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  1. What about Extensions Center?

    Being unable to comment has been like that for ages. Was answered by a bug* when i questioned it some time ago. Apparently something to do spam i think, so they disabled comments to counter it. As for does it work? Well depends on what you deem "work" means. It does show and allow you to download the available extensions. In that respect, yes it does work. As for a means of being a place for user feedback - it's now useless, and developer information - it has never been any good for that. While that would be something to hope for, i really, really, really don't think that's happening. Nothing has been done on the site for years. They have no intention of adding any developer info to the site despite the feedback given. They want to be seen as something more than the other browsers, but they can't even offer something as simple as a decent website with a nicely laid structure for developer information. I've said it before, it would take a decent coder 1/2 a day to add what is currently in the SDK documents into a workable, easily navigable, searchable website. But apparently that's not a priority. Instead the extension sits there dormant with almost nothing of note added ...
  2. Small fonts on some pages

    You wouldn't, nor was it ever implied that you should if you didn't have the problem. Seems you're the only one making more of this than what there is. There was a problem, a new setting change seems to be related to it, reset it and it's all back to normal. While there's some truth to that, i don't think we need to turn this thread into another "they don't listen to us" thread.
  3. Small fonts on some pages

    i don't know, I just added 1+1 when i found the problem. Turned out it fixed it. Also why i added "or something" in the last sentence.
  4. Small fonts on some pages

    had the same happen. it's due to the new font sizing feature they added. Go to settings > Advanced, Web page display. For page font size, select Medium (even if it is already), and it should fix itself. Reset to default should fix it as well. Must be some sites reading the setting differently initially or something.
  5. Cut off text in popup. Should be changed to Notification settings, Privacy settings, or just Settings. The last two should fit in the current margins, using the first option would require changing them to stop the overflow ellipses (...) from showing.
  6. I don't imagine it's an overly common thing to do, at least not in the mainstream. Possibly more so with those in certain fields or those with the desire to add an extra level of security. But that's just an assumption. I'd say you're using the wrong browser if you want many/any higher level features or options. As a basic browser Maxthon is great, if only for the number of default features available. But when it comes to the more advanced options/features it falls way short of almost every other browser out there. It's quite possible it was working previously because it wasn't removed/disabled/broken. But the reason it's not getting fixed is because the feature has been removed/disabled/broken but they're unsure of how/why?? don't know... interesting though,...
  7. Because Chrome has the backing of Google behind it, which has in turn made it the biggest browser in the market. Maxthon isn't, and won't be, the next Chrome. Because of that, forcing developers to create content that only a minute number of users will be using isn't viable. Which is why you don't see many of the big addons on the other browsers on Maxthon. While it's great that there are Maxthon specific API's, if a dev isn't willing to put the time in to use them it's not really a feature to talk up. While not a feature, the Youtube Centre addon for Maxthon never had the icon display correctly. All that was required was to copy the icon files to the correct folder in the addon. But even that was too hard for the dev. So to add other specific API's is a bit of a stretch. Maxthon still doesn't have something that will draw users to allow for a more viable addon platform.
  8. Due to the lack of posts in the international section of the forum, all languages will be combined into one forum which can be used for any non-English language. Posts can still be made here in any language. Due to the aforementioned lack of user posts and moderator languages, do not expect any support in a timely manner, or at all depending on the language. Note that depending on future posts (or lack thereof) this section may be closed completely. It is recommended that users post any issues in the English support section in English. If that is not possible, then your native language with a copy/paste of a Google translation. If you have any issues with this change, please post below (in English). The Maxthon Moderator team.
  9. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    I've ported the MX4 night mode extension into a standalone extension after looking into it after requests by users to bring it back. All credit to the original creators from the MX team. Known issues: Toolbar button may need to be clicked twice to manually enable/disable Night Mode if Auto mode is enabled. http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=3060 Changelog: 1.5.0 + Fixed issue with exetension running on Night Mode settings page on refresh even when Auto was not enabled + Added confirmation for Default settings button 1.4.0 + Added Auto enable option (enables on new pages or on refresh) 1.2.0 + Added first run user prompt to check default settings 1.1.0 + Added default settings button + Minor settings page UI changes 1.0.5 + Fixed issue where only background colour was being applied 1.0.0 + Added Settings page 0.9.0/b2 + Icon now updates to show if enabled/disabled 0.5.0/b1 + Updated to work as a switch. Click to enable/disable 0.0.5/a + Initial release
  10. Extensions do not work after

    More details would be handy? Which extensions, which scripts?
  11. Night Mode (MX4 style)

    Updated with some fixes Will hopefully be on the extensions site shortly
  12. Ummm?? Like... wow.... really?!! Does anybody do any proofreading/doublechecking or ANYTHING when they update strings!! Like just wow... i... just can't even... Every word processor and most advanced text editors have spellcheck and would pickup that error. Spellcheck was added as a system wide feature to Windows since 8 for most fields in programs. Every browser includes spellcheck. If the program that is used doesn't have it, paste it into the reply box on the forum and have a quick look for errors.. so many options!! There is NOT ONE GOOD REASON that things like this keep on getting through.
  13. These should be updated using crowdin. This thread was more for the US default strings which can only be updated by the dev's/MX staff, and can't be changed using crowdin.
  14. Background color while browsing

    URL link? If the site is grey, then unless they have an option to change, or you want to mess around using the stylish extension to play around with the colours, then you're stuck with how it is.
  15. ABP needs an upgrade

    yeah, i've said this many times for a long time. But i'm referring to the backend of how it actually works, that should be the same. But if using the same rules works in one and not the other then there is something else going on.
  16. ABP needs an upgrade

    I thought that they used basically the same ABP core, but it seems that may not be the case. Or at least there's something going on that is causing this issue.
  17. FIXED - Icons are aliased with dark themes enabled. FIXED - Image zoomed 2x to show the issue more clearly. (blurry on dark, sharp on light)
  18. FIXED - Icons aren't centered
  19. Can you please advise when the latest version of MX PC will be getting updated translations on Crowdin, and added to the release version? 1/ there's plenty of untranslated strings in the en-GB version which is annoying. 2/ there are still strings from ages ago still not fixed... and it's getting annoying still having to post about this. @BugSir006 Missing translations in en-GB Missing translation for unknown file type(?)
  20. FIXED - Missing space between folder name and content count in Maxnote
  21. I know many people associate the "blue e" with internet, but it doesn't mean that Maxthon needs to give IE any more promotion. Change the IE logo to either: a generic globe icon: or the document icon showing that Maxthon is associated with htm files etc. or a Maxthon M: Same goes for MX on Android (and probably iOS)
  22. Missing space before "(Required)" @BugMiss006 @BugSir006
  23. I think i mentioned this before?! (yep, i did) Why is the below not updated to the current crowdin string? That string was updated four (4)!! months ago. Also the status bar system info as noted in the 3rd post on this page. This was also updated months ago, yet the old translation is still in use. Also this from July. If new translations are updated once a month I can understand. On every minor point release (5.1.1 > 5.1.2), sure. But there's been at least 3 months since this was first mentioned and updated, and there's been 15(!) new releases (beta & final) since then, and these translations still aren't added?
  24. Two images in this post: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/22698-mx5131000-windows-10-installation-issue/ First should be: Sorry, the installation failed. Please try changing the install folder. - NOT FIXED 2nd should be: Invalid folder. Select another folder and try again. - NOT FIXED I've used folder instead of directory, as the term directory isn't used at all in any of the crowdin strings. There are no strings for these in Crowdin. @BugMiss006
  25. I've never seen that file running, nor is it running now, yet i'm streaming spotify perfectly right now. Sounds like it might be related to the app rather than the webplayer. I'm still thinking it's to do with the way MX is setup to download the extra DRM components, possibly using the mxup.exe program which portable doesn't include. And speaking of which I was just reading this comment again: And i'm thinking, why? Why would they not include the extra 6mb (2.4mb when compressed!) in the download package? If it gets downloaded at first start the data still gets used? It doesn't save MX, nor does it save the user any data, seeing as in both cases the extra data is downloaded anyway!! If that isn't the most stupidest idea, i don't know what is. They used the same reasoning for not including all the language files in portable as well, also only adding <5mb to the package. In a world of UHD video, always on internet and unlimited data plans, an extra ~5mb isn't going to hurt anyone except the unlucky few who might still be on dialup. And there's no gain in trying to keep a very small minority happy compared to the majority. Obviously I don't have the usage data that MX does - maybe it shows the only people that download portable are on slow connections? Maybe none of them are using streaming media that require the DRM files? Maybe they're all only english and chinese? Maybe for these reasons they decided not to include them... (I highly doubt it) who knows I know i'd rather download a file that says it's 100mb complete, rather than a 50mb file, which then surreptitiously downloads another 50mb in the background. At the end of the day, i'm happy my spotify issue is fixed (at least for now). Just a little annoyed that this could have been resolved much earlier with a simple response saying "portable doesn't include the DRM files".