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  1. When I enter search terms in the last couple of versions of Maxthon for Android, spaces are dropped before being sent to the preferred search engine. (On Google, you'll see the "Did you mean ... ?" prompt.)
  2. Thanks, @PHYR. That's interesting. I'll try an out-of-the-box install on a PC that's never had Maxthon on it tomorrow and see if I can replicate the issue there without logging into my existing Maxthon accounts (in case there's some setting conflict I'm dragging forward from install to install via my profile).
  3. I had tested it on different PCs and got the same result, then I tried testing it under different accounts, so I was pretty sure it was a either a Maxthon issue or a config issue. Looks like this is the culprit: When it's checked, trying to visit any URL saved in Maxnote/Favorites results in a crash. When it's unchecked, there's no problem. The issue continues in (for me, at least). I'd appreciate it if you guys could confirm or deny in your PC installs — although you may want to try it in the guest account, since I lost my QuickAccess settings on one attempt. (That could be a coincidence, but be careful.) I've edited the original post to include a video demo of the bug in action.
  4. How bizarre! It's been consistent for me across two machines on .900 and .1400. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: And on
  5. Hi, all — I've just noticed Maxthon crashes on Interestingly, the crash happens while entering the URL, before hitting the ENTER key — so perhaps there's some kind of pre-loading error? Tested on different PCs (where .900 fails consistently) and on Android (where the site loads fine). EDIT: Here's a video demonstrating the bug and its likely cause. I've also updated the title. See post #7 for more details.
  6. Occasionally, the address bar is entirely missing from QuickAccess, making navigation a bit tricky.