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  1. History not loading.

    i've been getting this happen occasionally as well. Most times i'd delete the most recent history file and all will be well, at least for a while then it happens again. Since the last time it happened, i removed (not deleted) all the history files and it's been about 3 days with no issues. I'm not a big user of history, although it would have been handy the past few days, it's nice to have, and have it working consistently. Definitely seems there's something going on. It's not the first time this has come up for me or others.
  2. Twit.tv - 404 error page

    Seems to have resolved itself since. I've had the same issue previously as well. Very odd. Anyways...till next time...
  3. Maxthon is giving me a 404 error page when going to twit.tv, or any other page on the site. Works fine in Retro, and in other browsers. If i delete cookies it works fine, but a refresh gets the 404 page again. Tested on & .400 portable. One with userdata imported and a clean version. ABP on/off or changing UA makes no difference.
  4. Quick Access

    In the edit box there should be 2 boxes towards the top, the one on the left is the Title and on the right is the URL. Only change the text in the Title box.
  5. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    Yes Nothing, it's just another option for those that don't want to use the built-in Maxthon version.
  6. Another one... still no fixes for many of the above...
  7. I've been forever complaining about some of the UI issues in MX. While things have improved since MX4, there are still some things out of place, or just plain not updated because of whatever reason. So in the same spirit of the Typo's, grammar issues etc... lets make a list! thread... here we go with MX UI issues...lets make a list!! Although somehow I don't think it will get the same response as the other thread... of which also has been somewhat slow to fix issues of late... So off we go... Lock button has text lower than the Security button A message about Chrome?? Not sure how this came up, nor have I seen it more than twice, but still i'll add it in Reader mode: The search bars are different in Maxnote and Passkeeper. In Maxnote - Colours are lighter, smaller text, different magnifying glass icon Choose one style and make them the same. Different heading style compared to downloader/ABP/clear browsing data/sniffer dialogs etc. FIXED - In QA setttings, "background" is cut off even though there is plenty of room for the (?) to be moved to the right: More to come... Once they've been looked at it would be nice if the UI could get a slight make over. Currently it's very static, buttons are either on/off, there's no movement. Add some animation (eg. fade in/out) when moving over tabs/buttons. Opening/closing tabs is very, very jerky compared to almost every other browser. The latest Firefox looks amazing, animation on hovering over the tabs, a colour flourish when a tab is loaded, animated refresh button, fades on menus. Even just the fade on the text in the tab bar when the titles are too long - it looks better than the ellipsis (...) that Maxthon uses. All very small things, but they complete the experience and makes the whole browser look very polished and complete. The new Maxnote style is nice. The animated drop shadows when hovering over items is a nice touch. Hopefully that starts making it's way into the rest of the browser over time.
  8. although i'm not too concerned seeing that the majority of the other scans in virustotal show nothing, i'd be curious to know what it is that is causing some to show this warning.
  9. Main menu > clear data > Make sure "clear download history" is unchecked.
  10. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    how interesting, and concerning. there's no reason why you can't unpack the extension and have a look at the code, even better if you've got the dodgy chrome version to compare against. As you said, many MX addons were user created/ported rather than official versions from the dev, so depending on how up to date the uploader kept it, it could still be safe. At this stage probably best not to use it if anyone is at all worried about these revelations.
  11. click the translate button in the extension toolbar. On first run you should also get a banner popup asking if you want to translate this page with options to dismiss.
  12. MX5 PC Beta release

    Looks like it's en-GB that doesn't have the translations yet.
  13. MX5 PC Beta release

    Hopefully all the translations are fixed and added before the final release.
  14. where is

    Or just wait a few hours till some one gets around to posting about it.
  15. v5.2.4.2000 Very slow startup

    don't believe you can. It's an encrypted file \, so you can't just copy/paste it, and there's no export option for it.
  16. You may want to recheck your other issues now. This may have been somehow related to those as well.
  17. permission

    Turns out this isn't an issue. I tested with installing to that folder on a standard user account and i get no such issue. A couple of things to check: Try unchecking the Set Maxthon as default browser, and check that Maxthon is default browser options. Close and restart Maxthon. See if you still get the same UAC prompt. Right-click the MX5 icon (either on the taskbar/desktop/start menu) and open the properties dialog. Go to the compatibility tab and ensure there is nothing checked. If there is, uncheck them, restart and check.
  18. works fine here as well. Are you using a proxy or VPN or something else non-standard in your setup? You've definitely got some unique issues.
  19. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%us
  20. Yes, try this URL for one of my addons: http://extensiondl.maxthon.com/skinpack/31953638/1503007072.mxaddon Save it to Maxthon5\UserData\Users\guest\Addons folder, assuming you installed into Maxthon5 folder and are using a guest account. Although i don't know if this will help, as it seems you're being blocked from downloading the file, but this should give a better answer as to that. Also you're saying that the addon's aren't running anyway even if they're in the correct folder. We need to figure out what is stopping them from running.
  21. permission

    You can't. You can drop the level that UAC warns you but that puts you potentially at risk. Where do you have Maxthon installed? Have you changed where it was installed? If it's in the Program files folder then i believe it always requests that due to it being a system folder. Try installing to another folder/drive and see if the same still happens. Although i think MX has some issues a while back where it was constantly asking permission even though it shouldn't hav.e
  22. There's nothing you can do wrong when installing that can cause a missing checkbox. I'm pretty sure you installed an older version.
  23. As QIK5L said, just copy the new folder over the old one. This will get your old extensions in the old version of MX running in the new version. But it won't fix the problem with them not installing properly. Try extracting another portable version and see if that does anything different. Are you extracting them to the same location? It's just using the browser without an account (using the skip login option)
  24. That's me. But in my testing the page loads instantly when using guest mode. If i was using QA in guest, i'd have nothing to complain about.