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  1. Old-Style Maxthon Multi-Search

    @BugSir006, the screenshot is from a couple of months back (November, I believe), but I've had the problem for a couple of years and experienced it as recently as earlier this week with Maxthon @PHYR, I must have missed those posts completely! I still have Multi Search available, and it's my default search engine — but when I get the "old-style" search, it's frustrating, as I can see no way around it but to try again until I get the "modern" Multi Search interface. (In the example at the top of this post, I had gotten the "old" one first and the "new" one when I tried again in a second tab, though this isn't always the case.)
  2. Hi, all — I've found myself using Maxthon in a limited capacity at the office, where we're pretty security-conscious about what packets come in and out through the network and from where. If I were to investigate allowing Maxthon traffic, what domains and servers should I go about whitelisting? For the Maxthon Cloud? For QuickAccess? For update checks? What else reaches out to Maxthon servers and might need to be whitelisted?
  3. Passkeeper security issue

    While not technically a bug, I'd say this is a design oversight. Hopefully the devs will take the suggestion into account and implement some logic that will lock Passkeeper as part of the browser shutdown process.
  4. Old-Style Maxthon Multi-Search

    No one else? @BugSir007, @BugMiss006, any reported instances of this?
  5. Has anyone used Maxthon on a Chromebook? Can you install the Android mobile version from the Google Play store? Or sideload the .APK file? (Does Maxthon even make the .APK available anymore?)
  6. The last few months, I've noticed I often get the "old-style" Maxthon Multi-Search when entering a search term: ... rather than the more modern style, with my customized engines: This happens whether I'm searching from the address bar, the search bar, or QuickAccess. Anyone else noticed this? Anyone noticed it happening more frequently in recent months?
  7. Occasionally, the address bar is entirely missing from QuickAccess, making navigation a bit tricky.