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  1. So I read you majorgeeks post and understand what you're trying to do... and why the extension isn't working for you. But I think it's a little presumptuous of you to assume the creator of the extension "doesn't know what they're doing". As described above, the issue isn't with the extension or the file formats that it uses, or the intuitiveness (or lack thereof). It's simply that you are unaware of what it's capabilities and limitations are, and are trying to do something that it was not designed to do. SO: you have 2 options to fix the issue that you have: 1/ drag/drop (copy/paste what ever you want) the URL's from the saved HTML into maxthon. While the tabs are open save them to favourites (right-click a tab > add all pages to favourites). They won't be part of your last session page, but they will be saved. 2/ PM me your html file and i'll create a valid.txt file that will work with the extension so it can be imported via the import session option and you'll get the list back in to last session.
  2. There is nothing to address as the extension and files are working as designed. The txt file is there for the extension to use and isn't designed to be altered by the user (it can be if you know what you're doing, but shouldn't if you don't). There's no need to if you're using the extension properly. The only txt file it reads is ones saved by the extension using the "save as" button. There's no need to because it already works properly if it's used as designed. Save the current last session using "save last session", use that session from within the extension using "view session", or from the MX last session using "use session". Use "save as" to keep a copy of the last session for whatever reason. If you need to restore it, import using that file with the import session option. it seems you want or expect the extension to do something that it's not designed to do. Use it as it's designed and you'll have no problem. Just to reiterate: you can't import anything that wasn't saved with the "save as" option within the extension Something the dev's need to look into. I'm not even sure how/when that is updated. I've still get an old earlier session from ages ago.
  3. Youtube Videos no longer play

    hasn't been a widespread issue. Problem is on your end. What's the error/problem? update to the latest version,
  4. Note: by named session, i mean a last session that has been saved by selecting the "Save Last Session" option Refresh Last Session - refreshes from the maxthon last session data Save Last Session - saves the last session data named with the current date/time to a named session Last Session Save As - saves to a text file to be used with the import option Clear Last Session - clears maxthon's last session data Save Earlier Session - saves the maxthon earlier session data named with the current date/time to a named session Import From File - imports data from a saved .txt file saved with last session extension --- from within a named session --- Save As - saves the named session to a text file to be used with the import option Use Session - overwrites maxthon's last session data with tabs in this named session which can then be opened as normal View Session - show the tabs saved in the selected named session (can open using right-click > open... Rename Session - rename the named session Export to HTML - export the tabs saved to a HTML which can be viewed in browser Delete Session - deletes a the named session
  5. It's showing as #1 on the forum page now. ^^ this and this vv have nothing to do with each other. If you want to open a last session that was saved from the MX tools menu, then open the .html or .mhtml file that was saved using that option. It should open and look like the normal last session page. (I believe) it will only import what's been saved with the extension using the "save last session/Last session save as" buttons as shown on your screenshot. Mind you i haven't played with this extension for while, so i'm explaining this based on what/how I believe it should work.
  6. Not possible without changing the skin, and I don't know how/what to change. Not something they want people playing around with much, so you're pretty much stuck with it unless someone wants to play around for you, or you want to do it yourself.
  7. The rest should be showing up in the retracted tabs dropdown at the right of the tab bar. Odd that you mention this now, as it has been like this for a very long time. unless you're talking about something else? Not sure what "tapes" refers to.
  8. No you don't have to, it's only there to indicate it's in edit mode, or saving, saved etc. You can click it to manually save, but it should be happening automatically after any edit of a note or favourite.
  9. Maxthon doesn't have one. You could try something like AM Deadlink Use it too find the bad links, then manually search and delete them in Maxthon. Would be ok if it's only a few. If there's a lot over multiple folders then it might get a little out of hand. You'll need to export your Favourites list to HTML, open in AM Deadlink and do the check. Another option is using the Chrome extension Bookmark sentry. Download to Chrome, import your favourites to Chrome, do the check, then export Fav's from Chrome to HTML file and import back into Maxthon. It's a bit of a long way around, but it should get the job done. Even with this, it's OK as a one off option, but not really something you'd want to do regularly.
  10. I doubt it's a glitch, it's more than likely an issue with a long decrepit OS that should no longer be used except the most extreme of circumstances. Just one of the issues you need to deal with if still using it. Nope. I don't use any extras like that. Just keep a backup of my Maxthon folder - on the slim chance that there's an error i can just copy it all back. And haven't had to do that for a long, long time. I'd say you're on the right track. Explaining that at the outset would have been helpful. I was scratching my head for some time trying to figure what you were on about. Incidentally, in doing so i did find out about being able to save the MX Last Session page. So that was a nice bonus. It's a actually a good workaround to using the extension, just save the page by date. It maybe not as user friendly, but in saying that... Seems pretty straight forward to me based on a quick play around a while ago. The buttons are pretty self explanatory in their purpose - save/delete/rename etc. Import opens a previously saved session. Export to HTML would save to a standard HTML file instead of whatever it uses by default (dat or xml?) Probably something the dev should be messaged about so that can add some more info somewhere.
  11. I've been forever complaining about some of the UI issues in MX. While things have improved since MX4, there are still some things out of place, or just plain not updated because of whatever reason. So in the same spirit of the Typo's, grammar issues etc... lets make a list! thread... here we go with MX UI issues...lets make a list!! Although somehow I don't think it will get the same response as the other thread... of which also has been somewhat slow to fix issues of late... So off we go... Lock button has text lower than the Security button A message about Chrome?? Not sure how this came up, nor have I seen it more than twice, but still i'll add it in Reader mode: The search bars are different in Maxnote and Passkeeper. In Maxnote - Colours are lighter, smaller text, different magnifying glass icon Choose one style and make them the same. Different heading style compared to downloader/ABP/clear browsing data/sniffer dialogs etc. FIXED - In QA setttings, "background" is cut off even though there is plenty of room for the (?) to be moved to the right: More to come... Once they've been looked at it would be nice if the UI could get a slight make over. Currently it's very static, buttons are either on/off, there's no movement. Add some animation (eg. fade in/out) when moving over tabs/buttons. Opening/closing tabs is very, very jerky compared to almost every other browser. The latest Firefox looks amazing, animation on hovering over the tabs, a colour flourish when a tab is loaded, animated refresh button, fades on menus. Even just the fade on the text in the tab bar when the titles are too long - it looks better than the ellipsis (...) that Maxthon uses. All very small things, but they complete the experience and makes the whole browser look very polished and complete. The new Maxnote style is nice. The animated drop shadows when hovering over items is a nice touch. Hopefully that starts making it's way into the rest of the browser over time.
  12. No issues here with either: It's a bug if it can be reproduced consistently on multiple different systems. If it can't, then more than likely it's a just a unique anomaly on yours. As No1 mentioned, try disable ABP.
  13. websites not opening

    I got an error (not the same as yours) the first time i tried, disabled ABP (and then re-enabled after checking again) and it's been working fine since. Whenever you get a problem like something not showing properly, or weird errors, disabling ABP should be your first thing to check. Read through here for more tips: Also, when adding images to posts, please attach them directly, rather than in a word document. Just makes things more annoying for other users having to download a file just to see the image.
  14. I've been asking for years... only options to do that are listed in the links above using thirdparty tools.
  15. I don't believe so. As it notes, it refers to the files in the folder, not the folder itself. I checked on my test install, it also has that showing, but checking all the files there are no read only ones. Have you tested with a portable version as guest, then with logging in?
  16. A little disappointing that after 2 more releases (final and a new beta), this still isn't fixed. It's a very minor issue, sure, but it also has the simplest fix you can get - it's literally adding " UI" to the fonts section in the UI files! Just 3 characters!
  17. Read this again, it sounds like you're trying to import that using the import favourites option. They're are different files. This won't work.
  18. 1. why don't type your post directly into the browser instead of always attaching a text file/word document? If you must create the document, at least then copy the text into the browser. 2. Some readable Last session data is saved in the config.ini file in %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest\Config Some other data (not sure exactly what and isn't user readable) is saved in the lasttabsa.dat in %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest\History If your saved last session file looks something like this, then you haven't saved any data. Last Session View History Last Session Earlier Session Open all To save the last session page you need to choose "Web archive, Single file" or "Webpage, Complete" from the save as type options in the save dialog. If you're lucky there might be some data in the config.ini file, otherwise I'd chalk this up to a learning experience...
  19. Tried removing userdata in appdata\maxthon5 and re-syncing? Sounds like some settings aren't sticking due to a file error or similar.
  20. Not familiar with Mac, i'm guessing in the folder that Maxthon is installed in, or otherwise if there is some User folder that programs save data into by default.
  21. Windows taskbar problem

    No, normal window maximise. OP mentions Task Manager which doesn't have a fullscreen option. Also when using the F11 fullscreen option, even with the taskbar always on, it is hidden and can't be shown unless the application is windowed again. So it's not the F11 option they're talking about.
  22. Windows taskbar problem

    Turn on "hide taskbar" in windows settings. Maximise Maxthon. Move mouse to the bottom of the screen (or where ever the taskbar is set to). Taskbar should popup over the Maxthon window. OP is saying that it isn't popping up over Maxthon.
  23. mouse button is being held down... only way that the tab will move with the cursor.