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  1. Maxthon Startpage

    I think they're just random... just higher numbers than what the default was. I've noticed that as well. Haven't looked into what the cause could be. First thought would be ABP.
  2. Only thing i can think of is that at some stage you created a desktop shortcut from the tab context menu (send to > desktop shortcut). Good to see that it's fixed for you now.
  3. Sorry, meant the target to the file as shown in the properties dialog.
  4. Maxthon Night Mode problem

    Do you have any other nightmode extension installed? Try logging out of your account if using a passport and see if it still happens.
  5. Fill the details in, right click in one of the fields and select "save form" from the menu. Should work exactly the same as if you got a notice asking to save. You can also create a "generic" account and label it for whatever site you want. Then double click on the field and choose from the dropdown for it to fill the details.
  6. What's the url on your desktop shortcut? If the shortcut has a link to a particular site then it makes sense why MX is opening that site. What happens if you open Maxthon directly from the .exe file in the installed folder?
  7. Maxthon Startpage

    link? Don't use any of the live stream things, but i'm currently using the default UA and haven't run into any issues that i recall. Previous to that I was using: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57.0.2987.133 Safari/537.36 OPR/ Which is the default UA + an updated chrome version string - the maxthon string + OPR/ to fix some issues with embedded youtube videos.
  8. Android versions

    Are we sure that's the reason? I've been using MX android since at least (i think), but definitely since (as evidenced here). Since these releases there have been at least 4 beta and final releases. To my knowledge i've never had all my userdata lost between any of these versions. And assuming that was the case and the same happened on a previous final release, then surely all my customisations would have carried over since the last final version that was installed? That's not the case either. Personally i think it's a bug.
  9. I'm guessing this only happens on a login link? Main page works fine.
  10. Make sure "Enable standard rendering in Retro Mode" is checked in Settings > Advanced. Don't have an account so can't test the login issue.
  11. Maxthon 5 & widevine | WebRTC

    Yes, watched it all the way through the first time. Then refreshed and skipped through it. Just tested again, started with no issues, skipped through, refreshed and skipped through again. No errors. Do you use a portable version of Maxthon by any chance? If so, i'm thinking it's because the WideVine DRM files aren't included with that version. See this post with some info and fix. If you use the installer version... then i'm not really sure.
  12. Not to answer for the OP, but this is an issue that has been going on for the past few weeks with multiple users over many countries and numerous versions of MX. I highly doubt they're all using a proxy and not one has mentioned that up till now. More issues here: i'm pretty sure there are more, that was just a quick look at the first few pages of the forum.
  13. @BugSir006 Is there any information you can provide about this issue? Are dev's looking into it?
  14. Maxthon 5 & widevine | WebRTC

    1 / been mentioned before. I don't recall there being a response from a rep or dev. 2 / The bitmovin link seems to work fine. Can't try the movistarplay link as it requires login details.
  15. Buenos dias

    If you use a passport account to login to Maxthon, then the same one is also used for passkeeper. And that is exactly what the link provided is for, to access your passport account. Or in your case, retrieve your forgotten password. From there you can update all the details required, including the password.
  16. Can someone post the certificate details (view certificate link) of one of these errors, instead of the warning message which is somewhat useless. Also confirm the time/date on the system is correct. Use time.is/[your nearest capital city]
  17. Buenos dias

    Yes they are. Use https://my.maxthon.com/login.html to get your password back.
  18. Is this normal ? Password

    If there's more than one field for password for example, and they all use the same field name "password", then they'll all get filled. At least that's the way that I understand it. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how many times it gets filled, as only the one that is actually submitted is acted on.
  19. MX5 Google-breaking bugs!!

    Confirmed. Seems with all the updates going on with signin pages MX has been left behind. They really need to sort this out if they want the built in option to be used over something else. That said, I don't know if other password managers are also having the same issues. This is normal behaviour if you're deleting cookies after every session. But i'm thinking you're stating this as it's a hassle because of the problems mentioned above. Can't confirm. Was already logged into my google account, but signed out and logged in again. No problem with Docs showing the "start a new document" page, opening an older file and creating a new one. Check your ABP settings (test with it off), and also extensions in case they're causing a problem. And ensure you're using the default useragent. Can't confirm. Been reading YT comments just today. Same as above re: ABP/extensions
  20. I think it's possibly a cookie problem, especially if it doesn't happen with other browsers. Try deleting cookies and see if it still happens.
  21. Seeing as google is probably one of the biggest names on the internet, you'd hope they get this sorted out. Way to many sites using google related links that may potentially get this error for it to be ignored. Everytime an MX user sees this and gets scared off there's the possibility of them jumping to any other browser that doesn't have the issue..
  22. I've never seen that file running, nor is it running now, yet i'm streaming spotify perfectly right now. Sounds like it might be related to the app rather than the webplayer. I'm still thinking it's to do with the way MX is setup to download the extra DRM components, possibly using the mxup.exe program which portable doesn't include. And speaking of which I was just reading this comment again: And i'm thinking, why? Why would they not include the extra 6mb (2.4mb when compressed!) in the download package? If it gets downloaded at first start the data still gets used? It doesn't save MX, nor does it save the user any data, seeing as in both cases the extra data is downloaded anyway!! If that isn't the most stupidest idea, i don't know what is. They used the same reasoning for not including all the language files in portable as well, also only adding <5mb to the package. In a world of UHD video, always on internet and unlimited data plans, an extra ~5mb isn't going to hurt anyone except the unlucky few who might still be on dialup. And there's no gain in trying to keep a very small minority happy compared to the majority. Obviously I don't have the usage data that MX does - maybe it shows the only people that download portable are on slow connections? Maybe none of them are using streaming media that require the DRM files? Maybe they're all only english and chinese? Maybe for these reasons they decided not to include them... (I highly doubt it) who knows I know i'd rather download a file that says it's 100mb complete, rather than a 50mb file, which then surreptitiously downloads another 50mb in the background. At the end of the day, i'm happy my spotify issue is fixed (at least for now). Just a little annoyed that this could have been resolved much earlier with a simple response saying "portable doesn't include the DRM files".
  23. So it seems Spotify have decided to update their web player to something that isn't as good as their old one, and just to top it off has issues running in Maxthon. Before the update it was flawless. If you open https://open.spotify.com/ you get the error Oooops, something went wrong with the playback. Reload at the top of the page. Reloading does nothing. Clicking the play button doesn't play anything, although you can still go through your music etc. Tested in Opera and it works fine. Now this is where it gets weird. With Opera still open, Spotify "seems" to run fine in Maxthon. I can play/pause change tracks no problem. Close Opera, then Maxthon doesn't work. What's weirder is that the music isn't actually being played from Maxthon (no sound icon on the tab) it's actually Opera playing the music, but being controlled via Maxthon (or through whatever web sync feature they have) UA changes don't help. Using Retro mode works (and using the old player!!). Just thought I'd throw this out there seeing as it's a somewhat weird issue.
  24. Is this normal ? Password

    ummm, nope. Same in MX4... Maxthon fills in the the email/password fields everywhere on the page because they're more than likely using the same field name.