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  1. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    I checked the 2 settings Magdalene mentioned.The first one was uncheked,but the seccond wan wasn't checked.So I made them as on the screenshots and will see what happens.
  2. Hi guys, I tried looking through the forums and found nothing about MX5,only some advices from 2 years ago.I want to stop it from opening pdf files when they are downloaded and/or opened from some pages.The default program for viewing PDF files on my PC is Acrobat reader,and it opens all files that are on my hard drive.I can't figure out how to stop Maxthon from doing that.My version is
  3. SiteTalk extension

    Hi guys, Today I tried to install the SiteTalk add-on,but the site says I use too old version of Chrome and it is not compatible.My Maxthon is with the latest user agent it downloads the Opera version of the add-on,but can't install it.So can someone give me any advice? And I don't want to use the new version of Maxthon,because of lots of missing things.