always open links in a new tab" in Settings -> General -> New tab action. Can anyone explain with a detailed example what this option means and what it does ? As I understand it, it should always open a clicked link in a separate new tab, but the links on all websites that I visit always open in the current tab. Can someone clarify ?
  10. New Tab Problem?

    This might be related to multi-monitor setups. I have never had this issue on my PC with a single monitor. But on another PC which has 1 monitor and 1 TV connected to it, this happens a lot.
  11. I can confirm that digital certificates work again in the current official / final "install version" After 5 months I can finally upgrade Maxthon again. It's funny though ... nothing is mentioned in release notes / changelog. Thanks for actually pursuing this and fixing it. I admit I did not expect it after such a long time.
  12. beta is still broken. It tries to "see" the certificates but it can't find them. The error message "No certificate available" is displayed. I don't unserstand how it's possible that they broke this feature and now they don't know how to fix it. Maxthon worked with certificates for years, and now all of a sudden there are unfixable problems ? How ? Why ?
  13. So, any news ? Has this issue with certificates been fixed yet ?
  14. Wow, with everything that was said in this topic, it's unbeliveable to see that they actually don't seem to even know what digital certificates are, how they work, or what the problem is. Don't they have certificates in China? This is incredible! And it's really weird that nobody else complains here about it. Don't people use certificates? Or maybe they use old MX 5.1.x.xxxx versions. I'm forced to use and when this gets outdated I'll be FORCED to stop using Maxthon. I never thought this is how I will leave this browser. BugSir006, to ask somebody for his certificate is the same as asking for his username & password. Please don't do that! It's inappropriate!
  15. Like I wrote in one of my previous posts, you can't just "test" this problem on some random site. I can give you a link to my online bank, but since you don't have a certificate for it, you will always see the error page, in all browsers: I do have a certificate for this online bank so when I visit this page, Maxthon should display a certificate window or it should take me to the log-in page. But it doesn't. It shows me the error page, exactly like you see it. You can only test this problem yourself if you have your own digital certificate for some website (online bank, healthcare website, ...). Like I said before, Maxthon does not see the certificates on the PC, so you can't use Maxthon to log-in to those websites. Without fix, Maxthon is unusable.