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  1. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%us
  2. Yes, try this URL for one of my addons: http://extensiondl.maxthon.com/skinpack/31953638/1503007072.mxaddon Save it to Maxthon5\UserData\Users\guest\Addons folder, assuming you installed into Maxthon5 folder and are using a guest account. Although i don't know if this will help, as it seems you're being blocked from downloading the file, but this should give a better answer as to that. Also you're saying that the addon's aren't running anyway even if they're in the correct folder. We need to figure out what is stopping them from running.
  3. permission

    You can't. You can drop the level that UAC warns you but that puts you potentially at risk. Where do you have Maxthon installed? Have you changed where it was installed? If it's in the Program files folder then i believe it always requests that due to it being a system folder. Try installing to another folder/drive and see if the same still happens. Although i think MX has some issues a while back where it was constantly asking permission even though it shouldn't hav.e
  4. There's nothing you can do wrong when installing that can cause a missing checkbox. I'm pretty sure you installed an older version.
  5. As QIK5L said, just copy the new folder over the old one. This will get your old extensions in the old version of MX running in the new version. But it won't fix the problem with them not installing properly. Try extracting another portable version and see if that does anything different. Are you extracting them to the same location? It's just using the browser without an account (using the skip login option)
  6. That's me. But in my testing the page loads instantly when using guest mode. If i was using QA in guest, i'd have nothing to complain about.
  7. Must be using an older version. At least from 5.2.4.x there are two options.
  8. I understand why they've done this, having your data everywhere is the "latest thing". It's no doubt handy if you login elsewhere to have your data there, but it seems odd that QA doesn't have a local only option. As shown in the image above, almost everything else, from settings to extensions and favourites, all have the option to sync or not, yet QA - which is basically a riff on favourites - doesn't get that option? Odd to say the least. But they do have a fallback to still show the cached version if the site can't be accessed. Although the talk now seems to be more the time it takes to download/display, rather than it not displaying at all, which I believe was the problem previously. Also odd that the fix is relatively simple looking from the outside in, yet it can't/won't be implemented. Add a check box to the sync page and the code in nutshell would be: If SyncQAbox = True ( goto syncQA() ) else ( goto loadQAcache() ) End if
  9. Posts related to QA loading were split from the original thread. Was way off topic from the original.
  10. That's just a notification. You need to uncheck the boxes to disable it.
  11. Problem using Maxthon on new PC.

    Every time? Or just occasionally? Try disabling pre-rendering, in settings > advanced > browsing Test with a portable version and see if it still happens.
  12. Problem accessing Wikipedia?

    Does the same happen with other browsers?
  13. works here when doing it like that as well. Definitely a warning from the browser and not some AV software?
  14. v5.2.4.2000 really official ?

    Ok, and you regularly checked the installer with every language to check for anomalies such as this? Even the testers probably don't check this. Also crowdin displays the current number of characters in the string. If the string was changed to something with more, then it's the fault of the translator and proofreader who approved it. The string in question is supposed to be 9ch long (including a 4ch acronym), yet someone has decided to replace that with something 20ch+. I check the about dialog on occasion to check the version i'm running, but rarely look to see if the beta tag is there or not. I understand where you're coming from, but as we've seen in the past, even when things are noticed, they aren't always acted upon. Hell, i've got 2 threads pinned on the front page related to UI issues and typo's/grammar problems, yet much of what is in there takes ages to be looked at, or is still in the "too hard" basket. I've said it before - don't look at pre-release stuff as anything more than a bonus - the timeframe from announcement to public release should make that pretty obvious. Thinking that you have any sway into the outcome of a pre-release I think is delusional. One thing that Maxthon still can't get right is it's impression that it's a top class, polished browser. Crowdin seems to be updated on a whim so there's always some questionable translations, updates come and go as they please, actual issues that require a staff reply are ignored, some UI elements look like a 5th grader put them together, etc. If they could just fix everything listed in the above-mentioned threads it would be a good starting point... at least they'll give the impression there's some cohesiveness and polish.
  15. Does us.yahoo.com work? I can't go directly to yahoo.com as it gets redirected to the au site. But us.yahoo works, which should be the same page, unless for some reason the main domain, yahoo.com, is blocked for some strange reason?
  16. youtube to twitter

    Questions will continue to be asked so long as there is no semblance of viable information provided by yourself for others to replicate the issue. Assuming you're talking about the share button under YT videos, i get this dialog: Clicking the Twitter icon I get: Clicking Tweet I get: Clicking View on Twitter i get: So clearly it's working. If you don't get the same, and given the other issues you've had which you haven't provided any updates on, then i'd hazard a guess that the issues are solely on your end, being network/software/setup/user related. i'm going to leave this link here with the hope that you at least read it, but hopefully try some of the suggestions...
  17. v5.2.4.2000 really official ?

    The beta flag was probably just forgotten to be disabled.
  18. They're not folders, they're saved as files that only Maxthon can read (at least not without a lot of effort). If you want to do a comparison, easiest way would probably be export them - Menu > Tools > Import/export userdata > Export bookmarks > Export to IE Favourites folder, then use any file/folder comparison program to do the compare.
  19. it depends on when the last system restore point was created, and what exactly it includes in the backup. If you use a passport account (i think you do given the info shown above), extract, run and sign-in using a portable version of Maxthon. Check what favourites data gets imported. If it's all up to date as expected then do a sync on your main system to ensure all the latest cloud data is downloaded. If that only shows the older data, up to july 14, then you have lost it somehow. Unless you have a local backup, then i don't think you will get it back.
  20. %appdata%\maxthon5\Users\guest\Local Storage\ Open an Explorer window and paste above into it. It should contain at least one more folder, in that folder should be the data. So long as you save and restore that data you will keep any sessions saved using Last Session Manager.
  21. Maxthon connections list

    anything from maxthon.com is related to the browser: pc-newtab is related to QA page (updating the page, or downloading userdata if using a passport) smarturl-up, updating the smarturl feature fastdail-imglib, looks like a typo and should be fastdial, looks to be for the image library for the fastdial (quick access) page. api.bing.com is used for url suggestions in the address bar baidu.com being a chinese search provider, i'd say is probably similar to api.bing.com (it is a chinese browser after all) Most of them are calculated guesses, the bing one i know is correct, and as such i'd say the baidu one as well www.warriorforum.com & www.xxxivilization.com are definitely a little odd.
  22. Ok, now i get what you mean. odd.
  23. flash game save location

    Can you link to a game to test with?
  24. flash game save location

    %appdata%\maxthon5\Users\{user_name}\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects