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  1. Magnet links aren't recognised. Can't do anything. https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/16884466/Linux_Mint_18.1_(Cinnamon)_(64-bit) It's not related to the program set to open magnet links, MX won't even recognise it for it to get that far.
  2. Nope, as shown in post #5 it wouldn't even recognise links.
  3. As with PHYR, seems to be working fine?
  4. And now MX5 PC!! Exceptional should be "Exceptions" - there's no Crowdin string for this If "Not for this site" during password auto saving, the site will be saved here should be "If "Not for this site" is selected during an auto-save password request, the site will be listed here" And while this isn't a typo or grammar issue... I don't have a thread for UI issues... yet. The search bars are different in Maxnote and passkeeper. In Maxnote - Colours are lighter, smaller text, different magnifying glass icon Choose one style and make them the same.
  5. In Passkeeper security info: Make the question tabbed in line with the answer Use the correct apostrophe so there's no weird spaces in words. There's more than just those marked below. Just had another look: Last line first question should be "to ensure your password information is secure". 2nd question should be "won't be affected by changing devices" 3rd "please change to a more complicated password..." Sigh...And there's probably more...
  6. "Click on the open" isn't right. Should be "Click on the link to open". There is no string for this on CrowdIn And is click even the right word to use for touch devices? Also why are there Internet Explorer logos used? It's not a windows device or program. It should be the Maxthon logo. Same goes for MX5 PC in maxnote - which i've mentioned before.
  7. Shift + Backspace is forward, same as Alt + Right Although i see what's going on how. It seems Chrome has removed backspace as the back command. When you press backspace in Chrome you get a notification to use Alt + Left. It seems some browsers (at least chromium related ones?) are moving to use alt + direction instead of the long used backspace key. It seems that Maxthon has jumped onto that bandwagon as well. Tested in Chrome/Opera. Both use alt + directions. Edge and firefox still use backspace. Although I wouldn't be surprised if that changes at some stage.
  8. It is, and it isn't. You can now right click on a link and then copy or open the link in a new tab. Then the default program associated with torrent files will open. BUT clicking directly on the link still does nothing which is not how it's supposed to be. See above. Can you check that it's the same on yours?
  9. Lock Browser

    Have you tried any of the other cmd. options? Could be that they're designed to only work with the MX UI, not extensions. Can't recall having played with these before so can't offer much more than that. A new SDK update wouldn't hurt either. cmd.lockBrowser wasn't listed in any of the older ones. So seems to be something new added since the last update for MX4, or has since moved from an internal setting to a cmd option.
  10. Smart Address Bar

    Correct. That's what I always figured, never had a reason to question it. Although the help notification for that setting in settings seems to indicate what you're expecting.
  11. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Works here. https://twitter.com/Maxthon/status/871910574216622080 If you're still having issues you'll need to start looking at your install to see what the issue is. Start by logging out of your passport account and see if it still happens. Or test with a portable version.
  12. Hmmm, what an odd change? The fact that (shift +) backspace has been a long universal (forward) back key that works across all browsers means it should be the default, and have the alt+left/right as an option. Although I don't disagree with the change. Sort of makes sense having the left/right keys as back/forward. Thankfully backspace can easily be added if that's what you want. Although i'm sure a few people might start wondering why it no longer works. Assuming it's a known change it's something that should be mentioned in the changelog. Users shouldn't have to question why changes like this happened or whether it's a bug.
  13. Seeing as you can't delete passport accounts, both of those should work to login to MX5. The domain/mail account closure has no bearing on your maxthon passport account as it's only used as a user id. The only issue you may have is if you have forgotten your password and the password reset email goes back to the old email account. So try logging in with the donegal.net email and see what happens. If that works then maybe one of the bugsir/misses can offer some insight as to whether it can be merged or updated with your new email address.
  14. You really seem to be unlucky with your usage. I don't use gmail, so can't say if there's any issues. But apart from trying the usual - clean install, ABP on/off/extensions there's not much more to offer. Check the troubleshooting thread and see if that helps.
  15. Lot's of users running W10 with no issues. Did you try this?
  16. passkeeper not autofilling

    Check that the auto-fill option isn't reset to manual in settings. And see what happens when you change to en-GB for the language issue.
  17. I can't see any sort of ebay tab on i.maxthon.com (us or uk) Only thing is the small ebay button that is a link to the site. That can be changed to whatever country you want. No issues here. Something might be blocking it from accessing the data. Test by turning off ABP (although the site is supposed to be exempt from being blocked) and any other firewall software.
  18. Nice pickup. Losing icons isn't an issue, just update them again using the menu option in maxnote. And another great reason to use a portable test install for things like this. If it breaks something delete and start again.
  19. Not sure if the new blink core has much to do with it. I think this is a UI issue. MX has always had issues with RTL languages, but can't hurt to give it a try. That menu is definitely a mess though.
  20. Oh i know. Maxthon is still missing lots, but for some reason i still use it... go figure The post was about just using another browser for magnet links till it gets fixed.
  21. 4.9.4 had guest as well. It just wasn't as evident. If you don't sign in then you're using guest. As to your other question, there are only two places MX saves data depending on the version used: Installer - %appdata%\Maxthon5\users (or %appdata%\Maxthon3\users for MX3/4) Portable - Maxthon install folder \userdata\users Then in that folder their will be: guest [user_account] if you use a passport account. The MCE of Wxp isn't anything different to the normal version. According to Wikipedia it was just the first version to include Windows Media Centre. Nothing else about the OS changed. So your issue is more that you may have multiple MX installs and/or accounts on this PC which you can't seem to determine is the correct one. I'd move all the userdata folders you know of to a safe place. Start MX again and check all the paths above again to see where the new Userdata folder is created. Then you can either copy back that data, or other data to that newly found folder. Or even better just don't use install versions. Extract portable and use that. You'll always know where your data is I'm pretty sure this is only for Windows Vista and higher. Previous versions didn't have a c:\Users folder.
  22. How do I downgrade MX5?

    Check menu > about. If the version shows it's different then the downgrade worked. If you're having an issue with the downloader, then it's possible it's something that was updated on the backend which has been implemented in older releases as well.
  23. Beta M5.1.0.1700

    Yeah, seems a bit odd to mention it but not explain what exactly it is.Especially when it's not evident in the description.
  24. Or just use a browser without the bug.