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  1. netflix not working again

    I've liked that Maxthon is different from other browsers when it's been ahead of the pack and gone down a couple of journeys into new ways of thinking about and sorting my in-browser info — but I have to admit that the divergence concerns me when I think about the need to jump ship and re-acclimate to a different browser at some point down the line. I'm heavily vested in Maxnote and Favorites as well as their integration now. What other browser offers something like that? None that I'm aware of. But Maxthon's handling of my large Favorites library is beginning to bog down and the amount of time I have to wait for (and restart) a sync when I install to a new device ti long, as well. Maybe I'm an edge case, but I'm starting to wonder how I'd handle the move to another browser myself. (If the need arises. I'm still hopeful it won't.)
  2. For a while now, Maxthon has been releasing parallel beta versions. For example, there are currently betas for the 5.3.x release ( and the 5.2.x release ( available in the forum. Am I correct in thinking this is an indicator of parallel development on the 5.2-series and 5.3-series versions of Maxthon? What does that mean for bugs fixed and features added in the 5.2.x betas? Is the same functionality being updated in the 5.3.x betas, as well? Right now, is latest beta from either branch to be posted, and its release notes ndicate several changes from the previous 5.2.x version. For example, "Fixed issue that the translation extension could not work properly on some websites." Will that issue be fixed in the next 5.3.x beta? Or, because of different forks in development, is it not currently an issue with the 5.3.x releases? Does the presence of a fix in suggest a need to at least note that it's not an issue in the next beta release of a 5.3.x version? For those of us interested in running the latest beta* but not in running multiple beta versions, which version would we be advised to run? * with all the caveats about performance that entails (of course)
  3. new beta problems

    Hi, @BugSir006! Hope life's treating you well! For me, the issue hasn't been with Twitter videos, just with loading Twitter itself: I've been on the run and haven't had a chance to verify on a different machine, but I'm hoping someone else can chime in and confirm or deny they have trouble loading content when logged in. (I'll check with plugins disabled and post back in a moment.) UPDATE: I'm afraid it's the same with all extensions disabled — unable to load Twitter.
  4. new beta problems

    I popped in to report the same issue. I've also had trouble loading Twitter (once logged in) on the beta and have been noticing lots of page crashes on Facebook, which had been pretty rare. Anyone else noticed similar issues?
  5. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    @IceHouse, long ago, in the days before Passkeeper, Maxthon had a parternship with RoboForm. It could be there are some of Maxthon old-timers heavily vested in RoboForm who prefer to use it to fill in passwords. (Also, it can fill in more complex forms, which gives it utility for things like posting to content management systems like those on blogs or news sites.)
  6. Occasionally, the address bar is entirely missing from QuickAccess, making navigation a bit tricky.