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  1. Still not fixed in &
  2. I wrote about this also, HERE It's definitely an ISSUE, that can quite easily be reproduced. Hopefully they fix it.
  3. Synchronizing horrors

    Ok, I was trying to multiple-select the folders in the left column (the one that shows "My Favourites" and "All folders"). That didn't work there. The reason I was trying it in that column is because I had no second column to the right of it. And the reason for that is because I was entering Maxnote through the menu icon on the right (below the X) instead of through the avatar on the left. Go figure. The video cleared that right up. Thanks.
  4. I have tried it with the portable version and I have the same problem. Immediate typing does work if Google opens in a new tab, but if it opens in the existing tab then typing won't show unless I click in the textbox. And it's like that on two different PCs (Windows 7 and Windows XP). How it works for you is a mystery to me. I wish someone else would try it.
  5. No.1MaxthonFan, do you have the option "Open a new tab from Favorites" checked in "Settings -> General -> New tab action" ? If that option is checked then will open in a new tab and in that case typing will register immediately. However, if you disable the "Open a new tab from Favorites" option in "Settings -> General -> New tab action" so that page opens in place of the currently opened, then typing will not be registered until you actually click into the textfield, even though the cursor is already blinking in it. That's the conclusion I've come to after a lot of testing after you said you couldn't replicate the issue. Can you try again and let me know the results ? Alternatively, can someone else try as well ?
  6. Synchronizing horrors

    Ok I actually decided to test this today. If I understand correctly, I should be able to select multiple bookmarks/folders by using the Shift key ? I opened Maxnote, pressed the left Shift key and then clicked on the first folder in "All folders" and then on the last one, and nothing happened. The last one I clicked on turned bold and expanded, but that's all. There was no "multiple-selecting" going on. I tried the same on actual links within folders but that didn't work either. Am I doing something wrong ?
  7. Did you try it exactly as I wrote above? I'm having this same issue on two different computers running two different Windows operating systems (XP & 7). MX4.9 works correctly on both.
  8. Nitroflare website problem

    Not for me. Are you using a modified User Agent ?
  9. Since I installed MX5 (currently beta) I am having this very annoying problem ...... when I open a page with a textbox, usually search engines like or, I cannot start typing immediately even though the typing cursor is already blinking in the textfield. I must move my mouse and click on the textfield and only then can I start typing. Is this a bug that can be fixed ? EDIT: Like most other bugs, this one also requires a specific set of steps to replicate. It does not appear if you open a new tab and then select a shortcut to from your favorites bar. To replicate it, first open a new tab and go to for example. Then go to your favorite bar and click on the bookmark for Now when the Google page appears, you will have to click on the textfield before you can type anything.
  10. This is an old problem with Nitroflare and Maxthon and I didn't find any post about it yet. Basically links to can not be successfully opened, at least not on my PC. For example It works normally in Firefox and Chrome though. Can anyone confirm ? I'm currently using MX5.0.4.500 beta but the issue also appears with MX4.9.
  11. MX5 has some problems with dialog windows on the sharing site As with many bugs I discover, this one as well takes some work to replicate correctly, but I think this is how: 1. Create a MEGA account if you don't have it yet (it's free) 2. Click on the "File Upload" button at the top right and select a file or two to upload. 3. When upload is done, right-click on one of the uploaded files and select "Get link". The dialog window that appears should be malformed, like in attached image. The "Copy" button also does not work and if you click on it, the link will NOT be copied to the clipboard. If you refresh the page and try again ("Update link"), then the window will be correctly displayed. But you can again replicate the problem by right-clicking on the file, selecting "Remove link" and then again right-click "Get link". I do not have these problems with MX4.9.
  12. Synchronizing horrors

    BugSir006, sorry, that is on Windows XP 32-bit computer. I think I only imported Favorites on that PC so that's where I got the crash. On Windows 7 looks like there is no option to uncheck "Create new folder" so there is also no crash. 7twenty, I did not try the portable version. I eventually kept the "Create new folder" checked and manually dragged all the subfolders out into the main "All folders" folder and left it at that. I ZIPped the last 3 crashes I got and attached the file below.
  13. There is the option to focus or not-focus new tabs when the web page automatically opens them after left-click on a link. You can ENABLE or DISABLE this option. So why is there not the same ENABLE or DISABLE option for opening new tabs with right-click "Open link in new tab" ? That's all I'm asking. Sometimes if I am writing a forum post and I want to open a link on this page, I must open it in a new tab so that I don't lose the text that I am typing. So I click "Open in new tab", and the tab does not auto-focus after opening, so I must manually click on it. It's one extra unnecessary click. There should be an option in Settings to enable "auto-focus after Open link in new tab", just like there is an option to enable auto-focus for other "new tab" action. It's something that's bothering me. I wouldn't take the time to post about it otherwise. Without the option to adjust it to my preference it becomes annoying.
  14. Buggy window rendering

    I closed all the tabs and opened some new one and now I can't reproduce it either. It's obviously a very sneaky bug. Something must happen to trigger it and then it appears. I will try to find out what exactly.