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  1. Mxnote scroll problem

    I see, but I like it pinned on the side of the screen. Speaking of that, there's another bug... If you pin the sidebar and make it bigger, when you iconize and restore Maxthon, it gets restored to a very narrow size This does not happen if it's not pinned (but you still have no scroll bar, or mousewheel scrolling)
  2. Hi I just upgraded to mx5, and it's much better at rendering many sites. Good work! BUT: I have a lot of favourites, and I noticed the sidebar list (now called maxnote) is not scrollable with mousewheel to access the last items (see attached image) There is no scrollbar either, so I can't access them in any way, oops :-(
  3. I would like to report two sites not working with Maxthon 4.9: Every github repository when you click on a file or folder, there are javascript errors, you can't navigate sources topics sidebar is rendered incorrectly These bugs are probably related to the very old version of chrome engine used, please update it Thanks
  4. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    That's a preload tag Modern browsers start downoading a video file before user presses 'play', as an optimization (like buffering) Videos with preload="none" attribute should not be downloaded (and of course not played, also) Maxthon (4.9 and 5.0) downloads immediatly all three videos in the page, before user clicks play in any of them, even if they are marked with preload="none" You can check that from Developer tools, Network tab
  5. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    Right-click on a video, choose 'inspect element' In developer tools, you will be pointed at a <div> tag Just before it, there's the <video> tag: <video id="embed-583699a9897ea812053908_html5_api" class="vjs-tech" poster="" preload="none" muted="" data-crt-video="">
  6. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    Sorry about that That's another one:
  7. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    example page there are 4 <video> tags pointing to mp4 files they have the attribute preload="none", but the video get downloaded immediatly, without pressing 'play' (see F12 -> Network tab) Please provide a different site for this problem.
  8. By the w3c documentation, if a <video> tag has a preload="none" attribute, the browser should not preload the video Chrome as an example follows this rule, but Maxthon (both 4.9 and 5.0) downloads all the file anyway. In video heavy pages, that kills browser performance (and data caps, also)