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  1. If all that is happening then something clearly went wrong during the update. The only valid complaint you have is that QA is different... and that's not going to change. Reinstall.
  2. You can do it the easy way by following the "homepage" link for the filter on the ABP page, then copying the "View EasyList/Easy privacy" etc link from the easylist.to page.
  3. Sorry, missed that part. Can confirm that Display and System show a device in use if it's the current tab. Only System (Audio) if the tab isn't in focus.
  4. Recovering favorites from old install?

    find your old Maxthon folder. Then look for the \UserData\Users\guest folder. Copy that to your new install and all the data should be back where you left it.
  5. you have to manually add the link. MX doesn't support the abp:// protocol to import it directly. In the add your own filters > filter list location, use the link https://easylist.to/easylist/easylist.txt for easylist. Although, i'm not sure why you lost them in the first place. They should all be imported over with favourites/passwords etc.
  6. As with PHYR, portable, all show none.
  7. Cannot play Netflix

    changing to FF doesn't work here. MX portable. There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again. Error code: F7111-1331-4027
  8. This issue seems to crop up occasionally. Not sure why. Although i don't think i've been stuck with it ever.
  9. Customise UI button at the top right of screen > Status bar > CPU usage. Then when it's enabled click the button on the status bar to enable IP's to show. And yes, it doesn't really make sense that it's shown as CPU usage. it's been noted to change that item to be System Info. Should hopefully be changed soon...
  10. I've been forever complaining about some of the UI issues in MX. While things have improved since MX4, there are still some things out of place, or just plain not updated because of whatever reason. So in the same spirit of the Typo's, grammar issues etc... lets make a list! thread... here we go with MX UI issues...lets make a list!! Although somehow I don't think it will get the same response as the other thread... of which also has been somewhat slow to fix issues of late... So off we go... Lock button has text lower than the Security button A message about Chrome?? Not sure how this came up, nor have I seen it more than twice, but still i'll add it in Reader mode: The search bars are different in Maxnote and Passkeeper. In Maxnote - Colours are lighter, smaller text, different magnifying glass icon Choose one style and make them the same. Different heading style compared to downloader/ABP/clear browsing data/sniffer dialogs etc. In QA setttings, "background" is cut off even though there is plenty of room for the (?) to be moved to the right: More to come... Once they've been looked at it would be nice if the UI could get a slight make over. Currently it's very static, buttons are either on/off, there's no movement. Add some animation (eg. fade in/out) when moving over tabs/buttons. Opening/closing tabs is very, very jerky compared to almost every other browser. The latest Firefox looks amazing, animation on hovering over the tabs, a colour flourish when a tab is loaded, animated refresh button, fades on menus. Even just the fade on the text in the tab bar when the titles are too long - it looks better than the ellipsis (...) that Maxthon uses. All very small things, but they complete the experience and makes the whole browser look very polished and complete. The new Maxnote style is nice. The animated drop shadows when hovering over items is a nice touch. Hopefully that starts making it's way into the rest of the browser over time.
  11. Cannot play Netflix

    Tried this using a portable version. Didn't work.
  12. In Passkeeper security info: Make the question tabbed in line with the answer Use the correct apostrophe so there's no weird spaces in words. There's more than just those marked below. Just had another look: Last line first question should be "to ensure your password information is secure". 2nd question should be "won't be affected by changing devices" 3rd "please change to a more complicated password..." Sigh...And there's probably more...
  13. Icons are aliased with dark themes enabled. Image zoomed 2x to show the issue more clearly. (blurry on dark, sharp on light)
  14. Can you please advise when the latest version of MX PC will be getting updated translations on Crowdin, and added to the release version? 1/ there's plenty of untranslated strings in the en-GB version which is annoying. 2/ there are still strings from ages ago still not fixed... and it's getting annoying still having to post about this. @BugSir006 Missing translations in en-GB Missing translation for unknown file type(?)
  15. Status bar isn't too bad. I was actually referring to the navbar/toolbar icons. They're probably the same size they used to be before MX5 supersized them, but now i got used to it i think they were better being slightly larger. No doubt i'll get used to the smaller size in time as well..
  16. I think the heights are fine. Just the elements inside them seem to be a little small now. While the previous versions may have been slightly on the large side, i think this time they've shrunk them a little to much.
  17. Bookmarks bar suddenly stretched

    It's just a reminder for you to do those things. There is something wrong with the way they're being shown. Not sure if a restart or reinstall will help. You can also click on them and they should disappear. Although the import bookmarks option may import data that you don't want. Not sure if there's a confirmation before that continues.
  18. after update all the link pages heve gone

    They probably have multiple servers setup for this, possibly for different regions, which would indicate the different IP's you're getting. Also probably part of the reason why it was requested to force a particular one to try and determine the issue without multiple servers getting in the way.
  19. after update all the link pages heve gone

    Trying to explain, as have 3 other people, that it's being entered wrong. Because the HOSTS entry is wrong and the new IP is not being mapped to the hostname.
  20. error 6000

    1. there's an explanation in the international forum about that. 2. site? link? image of error?
  21. after update all the link pages heve gone

    Maybe, but the test that bugsir006 posted was never a guaranteed fix - just a check/test. Which is why i posted above how to check that the changes to the HOSTS file are actually working... but you know, my posts seem to be hidden from users...
  22. Fast image save function

    Works fine here. Enable/disable the option. Restart the browser.
  23. how to deactivate SPDY

    not an option in maxthon unfortunately. Not that it hasn't been brought up countless times to give access to such options.
  24. Maxthon 5 is Totally Messed Up!

    Did you try deleting cookies?