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  1. Since I find it impossible to get files to render in MX5 . Not in ULTRA or RETRO . I will never be able to use it . When I reinstalled my . My current favorites were gone . Replaced with my 3 year old favorites . WTF ? I have been a 100% loyal user since 2012 . It is now almost impossible to use Maxthon . I need to recover my current files . Please . Here are some examples of how bad MX5 is .
  2. I have been a Maxthon 4 browser user for over 6 years . Many different versions . I am now trying to upgrade to MX5 cloud browser . I have a lot of favorites and skynotes that I brought up on my PC . Hundreds of them . Barely able to transfer to MX5 . Why would you make MX5 more difficult and less user friendly ? ( don't answer that ) . I have 1 username 1 gmail 1 password . 1 version of MX5 Is it possible to find my PC cloud with my laptop ? Because so far I have not found a way .