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  1. Request: handle many tabs better

    If I had to guess, I'd say the multi-line tabs may have run into conflicts with page rendering because they made the dimensions of the Maxthon UI frame dynamic. Digging your tab-management ideas!
  2. The last few months, I've noticed I often get the "old-style" Maxthon Multi-Search when entering a search term: ... rather than the more modern style, with my customized engines: This happens whether I'm searching from the address bar, the search bar, or QuickAccess. Anyone else noticed this? Anyone noticed it happening more frequently in recent months?
  3. Can you take a second look, @7twenty? I generally keep those options enabled, and I just noticed after reading @skidude's comment that, despite it all, I've got nothing in the status bar, either. I think they got left out of .2100.
  4. Request: handle many tabs better

    I see! Very cool, but I think I'd prefer an arrow or something in the UI that I could hover over and use the mousewheel to scroll from there. Or maybe make that an ability for Maxthon's existing "more" tab.
  5. - Autoupdater Failed

    For what it's worth, it failed for me on a desktop and a laptop, both running Windows 10 version 1709 (build 16299.98). Both failed in the same manner — luanching Maxthon instead of installing the new version.
  6. I'm glad to see the autoupdater more often these days, but on this latest version (, the update to .2100 failed. I saw the dialog box for the download, indicating process, but instead of running the update installer, the autoupdater just launched Maxthon instead, depositing me back in the same old install of .1700 I'd started with.
  7. Request: handle many tabs better

    I believe I'd prefer that, too — a la moving through worksheets in Microsoft Excel, for example.
  8. New UI design in

    I too would love to be able to merge in tabs from other instances of Maxthon — !
  9. New UI design in

    @Simamtk, you may not see this if you have Maxthon maximized. I had to restore it to a floating window to see what @Honza K. was talking about.
  10. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    Hi, Jus5631410 — For what it's worth, I liked having the user avatar visible at all times in the UI, too. When I switch between profiles or sit down at the computer behind my wife, it's nice to know at a glance which profile I'm logged into.
  11. - address bar

    Maybe the devs caught it. They seem to have broken and fixed quite a few small features in quick succession during the last couple of betas.
  12. - address bar

    The address bar still works as it always has for me. It still works for me. I can switch engines in the address bar by typing alias search_string — for example, /b Maxthon will search "Maxthon" on Bing. Hasn't that always been the case? What would the alternative be? If you leave any of the old URL in the address bar, it will be parsed as part of the search string. (I typically select the content of the bar and begin typing, which replaces the old URL entirely.) Same for me. (And I do miss that, even though it's relatively minor and mostly cosmetic.)
  13. mx QA

    Same here. The first behavior appears to be a bug, and I hope the dev team will address it in the next build. (I stopped by to report it myself. ) The second behavior, I believe, has been around a long while and is a function of how QA works. As I understand it, there's really only one New Tab tab open at at time, and when you open a "second" one, you're just viewing the same page through two different lenses.* (In earlier versions, I don't believe it was possible to do this at all. You just had a single new tab that you got sent to if you tried to open a second one.) — * That seems to still be the case. Try opening two New Tabs, then open a group of Web sites in one.and click on one of those sites. Visit the tab where that site opened and, after the page loads, switch back to the other New Tab (the one you didn't use to open the site). You'll see a brief glimpse of the New Tab you were at last, with the tab group open.
  14. - address bar

    That seems like it would be even more redundant. ;) If you're not using the search bar, you probably prefer having a single bar to do everything from — and that bar is still available in the upper UI of the frame. My suggestion would be to do away with the input bar on QA entirely now that there's a permament bar in the frame again.
  15. - address bar

    Given the new UI, that bar on the QuickAccess page is a bit redundant. Perhaps it should be retired by default in favor of more pinned pages/groups.