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  1. This has been brought up a few times before i think. MX needs to fix up it's session management. When you have more than one maxthon window open, if one window has 10 tabs open and the other has 2 tabs open, if the 10 tab window is closed before the 2 tab window, the 10 tabs are lost. On restart using the mx://last-visit/ page only the 2 tab window sites are shown.
  2. Still happening in
  3. Anyone notice or have an issue where when switching tabs you get a flash of white before the new tab shows? If you switch between two tabs that have recently been opened there's no problem. But switch to one that's been left open for a while then you see the problem. Another way to check is quickly ctrl-tab through the tabs, you'll get white screens on any tabs that will cause the problem, while others will display the page properly. The tab switching seems to be faster than previous releases where there seemed to be a delay after clicking a tab, but now the white flash is quite annoying. Video attached. There's only one evident white flash towards the start (at about 2secs into the video). Video has also been slowed down a little make it a little more evident. Although the other tab switches also showed it, i think the slow frame rate may have dropped those ones. Will try and get a better one at some stage. white flash.mkv
  4. Session management problem

    Me too. But up until now it was more of a hassle to deal with. Now that you can (finally) simply drag out a tab, if you wanted to, it's quite easy to have multiple windows open. If you don't close them in the right order, or have multiple tabs in each, you'll lose all that info on the next start.
  5. Session management problem

    You're sort of both right. If the 2 tab window is left open, then the 10 tab window should show in the last visit page, as it was the last one closed. But it seems that it's made that only the last process closed causes the tab list to be saved. Whatever the case, despite it being designed that way, it's not a very good implementation. It should keep track of the last tabs of any window closed as PHYR noted.
  6. Yahoo Mail Issue

    Any reason why using Retro isn't an option? That is why it's there after all?
  7. Downloader broken

    MX sniffer/downloader still doesn't support streaming formats properly. Unless it can find the complete file you'll always only get the streaming segments of the file. I think the "unknown" file size may be the correct one to choose if it shows. But many times you don't even get that. Really needs to be fixed/updated. Was one of the unique features of MX back when it was first released, but now every other browser that has the same option does it better.
  8. In Passkeeper security info: Make the question tabbed in line with the answer Use the correct apostrophe so there's no weird spaces in words. There's more than just those marked below. Just had another look: Last line first question should be "to ensure your password information is secure". 2nd question should be "won't be affected by changing devices" 3rd "please change to a more complicated password..." Sigh...And there's probably more...
  9. While you might be right about logging into the other site, the intel page works for me. Have you tried working through the troubleshooting list? http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21475-maxthon-troubleshooting-tips-and-tricks You say you already tried disabling ABP, but you've also got a number of extensions running. Start disabling them and work from there.
  10. Video float function

    I've noticed the video restoring it's original position. Can't recall if it didn't before that. May have been a feature of the flash videos. The subtitles staying on the main page I think is related to the fact that only the video is popped out, while the subtitles are still being drawn on the page. Not sure if that can be fixed. Although seeing as the video is able to, i can't see why the subtitle element can't do the same.
  11. So don't use it. Doesn't mean having a toast popup wouldn't be handy even for those that don't use the notification centre. Are there any browsers with advanced download management? I don't think so? The big 5 only have a download list to review and have easy access to the downloaded files. I don't think MX should try and offer something more complex considering there are programs dedicated to this that would do a better job. What they should be doing is spending time on fixing/adding some of the basic features that were removed in the 4.4 > 4.9/5.0 change, along with polishing up some of the rough edges of the UI.
  12. Maxthon doesn't have any way of notifying users of complete/failed downloads unless you keep open or open the download manager. Maxthon should use the notifications/action centre in windows to show when downloads complete/fail etc. Info here from MSDN
  13. So no interest in doing something that's makes MX more user friendly or standardised with OS features?
  14. Any updates on if this might ever happen?
  15. I think I may have mentioned this ages ago... and it's still not fixed. Can someone please fix this in reader mode! Looks completely out of place compared to some of the UI design shown on first use - see the Maxnote icon info bubble below. The reader mode ones should follow the same design.
  16. Maxthon vs Chrome

    No issue here. Make sure you're not in Retro mode. Make sure you're using the default User agent in settings > advanced (customise box should be unchecked)
  17. All sites? Is your control or shift key pressed somehow by mistake?
  18. In version (and I think earlier), when pressing the play/pause button on a popped out video it continues playing straight afterwards. Happens when clicked using the mouse, or using spacebar. Using the play/pause button on the actual YT video tab works properly whether the video is popped out or not. Tested on a clean portable version. Win10/15063.540.
  19. Blocking 3rd Party Cookies?

    I don't believe you can. Only an option to enable/disable cookies. Typical Maxthon - either on or off, very little options in between. Although it used to be in 4.4.x... so the question is why was it removed?
  20. No issues with either.
  21. Videos are geoblocked for me. Tried using a proxy but the videos don't show. Not sure if that's because of the proxy or the issue you're describing. It's in the Adobe Flash and Maxthon thread: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21476-adobe-flash-and-maxthon
  22. Certificates not working? SiteDisable error

    I'm not 100% certain, but looking at some of the Maxthon files, i'm pretty sure the security check is done locally against a list of urls provided by the Chinese company knet (http://knet.cn). As to why they don't allow you to check the sites certificate when you disable that feature, i'm not sure. Make a post and hopefully you'll get answer or they'll fix it and add that option even with the security check disabled.
  23. Hello ! (Add-on Dev)

    Hmmm things seem to have been removed... It may have been because you hadn't posted yet. Here's the thread with links to the documentation: