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  1. The size of MX5 toolbar icons

    If they did change the sizing an updated SDK would be nice so dev's can update their extensions accordingly. Also if it is a size change, then i'd hope it would auto-detect the correct size if the 20px image is in addition to the others. At least that way it will look correct whether a user is still on an older version or MX5.
  2. Using portable as well. Tested on a fresh version as well, still not working? EDIT: working now! Woohoo!
  3. Doesn't seem to have happened yet. Manually changing to the IE11 UA works (but not something i want to have set permanently), so i'm guessing that's the UA that's going to be pushed. Correct. Good to hear that something is happening
  4. Still broken... Any updates??
  5. Not sure what's happened, but now I can't even run it in Retro mode. Page seems to want to start as Ultra and can't change... just gets stuck. Have tried deleting cookies and it works for a second, then goes back to the above. Very, very broken.
  6. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    Auto mode added in v1.4.0!! Uploaded to extension centre. Will hopefully be available next week some time. Thanks, but i can't take too much credit for it. Using the original code from the MX4 extension created by their devs. I just made it work as best i could as an extension seeing as the new one wasn't received too well by users.
  7. Thanks for the info. Still trying to get my head around it, but it makes more sense now than when I first looked at the API documentation.
  8. I have two scripts. One that I want running at doc_start (script#1) and another on pressing the toolbar/sidebar button (script #2). Script #1 calls for a function in Script #2, but seeing as they're separate scripts it fails at that point. Doing some reading it seems it can be done, and using the standard HTML code adding all scripts required for a page should allow that to work. But it seems when starting a script via an extension that has no effect, even if the HTML file that calls all the scripts is set to run as a background service. Any tips on what I should be doing?
  9. Could be that they're aren't enabling it for all users or regions.
  10. yes odd that it didn't show straight away? Could you play any music before the error?
  11. Nah, the equivalent in HTML for JS was tried as noted in the first post (code below). Just isn't working, or maybe not as I'm expecting. not sure if it's because it's an extension or something else. I'd have this all sorted out had it not been for this. Been racking my head for a workaround which is getting more convoluted by the day. But this is the easiest and simplest method and I can't get it to work. <script type="text/javascript" src="js/file1.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/file2.js"></script>
  12. So no one has any idea hey?!
  13. It's not. The new one doesn't have the left sidebar or the media controls on the right. ABP was the first thing I checked, probably should have noted that above. Old player worked fine with the default and my custom UA. But as above the UA doesn't affect the new site. Originally, i thought I found the solution using Retro.. .but that's no the case. Ads make it not workable. So definitely a bug.
  14. I read something it might be related to the DRM plugin they use. So if MX can't or won't work with it for whatever reason then that's a problem. Although the weird sync issue thing is well... weird.
  15. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    hmmm interesting. Still unsure what they're for?
  16. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Can I ask a stupid question? What are the files in the start folder for? They don't open with the MXpacker and I can't figure out what their for or how they're created?
  17. Don't run script on mxaddon:// page

    Tried that as well, but still doesn't work. Doing my head in... and it's possibly one tiny character that i missed.
  18. How do i stop an extension that runs at "doc_start" from running on it's own options page? Have tried the "exclude" setting in the def.json file, but no matter how it's written it won't stop it from running. Have even tried adding code to check the URL and if it's the GUID for the extension to stop running the script... but somehow it still continues? Makes no sense to me. PS if I get a reply to this i'll be completely surprised!
  19. Dark and light theme icons

    The built in tools icons (downloader/sniffer etc) change colour depending on theme colour. He's asking if the same can be done for extension icons. I think you probably could but you'd need to find out how to detect the status of the theme (dark/light). Not sure where about that is saved. And i'm not sure what you would use as a trigger. If the check is only done on click then the icon will stay till you click the button or page refresh etc. On top of that I think that the icon change feature might be broken in MX5. Was testing an extension with code that I know worked (and tested with MX4.9), but the same extension doesn't work in MX5.
  20. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    Ummm it's wednesday and no update on the extension site? @BugSir006
  21. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    Been through a few revisions the past week and a bug fix thanks to a user that posted on the extension site. Now includes a first run prompt to check/save the colour settings, and some minor UI tweaks.
  22. Why are maxthon extensions not compressed?

    Just noticed this when I was playing around with packing a skin file. It seems the old version of the MXpacker file does actually compress the extensions/skins files. On the test that I did using the skins and an addon it shrunk the file by approx 40-50%. IIRC your extension is one of the larger ones, so if you want to compress it then use the old version. Apart from that and it's command line based (although you can drag n drop) i'm not sure what else thee is different. But the files created still work. Attached below as i'm unsure if it's still available anywhere else. MXpacker_old.zip
  23. Extensions Can't be Loaded

    Check that syncing extensions hasn't accidentally been turned off in the sync settings.
  24. DraftKings Login issue

    Confirmed. you get an "enter a username" error if it's entered by using Passkeeper or entering directly.