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  1. Missing bookmarks

    Any luck finding something about my problem?
  2. Missing bookmarks

    Oh sory,my bad.It's
  3. Missing bookmarks

    My browser account is SirNasso.
  4. Missing bookmarks

    I can provide only on the current state. But I did some digging and found some of them in Maxnote's Trash bin.Recovered some of them but it's far from all.I think I got most of the important ones back,so it's not a big loss.
  5. Hi guys, This morning I launched Maxthon, and to my surprise I see that after syncinc most of my favorites(bookmarks) are gone.They were more than 200, and now there are only 30-40.I haven't deleted anything,and yesterday they were fine.So is it possible for you guys to restore some backup or something?I thought that them being on a cloud is safe.I use the latest stable version
  6. SiteTalk extension

    Hi guys, Today I tried to install the SiteTalk add-on,but the site says I use too old version of Chrome and it is not compatible.My Maxthon is with the latest user agent it downloads the Opera version of the add-on,but can't install it.So can someone give me any advice? And I don't want to use the new version of Maxthon,because of lots of missing things.