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  1. The forum is slow, but there's still some life. The thing is your last posts were about long gone versions of MX. You're not going to get much response about them.

    Regarding vine.co, that service was closed back in Jan 2017, at least according to the website. There's no links to test anything with, but i do recall that older MX versions had issues with embedded gifs/video on twitter/facebook. I'd say it was the same for vine. I'd assume any links you have should work ok with the latest version of MX5, no guarantee though.

  2. Or in a simpler way, it's only available if there is a page to go forward to.

    Also if you're using an older version of MX5, the designers had the great idea of hiding the forward button until it was actually able to be used.

    If you're still having issues in that you are using a current version, and you have gone back through the tab history and it still doesn't show, then there's a problem.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, nevergetany said:

    I didn't realize I had to re-invent the wheel again.

    There's no re-inventing anything. It's literally copying data from one install to another. Open windows explorer, paste %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest into the address field and it'll take you directly to that folder. Do the same for the current install and just copy the data over. Keep a backup, of course.

    You haven't provided any information beyond "it's broken", so i'm trying to fill in the blanks as best i can.

    You now mention you do have passport...which if that is the case, then signing in should get all your data back (which it seems it has?!?)  - so i'm confused.

    Disable any extensions related to youtube, they break it.

  4. 1 hour ago, nevergetany said:

    but I still don't know how to import the mx that is on it to the new drive

    Sounds like you're using a guest account, otherwise your favourites should have synced when you signed in with Passport.

    On the old drive go to %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest. Copy the userdata folder to your current install. All your info will come back.

  5. I find that an odd response.

    I can't see how this is a problem, coding wise or commercial. Local QA data is accessed from the local store, the same way it was before they started the cloud thing; and if they want ads all over the place it gets pulled in as required. So the QA page is local along with the data, just that there's links to get the ads as required. 

    I could be wrong there, i'm not all up with how that all works... but in theory i think that's how it plays out. But maybe there's more to it.


  6. 9 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    This version has been re-uploaded.

    Ummm what now? Updated because of one bad translation?

    So what about all the other languages that haven't had their language files updated? Even en-GB, which is 99% the same as en-US, doesn't even have these strings.

    Whoever has designed the workflow for organising updates/translation integration needs to go back to the drawing board.


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  7. 4 hours ago, pantantrollo said:

    Without being naive, does anyone believe that they do not listen to us?

    Everyone likes to think their issue is the worst thing in the world and needs to be the #1 priority... it's just the way people are.

    I don't think it's a case of not listening, i think they do... but i don't think they act on it, unless it aligns with their own plans.

    It's been said by bug*'s that they collate the requests and info posted here and it is looked through. But that doesn't really mean anything as there's no feedback on any of that. So for what it's worth they could file it in the recycle bin.. it wouldn't make a difference.


  8. On 10/13/2018 at 11:51 PM, judgedredd007 said:

    1. Print function now hidden in a sub menu (at least it was in the first version of 5) - really, really dumb move.


    On 10/14/2018 at 10:36 PM, judgedredd007 said:

    I might try the latest version of Maxthon but if the print function is not where it has been in MX


    On 10/23/2018 at 0:15 PM, judgedredd007 said:

    Print dialog is the worst though - different to just about ALL other programs out there.

    Read the above and then look at the image of the Vivaldi main menu below.

    Tell me if you can see the irony.


    15 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

    Saying things like, '.... having no merit...' and other comments shows a disregard for what a user is saying.

    There is no disregard. I responded to your overly emotional post from an objective point of view. Gave you options and reasons as to why/what and why i thought so. It was summarised shortly afterwards. "No merit" meaning without basis for your argument. After 2 pages i still haven't seen a response as to why the context menu print option wasn't a workable solution. Every response came back to "it's not how it was", or "it's not how i like it". Yet, see above for proof that it clearly doesn't matter, despite "number 1 being the most important" (your words).

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and i'm a huge proponent of constructive criticism, but if you're going to criticise something, at least be able to back it up with some facts/data.

    And yes, it is an objective pov. I might be a Vice Admin here, but i'm not staff, i don't get paid, i spend my own time offering help to users, i have no more say in what happens with development than you. I use MX because it works for me despite my own gripes with it. I've been on the edge many times looking for other browsers and still come back because it works for me... no other reason. If i found something better tomorrow, you won't see me here the next day.


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  9. 17 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

    Even at Version 1 Vivaldi is NICE!

    Vivaldi is hardly a v1 product. It was in beta for over a year with a huge number of builds in that time before it finally came out with it's V1 (currently at V2 if i'm not mistaken). AND the creator(?) is ex-Opera, of which had at least 12 versions, maybe more, before he left to start Vivaldi.


    17 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

    The tab tiling disappearance was 'the straw that broke the camels back' so to speak.

    I was going to point out that this and everything else you want are in/can be tweaked in MX5... but you've already moved on... so again, good luck.

  10. 11 hours ago, DaveMax said:

    Because according to this 'nag bar' suggesting I should upgrade to the latest and better experience, it is.

    For all the talk of hand holding etc, apparently now we need a great big banner stating that MX4 is obsolete, even though there's a link to "Maxthon5", MX4 hasn't been updated for over a year, the release notes menu shows both MX5 and MX4.9 and almost everyone after kindergarten knows that 5 comes after 4.

    2 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

    Print dialog is the worst though

    I'm sorry, I still think this is the flimsiest excuse for dumping the browser. Considering there's a better option to access print in as many clicks on the context menu, i can't see why this is still the thing that puts you over the edge.

    2 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

    the split tab/split screen utility that was accessed through the menu in the top right

    Was disabled in 4.9 as it was the precursor to the MX5 branch. They started from a much revised platform requiring some things to be re-built/fixed to make it work properly.

    The new window option was still available, allowing you to tile windows using the default windows options (drag/drop, drag to corners, WIN+Left/right etc.)

    But if you're going to criticise Maxthon, having crap window/tab management is a valid one. You couldn't drag out a tab to a new window till MX5.1.x.

    2 hours ago, judgedredd007 said:

    or when finances allow hire someone to hack MX4/5 and recreate the browser the way I want it. I really don't care if it will cost 100k or 200k or more.

    Good luck with that.

    Had you mentioned it earlier, creating a skin with the Print option in the top level menu is a all but trivial. Send me the 200k and i'll happily do it for you :wink:, and add the print option to as many places as you like.

    But seriously good luck with Vivaldi. It's a great browser that does many things very well. But like with you, there's some things that just don't work for me, namely crappy support for super drag&drop and popup video... but that was a while ago, things may have changed.

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