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  1. Missing bookmarks

    Well renamed folder,restarted browser,it started syncing and for sometime the favorites looked like they should.Then they dissapeared again.And now I'm back where I was before we try anything. Also checked the Thrash,and there are some links there,but they are very old and not needed anymore.
  2. Missing bookmarks

    Yes,we can.I tried to find how to PM you,but couldn't.So if you say how,we can move there.
  3. Missing bookmarks

    Hi BugSir006, I'm sure I haven't deleted anything.Went to bed one night with everything in it's place,and in the morning they were gone (can't remember corectly, but it might be after some MX5 update).As for the thrash,I haven't deleted it,just found some of the favorites there and restored them.These I still have,but they are not all there were.But it will be great if you can restore the thrash and I'll see if there are some of the missing there.
  4. Missing bookmarks

    Well I guess there is no turning back for me now?I managed to recover couple of missing sites,but most of them are gone.
  5. Missing bookmarks

    Any luck finding something about my problem?
  6. Missing bookmarks

    Oh sory,my bad.It's
  7. Missing bookmarks

    My browser account is SirNasso.
  8. Missing bookmarks

    I can provide only on the current state. But I did some digging and found some of them in Maxnote's Trash bin.Recovered some of them but it's far from all.I think I got most of the important ones back,so it's not a big loss.
  9. Hi guys, This morning I launched Maxthon, and to my surprise I see that after syncinc most of my favorites(bookmarks) are gone.They were more than 200, and now there are only 30-40.I haven't deleted anything,and yesterday they were fine.So is it possible for you guys to restore some backup or something?I thought that them being on a cloud is safe.I use the latest stable version
  10. SiteTalk extension

    Hi guys, Today I tried to install the SiteTalk add-on,but the site says I use too old version of Chrome and it is not compatible.My Maxthon is with the latest user agent it downloads the Opera version of the add-on,but can't install it.So can someone give me any advice? And I don't want to use the new version of Maxthon,because of lots of missing things.