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  1. Help link in menu goes to Facebook page!?

    Or you could just click a saved link to the forum? I'm not sure what the apprehensiveness about it is over using the link in the menu? For new users that aren't aware of the forum, well they're just going to get screwed over with a link to FB, and probably not being able to find any meaningful link to here. For users like yourself who are aware, just come here directly. No need for fancy links via the main menu. Going here directly via a saved favourites or the (old) menu link is exactly the same. EDIT: split help link discussion from Facebook issue thread
  2. Help link in menu goes to Facebook page!?

    Clearly they feel that FB is a better means of "help" for their users. I'm not a fan at all as a means of support. It's hard to track discussion and highlight problems/solutions, you can't search for issues. The only good thing about it is that a huge number of people already have it and know how to use it. But hey... not my decision. Just create a favourites link to the forum. Use that instead.
  3. Don't run script on mxaddon:// page

    Tried that as well, but still doesn't work. Doing my head in... and it's possibly one tiny character that i missed.
  4. How do i stop an extension that runs at "doc_start" from running on it's own options page? Have tried the "exclude" setting in the def.json file, but no matter how it's written it won't stop it from running. Have even tried adding code to check the URL and if it's the GUID for the extension to stop running the script... but somehow it still continues? Makes no sense to me. PS if I get a reply to this i'll be completely surprised!
  5. Dark and light theme icons

    The built in tools icons (downloader/sniffer etc) change colour depending on theme colour. He's asking if the same can be done for extension icons. I think you probably could but you'd need to find out how to detect the status of the theme (dark/light). Not sure where about that is saved. And i'm not sure what you would use as a trigger. If the check is only done on click then the icon will stay till you click the button or page refresh etc. On top of that I think that the icon change feature might be broken in MX5. Was testing an extension with code that I know worked (and tested with MX4.9), but the same extension doesn't work in MX5.
  6. Maxthon Multi Search

    Go to mx://multi-search/ There's an option at the bottom to add your own search engines.
  7. Only Run One Instance

    Seems that option may have been dropped for the time being. Will hopefully be back at some stage.
  8. Maxthon goes to background immediately

    Seems to be fixed in the .1200+ versions
  9. FB issue solution on the new beta

    If this can be "fixed" by change of UA, i'm wondering why they don't just push a working UA when accessing this site like they do for others?
  10. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    I've ported the MX4 night mode extension into a standalone extension after looking into it after requests by users to bring it back. All credit to the original creators from the MX team. Known issues: No settings page. Uses the default settings. Needs to be enabled for each page. Changelog: 0.9.0 beta2 release + Icon now updates to show if enabled/disabled 0.5.0 beta release + Updated to work as a switch. Click to enable/disable 0.0.5 alpha release http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=3060
  11. I have two scripts. One that I want running at doc_start (script#1) and another on pressing the toolbar/sidebar button (script #2). Script #1 calls for a function in Script #2, but seeing as they're separate scripts it fails at that point. Doing some reading it seems it can be done, and using the standard HTML code adding all scripts required for a page should allow that to work. But it seems when starting a script via an extension that has no effect, even if the HTML file that calls all the scripts is set to run as a background service. Any tips on what I should be doing?
  12. Open multiple links in new tab

    Buggered if I know. Uploaded an update on Sunday. Nothing happened on Monday... So thought I'd wait till Wednesday (just in case that was actually right)... Now that and Thursday has come and gone... So Friday? @BugSir006 @BugMiss006
  13. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    Ummm it's wednesday and no update on the extension site? @BugSir006
  14. Favorites icons gone

    The most recent beta release I think had a bug where the favicons didn't show. Hopefully will be fixed in the next public release.
  15. A big problem

    Will be interested to see if any of those settings have an effect on the outcome, as none of them have anything to do with browsing. Unless there is a typo or miscommunication in the OP, they state a "specific site". If it's only happening on one or a few sites then it helps to have others also check this to confirm it's the site and not the browser.
  16. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    Been through a few revisions the past week and a bug fix thanks to a user that posted on the extension site. Now includes a first run prompt to check/save the colour settings, and some minor UI tweaks.
  17. Refresh needed, pages loading problem

    Thanks for the update. Bit of an odd resolution, and I don't think i'd have come across it. Will have to keep that one in mind. I'm guessing that was just a random path you wrote in, as i'm sure MX would have complained about that not being a valid path.
  18. AutoComplete not working in

    Just read this again, and i'm thinking are we talking about the same thing? Passkeeper/Magic Fill entries are saved and filled as they should be. But reading the quote i'm thinking you're talking about saved entries that save on a per field basis. And I don't recall seeing that available in the past few releases. EDIT: split this from the announcement thread.
  19. Maxthon goes to background immediately

    I may have stumbled across this issue on occasion as well. Didn't take too much notice of it, but it could be related. Will try and keep an eye out if it happens again.
  20. Arabic title doesn't show correctly

    In Menu > Tools > Encodings, check one of the arabic options and see if that helps. If not, try one of the others. Not sure if it affects the UI though.
  21. I've never taken that setting to be as you described. I've always understood it to mean if unchecked no plugins are available to any sites. i.e. all disabled. Although the "print using system dialog" should then work and not cause the tab to crash. Definitely needs to be fixed.
  22. A big problem

    And that site is???
  23. Why are maxthon extensions not compressed?

    Just noticed this when I was playing around with packing a skin file. It seems the old version of the MXpacker file does actually compress the extensions/skins files. On the test that I did using the skins and an addon it shrunk the file by approx 40-50%. IIRC your extension is one of the larger ones, so if you want to compress it then use the old version. Apart from that and it's command line based (although you can drag n drop) i'm not sure what else thee is different. But the files created still work. Attached below as i'm unsure if it's still available anywhere else. MXpacker_old.zip
  24. AutoComplete not working in

    Well it's not a maxthon issue as no one else is having issues. But if it's doing the same on portable that does throw a few more questions out there. Was that portable using a Passport or guest?
  25. Quick Access and Address bar

    Because it's a design feature. Like the avatar in the top left or the navbar icons, something that defines the look of the browser. Right. Was just pointing out where the idea came from. Asking is all you can do. If the dev's agree they may change it. But it's been like this for quite some time - probably not going to change anytime soon. Not sure if that was directed at me? I have no more say in what the dev's do than what you or any other user or member of this forum. Make your suggestion and it may/may not happen. As far as making things more easy... what I stated above (for me) seems easier and more efficient. More comfortable - no, because you're too used to what you do. To me it seems like it's a waste of time opening a new tab when it can be done all in one "motion". As a work around, if you don't have anything set to open at startup (or it's set to new tab) - for your homepage set it to a blank HTML file somewhere on your system and point it to that. If you still want to use CTRL+T to open a new tab, change the shortcut for homepage to CTRL+T as well. Change this to CTRL+T (and of course change or delete it for New Tab) It's a bit of a roundabout way to do what you want, but it does exactly what you want.