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  1. Lock Browser

    Have you tried any of the other cmd. options? Could be that they're designed to only work with the MX UI, not extensions. Can't recall having played with these before so can't offer much more than that. A new SDK update wouldn't hurt either. cmd.lockBrowser wasn't listed in any of the older ones. So seems to be something new added since the last update for MX4, or has since moved from an internal setting to a cmd option.
  2. Android .3038 & .3039 & .3040 &.3041 !! Main menu and User menu still shows "Download" instead of Downloads - FIXED Download, still says "No Download" instead of No Downloads - FIXED Main menu, "Smart image display" now says "no image". Either keep it as it was or change it to "Display images" - FIXED I'm guessing this version is using an older translation as these seem to be correct on CrowdIn
  3. It's been fixed since that was posted. Previously it would show when first loading, then disappear when unchecking the box which would make sense as you said.
  4. GIF that bayas posted shows where/how to find it. Compare what is shown in MX5.1 and 5.0.2 and you'll see the difference.
  5. Hmmm, that's not good. Hopefully it gets fixed. I can't image that is by design. EDIT: after another look, the do show if they're started and are a page script. Panel or other types don't show, but i'm unsure if that was the case previously as well. The ABP one doesn't seem to show anymore.
  6. Done. Link still shows for me? What browser are you using to upload to the site with? Does it happen with other browsers? If you're using Maxthon, are you using any extensions?
  7. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

    Doing some digging around and noticed this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Using_CSS_variables#Browser_compatibility https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/var#Browser_compatibility Seems these features aren't available in Chrome versions <v48. Seeing as MX5 up till now is based on Blink v47, that's more than likely the reason why it's broken. But good news is that it works fine, at least with the JSfiddle code that I was testing with, on the latest internal beta. So once that's released you shouldn't have any issues with the ViolentMonkey extension.
  8. Found this a while ago, but forgot about it. In settings for close tab options, by default you see this: Missing space between the black and grey text. - FIXED When you check then uncheck the box, the info text disappears? - FIXED
  9. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

    Interesting, although https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/tryit.asp?filename=trycss3_root shows that it does work. I think the problem, isn't :root, rather it's the var and --one options.
  10. The problem wasn't the number, that would obviously change being a variable. The problem is the incorrect use of block/blocked. Also wondering, in #3 for Web Gestures, the toggle should probably be "Enable Web Gestures", makes it a little more obvious that it's to enable/disable.
  11. @BugSir006 More... 1/ Only display image on 2G/3G/4G > Should be Only display images on WiFi or Don't display images on 2G/3G/4G - FIXED 2/ Never display image > Should be Never display images - FIXED 3/ Web Gesture > Should be Web Gestures - FIXED 4/ Undo Tab > Should be Undo Closed Tab - FIXED 5/ When you browse the web, draw a specified shape on the screen to perform the corresponding function > Should be While browsing, draw one of the above gestures on screen to perform the function - FIXED 6/ Pre Tab > Should be Previous Tab - FIXED 7/ Block 1 ads this month > Should be Blocked 1 ads this month - FIXED 8/ Help to block > Should be Helps block ads and... or Enable to block ads and... Depending on how much expectation you want on the adblocking capabilities in the mobile version.- NOT FIXED (removed in later versions) 9/ Hide SystemBar > Should be Hide Status Bar - FIXED 10/ "Enable the website scale" should be "Enable website scaling" or "Enable website zooming" - FIXED 11/ Auto FullScreen > Should be Auto Fullscreen - FIXED 12/ Quick Scroll by volume (+/-) > Should be Quick Scroll using volume keys (+/-) - FIXED 13/ Turns off when backward is not available > Should be Disable back button when not available - FIXED Hopefully that will be it... Also wondering why so many strings and none of the above are available in the crowdin translations? Some revisions/additions made 8/7
  12. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

  13. Have just moved to an Android device...so here's a list of the typo's etc that i've found that bug me. For whatever reason, many of these don't seem to be in the CrowdIn language files. Don't know why that is? 1/ Missing space after Plus > Should be Adblock Plus (beta) !!not in crowdin translations!! Un-default > Should be Not default - FIXED 2/ Missing space after Maxnote > Should be Maxnote (bookmarks) - FIXED | Download > should be Downloads - FIXED 3/ Doesn't make sense > Should be Incognito enabled or Switched to Incognito - FIXED 4/ "To" doesn't need capitalisation > Should be Add to Launcher - FIXED 5/ Smart display image doesn't make sense > Should be Smart image display - FIXED 6/ "The" doesn't need capitalisation and not really required. > Should be Close Browser or Close the Browser - FIXED 7/ No Download > Should be No Downloads or No Downloads found - FIXED @BugSir006 07/07/17 - Still a few that haven't been fixed, although they're fixed on crowdin. So the expectation is that they'll be fixed at the next release that actually updates the translations
  14. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

    Been playing around to see where the issue is. Only thing i've found so far is that it's having issues with some of the variables set for colours, it won't read them so nothing happens.
  15. How can I open Adobe Acrobat Reader forms ?

    I think there's some confusion in what you're after. Here you're asking about extensions to open/edit forms? Are these different to standard PDF's? Here you're asking about opening PDF's only. Maxthon can natively open PDF's. It uses the same PDF viewer as Chrome. You can also edit/insert text into fields if the PDF supports it. Test file here: http://www.thewebjockeys.com/TheWebJockeys/Fillable_PDF_Sample_from_TheWebJockeys_vC5.pdf Again, can you link to the problematic file? It's hard to offer any sort of feedback when we don't know what it is that we are actually trying to resolve/look into.
  16. Ah right... When you said "update extension link" i thought you meant the text "update" link as shown on http://extension.maxthon.com/shared/ where it shows "View Update Delete" Interestingly, when i went to double check that page it was also missing, but refreshing fixed it. Although I did notice that after the page reloads that link is the very last thing to load every single time. Any errors in the console?
  17. How can I open Adobe Acrobat Reader forms ?

    Can you give an example extension from another browser?
  18. Still have the update button on my management page? Hopefully someone will reply and fix what the issue is with your account.
  19. Need help or Maybe a favor

    it's not available. You can try contacting the creator and ask that they make one for Maxthon and see what happens. https://www.tubebuddy.com/contact
  20. yes, does that a lot, but also just doesn't play anything when you press play. It moves to the next song, then the next and so on.
  21. Seems that it may be broken again. Can't get anything to play. Just cycles through the playlist and nothing happens. Have tried ABP on/off.
  22. Measurer for MX5

    Done. http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=3085
  23. The size of MX5 toolbar icons

    If they did change the sizing an updated SDK would be nice so dev's can update their extensions accordingly. Also if it is a size change, then i'd hope it would auto-detect the correct size if the 20px image is in addition to the others. At least that way it will look correct whether a user is still on an older version or MX5.
  24. Using portable as well. Tested on a fresh version as well, still not working? EDIT: working now! Woohoo!