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  1. Remember that Google is much, much bigger than Maxthon. They've no doubt got all their systems set up in such a way that extensions can be automatically approved and updated etc. To my knowledge MX does the approval manually, if they don't have people available it will take longer.
  2. generally a few days. I think once or twice i was waiting up to a week.
  3. I've mentioned this a few times in the past... nothing has been said. Really evident if you popout a youtube video (esp. one with slow pans), then just refresh a page or open others. While they're loading the video will pause/stutter until the page/s are completely loaded. Edit: just found this site: http://www.tested.com/ Really, really bad when re/loading a page and watching a popout video in maxthon.
  4. I really wish this idea would die. I'm not saying that it doesn't help starting clean especially in some situations (moreso if you have a passport account), as some users have shown. But to say that you can't use previous userdata is just plain wrong. Using a passport account does exactly the same thing, except that it gets imported from the cloud. Maybe just the guest account folder should be imported in portable, not the entire UserData folder? But in my experience i can't say i've had any major issues doing just that. Also in the case of portable, if you're not using passport, that would imply you would need to re-enter all your MagicFill data & settings. And that is just stupid. I just tested that site with saved MagicFill data on 4.4.8 & 4.4.3, imported the userdata by copying to 4.9, and it works as expected. I really wish I could remote into users systems at times to deal with issues like this. Would be so much easier than waiting on feedback or getting wrong answers, or going around in circles. Obviously that's not going to happen though. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/magic-fill-not-inserting-unamepw-on-some-sites-r96/&do=findComment&comment=436 Can you please do the tests in the above post...You can't expect any fix without answers to the questions asked.
  5. Something doesn't look right. Was that entry from a newly extracted portable version with no userdata imported/not signing in to passport? On mine it shows the user/pass fields with the complicated field names, yours is just Username/Password. Also missing is the match rules field which i'm pretty sure is a requirement. How or why they aren't there is a big question? The fact that the field names are wrong is probably why nothing gets entered. Although that doesn't quite make sense as using a General Identity to fill does fill the correct fields. But that's not the issue at the moment. I've tested that site on my current install, a test portable install (4.4 & 4.9), an installed version - and every single version works as expected and the magic fill data shows as my image on all of them. And the only conclusion i can come to (without confirmation of the above), is that you're still importing old userdata and that is what might be causing the problem. Also try making a General Identity with the username/password for that site, then double click the field and choose the newly created identity from the dropdown and see if that fills properly. It should work, and that would be the only workaround I can think of till we figure out the rest.
  6. 360/720p using HTML5 All options using Flash So possibly not detecting properly what MX can support? And these are related how? Assuming it is Blink related, what happens in IE has no relevance. That is odd though. Says that it does work, just that the planets need to align for it to work properly? Was thinking that possibly might be related to a HTML5 option that MX doesn't support, but the above throws that out the window as it technically shouldn't work at all if that was the case.
  7. See the below image. Bing was my default search engine (marked in red), so when using MMS, Bing results are shown by default. If I want to check Google/Yahoo/Amazon (marked in green) using the same search term I can just click one of those and it does a search using them. Basically what it does is saves you from going to a search site and entering the term each time... instead just click a button.
  8. OK then, that makes more sense. Managed to get it working. Was trying to set it up with an Alias which it seems you can't do. Works fine when set to default.
  9. Yeah, a link to the video that has that issue would be handy.
  10. I think the CSE option is more just an affiliate link, so they get paid something when a user does a search. Otherwise just a plain Google search AFAIK. MxMS is supposed to search multiple search engines and either amalgamate the results to the most relevant from each, or show the top few of each engine. I can't get working, so can't say much more than that. In theory it should be the best seeing as it's using more than one search engine. Whether it's faster, I doubt it as it would need to collate the data from multiple sources. As far as settings, from what I can tell the only options are what other search engines you can select for a particular type of search. Otherwise stick to Google if that's what you're used to and are happy with the results.
  11. I believe support for this was dropped in MX4.9 I have an extension that does have a context menu option in MX4.4, but the same extension doesn't show the context menu option in MX4.9 Unfortunately they have a knack of not updating their documents to show changes frequently enough. And there's next to zero support from dev's or the few in the know when it comes to extension development support. Wish I could offer something more...
  12. Quick access not loading

    First try right-click > refresh on the tiles. If you're using a passport account, then a clean install would be recommended. Your userdata will be restored when you login again. OR You can try the following: Open an Explorer window (WIN+E), enter %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\[ACCOUNT_NAME]\QuickAccess into the address bar. In the folder there should be a file named QaConfig.ini. Rename this file to QaConfig.OLD. Restart Maxthon and see if it refreshes properly. Note: [ACCOUNT_NAME] = your login name
  13. Just tested the link in the image (an actual link provided would have been nice ;-) ) and I can't see any issues running in MX Retro/ultra or other chromium browsers or IE11 and Edge? Page looks the same on all, and refresh as expected while dev tools is open. Is that link the problem? or is it something that you're doing on your end? Otherwise as joemax noted, use Retro which uses Trident to render the page.
  14. App Store doesn't download updates

    What version of maxthon are you using?
  15. Playing around with some stuff. Trying to figure out if you can open a new Maxthon window (not a tab) using javascript. There is a keyboard shortcut that does it, but you can't send keys from javascript to my knowledge. There is the "win.new" command that the skin system uses, but as part of an extension or HTML file within it it's not a valid command. Then there's: mx.browser.invokeCommand( command [, param] ) To invoke a browser command. Parameters: command Command name, please refer to skin document for the name list. String. param Command parameter(s). Object. This parameter is NOT supported yet. This seems like it does what I want it to do, but i keep getting a "win is not defined" error? How can I define something that isn't defineable, because it's supposed to be invoked by the invokeCommand API? Does this even work?
  16. Can you please do this so we can know for sure if it's your install, and not something system related. Also when you save the data, what shows in the magic fill saved passwords box? (block any private info please) I'm only looking for the fieldnames (eg. ctl00$PlaceHolderLogin$... )
  17. How many favs do you have? I've got over 500links and it's only ~50kb? Either you've got literally thousands of links (16000+ by my calculations), or their is something wrong? Any chance you can copy/paste the actual title of that site or provide a link? Just did a test with all my favs (557) combined into one folder and imported to MX. No issues, and populated instantly.
  18. Yeah, the slow favs at start is an issue, but your's isn't that - and definitely not after 40+minutes. And that's quite evident given that it just won't show after numerous attempts. To narrow it down quicker, import half the list, if it works then it's in the other half, then do the same again with the balance etc. Using the export/import from folders option is easier to work with, but editing the HTML file is also an option. EDIT: seems you may have found the problem link.
  19. Test using a portable version. Extract into a folder and export/import in that using the guest account. Assuming you're not logging to passport, it won't affect any of your current data and if you need to try again, just delete and extract a new copy. Once you find the issue you can then delete/change that in your installed version and hopefully that will resolve the problem. Just make sure you don't have your installed version running at the same time.
  20. I'm thinking (based off some previous issues) that their may be some problem with some non-standard characters in one/some of your favourites. While it doesn't make sense that it shows in the favbar, but not others, it may be the way MX deals with the data in each section. To test this you can export/import only certain folders at a time till the issue shows again. That should lead you to the culprit, Or check the exported favs file in a text editor and search for any weird looking characters.
  21. So it's something related to your passport data/settings. If you export you favs from the passport account, and import to the guest account and the same thing happens then it's something/link in the favs. If it does work, then it's a settings issue somewhere.
  22. I'd be reinstalling. But before that, test by signing out of your passport account and see if you can see/save any favs in the sidebar/manager using the guest account. Otherwise make a backup of your current maxthon userdata just in case of unforseen circumstances, reinstall, and it should work again.
  23. If you use the searchbox in the sidebar favourites does anything show?
  24. But do you see your favourites in the favourites list - sidebar and toolbar? Or just on the favourites bar? What happens when you try and export your favourites? Does the resulting file end up empty? or with the correct links? Which is how it's supposed be. about: pages have been changed to mx: and redirect to the equivalent mx: page if they are used.