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  1. This issue is now resolved thanks to the good work of @BugSir006 and the dev team.
  2. Welcome back, @BugSir006! I hope you had a nice holiday. I did try deleting the Passkeeper records for Fandango — there were two; one for the login page and one for the login-during-checkout page — and completing a checkout without them. That resolved the issue (though, of course, left me without prefilled passwords). After that, I saved just the login page, thinking if I bypassed the login-during-checkout page, I could avoid the issue — but even with only that one login saved, I had the same problem checking out. You may need a rewards card number to reproduce the issue. That's the field that's being overwritten with the invalid value in my checkout attempts. (These are separate membership numbers maintained by different theater chains. You save them to your Fandango profile so that you can earn rewards in those theaters' separate reward programs when you check out. Because I was buying a ticket for a showing at Regal Cinemas, my Regal Cinemas reward program number was used.)
  3. I have not given up my dream yet

    I do the same thing. I just wish my sort-order choices would get remembered across devices (and in different places, like the Favorites Bar and Sidebar and Add to Favorites dropdown.
  4. Does anyone else purchase movie tickets through Fandango? When I do, Passkeeper causes a bit of a problem. It works great through the first couple of pages, but when I come to the checkout page, it autofills the field for my Regal Crown Club rewards card number (which is remembered by Fandango and autofilled for me, before Passkeeper overwrites that value) with my e-mail address. Fandango has some sort of validation applied to that field, because after it's automatically filled (by Fandango, with the correct value), it's grayed out so that I can't make any changes to the input. Unfortunately, Passkeeper seems to be able to change it, because Passkeeper replaces the valid card number with my (invalid) e-mail address. This leaves me with an invalid field that causes "Complete My Purchase" to fail every time.
  5. I have not given up my dream yet

    Seconded, @Chantao! Even though I keep my MaxNote Favorites nice and tidy, my Favorites Bar has become something of a mess. You'd think Maxthon would use the same ordering mechanism in all places. (It's also disconcerting to save a favorite from the MaxNote icon in the address bar and have to navigate through folders that are in a different, non-alphabetical order than they are in MaxNote: )
  6. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    @IceHouse, long ago, in the days before Passkeeper, Maxthon had a parternship with RoboForm. It could be there are some of Maxthon old-timers heavily vested in RoboForm who prefer to use it to fill in passwords. (Also, it can fill in more complex forms, which gives it utility for things like posting to content management systems like those on blogs or news sites.)
  7. Occasionally, the address bar is entirely missing from QuickAccess, making navigation a bit tricky.