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  1. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Ok, I tried to rename my %appdata%/maxthon5 folder and then start the portable version No favorites imported, but the problem remains: icons in maxnote show up only in popup mode I give up for now: I'll keep checking this on next versions Thanks for helping, 7twenty
  2. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    No, because the portable version has the same behavior Is it possible to launch the portable version without automatically importing existing favorites?
  3. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    You're right! There's a button there! Now I see three panes I'm not using a custom skin. If I open maxnote in popup version, the icons are present Portable version works the same. Feel free to ask if I can do more troubleshooting Thanks
  4. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Cannot confirm If I use the main maxnote window, its even worse: same layout, but without the icons (I clicked on the 'man with the hat' icon, instead of hitting ctrl+g)
  5. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    That's odd... My maxnote is different. And if I click on a folder, I only see a folder icon on the right: I'm using mx in guest mode
  6. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Uh? From where? I can't ctrl- or shift-select anything from maxnote window, or favorites menu... Sorry if I'm missing something obvious
  7. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    That's not favourites management, it's a simple list element reordering Try to move a group of ten or more favourites in a deep subfolder, as an example: it's quite cumbersome A management window like in MX4 would be really useful
  8. Hi
    Could it be that we have a bad extension installed?

    My extensions are:

    • Adblock Plus
    • Stylish for Maxthon
    • Youtube center developer build
    • Autozoom
    • Favorites


  9. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    That's a preload tag Modern browsers start downoading a video file before user presses 'play', as an optimization (like buffering) Videos with preload="none" attribute should not be downloaded (and of course not played, also) Maxthon (4.9 and 5.0) downloads immediatly all three videos in the page, before user clicks play in any of them, even if they are marked with preload="none" You can check that from Developer tools, Network tab
  10. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    Right-click on a video, choose 'inspect element' In developer tools, you will be pointed at a <div> tag Just before it, there's the <video> tag: <video id="embed-583699a9897ea812053908_html5_api" class="vjs-tech" poster="" preload="none" muted="" data-crt-video="">
  11. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    Sorry about that That's another one:
  12. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    example page there are 4 <video> tags pointing to mp4 files they have the attribute preload="none", but the video get downloaded immediatly, without pressing 'play' (see F12 -> Network tab) Please provide a different site for this problem.
  13. By the w3c documentation, if a <video> tag has a preload="none" attribute, the browser should not preload the video Chrome as an example follows this rule, but Maxthon (both 4.9 and 5.0) downloads all the file anyway. In video heavy pages, that kills browser performance (and data caps, also)