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  1. MX, video problems

    That was strange to me too.Given that the older MX5 worked fine.What is even stranger is that so far that problem is with Nvidia drivers,haven't seen anyone with ATI/AMD gpu having this problem.And to make things even weirder I tried this on the office pc wich is also with Nvidia gpu (though a lot older that the one at home),and everythings works as it should. Anyway glad that the problem is solved too.
  2. MX, video problems

    Tried the clean instal and nothing changed.Then I read that you mentioned updateing the video driver.And to my surprise Geforce experience software forgot to alert me that there is new one availabel.After updateing it everything works normaly.So consider the solution found - update to latest video (Nvidia???) driver.
  3. MX, video problems

    Hi 7twenty, I have tried most of the things suggested in that topic,except clean install,portable version and sign out of MX passport.I'll try the clean install tonight and let you know the result.
  4. MX, video problems

    Exactly the same as Szlezi mentioned,happens to me.
  5. MX, video problems

    I don't have YTC,or any other similar extension installed.And the only difference is the new version of Maxthon.So there must be something changed from 5.1.0 to 5.1.1 that causes this to happen.
  6. Hi guys, Since updating to versions or a problem appeared. In ultra mode no video or gif can be played in youtbe,facebook or similar sites.When I try to start a video the sound is playing fine,but instead of video there is only black screen.I tried reinstalling Maxthon but no luck. In Retro mode everything is normal.On version it's working fine.The problem appeared only in later versions.
  7. SiteTalk extension

    Hi guys, Today I tried to install the SiteTalk add-on,but the site says I use too old version of Chrome and it is not compatible.My Maxthon is with the latest user agent it downloads the Opera version of the add-on,but can't install it.So can someone give me any advice? And I don't want to use the new version of Maxthon,because of lots of missing things.