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  1. Thanks for the attempted help, Magdalene. Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the problem and the pdfs, regardless of my decision, still keep opening in Maxthon. Generally, you're not going to help alleviate a disgruntled user's complaints by being pedantic. As I have been using Maxthon for ten years (since Maxthon 1, even), it's implied that I know there were other versions. It was just an unintended error in my post. That being said, I appreciate the attempted help. That solution is still not working for me, however. At this point, I'm going to start using other browsers now (in fact, I'm typing this in Opera which has the option to open PDFs in the default PDF reader and doesn't incessantly ask me if I want to try its features every single time). On top of these problems, Maxthon 5 is exponentially more buggy than its previous predecessors. GMail keeps throwing me a "This site's license has expired" when I know it hasn't and it works perfectly fine on my phone (and Opera). Furthermore, the moving address bar bugs the mess out of me, as it doesn't always return to the top and sometimes just freezes in the middle of the page. Hopefully these bugs get fixed in the future, but Maxthon 5 really just feels like such a downgrade from Maxthon.
  2. Hello all. I've been using Maxthon 5 for probably around ten years now. And for the most part, I have been very satisfied with my use of the browser and routinely would recommend it to others. However, within the past year, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with it. And honestly, if things keep going in the direction that they are going, I may have to find a new web browser. Why? Because the new updates have been intrusive. There have been frequent pop-ups telling me to check out Maxthon's new feature. Whenever I have to insert my email into a webpage, I get the annoying UUMail recommendation, every single time. I do not want to use UUMail. I have never wanted to use UUMail. Yet, I cannot disable the browser from advertising a feature to me that I don't want to use. Yet even more recently, Maxthon Downloader now forces downloaded PDFs to open in Maxthon itself, when previous iterations would automatically open the PDFs in your computer's default PDF reader. This is frustrating because to begin, when one normally opens a PDF in Maxthon, it opens up as a link within the web browser with the option to download it to your harddrive. Hence, there is no need to open the PDF in Maxthon from the downloader, because I usually am already looking at the PDF in Maxthon when I download it. The reason I download PDFs is to open them in a superior PDF viewer, such as Foxit. Now, I can't do this anymore and have to go search for the file amidst my clutter of PDFs. The most recent update that forces this is extremely frustrating and is trying to force the user to use the browser more. There are other minor issues that I will not detail. However, these two issues are emblematic of Maxthon 5's new direction: Force the user to use the browser and its features when they don't want to. However, I'm not going to stick around forever if you keep doing this. If you're going to force me to use your browsers features that I do not want to use, I am going to stop using your browser. I don't want to stop using your browser. I've been using it for ten years. But the intrusive pop-ups and forcing me to open PDFs in the browser are ridiculous. Please stop this nonsense. (Additionally, for some reason, I cannot post this in another forum that may be more appropriate for my complaints. Hence, I am posting it in my introduction. Please heed my complaints, regardless. If I have to fight to tell you all these problems, I will be more prone to leave your browser behind)