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  1. So it seems Spotify have decided to update their web player to something that isn't as good as their old one, and just to top it off has issues running in Maxthon. Before the update it was flawless. If you open https://open.spotify.com/ you get the error Oooops, something went wrong with the playback. Reload at the top of the page. Reloading does nothing. Clicking the play button doesn't play anything, although you can still go through your music etc. Tested in Opera and it works fine. Now this is where it gets weird. With Opera still open, Spotify "seems" to run fine in Maxthon. I can play/pause change tracks no problem. Close Opera, then Maxthon doesn't work. What's weirder is that the music isn't actually being played from Maxthon (no sound icon on the tab) it's actually Opera playing the music, but being controlled via Maxthon (or through whatever web sync feature they have) UA changes don't help. Using Retro mode works (and using the old player!!). Just thought I'd throw this out there seeing as it's a somewhat weird issue.
  2. How to change skins on maxthon5

    There's a setting in the skin3.ini file (in UImain.dat) for maxTabWidth = 220,232 Based on it's name i'd say it will do what you want, but can't be certain. Haven't played around with it. And the tab colours can be changed in the constants.css file (or skin_c_dark_const.css if using a dark skin), also in UImain.dat @const TAB_ACTIVE_BG: @const TAB_BG: Set those to whatever colour you want. Again, not tested, but looks to be what you want.
  3. First time I saw that error page I wasn't sure what it was from. Looks like it is Maxthon, but it seems that it is, and with the classic telltale signs of typos!! "Website classifieds" - i'm not even sure what that is supposed to be. - NOT FIXED "Goggle Search" - really? like... really? - NOT FIXED
  4. And there it is... So it looks like the installer version auto-downloads the widevine DRM components which allows it to play. For whatever reason the same doesn't happen with portable. Why that is the case i'd be interested to know. Copying over the files downloaded/installed from the installer version allows it to work. I had to refresh the page even after a restart before it worked, but got there in the end. So for anyone with the issue you can: 1 / use the installer version; 2 / install the installer version, copy the files in core\plugins to the same folder in the portable version, delete the installer version; 3 / download and copy the files attached to the maxthon\core\plugins folder. I'm not sure how this will affect any updates to the files. Hopefully the dev's can fix this problem with the portable version. @7x3twenty1 widevinecdmadapter.dll widevinecdm.dll
  5. This is what doesn't make sense to me. I've tried every new version released (all portable, all clean extracts with no userdata) and they all have the same issue. Might be time to try the installer version...and see if that is the difference. Although still doesn't explain what the difference is, or why it's happening.
  6. 10? i don't think so. MX4 is I think. MX5 is only 6 from what i can gather. And think there is an update coming in the coming months, so that should close the gap slightly. Although, while the spotify issue is still occurring, i'm not sure if it's the old blink version that is causing the problem - only for the fact that PHYR is saying that it's working.. Still confused. Although i have to say i've been looking around for another browser, in part because of this issue... not a happy camper!
  7. Wish i could... played around with everything i can think, no dice. This is one of the reasons I wish MX was more of a chrome clone... at least things like this wouldn't happen.
  8. I think there might be some confusion as to what the extension does. To my knowledge there's no option on YT that does what you want. So if the extension can be converted it should work, assuming that it also works with the new YT update. I've had a quick look at it, it's a little beyond what i know as there's a couple of chrome API's that i'm not exactly sure how to to implement in MX. It might entice me to learn something more, so I might spend some time poking around.
  9. Image taken from Opera, no other device/app using Spotify - sound plays through Opera Image taken from Maxthon, but playing through Opera - Sound plays through Opera as it shows Image taken from Maxthon - No sound
  10. When you click the icon to the left of the volume bar what shows? There might be a number of options depending on what you have run Spotify before. To ensure it's the current browser playing the music, there should be just some info on spotify connect. Otherwise it should show "Spotify Connect, this browser", or "Spotify Connect, Opera", etc depending on what is available to play through. If you do have more than one option and you select "this browser" and it still plays, then it's weird. If you, select that and it doesn't play then you have the same issue.
  11. 2 things wrong with this comment. 1/ Users above have said that it works for them. (unless there's something going on and it's actually playing through a spotify connect device they haven't noticed) 2/ MX5 is currently using Blink/Chrome 55.0.2883.75. Well above the 45+ that is recommended by Spotify. (unless there's something stripped out that Spotify needs to work, but again see point above) Also, it was working fine up until about 1 week ago. So something did obviously change... What may be an issue is the DRM that is in place, of which MX doesn't offer any control over, as noted in your 1st link. But again, see point 1.
  12. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Use the "t-shirt" button next to the minimise/maximise/close buttons at the top right.
  13. I'm not using an account, only guest mode on two separate portable versions. One is my everyday browser which is where I first noticed this issue again. The other is a test version I use to play around with. As noted above, a new portable version was used to do all testing. But I did also test using an account and get the same error. Only thing that hasn't been tested is an installed version. Although I can't see how/why that should change anything?! Just out of curiosity, what does the console log show for you guys that it works for? Note that is with ABP ON. WIth ABP off it still doesn't work, the errors aren't there, but the warning still is.
  14. Yes. Although it shouldn't matter, as i thought the whole point of MX pushing UA's is to ensure that if a site requires a different one it gets it regardless of what is set in the settings. This is error now with that UA. Sort of. It get doesn't get any error, but there's no sound. Seems it's another one of these issues where different users get different results... odd. Will test a few other things later.
  15. Hmmm, not working for me. Restarted my main browser (portable), and tested on a fresh portable version as well. Both give the same error as noted above. Tested using the default MX UA, checked and unchecked. Cookies and all site data was cleared using dev tools as well.
  16. Will do the same, although i'm not sure it's them not supporting it, rather maxthon not providing the framework for them to support it. If it is related to the decryption module, it was mentioned above that the MX dev's were going to fix that issue. So the question is did it get fixed? or is there something else causing the issues now?
  17. Yeah, doing this again: So i'm wondering what happened with this? Did it ever get done? Was the pushed IE UA cancelled or has something else happened.
  18. Spotify broken in Ultra mode again.
  19. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Excellent question, and one that they've decided to dodge despite it being asked countless times since the feature was dropped in MX4. Part of the problem is that I don't think it's technically an officially supported feature, even though there is documentation explaining the details (albeit much is from MX3/4). So users that know create and modify the skins, and offer them to others. On top of that the skin.maxthon.com page still shows " Maxthon Cloud Browser skin feature will see you soon. Please stay tuned.:) For more Maxthon news, please visit ". Still no info on the main page that the skins on the site don't work with MX4/5. Given that MX3 is long since deprecated, there's no reason to even keep the site online anymore. Thankfully Wilser still does create some skins for users despite no support from MX to make it easier for users to add them.
  20. Hello ! (Add-on Dev)

    Hmmm things seem to have been removed... It may have been because you hadn't posted yet. Here's the thread with links to the documentation:
  21. This isn't translated. There's no crowdin string either. Viewable when secure URL check is disabled from settings. - FIXED
  22. BS Detector

    might look into this... EDIT: too many chrome API's that i'm not familiar with to try and port.
  23. You can read into the change however you want. The facts are there in black and white, the number of posts over the past few months are virtually non-existent. The reason for the change is to coax users into posting in the English support forum, instead of the International section where there post might not even get looked at let alone answered. It also leads to less areas that need moderation or are left un-moderated. The English support section is by far the most frequented, so it makes sense to ensure that if users want support they post there to get an answer to a question. They are the reasons. Nothing more, nothing less.
  24. It is, but the feature it enables also includes IP addresses, down/up speed and memory info as well. So I agree, the string in the menu should be System info. Mute could possibly be Mute Browser, or Global Mute
  25. I don't agree with this. I don't see why en-GB users should have to wait an unknown amount of time just because there's no one that is actively updating the Latvian translations for example. Also any updates on all the other "not fixed" issues in previous posts above?