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  1. Thanks, @BugSir006! I had a good bit of old data in the %appdata%/Roaming/Maxthon5/Users/%user% from previous versions, so I backed up the /Molebox folder, deleted everything under %user%, then restarted Maxthon and let it pull down my data fresh. Rather than wait on it to sync all the favorites, I closed Maxthon and restored just the /Molebox folder, relaunched Maxthon, let the favorites sync, and I've been running O.K. since then.
  2. netflix not working again

    "You'll change your mind about that when you hit 20,000 hours, kid!" It never ceases to amaze me how differently users look at features and feature changes. I didn't hate the integration of notes and bookmarks in the beginning, though I was pretty skeptical. Once I figured out how to use it — partly for leaving notes with the full titles of folders whose names had been truncated by Infobox — I got heavily vested. Most bugs or features I want to keep an eye on have a subfolder under "Maxthon" with a note that's just a laundry list of search terms to help me find that folder in the future.
  3. I've been having issues today with Maxthon crashing when I open the Maxnote tab (mx://note/). At first, I thought the crash may be occurring when i switched folders, but it seems to be a problem building out the center space/file listing part of the page. I tried opening and immediately switching to "My File" (rather than the chunky folder that was already selected when I opened the tab), but it still crashes. The Favorites sidebar is working fine. Also, I can open the Maxnote tab fine on a different computer running the same version of Maxthon ( Both installations indicate the Maxnote contents are in a "Sync completed" state. I'm thinking something happened to a local file during a crash this morning — but I'm hoping to avoid deleting my local Favorites file and resynchronizing/redownloading everything from the cloud, as that usually takes most of the day. Any ideas?
  4. netflix not working again

    So. I like Vivaldi quite a bit. I was skeptical of its mission statement and ambition at first, but their team has worked steadily make progress in the directions those early press releases pointed to, and I'm impressed enough with the browser that I use it almost exclusively for one of our Web apps at work, having gone so far as to install it on one of the utility computers where we use that app. But ... ... Vivaldi's notes don't integrate with Favorites in the same way Maxthon's do, and I've acclimated to having notes, screenshots, and favorites together in a single folder in Maxthon. Troubleshooting a problem at work? Create a folder in Maxnote, and in there you can put a link to the issue on the bug tracker, screenshots from users, e-mail reports you copypasted, your own troubleshooting notes, and maybe some other stuff I'm not thinking of right now. I like that. Heck, I wish Maxthon didn't segregate the views for different types of content when you're in the mx://note/ tab. I'd love to keep the same list on the left and just get slightly different main windows depending on the type of content I'm looking at. (But that's probably just me.) It's certainly the closest thing to a power-user browser I'm aware of, and the dev team's stated aims to bring customizability and functionality back onto the browser priority list alongside security and speed are music to my ears. It's a real competitor to Maxthon — and, for me at least, that's saying something. I like trying out new browsers (though I don't do as much of it as I used to), but suggesting I switch for my day-to-day use is like telling me there's another internet I should take a look at. I want to see that other internet, yeah — but give up the one that's been my window on the world for so long? :O @7twenty's always been pretty fair about Maxthon's accomplishments and its stumbles. It's part of what make his such an asset to the community!
  5. netflix not working again

    I've liked that Maxthon is different from other browsers when it's been ahead of the pack and gone down a couple of journeys into new ways of thinking about and sorting my in-browser info — but I have to admit that the divergence concerns me when I think about the need to jump ship and re-acclimate to a different browser at some point down the line. I'm heavily vested in Maxnote and Favorites as well as their integration now. What other browser offers something like that? None that I'm aware of. But Maxthon's handling of my large Favorites library is beginning to bog down. The amount of time I have to wait for (and number of times I have to restart) a sync when I install to a new device is long, as well. Maybe I'm an edge case, but I'm starting to wonder how I'd handle the move to another browser myself. (If the need arises. I'm still hopeful it won't.)
  6. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    @IceHouse, long ago, in the days before Passkeeper, Maxthon had a parternship with RoboForm. It could be there are some of Maxthon old-timers heavily vested in RoboForm who prefer to use it to fill in passwords. (Also, it can fill in more complex forms, which gives it utility for things like posting to content management systems like those on blogs or news sites.)
  7. Occasionally, the address bar is entirely missing from QuickAccess, making navigation a bit tricky.