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  1. So it's something related to your passport data/settings. If you export you favs from the passport account, and import to the guest account and the same thing happens then it's something/link in the favs. If it does work, then it's a settings issue somewhere.
  2. I'd be reinstalling. But before that, test by signing out of your passport account and see if you can see/save any favs in the sidebar/manager using the guest account. Otherwise make a backup of your current maxthon userdata just in case of unforseen circumstances, reinstall, and it should work again.
  3. If you use the searchbox in the sidebar favourites does anything show?
  4. But do you see your favourites in the favourites list - sidebar and toolbar? Or just on the favourites bar? What happens when you try and export your favourites? Does the resulting file end up empty? or with the correct links? Which is how it's supposed be. about: pages have been changed to mx: and redirect to the equivalent mx: page if they are used.
  5. Sounds like an impossibility. So the favourites button on the toolbar also shows nothing? or the sidebar button?
  6. Test with a new extracted portable version as above. The test is to see if your settings are the problem, not the version that is installed. Just read this again, and that sounds different to your initial post of "'Magic-Fill' isn't inserting Uname & Password" When you say isn't inserting data, do you mean: 1/ nothing is filled in the field? 2/ the fields are filled, but on clicking enter the filled details aren't registering? I have tested the first option, data is filled. But can't check to see if it's registering as i don't have an account. On the other hand, "can't enter this site" sounds like the 2nd option in which case it's possibly an issue with the way Maxthon deals with some of the newer text entry fields. In which case - fill the data as normal, move your cursor to the field and type any key then delete that letter and see if it then logs you in. I'm 100% certain that has nothing to do with Magic Fill. It's related to typing into the field and it will autocomplete based on previous entries. In Magic Fills case, it enters all the details instantly.
  7. POP UP Video window of netflix

    Did you change to Retro to get Netflix working? If so, i don't think the popup video works in Retro. If you had it working in Ultra using Flash, then that is just as much of a mystery as i didn't think Netflix was using flash? And what useragent are you and were you using when things were working properly?
  8. Lost favorites

    hehe, I always go and overthink things like this. That site always slips my mind. Blinderson, i'd go with joemax's suggestion first. If that does help, then look at mine above.
  9. Lost favorites

    Were you always using a passport account? Check your userdata to see if there are any back up files. Open an explorer window, type %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\[EMAIL_ACCOUNT]\Favorite into the address bar. There should be a number of files and a favbackup folder. Go into the favbackup and see if there are any files there that a dated earlier and/or bigger than the favorite.dat in the favorite folder. If there is, copy that file to the favorite and rename to favorite.dat, Be sure to make a backup of the favorite folder first!! If there are any issues you can go back to where you started. If you're unsure, take a screenshot and post here.
  10. Try changing to Retro and back to Ultra. Clear cache.
  11. Default Browser Advantages?

    Correct. If you had Opera as default, then that would open in those instances. Also everything that Ody said.
  12. Problems with saving History

    Hmmm, i thought i already replied to this?! Check that the clear browsing data options (Shft+Ctrl+Del) aren't set to clear history on exit. Do you have any history available? Or only since a certain date?
  13. Default Browser Advantages?

    Nothing will change. Only thing that happens is that anytime a program requests a webpage to open or you click a web shortcut, Maxthon will open that page automatically. Functionally nothing much more will change.
  14. Can't play twitter video

    So i've been playing with this a little. This is the code for the .m3u8 file, just more links to the media files at various resolutions. : #EXTM3U #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1,BANDWIDTH=320000,RESOLUTION=240x240,CODECS="mp4a.40.2,avc1.42001f" /ext_tw_video/738400980417417216/pu/pl/240x240/5VA_NQSrpN7qLYKq.m3u8 #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1,BANDWIDTH=832000,RESOLUTION=480x480,CODECS="mp4a.40.2,avc1.42001f" /ext_tw_video/738400980417417216/pu/pl/480x480/6gbGuTG8o3T-_8M2.m3u8 #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1,BANDWIDTH=1280000,RESOLUTION=720x720,CODECS="mp4a.40.2,avc1.4d001e" /ext_tw_video/738400980417417216/pu/pl/720x720/tz-c9IwqRlmD4_QE.m3u8 And here's what i've found out. If you add https://video.twimg.com to the start of each URL then the video's will stream in any media player. So, that means somehow Maxthon isn't transferring or is blocking the top-level domain from whereever it needs to be to make it work. The m3u lists are designed so they can use relative URL's, so this shouldn't be an issue unless MX is doing something weird or wrong. Not sure if that's an (old) blink issue or something else. Either way doesn't look to be a user fixable issue. unless @No.1MaxthonFan can prove me wrong and that same video works for him.
  15. Can't play twitter video

    Also works here. As do most (all?) GIFs on the page. The direct link is: https://twitter.com/i/videos/743860800670994432 which seems to be an embedded facebook video according to the source. But this one doesn't work: This one is a link to an .m3u8 file, which is a playlist file. So somehow either maxthon doesn't deal with the playlist correctly, or it can't deal with the media it's trying to stream. And I think these are the videos that are causing the issues. If you say that video works for you, then things get more confusing for me.
  16. Can you test using a portable version? Download, extract, run, save a password and see what happens. Don't sign in to passport .
  17. Download Manager Problems

    That's always the case. Unless you're hiding the extension, changing it will always cause issues. As you found out, by default Maxthon only highlights the filename in the download box. So you can just type directly and the extension will stay the same. Will actually make it easier for you as you don't have to worry about selecting anything first. Nice to see you figured out the issue.
  18. Same was mentioned about Microsoft.com. Was mentioned by a bug* that it would be looked into. Hopefully MX5 will have it fixed. Using the pressing space or similar option as workaround is the only option for the moment.
  19. Hitbox player won play streams

    Thank you. Picked a random video and it seems to be working fine: http://www.hitbox.tv/mxbones ABP is on with the default easylist enabled. User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/39.0.2146.0 Safari/537.36 Ultra mode MX4.9.3.1000 Test with a portable version and see if it works on that.
  20. Download Manager Problems

    Test with the portable version from here on the forum. And test on both system if possible. Just extract, run and do a test download. Don't sign in to passport or anything else. Try saving to a different location, like desktop. Do you have any anti-virus programs that are set to scan files you download? They could be interrupting Maxthon finishing the file. What error do you get when you try and open them? I'm guessing you tried downloading more than once? Tested the Disk cleaner program and downloaded fine, so it's not the files.
  21. Videos with problems to load

    Tested here with ABP and it worked fine. Only using the default easylist. If you're using extra ones, then they could be the cause. Try disabling them to see if that is the case.
  22. Interesting observation. That will definitely fix the issue - i've had the same problem. As i said above, you can mitigate the amount of history data lost by deleting only certain files, as maxthon breaks them up into ~3mb files. Backup, and delete/test/restore till you find the offending one. But going back to your observation, it could be something related to the site font encoding. There was an issue a while back where a particular site would cause the last session data to be lost if it was part of it. Turned out to be a hidden character in the websites title. Could be the same or similar problem here. But to determine it you'd need to go back and find the offending site/s as mentioned above.
  23. Adding an extra slash is the fix. There's no need for the 10x, just 3 (///) works here. You need to enable the screenshot option.