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  1. Find the databases folder in %appdata%\maxthon5\users\[your_account_name or guest]\ and delete/rename it. Something in there is causing the crash. I'm not sure exactly what the folder is for, but some various website data. Using the clean website-related data option from the clear browsing data doesn't seem to fix the problem.
  2. This is an interesting one. Tested on a clean portable and the site works fine. But when tested on my main version, MX crashed. So there's something going on that is causing it to happen.
  3. Not what was asked. Sign out of your account, use the skip login option as shown below. Go to youtube and see if the same problem happens. DO NOT install or do anything else.
  4. Access it from the context menu. Single level and less mouse travel. Yep that's the way to do it for a standalone system. Unless you want features like syncing on other devices etc...then you sort of have to use the account option. speak for yourself, no major problems here. MX has it's issues, but i've seen no consistent video problems except when pages download in the background where there's some stuttering for a fraction of a second. So you're ok with a V1 product, but not subsequent updates? That makes no sense whatsoever. Why do you trust the V1 product? Who's to say that version doesn't have all the nefarious additions you mention? In fact seeing as "If it works the first time then it works", why did you update past MyiE let alone all the way up to the final version in the 4.4.x series of Maxthon? or even Windows V1? While there's the possibility of issues being introduced with later versions thanks to refactoring or new features, bug/security fixes, most of the time they are beneficial. Eg, updates to the browser core or security fixes for exploits which seem to be announced all the time these days. The fact is people like what they're used to and don't like change, which is fine. But don't assume that just because you think that particular version is the pinnacle of Maxthon development, that it actually is. A print option an extra level deep which you aren't forced to use, an account option which you aren't forced to use, alleged playback issues which may or may not be system related and accusations of additions of nefarious code are poor excuses to justify your desire to not update. If you're happy living in the past and works for you with the sites you visit, then i don't see the point of this thread. If on the other hand it's causing issues due to being so old, then you may have to forgo some of your concerns and move to something newer. Which based on my replies none are valid, except for maybe #4 depending on your level of trust in the code since the apparent gold standard of web browser development that was Maxthon It's going to be posted, but i think you won't like the responses. Although i'm not sure what the threat about posting elsewhere with 55m people/month is about.
  5. Maxthon 5.2.5 and mouse gestures

    No issue here. Only way i can get it to do what you described is to use the left mouse button, which is how it's supposed to work. I'd suggest it's a mouse/system issue rather than maxthon.
  6. I believe the idea is to ensure the startup icon hasn't been hijacked by malware/virus leading you to a fake site, or a fake program on startup. Not sure how common a occurrence that is, but they felt the need to protect against it. Why people are having it show, what seems to be quite consistently, is something that might need to be looked at. Could be that any change to the shortcut is flagging the warning, when it should only happen if the target startup file is changed. At least that's my understanding of it.
  7. Nope. Windows 10 (v1809 / 17763.1 / x64) MX UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/62.0.2526.73 Safari/537.36 Looks the same as it is in Edge.
  8. Neither string highlighted below are in the crowdin translation list. The patterns of favorites display should be Display favorites as... Only display the icon should be Display icon only Due to the way the menu is shown, i'd change the options to Title only, Icon only, Icon and title. No need to repeat display as it doesn't add anything to it.
  9. In Passkeeper security info: Make the question tabbed in line with the answer Use the correct apostrophe so there's no weird spaces in words. There's more than just those marked below. Just had another look: Last line first question should be "to ensure your password information is secure". 2nd question should be "won't be affected by changing devices" 3rd "please change to a more complicated password..." Sigh...And there's probably more...
  10. Can't reproduce either. Using Portable if that makes any difference.
  11. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    Yes Nothing, it's just another option for those that don't want to use the built-in Maxthon version.
  12. Another one... still no fixes for many of the above...
  13. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    how interesting, and concerning. there's no reason why you can't unpack the extension and have a look at the code, even better if you've got the dodgy chrome version to compare against. As you said, many MX addons were user created/ported rather than official versions from the dev, so depending on how up to date the uploader kept it, it could still be safe. At this stage probably best not to use it if anyone is at all worried about these revelations.
  14. That's me. But in my testing the page loads instantly when using guest mode. If i was using QA in guest, i'd have nothing to complain about.
  15. I understand why they've done this, having your data everywhere is the "latest thing". It's no doubt handy if you login elsewhere to have your data there, but it seems odd that QA doesn't have a local only option. As shown in the image above, almost everything else, from settings to extensions and favourites, all have the option to sync or not, yet QA - which is basically a riff on favourites - doesn't get that option? Odd to say the least. But they do have a fallback to still show the cached version if the site can't be accessed. Although the talk now seems to be more the time it takes to download/display, rather than it not displaying at all, which I believe was the problem previously. Also odd that the fix is relatively simple looking from the outside in, yet it can't/won't be implemented. Add a check box to the sync page and the code in nutshell would be: If SyncQAbox = True ( goto syncQA() ) else ( goto loadQAcache() ) End if
  16. Posts related to QA loading were split from the original thread. Was way off topic from the original.
  17. "Secret" should be changed to something more meaningful. Firstly, it sounds a little ominous, and I would imagine make some users question the browser all together. Secondly, what is displayed is a pretty generic disclaimer about third party software etc. So why the term "secret" was used as the link name i have no idea, and is way off the mark. And it seems it just shows a less well formatted version of the Maxthon EULA.
  18. In Menu > settings > General, uncheck "At startup, check if its icon is abnormal" merged with another thread. See above for fix.
  19. Small fonts on some pages

    see post #3
  20. SMS verification dialog is a mess. Text is all over the place, headings that aren't required. it's just wrong! revised... not amazing, but better.
  21. What about Extensions Center?

    Being unable to comment has been like that for ages. Was answered by a bug* when i questioned it some time ago. Apparently something to do spam i think, so they disabled comments to counter it. As for does it work? Well depends on what you deem "work" means. It does show and allow you to download the available extensions. In that respect, yes it does work. As for a means of being a place for user feedback - it's now useless, and developer information - it has never been any good for that. While that would be something to hope for, i really, really, really don't think that's happening. Nothing has been done on the site for years. They have no intention of adding any developer info to the site despite the feedback given. They want to be seen as something more than the other browsers, but they can't even offer something as simple as a decent website with a nicely laid structure for developer information. I've said it before, it would take a decent coder 1/2 a day to add what is currently in the SDK documents into a workable, easily navigable, searchable website. But apparently that's not a priority. Instead the extension sits there dormant with almost nothing of note added ...
  22. Small fonts on some pages

    You wouldn't, nor was it ever implied that you should if you didn't have the problem. Seems you're the only one making more of this than what there is. There was a problem, a new setting change seems to be related to it, reset it and it's all back to normal. While there's some truth to that, i don't think we need to turn this thread into another "they don't listen to us" thread.
  23. Small fonts on some pages

    i don't know, I just added 1+1 when i found the problem. Turned out it fixed it. Also why i added "or something" in the last sentence.
  24. Small fonts on some pages

    had the same happen. it's due to the new font sizing feature they added. Go to settings > Advanced, Web page display. For page font size, select Medium (even if it is already), and it should fix itself. Reset to default should fix it as well. Must be some sites reading the setting differently initially or something.
  25. Cut off text in popup. Should be changed to Notification settings, Privacy settings, or just Settings. The last two should fit in the current margins, using the first option would require changing them to stop the overflow ellipses (...) from showing.